tagIncest/TabooWaking up Auntie Ch. 02

Waking up Auntie Ch. 02


Aw Shit!!

"How long were you standing there?"

"Long enough, and I'm gonna tell. What the hell were you thinking? She's going to kill you know!"

"She is supposed to be at work. She overslept. I was trying to wake her."

"Yeah right, I saw that. So wake her."

"Aunt Lena!"

She sat up with a start. Valerie and I told her that she overslept and that she was going to be late. In her rush I don't think she even noticed that her breast was out. She jumped up and started the whole Dagwood Bumstead thing. She thanked us got dressed and drove to work.

"I'm still gonna tell."

"Come on Val, please, you can't."

"I can, and I will, and I'll do it when she gets home in the mourning...unless."

"Unless what?"

"Unless you do me like you were doing Aunt Lena."

"What!!? I can't do that, you're my sister."

"And she's your aunt, so get over here."

And with that, she laid down where auntie was. Valerie is my older sister by one year. She must be adopted, because she doesn't have the body of the rest of the women in the family. For one, she is a lot taller at 5'10, 34-24-36, and she is built more like a dancer. She works out a lot so she is really toned, and she has great legs. Think Marion Jones with Hershey kiss skin.

"Come on Ricky!"

She must have caught me just staring at her. See the thing about me and Val is that we are the two of my siblings that are the closest in age, so been through a lot together. We practically grew up next to each other. When we were smaller, we even took baths together. Things became distant between us when the wonder years were upon us. That hit her a few years before it hit me, but even then, she would come to me when felt awkward about something about her body. We would do stupid shit like pants rub without pants. Just innocent discovery stuff. You know, show me yours and I'll show you mine type shit.

So this wasn't a complete shock. In this cramped house we have seen each other naked plenty of times. But it seems I wasn't the only wondering about the other one. Although I have seen her naked before, I knew she was comfortable showing her body, especially to me. Or that's how it seemed. Not that she was an exhibitionist or anything like that. We were just used to dressing around each other. But this was different.

She also ran track. This was another thing we shared. It was the middle of the season and her body was in mid-season form. The lines of her body were hard with the tone of her muscles, her four pack and her legs, but she looked so soft at the same time.

I knew what she wanted me to do, and this didn't seem wrong at all, almost natural. I tried to reach out and touch her but I was a little tentative. I guess I was going too slowly for her because her hand met my hand and she put it on her chest. She has always pretty much slept braless, in a long but thin tee shirt, and this night wasn't any different. She slowly guided my hand across her chest and down to her tummy.

She closed her eyes when we got to the bottom of her shirt as she helped me slid it up her body and then over her head. My god! She's grown since I'd seen her last. She was completely naked except for a pair of silk and very lacy see through panties I'd never seen her wear before. One hand returned to her chest, while the other was guided to her pussy. I couldn't believe how warm her pussy felt. I could see through the little window of her panties that she recently trimmed her pussy hair. And she was very wet. She reached for and unzipped my jeans.

"Now, just like you were doing auntie."

I grabbed it and rubbed it across her tittie. She licked her fingertips and traced it around the head of my dick. She closed her eyes again and started breathing heavier. She rolled toward me so I could reach her other tittie. I reached to rub her wetness. She started pull her panties down and off of her legs. This was a lot farther than I thought things would go. She sat up and slid to the edge of the sofa and motioned me to eat her.

I took off the rest of my clothes and kissed my way up her thigh. I could feel her body get tense and then relax. I closed my and just followed her heat. I stuck my tongue inside and tried my best to work it around. I didn't really know what I was doin' so I just put my mouth everywhere I could and I sucked and sucked. She grabbed my ears and kinda steered my where she wanted to go. Her hips rose to meet my face, then she started to shake, more like vibrate.

She put her hands on my forehead to push me away. She was done and I thought it was my turn, but she pulled her panties up and put her sleep shirt back on.

"Wait a minuet, what about me?"

"What about you?"

"You're not going to leave me like this are you?"

"You know, I'd planned to, but I think you deserve something in return." So she my dick in her mouth and licked it with her tongue. But she released my just as suddenly as she took me in.

"On second thought, I think I'll tell Auntie about you anyway. It's getting late, you better get some sleep. I'll be telling her when she gets in the mourning." Then she disappeared up the stairs.

I knew that Aunt Selena would kill me if Valerie squealed on me, so I knew would have to get to auntie first.

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