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Walk and Ride


Less than 15 minutes ride from where I live there is a section of parkland where the ravages of development have been kept at bay in spite of the highways and developed park lands adjacent. It is obviously a used acreage as there are worn foot paths snaking through, but it is mostly varied long grass, trees and bushes.

Recently, whenever the weather has been mild I have used the virgin bushland space to break up my ride by tethering the bike to a fence and going for a walk through the bushland.

One Tuesday afternoon, as I neared the bushland, the movement of my perineum left and right across the racing seat of my push-bike had the effect of causing my penis to swell, and I had a noticeable erection when I stepped off the bike and locked it securely to the Cyclone fence.

Like most cyclists, wearing lycra riding shorts mean there is no need to wear underwear. As I began walking away from the bike and along the path, the slight movement of the sky blue lycra across my genitals kept my penis hard.

After walking for a few minutes, I noticed two men I estimated to be aged in their forties, standing near a tree talking to one another.

As I passed, one said, 'G'day mate. Have you been riding a long way?'

'Nah. Twenty minutes. I'm getting used to a new bike. A 19th birthday present from my girlfriend last week,' I said.

'You look like you enjoyed the ride,' he said pointing at my still swollen penis, erect from the effect caused by the gentle rubbing of the fabric of my riding shorts.

I was very embarrassed when he said this and I mumbled something incoherent.

He said, 'Don't be embarrassed. Apparently it happens to plenty of men riding bikes, particularly for a young lad like you'

'Is that true? Well it affected me too. Lucky it's private around here,' I said feeling as though my face was getting very hot. 'I wouldn't like to walk around with an erection showing in places more public than here.'

The other man he had been with as I approached seemed to have wandered away.

The friendly guy I had been talking to said, 'I'd be proud to show one like yours off to everybody. I would love to see yours in the flesh. If I show you mine, will you show me yours?'

This friendly stranger appeared to be harmless enough and didn't appear to be threatening in any way, but I was shocked and confronted, and I was completely unprepared for such a rude proposition.

With an embarrassed smile on my face, I said, 'You're kidding aren't you?'

I thought that this was the time to leave and just pass it off as a bit of a joke between blokes.

He asserted himself and said, 'No! Not kidding.'

He quickly loosened his belt and unzipped his jeans and pulled out a very hard five inch long hard straight cock and it was in an erect state, hovering horizontally. He waved it from side to side by the movement of his hips and said, 'Fair is fair. Now you have to let me see yours. I'm very jealous.'

I was mesmerized by the appearance of a bare cock, even one that was small compared with the size of my own. I was wondering what touching another penis would feel like. This was a strange thought to me because I'm straight and the thought of a penis in my hand was repugnant to me. But the thought persisted.

His voice interrupted my thoughts and he was saying, 'Please show me yours . I'll be so humiliated for showing you mine if you don't.'

It seemed mine would be bigger and fatter than his. But I was in a situation that was completely alien to me. I was in fear of my erect penis being seen by a man.

I looked around to make sure no-one else was around, and hoped someone would appear to give me an excuse not to do what he wanted me to do, then I felt the pressure of his expectation for me to bare my most private part in this semi-public situation. It was made even worse by having such a swollen hardened cock. I just wanted to die so I could get out of this situation.

My heart was pounding as I desperately tried to find a way out of this predicament, but my defense deserted me and my confused thoughts had me glued to the spot.

I tentatively put my thumbs inside the waist of my Lycra shorts and stretched them to pull them down. My swollen cock sprung free waving in the air as it assumed its erect state, suspended away from my body and pointing almost straight up.

'Wow! That is one huge cock. It must be 8 inches long. You must be very proud of that.'

'It's 21 centimetres. Is that 8 inches?'

'That's about right.'

He hoisted himself up onto a branch, next to a half-full bottle of what seemed to be Apricot Juice, indicated on the label, balancing on the branch of the tree we were standing under. The height of his position now brought his cock up to face level.

'Would you like to taste this?' he asked me referring to his cock.

'No. I couldn't do that. Nice of you to offer, but I think it would taste awful.'

He picked up the drink bottle, opened it and carefully dripped a few drops of apricot juice on his erection, and replied, 'Not with this on it. Try it.'


'Sure. Keep sucking it while you can taste the juice. I think you might like it. Just do what you would do with an ice cream.'

I moved up close to him and looked at his cock for nearly a full minute. I could sense him watching me.

Could I really put someone's penis in my mouth? At least he wouldn't be looking at mine, which was too embarrassing to think about.

I like the look of my own circumcised cock and his was likewise. It would be like sucking my own penis.

I looked around to check again that nobody was in sight. Then I looked at the apricot juice smeared on his hard little cock and took hold of it at the base between my thumb and finger.

I opened my mouth and moved so his penis was inside my mouth, and I tentatively touched the stranger's cock with my tongue. I thought of what I did with ice-creams and I began to lick it savoring the taste of juice on it.

I gripped it between my lips and began sucking on it, 'just for the taste of the apricot juice,' I told myself.

My shorts were still down around my ankles. I imagined what it must feel like for him to have his cock being licked and sucked by someone. I slowly became accustomed shape and feel of his erection in my mouth. I imagined what it must feel like and the thought aroused me causing my treacherous penis to become even harder and it began throbbing.

I started to totally get into the feel of a hardened tasty penis in my mouth when I felt the end of MY cock being covered by something wet and very slippery. The other man must have returned and began sucking my pulsating cock below the branch which had obscured my view of his return.

He was taking full advantage of a bare swollen cock from someone less than half his age. How had I gotten myself into a situation where I was sucking a cock and having my cock sucked by another total stranger, AT THE SAME TIME?'

I tried to concentrate on the cock I was sucking, but I was thoroughly distracted by the exquisite light ministrations on my cock by a man I couldn't even see, as well as the shocking situation I was in.

The man sucking me off was doing it in a way that stimulated me causing feelings I could never imagine.

The man sitting on the branch began whimpering. I didn't know what to do so I left his cock in my mouth and lightly licked the underside of it at the swollen head, using all my concentration to keep doing what I had started.

I could feel my hardened straining cock being teased by a cool wet mouth and my knees began to buckle as by balls tightened up. I had been close to coming before I felt the presence of another mouth over my cock so I knew I couldn't hold back my climax any longer.

The intense pleasure of orgasm coursed through my balls, my anus, the top of my legs and around my whole nether region, in particular, my straining erection. I could feel my neck heating up and pins and needles seemed to attack my flushed face.

His tongue must have been licking the trigger spot below the head of my cock and I began ejaculating long squirts of cum into his teasing mouth.

I was so overcome by my climax, that I didn't even hear the man on the branch shrieking out in a high pitched squeal as my mouth filled with the taste of a mixture of sour cream and apricot juice as he ejaculated his thick semen into my mouth at the same time. His semen was very tasty. I swallowed it all down.

I looked down and saw the end of my cock in the other man's mouth, sucking and licking until the last of my semen was squeezed out and swallowed by another complete stranger.

I was confused and embarrassed all over again as I stood trying to look far into the distance as though trying to ignore everything that had just happened.

I pulled my shorts up and walked away from there very quickly. I had let a stranger suck me off and even worse, I had sucked a man's cock. I always believed I was straight but a friendly stranger had distracted me and I found myself behaving like a promiscuous slut with two older men. I don't know which was worse, sucking a cock or letting someone suck mine.

They made me come, and I felt very guilty. I'm never going to let that happen again.

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