tagTransgender & CrossdressersWaking Up Together

Waking Up Together


A month after Chad, Alex, and Ana met the three of them were inseparable. They had a connection that was typically only seen in Disney movies. It was like they were three parts of the same soul all come together for an awesome life experience.

From that first night a month ago they have found themselves waking up together in some tangle of arms legs rarely wearing more than just their skin. They all fit perfectly together on the king sized bed designed for all sorts of intimate fun. It was elegantly built of blackened box steel with attachments discreetly placed all about the frame where ties and bonds can be secured in every position imaginable. The canopy was even designed to hold a detachable sex swing.

It is here they find themselves with the blinds closed up tight keeping the early morning sun at bay. Alex was tight against Chad's chest while Ana was snuggled to his back. He had grown quickly to love waking up to her morning wood nestled in between his cheeks. He noticed she had this little squirm about her when she slept and was having a sexy dream. She didn't realize she was doing it until the first morning Chad woke up rather sticky. Alex thought it was so cute and then she proceeded to lick them both squeaky clean.

It was still three hours before noon when Alex's eyelids opened. She was the early bird of the three. It was difficult for her to sleep after nine regardless of the activities from the night before. Her back was to Chad's side curled into his arm. She stretched out like a cat before gently rolling out of bed careful not to wake the other two. She knew it would be at least another hour before they started to stir.

Alex loved to cook and she was good at it. Since she was typically up before everyone else she specialized in breakfast of every kind. She must have been a chef in a past life because she is never happy with just a tasty meal. Nope she always went the extra mile for a great presentation. Her mood always influenced what she made. If she was feeling particularly worked up whatever she made would absolutely be phallic in nature. Just the other night it was her turn to make dessert. She came back with three banana splits. Though she forgot to split the bananas and instead shaped them like penises with vanilla ice cream balls. There were strawberries on the end of the bananas to look like big fat cock heads. She used fudge for pubic hair and used strawberry syrup to make it look covered in cum. They were masterful and half of one kind of accidentally on purpose spilled all over her. By the innocent look on Ana's face it was obvious she just wanted a reason to have her tongue gliding over Alex's body.

What to make this morning she was thinking to herself while setting the coffee to brew. She found a special recipe she liked to make each morning by a guy named Drake. First she would use four scoops of her favorite coffee and then add some ginger until it had a hue of speckled yellow. This was great for preventing the acid buildup in the tummy from the coffee. Whole ground cloves make for a great pain reliever (phenomenal for a hangover) and so she always added a pinch until it was speckled brown. Adding one more ingredient in red clover she found a blood cleaner with a healthy pinch. Sounds really appetizing so far right? So she added the hyssop the recipe called for and found it kind of covered up the rest of the stuff. She would then brew the coffee like normal.

The coffee gurgling down and the aroma permeating through the kitchen she started to look through cabinets and fridge to see what she could come up with. She wasn't crazy hungry yet and so nothing really caught her inspiration. She instead waited for the coffee to finish and made three cups exactly as Chad and Ana liked theirs and one for her. She didn't need extra sugar but she did splurge and use cream instead of just milk.

Still naked and barefoot Alex carried the tray of coffee back to the bedroom. As she suspected the coffee smell started to bring them back to life and when she walked in though they hadn't really moved yet their eyes were open. She gave them both a smile radiating the love she had for them. Seeing Ana using Chad's shoulder for a pillow with one leg over his, smiling back at her she felt her body go all warm and tingly. Then she looked at Chad and caught his sexy half asleep, half awake smile and she felt herself start to go moist between her legs.

"Hey Gorgeous," Chad said. "The coffee smells absolutely delicious. Your timing is perfect. Now come over here and get some loving."

Alex giggled and set the tray of coffee down on the end table. Her butt barely touched down on the bed when she felt Ana's arms around her waist. Suddenly she was flipping backward over Ana landing on her back with her ass across Chad's belly.

"I get first lick!" Ana declared as she pushed Alex's legs wide open and dove mouth first into her pussy.

Alex gasped as she felt Ana's tongue bury itself deep into her hole. Deeper than usual as naughty Ana had the cord of her tongue cut allowing her to stick it out so much farther. The sudden stimulation made her gasp loudly and her pussy turned on the water works. She could feel that it would not be long before she was dripping down her legs despite all of Ana's efforts to sate her morning thirst with Alex's Goddess nectar.

To add to her stimulation Chad reached over to play with Alex's breasts. Massaging them fully making sure to pay attention to their entirety. Teasing his way up towards her nipples. Finally his fingers get to her sensitive buds, rock hard and sticking out from her glorious mounds of flesh. Working first with a gentle pinch between his index and middle fingers. Then he did what always gets her going. Holding his fingers tight together he began working them back and forth essentially like a flutter kick. With her nipples trapped, bending this way and that, nerves set a fire combined with Ana's vivacious tongue dancing through her sweet valley.

