Walk About

byBill Smith©

Tammy and I have been fans of a web site for armatures where normal people can post their pictures, comment on pictures posted by others and interact with them by bulletin board. Just recently I was able to talk her out of some of her clothes so I could take those special pictures of her; it took me a long time to pull that off. You see Tammy is a big woman and she is beautiful to boot but she has this negative self image that she thinks no one would want to see her naked. It is all bullshit that has been forced down our throats by corporate America because my Tammy is one of the most beautiful women on the face of this earth. She 6'2" tall, full body and full breast, reddish brown hair falling down her back, when I see her naked I just want to hold her, feel her soft body next to mine, smell the richness of her skin and lick every square inch of her as she is my person who makes me want to continue to live. Did I tell you that I love her?

I did get Tammy to agree to let me post some of her pictures on the Internet. The response was wonderful received, except for a few jerks. There are plenty of men like me that love big women. In time Tammy started to rethink her self image and became more at ease with herself and allowed her exhibitionist side to grow. I thought that I had died and gone to heaven as that allowed my voyeur side to blossom as well. I love taking pictures and had plenty of her with all of her clothes on, now I was getting a collection of her in various stages of undress. Like an adolescent boy looking at dirty pictures I could look at Tammy's pictures in different poses and levels of undressed for hours and it would never fail to make my heart beat faster. Did I tell you that I love her?

If you are familiar with voyeur web sites you know there are couples that like to take pictures outside in public and post them. This is what I was trying to get Tammy to agree to. We had made love outside many times as that is a wonderful place for lovers to love but she was still reluctant for me to take nude pictures of her in nature. One day after one of our wild love sessions at home she whispered to me, "You remember wanting to take nude pictures of me outside?"

How could I forget, I thought here we go again; another reason for not doing it. I replied, somewhat crestfallen, "How can I forget?"

"Well, I have changed my mind and I would like to do it."

"What?," I yelped, not believing what my ears told me that I had heard.

Laying her head on my shoulder and throwing a leg over my body, "Yes baby I want to do it. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to come around but with you I know it will be wonderful."

I held my Tammy as hard as I could and she knew I was happy. I knew too as there was a tear sliding down my cheek and a twitch in my dick.

We made our plans for the following Saturday. Did I tell you that I love her?

I never thought that Saturday would get here..., but it did. It was sort of warm and overcast, a beautiful day for taking pictures; the clouds acting like a light box to soften the sunlight and warm enough that Tammy would not be too chilled. We had started drinking wine with our lunch and continued afterwards as we were both sort of nervous. I had my camera and gear ready and was doing a final check when Tammy walked into the living room in her birthday suit holding only a wine glass. My breath caught in my throat and my heart skipped a beat as I looked at her, she was so beautiful, and yes she was nervous. Tammy could see the excitement in my eyes, the love in my heart and the bluge in my pants. She smiled. I walked to her and held her in my arms, I was torn between putting her on the floor to ravish her or going to get hooded London Fog long coat.

I released Tammy to get her coat. Before I helped her into her coat I grabbed her boots, knee high and with flat heel as at some time we would be walking on bare earth. I was on my knees in front of Tammy holding out one boot for her to put on, she had one hand on my shoulder for balance as she raised her leg I could see her sex. Peeking through her short pubic hair I swear her pussy was laughing at me..., and drooling too. Shaking my head I helped her into the other boot. I could not help myself as I placed my head between her thighs and gave that smart alec pussy a tongue-lashing but before she could cum I stopped. There was a gasp of surprise from Tammy when I stopped but then I stood up to take her into my arms where I kissed her sweet lips. Breaking the kiss I placed my head next to hers and whispered in her ear, "Anticipation is a good thing." And Tammy gave a moan that would have broken about anyone's heart..., except mine as I knew I would continue later till she would not be able to cum again till the next day. If then.

I helped Tammy into her long coat then walked in front of her to help in buttoning it up. Before I covered up her breasts I suckled on each nipple like a starving baby, then I bit the last one then hastily moved backwards. "You beast," she yelled.

"I will make it up to you later."

"I know you will. But it will be I that will make you say Uncle."

That caused me to pause and think a little, "Fucking A OK with me my darling. Let the fun begin!" Grabbing the camera gear and the bag containing the thermoses filled with cold wine with one hand I take Tammy's hand in the other and we head to the garage and a day to remember. Did I tell you that I love her?

Once we leave our neighborhood I get up on the freeway, being a Saturday there is not a lot of traffic. We are in my truck so only those who will be able to see Tammy will be other truck drivers but she does not know this. "Baby it is time," I remind her.

"What? Oh yes...," and she unbuttons her coat and that is all. I was the only one that knew she did not have anything on underneath that coat.

"Don't you think that you might want to open the coat. That is sort of the reason we are out and about today isn't it."

Taking a deep breath she pulls her coat apart. She may have been nervous but her nipples were erect and proud.

I reached over and stroked her face with my hand and whisper, "You are so fucking beautiful. You are so fucking wild. You are and have always been the girl of my dreams. Till my dying breath I will fucking love you Tammy."

Tammy places her hand over mine and looks at me with a smile on her face, "What do I do now?"

"For now you need not do anything, drink your wine and relax." I place my right hand on her left thigh, her skin so smooth and so soft it almost makes me want to sing with joy. I squeeze her leg and she smiles, then I allow my hand to slowly rub up and down her thigh. Then I start to bring my hand higher and letting my fingers dance over her pubic hair. I know that she is trying to fight my advance but her breathing is giving her away. It is okay as I am not really in any hurry, I want this day to be one of the best days Tammy has ever had. Did I tell you that I love her?

