tagBDSMWaking Up with a Friend

Waking Up with a Friend


Mary and I had been friends for a while, I'm not sure quite how long. It started as a casual friendship, we met through mutual friends, and while there was a clear attraction neither of us was ready to take the first step. That changed last weekend, starting on Friday night out with dinner with friends. As the evening progressed Mary and I seemed to drift away from the rest of the conversation at the table and more to looks and small comments between us leading us to decide to leave together and grab a drink. After the expected jokes and catcalls from the group, we finally leave and we grab a bottle of wine next door before agreeing to return to my place.

But this story isn't about the bottle of wine, isn't about our very kinky conversations while we drank, and it isn't even about the fact Mary ended up spending the night. No, those while fun isn't what triggered me to try to write but instead the following morning that still leaves a smile on my face each time I think of it.

I'm a morning person so when I first stirred at the light of the early morning I was surprised to find Mary missing from the bed. I laid still for just a moment before I was sure she was not in the bathroom, before wondering if she had left. A quick sweep of the room revealed her top, her red lace bra, and her matching thong...but no signs of the black skirt she was wearing when we walked into the room. Convinced she was in the house I decided it was time to find her and thank her for last night.

Slipping out of the room without bothering to dress I walk towards the kitchen on a hunch and pause as I reach the doorway. Sure enough there she stood her long black hair across her shoulders, her soft skin moving with each breath, just a glimpse of her full round breasts visible from my vantage point. I take in the view, noting she is wearing the skirt, but nothing else as she is trying to start the coffee maker on the island. The view is intoxicating, the faint smell of her perfume still noticeable as I hatch a plan that has roots in one of our talks on the couch last night.

My plan formulated, I quickly and silently close the distance between our bodies. Stepping up behind her I see her shoulders start to turn and I quickly slide one hand around her throat and the second grasps her hip firmly as I press her into the counter in one smooth movement. Before she can even fully grasp what is going on I growl in her ear to hold onto the island and she whimpers an agreement and does so. Sensing she was ready to comply, I move my hand from her hip and quickly slide her skirt to the floor. As I do her exposed ass causes me to pause to admire how beautiful the sun from the window was falling across it as she wiggles from the feeling of being fully exposed. Shifting my body to the side somewhat I move the hand from her throat to buried in her hair and press her forward to better expose her curves.

Focused on nothing but her response I raise my hand before allowing it to fall against her ass with a loud pop that reverberates around us. As the skin begins to turn from its natural light tan to pink and then ultimately a crimson red the blows continue, changing pace and location so she is unable to anticipate and merely must focus on the sensations washing over her. After what was only a few minutes but probably felt like a lifetime I notice her breathing start to change, and her body shows signs of a quiver following each impact. Leaning in near her ear I remind her she must ask before she can cum and continue with increased pace. Finally, I give her hair a firm pull and land a brutal impact on the soft skin where the ass & thigh join that causes her to lift up onto her toes.

Almost instantly the quivering becomes overwhelming and she begins softly asking to cum. I continue for a few more blows, each one causing her pleas to become clearer until she is finally loudly begging. Leaning into her I finally say the word she is dying to hear, a firm and clear 'now', and then merely hold her body against mine as she begins shaking and moaning in what I'm sure will be only the first of many orgasms to be had this morning.

As quickly as it started it was over, I released my grip and turned my attention to the coffee maker while she stood with a combination of confusion and bliss on her face. Finishing making coffee I "suggest" she walk back to the bedroom and I'll join her shortly. She literally skips to the bedroom while I watch the sun dance on her still flushed ass. My mind intent on the rest of my plan I make short work of the coffee, and slowly walk to the bedroom. As I enter I find her standing facing the bedside table and I set the cups on the dresser to announce my presence.

Walking across the room I joke she should be careful turning her back to me, to which I get an "oh no are you going to hurt me" with a barely stifled giggle at the end. I step behind her, and in a single motion spin her until her back is against the adjoining wall, pressing her against the wall firmly. Dropping to my knees without a word I bury my fingers in her sides as I begin to tease her by nibbling on her thighs. Moving up her thighs I slowly part her lips with my tongue and begin to toy with her folds as she tries to wiggle her hips I have pinned. Finding her clit I brush it lightly at first, then more intentionally circling and flicking as she begins to moan and I quickly draw it between my lips and massage it with my tongue until she is again begging to cum. This time I pause long enough to tell her firmly no before I continue.

As it becomes clear she is beyond the ability to stand, I move my hands to her hips and stand; as I do so I lift her up and bury my throbbing cock inside of her in a single motion, thrusting against the wall as I order her to cum. Like an explosion, her body begins shaking and as I continue to thrust firmly up into her I feel my balls covered in her cum as it drips to the floor and the sounds of our bodies slamming into each other echoes across the room.

Guiding her arms over my shoulders I carry her, still fully impaled, and lay her on the bed. I begin slowly sliding into her, pulling almost completely out, then sliding back in again so I can savor every moment. Staring in her eyes I begin to caress her soft breasts, pinching and pulling on her hard nipples, and slowly but steadily increase my pace. Looking her in the face I notice that as she approaches a climax she closes her eyes, but this time I order her to continue to look at me. Her face looks shocked but obeys, and as I guide her calves over my shoulders I grasp both breasts firmly while never breaking eye contact. Now plunging into her with all of my weight each thrust brings both of us closer to release. Feeling my balls begin to tingle I whisper "now we cum together but remember your eyes stay open" before a large final motion to bury myself fully inside of her and a simple nod of my head as we both groan and shake in an orgasm that seems to never end.

As the moment slowly passes, I roll onto my back and pull her into my arms, where we both drift off into a semi-sleep state that lasts until well after the coffee has gone cold. Finally waking for the second time today, this time we kiss and begin talking about our plans for the day; which is another story yet to be told.

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