Then Ana slipped two fingers into Alex's pussy sliding them across her g-spot. At the same time she gave a quick hard suck on her clit and that was all it took. The orgasm ripped ferociously through Alex with hardly any warning. She began spraying copious amounts of cum all over Ana's face before she was able to get her mouth open to catch what she hadn't yet missed.

Alex cried out hard and her knees came to her chest. The orgasm ripped through her fast and really hard. She could feel herself squirting all over Ana. It felt like gallons were being forced out in a torrent as powerful as her orgasm. She rolled off to the side and curled up while she quaked with mini after orgasms.

Panting she finally got up, "holy fuck what did you two just do to me?"

Ana just giggled at her with a bright smile as she took Chad into her hand. Slowly stroking his semi hard cock into full morning oak. Deciding to give him the same treatment they just gave Alex she didn't waste any time teasing him. She just wrapped her lips around his shaft and slid him into her throat. She went just slow enough to keep from gagging but covering him in a thick layer of gooey saliva. Naughtiness starimg into his eyes as Ana takes hold of his cock and starts a nice quick stroke. From tip to base with a nice twisting motion she watches his face as the pleasure takes over.

Alex had recently learned that she really liked to watch at times especially for a few minutes while recovering from a crazy orgasm like they had just given her. It gave her body a chance to calm from the after quakes of immense pleasure but fuck if she wasn't getting sensitive all over again with the scene before her. She sat back against the head board of the bed with a pillow behind her for comfort. Her feet pulled up not far from her butt spread nice and wide so Ana had a perfect view of what she was about to do.

First she caught Ana's eye and sucked on the end of her finger getting it nice and wet. Then she ran it down her slit from just above her clit down to her sopping wet hole. Her finger disappeared down to the last knuckle. It came back out traveling back up to her little pink love button. Making circles with her finger over her very swollen little pink bud she felt herself rapidly building again. Her eyes were firmly locked on Chad's cock as she watched Ana stroke him like a professional who knew exactly how to get someone off fast and hard.

Ana was watching Alex. Fuck she looked so hot sitting there playing with herself. She was rubbing her clit pretty hard. Ana could tell she wasn't going to last long before she was cumming again. It was making her really hard. She didn't know who she wanted to fuck more. Alex's steamy pussy or Chad's tight little asshole. It was such a hard decision she almost decided to just fuck both of them but ultimately Chad was to get her cock this morning. She also knew how much it worked up Alex to see Chad getting slammed.

Chad was too tight to just push her cock in straight away though in the past month since she broke his cherry he was getting a lot better. Ana preferred the silicone lubes because they were so light. She could feel every part of Chad when she was inside without the gooey buildup of some of the other lubes. She had also found the perfect applicator for it. A syringe made just for applying lube to the back door. Stroking his cock again he feels her push the syringe in and injecting the prewarmed lube deep within.

Alex is watching closely now. Fuck she loved watching Ana ream Chad's ass. He always moaned like such a good little girl when she fucked him.

"Oh Ana fuck him real good."

Ana smiled at her, "Mmmm I love his asshole as much yours and don't fucking stop playing. Fuck that made me so hard watching you do that. If I have anything left in me when I am done with him then your pussy is mine."

"Oooh fuck I'm getting close!" Alex cried out as her fingers started working her clit hard and fast. Her whole body was flushing red with her pussy lips especially bright. Then just as she watched Ana take Chad's ankles in her hands and push the head of her cock past the opening of his ass she began to cum. Again squirting massive amounts of female cum all over Chad's chest and up Ana's front. Her legs came together hard while she screamed out Ana's name. Curled up in the fetal position, her nerves aflame from the orgasmic wave that just crashed through her.

A minute or so later she recovered to sit up and see Ana sliding her cock in and out of his ass at a nice unhurried pace. She was clearly enjoying every part of Chad. Each time she pressed deep inside of him her balls were pressed into his ass crack. Chad was loving every minute of it as he felt his body reacting orgasmicly just like a woman would. He was feeling the sexual energy building up through his entire body from his toes to his head.

Ana could feel Alex's juice dipping down her front. It turned her on so much that she doubled her pace reaming Chad's asshole. He was lost in sexual bliss as her cock continued its relentless invasion of his ass. Harder and harder she slammed into him. Knowing full well he wasn't going to break she fucked him for all she was worth though she certainly wasn't ready to cum yet.

"Get up on your knees and turn that gorgeous ass around." Ana commanded Chad as she slowly pulled out of him. Her cock had a sexy bounce as it left his asshole. Ana's cock was so hard it was bouncing up and down in time with her heartbeat. She was nowhere near satisfied and gave his ass a nice hard slap as he turned around and assumed the position with his face buried in the bed with his ass way up in the air.

Alex wanted more though. Her first two orgasms were not enough. She still needed to have her pussy stretched out and filled with cum. She had two cocks to choose from but it looked like Chad was absolutely enjoying Ana's this morning so she decided she wanted to be under him while Ana fucked him. She also knew how much she was going to enjoy it because Ana liked to fuck him extra hard when was under him. Driving Chad's cock into Alex as Ana slammed into him. Fuck she was great at it too.