My hand keeps up its motion and my fingers keep strumming on her pubic hair when it reaches the junction of her beautiful thighs. I noticed a few minutes ago that she did not have the same pressure on her legs, as I get closer to the top of her leg I notice that her legs have parted enough for my hand to slip between them. My love is in control and has decided it is time to allow me to go to the next level. And I do. My fingers explore that warm junction and find that her sex is awash in excitement, I coat my fingers and then I bring them to my lips. At first I lick them to get the taste of her passion. It is always wonderful. The taste of my love's sex is as wonderful as a first taste of chocolate, you know it will taste good but when it hits your tongue you know what wonderful really means.

I place my fingers in my mouth and clean them with my tongue; I moan aloud. If they could make something that taste like this, chocolate would not be so highly rated.

Tammy smiles.

I remove my fingers and then wrap my hands around my thermos travel cup and sip my cold wine. After just a short period of time Tammy notices that my hand is occupied but not in the way she expected.

I look at Tammy's face and it looks at me as if saying what the fuck? I look at her and say, "It is in your hands now my love."

Tammy laughs out loud at this. She is used to masturbating in my presence as I love to tell her sex stories and watch her bring herself to a climax after climax. Her right hand goes to her sex and her left one caresses her right breast and nipple.

The show is rolling.

Tammy has not been aware of the commercial 16 wheel trucks we have been passing. The drivers of those trucks have a ringside seat as to what has been going on in our truck. Each truck that I have passed since she had spread her coat has been given a few extra seconds to view what was transpiring in our vehicle just by slowing our speed down before speeding up. At one point I thought that a Wal-Mart truck driver was going to crash his truck.

Since Tammy has taken over control of her own pleasure I can better judge my speed to give the drivers of these 18 wheeler a better show. And we do. She has her legs spread wide as she can get them in a truck seat and her hand is moving so fast that it is a blur. Her hand is not so fast that someone viewing it would not understand the motions, but she is not aware of it.

Truck after truck we pass, each driver getting a little eye candy. But I know her sounds and I know that she is close to cumming. I target the truck that will get the fireworks; it is a Yellow Freight tractor-trailer rig. Good I think, a union driver will see the contortions my love will make when she cums. I match my speed with the Yellow Freight truck as the point grows near.

My Tammy is vocal when she cums, it is mostly nonsense sounds but when it is rally good, beyond good, she cusses with an enthusiasm that would make a sailor blush. Spewing from her sweet lips are the words: fuck, piss, shit, god damn, holy fucking god, and the list of vulgarities just goes and goes like that little pink bunny rabbit who is plugged into that little battery.

I smile. Why? Because my Tammy is having a wonderful time and that makes my heart smile.

Tammy turns her head towards me when her fingers can no longer dance on her clitoris and she smiles at me. I smile back at her and tell her to look to her right.

Tammy turns her head to the right and sees the driver of the Yellow Freight driver looking down at her. She laughs out loud and brings her hand to her face and licks her secretions off of her fingers while she looks the driver in the eye. The driver pulls down the string on his air horn in a salute to her.

I laugh out loud and put the pedal to the metal, which puts me ahead of the Yellow Freight truck and I take the next exit off the highway. I find a place to pull off the service road and place our truck in park. I lean over to kiss Tammy and I can taste her sex; we both moan out loud. Life is good. Did I tell you that I love her?

We drive on. Tammy asks me, "What is next?"

"Well we need to get some pictures to post of what we have done today," I tell her.

"Cool," she replies, "So how do we do that?"

"We need to find a place to stop and take pictures," I tell her.


Back upon the highway we go. A few miles down the road I find an exit to a State Park and I take it. The attendant did not notice that Tammy was showing a lot of skin he just took our money and we entered the park. A few minutes later we find a parking place and we park our truck.

Grabbing our camera gear and wine we exit the truck and proceed up a dirt track into the wilderness. Tammy is the first to speak, "I need to pee."

"Hold it," I tell her as we move onwards.

After walking a few miles Tammy tells me that she really needs to pee. I look around and decide that this is a good place for pictures. "Ok, just lean your back against that large pecan tree and squat. Just don't pee yet," I tell her as I point out the tree I wanted her to go to. She nods her head and walks to the tree.

Squatting with her back to the tree she ask, "What's next?"

"Start masturbating," I tell her.

"I need to pee."

"I know, but don't pee until you start to climax."

Tammy looks at me with a strange look upon her face, but then she smiles and starts to masturbate.

I'm taking pictures of her actions; then she starts to scream in a way that I have never heard before. The sphincter that controls her bladder looses control and her urine dances everywhere as she cums. Her body shakes in a way that make me think of a person having a seizure but she still has control of most of her body functions so I know that is not the case. I see her eyes roll back into her head and I am worried until I hear her cussing: fuck, piss, shit, god damn, holy fucking god, and the list of vulgarities just roll off of her lips and I know that she is ok.

Tammy's hands just drop to her sides, as she is physically exhausted. I place my camera on the ground and walk towards Tammy. I pull her to her feet and kiss her. Her lips are hot but there is very little energy there. I move her to the other side of the tree and place her back to the pecan tree and fall to my knees. Spreading her legs I spread her legs and taste her sex; I taste the sharp pungent and salty taste of her urine but also the sweet taste of her sex, then I focus upon her clitoris. My love dances the dance of love and then her body collapses in a pile into my waiting arms.

"Did I hear you cry Uncle," Tammy asks me.

"Yes, my love I did cry Uncle," I tell her.

And she closes her eyes and sleeps.

I posted the pictures on the Internet. The comments from others..., they were great!

Did I tell you that I love her? I do.

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