tagIncest/TabooWaking Up in Daddy's Bed

Waking Up in Daddy's Bed


My name is Lolita and I'm 19. I just got home yesterday for spring break and I'm reveling if the fact that I don't have to leave the warmth of my Daddy's bed to make that mad dash for my first class. I love college life but I really missed my Daddy.

I am what most call a Daddy's girl. My mom left us when I was pretty young so it's just been me and my Dad all these years. He is my strong knight that saves me from the jerks that I have dated in the past, and I am his princess. I make sure that he is rewarded for all the service that he lavishes on me. During the Christmas break he saved me from a great big ugly spider that I was sure was going to eat me alive. And for that, I gave him a great big kiss on the lips.

That's when it all started. He's been lonely lately and he won't go out with the women who flirt with him so I guess he was getting pretty horny. I would catch him watching me whenever we were alone in the house. I have a lot of girlfriends who spend the night with me regularly and even then I would catch him sneaking a peek at my ass when I was wearing my little baby doll pjs.

He's such a big strong handsome man and I think that he needs someone to lavish attention all over him. That's why I kissed him on the lips. I really wanted him to know how much I love him, but something happened when I leaned into his big hard chest and planted my lips on his. He groaned a little.

He groaned and I could feel it vibrate from his muscular chest teasing my nipples that were tightly pressed against him. I felt warmth come up from between my legs and it blazed through my very core. I opened my eyes and stared straight into the dark passionate depths that I knew as my Dad...my Daddy. But now I saw him as a man. And he made me feel like a woman.

Raw passion filled his eyes and I was the object of that desire. Time stopped as we both forgot who we were and why it was so wrong for us to act on any of these feelings. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me against that hard throbbing cock that I now needed to have plunging deep inside my aching pussy.

We ripped each other's clothes off in a sexual frenzy and my Daddy ended fucking his daughter hard and fast right there on my bedroom floor. Mmmmmm...I loved how hot he was for me. None of my boyfriends have ever fucked me like my Dad did. And so this new relationship began.

He still calls me his baby girl and I still call him Daddy but I don't think that will ever change no matter how old I get.

While I was away at school he would call almost every day and send me little gifts. The first gift really surprised me because he had purchased one of those kits where you can make your own dildo. Well, you guessed it...he made me a model of his cock. Later that night he called me and wanted me to fuck myself with my new toy while he instructed me how to do it. Oh...that was hot but it still wasn't my Daddy's cock. I really missed him.

I was excited to be home for spring break but I was a little sad too. Dad was out of town when I got home and wouldn't be back until the next day. I went about doing the laundry that I brought home and catching up with friends on the phone, trying not to think about my aching pussy that needed a good Daddy-fucking. I put on my favorite baby doll pj and headed for Daddy's bed.

It's very early in the morning, and the sun is just about to rise. I'm having a wonderfully sexual dream. My big strong knight is standing behind me sliding his hard hot poker between my thighs. His big rough hands guide his hot rod up between my tender wet pussy lips. I can feel his crown nudging my clitty. It's so hot and he's rubbing his pre-cum into my sensitive swollen bell. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm," I moan.

He nuzzles my neck, sucking and nibbling his way to my breast. His eager mouth suckles like a hungry baby on my now straining nipples. The hot moisture of his mouth is causing a heat-wave in my tight little cunny. His rough hands take over pinching, pulling, tugging, and squeezing on both of my nipples, making them achingly erect. I mew, "Oh Daddy. I love it when you do that."

My pussy lips are quickly becoming drenched with my creamy dew as it drips down to my dirty little hole...my sweet, sweet rose bud. I start panting, "Mmmmmm. I want you inside my ass. Your baby girl needs you to fuck her in the ass. Please Daddy. Please take my little ass hole."

He slips a hand down over my tummy, stopping only to tease and play with my bellybutton. He continues to blaze a sweet path down to my little cunny. His hand seeks out my swollen wet clit with a big rough finger. I cry, "OOOOOOOO Daddy! That feels so good!"

