tagLoving WivesWalk Around The Lake

Walk Around The Lake


It had started as just an innocent walk on a beautiful summer day. My wife of 22 years had wanted to go for a walk around the lake. We had gone to an early movie so after sitting for a couple of hours we needed to stretch our legs. She had worn a cute summer dress to the movies so that is what she had on for the walk. Sometimes in the past I would have her go without panties and bra knowing that just being naked under the dress got her and me excited.

This was one of those days. The movie we saw was called "Wild Orchid" with Mickey Rourke, and if you've ever seen the movie you know how erotic it is. All during the movie my wife was snuggled up against me. At one point I had my arm around her shoulders and was softly caressing her arm moving from her elbow to her shoulder. I felt her move in even closer to me so I knew that she was enjoying my touch. As I said the movie was very sexual and I was starting to get aroused thinking about my wife being in some of the situations that were happening on the screen.

The theater wasn't very crowded so I gently moved my hand further around and down until I was caressing my wife's very erect nipple. I could feel it hard and long through the cloth of her dress. She let a little moan escape her lips, so I knew that she was enjoying my attentions.

We were sitting towards the middle of our row with no one on either side or behind us. There was a younger couple sitting directly in front of us. They were watching the movie intently so I didn't worry about them looking at us. The fact is, that even if they had looked it would have excited me even more. Yes I am one of the many men who fantasize about flashing their wife to some stranger or strangers. I even have thoughts of her being with other men.

During one scene in the movie the woman is taken by a stranger and it made me so hard thinking of my wife in that scene. I pulled my arm from around her neck and brought it to her bare thigh. Slowly I began to stroke the leg from her knee up over her thigh and then back down. Each time I went a little higher moving her dress up her thigh exposing more and more of her leg.

At one point when my hand had reached her inner thigh, she raised her head and looked to see who was around us. Satisfied that no one would be looking she laid her head back against me and continued watching the movie.

I took that as an ok to continue my stroking of her leg. As I moved higher up I could feel the heat coming from between her legs. Just when I could go no higher because of her legs being together I felt her knees begin to part. She slowly opened her legs so that I could finish the journey that I now knew she wanted.

As soon as I touched her I could feel the silky wetness on her lips. I ran my fingers through those lips and again heard her give a small moan. From how wet she was I knew it wouldn't take long before she came on my fingers.

I looked down and was amazed at how sexy she looked. Her dress was pushed up by my hand and her legs were now splayed open so that I could finish what I had started. She was so very close to cumming when all of a sudden I saw the young man in front of us turn slightly in his seat. He was leaning into his girl when he turned his eyes towards us. My wife saw it happen but she was too far gone to stop or do anything about it. I could hardly believe that one of my favorite fantasies was actually coming true.

My wife came so hard that she had to bury her face into my shoulder to keep from screaming. The young man below saw every moment as he was kissing his girl on the neck. His eyes never left that spot between my wife's legs. As she was coming down from her orgasm I pulled my hand away and our young man got a great view of my wife's beautiful pussy. She always kept it shaved clean so that I could enjoy kissing and licking her when ever we had sex.

It seemed like an eternity but my wife soon came to her senses and pulled her dress back down while closing her legs. The young man turned his head back to watch the movie, but couldn't resist looking back every now and then to see if there was going to be anymore action.

My wife never said a word as we finished watching the movie. When we were going to leave the young man was standing and facing our direction while waiting for his girl. I'm sure my wife saw him and as she stayed sitting she began to reach down under the seat next to her where she had put an empty cup to be thrown away. As she reached down she had to scoot forward which pulled her dress up very high and as she bent over to her right I saw her legs open wide and I know that young man was again looking at my wife's bare pussy.

As soon as she had the cup she closed her legs and stood up ready to go. I was in a sexual daze. I had to hold my hands in front of my crotch because I had the biggest hardon of my life. Lucky for me that the shirt I was wearing hung down long enough to cover my hard cock.