With those thoughts in mind Alex got on her hands and knees in front of Chad and before she could make him move she heard Ana's firm voice following a good hard slap of his ass, "Pick your head up and let the lady in. Can't you see she is in need?"

Chad's response wasn't quite fast enough nor did it have the respect that Ana was looking for in that moment. She had her technique down perfect and her hands were exactly the right size. The audible slap of skin against skin was heard as her hand and fingers made precise contact with his ass cheek leaving a perfect replication of her hand. He gasped and resisted the urge to rub his ass from the unexpected sting. He did however move very quickly to take care of Alex's needs.

Gently grabbing around her hips with both of his hands he pulled her underneath him where he could guide his cock inside her anxiously awaiting pussy. Her lips were glistening from her wetness having been spread all over them during her playtime just moments ago. His cock met with no friction at all as it pushed between her lips and slowly sank inch by inch into the steamy hot depths of her feminine sex.

Ana was not however nearly as gentle as she was very worked up and wanting more of his ass. She just lined up close and plunged herself in. She was already well lubricated and his ass already stretched to accommodate her. What he wasn't ready for was the force she bottomed out with. She slammed into him and pushed him forward into his face. He in turn fell forward with his cock buried deep in Alex's pussy.

Once Ana regained her balance she began to fuck Chad with a furious intensity. Her balls slapping loudly against him with each penetration. She didn't give him any room to move within Alex but that was not necessary. She was fucking him hard enough for all three of them. He was barely pulled out of Alex before Ana was driving him deep within her. All this stimulation as rapidly pushing Chad to his limits. He had only seconds left before he was going to fill Alex full of his cum. Though he could also feel the feminine orgasm building right alongside his regular one. Ana just kept pounding his ass and he was lost in a zone of pleasure he never knew existed before they met her.

Alex and Ana could both tell that Chad was getting really close. His asshole was tightening up around her cock and his moans were getting louder. Alex was pretty sure he was going to have the equivalent of her squirting orgasm. She knew he was going to have a girly one from Ana's relentless pounding. He always did. She also loved it when he came inside her at the same time. It was always so intense for him. He was uncut and experienced his orgasm as more of a wave crashing over him similar to a woman but when he was fucked at the same time the sexual energy crashed through him like a tsunami. The three of them were in such resonance that when Chad's orgasm hit it would always set theirs off just a couple seconds later as his orgasmic energy flooded through them.

Ana thrust in and out of him a few more times before Chad was pushed over the edge. The wave flooded through him from his head to his toes. It built up in his body for a few short moments before the energy exploded out of his cock. His cum blasting into her cervix with such force that it was all she needed for another orgasm to take over her body. This one longer and deeper than her first two. Their orgasmic energy mixing together and transferring between them.

Ana's orgasm had built beyond the point of stopping with the explosion of energy from Chad. However once Alex's orgasmic energy was added it pulled the orgasm out of her. She was directly plugged into them both physically and energetically when she dropped herself into Chad one last time. Her weight drove her cock deeply into him while also pressing him even deeper into Alex. Ana was pumping her sweet cum into Chad's ass which set off another orgasm in him. She wasn't sure but by his reaction and Alex's he may have cum inside her a second time.

The three of them stayed like this for what seemed like an hour but was only several minutes. The peak of their orgasms, all felt together as one, had subsided into a blissful glow. Ana eventually slipped out of Chad and laid down on the bed next to Alex. Then Chad surprised her when he slipped out of Alex and laid down next to her. She was now squished closely between him and Alex. Then both of them wrapped their arms tightly around her.

Alex stared into her eyes with absolute love and it was obvious that she was loved every bit as much as she loved Chad. On the back of her neck she felt Chad's lips lightly contacting her skin. In front she watched as Alex leaned forward and kissed her with even more loving energy that she could communicate through her eyes.

For the first time in Ana's life she felt absolutely completely loved for who she was. All her life she had been different from what society and her DNA linked family expected of her. It had resulted in some really awful moments in her life. She had also heard it all from guys who just wanted to try the tranny out.

"Uggh," she thought to herself as she remembered back to some of those days.

It was as if the two of them could read her mind, though at this point she was pretty sure they could, they broke her out of her negative memories as the both whispered into her ear first individually then together, "I love you Ana, we love you." They both kissed her one more time and before Ana could say anything Alex added, "I don't know about the two of you but I am really hungry after all that. How about some pancakes and bacon?"

Then Alex got up leaving Ana in Chad's arms on the bed. Looking down at her two lovers and best friends she could feel the love and resonance between the three of them. She knew all their auras were amazingly bright since the three of them came together. She also knew in her heart the three of them would be together for the rest of this life experience and beyond. Looking a little closer at Ana looking back at her she must have been thinking the same thing because she could see the tears in her eyes. It was in that moment she noticed her own. With a big happy smile she turned and went to make breakfast.

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