Daddy's voice chuckles as he whispers in my ear, "Good morning my little cum slut." He growls deeply as he grinds his hard cock against my wet slit, "I think Daddy's cock is real hungry for some of his baby girl's special cream. I think that if he doesn't get it real soon, he's gonna be very angry. And you know that Daddy doesn't like it when his cock gets angry. That's where you come in."

He pulls my leg up and over his, making room for his thick veined pipe. He groans, "You have just what Daddy's cock needs to keep him happy. So it's time for you to take care of this cock. And if you are a good girl, I will fuck your tight little ass too."

His deep voice and heavy breathing is making my little kitty hungry. I plead, "Oh yes! I'll be a good girl. Just fuck me. My kitty needs some of Daddy's special cream."

With that he slides his hot hungry cream machine between my swollen pussy lips, rubbing his cockhead along my steamy slit. His pre-cum is mixing with my juices as he slaps his swollen crown on my sensitive clitty. I cry out, "OOOOOOOO! That feels so good! Spank me! Please spank me with your cock!"

He slowly slides his thick pipe deep inside his daughter's cunt. I wake up with my cunny full of hot throbbing cock and cum immediately. I cry out as each wave engulfs my body. My cunt spasms and squeezes his pussy splitter tight. I bathe his cock in a shower of cunt juice as I shout, "OOOOOO! DADDY!" I wasn't dreaming...you are fucking me! I know he's gonna ride my pussy good and hard.

My honey drips down, covering his swollen cum-heavy balls with its sweetness. He groans with every thrust into his precious princess' pussy. Through gritted teeth he says, "Take my hard cock baby! You're gonna take Daddy's love wand deep into that wet fuck hole! My little cum slut loves it when Daddy fucks her dirty cunt hole hot, hard, and fast!"

He tells me how slutty my cunt is growling out the words in a dark animalistic voice, "She needs to be fucked hard and often! Just like all cum sluts should! Daddy's cum slut should just lay there with her legs open wide so her Daddy can fuck her real good ...ya! You're gonna be good and fucked when I'm done with you! My little cum slut! My slutty baby girl!"

He continues his verbal outrage as he slams deep and hard into my weeping cunny, shouting with each and every thrust. "Oh yes! Take that cock baby! Take it!"

His voice takes on a higher pitch as he starts flood my pussy with his seed. "Oh I'm gonna cum baby! I'm gonna cum! Here it comes baby!" He starts emptying his nut deep inside my cunt and I love it!

His seed starts shooting out of his cock like a cannon as he shouts, "Take it all baby girl! Take Daddy's seed!" He buries his cock balls deep in my pussy. The thought that my Daddy is cumming inside of me, his baby girl, his only daughter, pushes me over the edge. Incest is so nasty, but oh-so nice.

His cock continues to explode deep inside my tight little cunny, painting my walls with his hot creamy seed. I scream as I feel the heat deep in my pussy. "Oh yes! I can feel it! OOOO! It's so good!" With each blast of his cum I cry out again and again, "Yes, yes, YESSSS!!!"

His balls have completely unloaded their special cream but he keeps thrusting and thrusting deep into my aching wet pussy. I continue to cry with each thrust as he pushes me into another orgasm. "Oh...Fuck! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me real good...OOOOOOOO! MMMMMMMMMM!"

After my pussy releases its vice grip on my lover's cock, we lay spent...covered in sweat and cum. We're both breathing heavily, not wanting to move. I can feel his heart beat against my back as he continues to hug my body close to his. "Mmmmmmmm...Good morning Daddy," I pant.

"Good morning baby girl," he breathes into my ear.

With my pussy satisfied and my ass still hungry I ask, "Was I a good girl Daddy? Are you gonna fuck me in the ass now?"

He smiles and chuckles, "Yes, baby girl. You were a very good girl. Now get on all fours so your Daddy can fuck your ass properly."

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I love waking up in Daddy's bed.

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