When we passed the man and his girl my wife never even looked at him. She just hurried out of the theater with me following close behind. It wasn't until we were driving down the road that she finally spoke a word. She asked if I had liked the movie and I told her it was the best time I had ever had at a movie.

She laughed at that because we both knew what I was talking about. She leaned over to me and kissed me on the cheek. Then she asked me if that was what I was talking about when I had told her of my fantasies. I took her hand and placed it on my hard cock and she immediately knew the answer.

She leaned in again and said that she would like for us to take a walk around the lake. I really wanted to get home and rip her clothes off but she was asking in such a sensual way that I had to give in.

The lake was beautiful and the paved walking path wasn't very crowded at this time of day. We held hands as we walked and I could feel this sexual tension coming from my wife. It was as if what she had done in the theater had opened up and released a part of my wife that she never knew existed. A part that I had only hoped for.

We both saw it at the same time and I knew my wife wanted to go. There was a dirt path leading up and away from the lake into the thick trees that lined the hills above the lake. We both loved to explore so off we went. As the walking path disappeared below us we came to a part of the path that was a bit steep with some rocks that we had to scramble up. With my wife in the lead I was getting a wonderful view up her dress. Once again I became hard as a rock looking up at my wife's ass and pussy lips as she climbed. When I commented on the view I had she seemed to start taking even bigger strides in her climb, spreading her legs for my pleasure.

The dirt path took us to a small clearing that was surrounded by trees, bushes, and some large rocks. It seemed to be a very private place. I took my wife in my arms and pulled her to me. It was she who reached up and guided her mouth to mine kissing me with a passion that I had never seen in her before. Her tongue reached out to tease and caress as I pulled her tight so she could feel the hardness of our passion.

I had leaned back against one of the large rocks and was running my hands up over her silky ass as we continued kissing. She slowly broke the kiss and began to kiss my neck. The next thing I knew she was pulling at the buttons on my jeans trying to get at my aching cock. By now it was so hard that I thought it would explode any minute.

Once she had my cock out she slid down until I felt the velvet heat of her mouth take me in. I knew this would not last long so I gently took her head and began to push slowly in and out of her mouth. This way I could keep control and enjoy her mouth that much longer. It sounds terrible but I enjoyed the nasty thought of my wife having her mouth fucked by a hard cock.

She was bent over at the waist so I reached over her back and pulled her dress up. From this position I could reach over and play with her pussy. For the second time that day she was soaking wet. As I played she began to moan around my cock. This was heaven.

Out of the corner of my eye I swear I saw some movement, but when I looked there was nothing there. I had just slid two fingers into my wife when I saw it again but this time I was quick enough to see a man's face trying to pull back behind one of the rocks that was facing my wife's ass.

I couldn't believe that a fantasy was happening twice in one day. I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't think my wife would want to be in this kind of situation. The theater was safe and easy to control. This was something totally different.

As I was trying to decide what to do I saw the man peek out again. This time I was watching for him and our eye's met as his head came lurking from behind the rock. When he saw me looking at him he knew he was busted. Then instead of pulling back into hiding his eye's left mine and moved lower to my wife's ass.

That was the moment that something clicked inside of me and I knew I wanted him to watch. I pulled my fingers out so that he could see all of her sex. I grabbed her by the cheeks and spread her wide open as I pushed myself deeper into her throat. I felt her start to gag so I pulled completely out of that beautiful mouth and brought her up so that I could kiss this woman whom I loved so much.

I faced her into the rock that I had been leaning against and buried my cock from behind. I knew that in this position the man could not see much but I wanted to get her to that place of no return again. She had to brace her hands against the rock as I began to push deeper and deeper. I could hear those familiar moans coming from deep inside and this time she did nothing to hide them.

I made up my mind that it was now or never, so I slowly pulled her up straight and while still inside her I turned the both of us so that she was now facing our voyeur. She didn't see him at first but I sure did. During the time that we were facing the other way he had come from behind the rock and was now stroking his cock while watching us.

I think I must have grown even harder as I pushed deep into my wife again making her moan in pleasure. I leaned back against the rock again and started to play with my wife's tits. I don't know how she had not noticed our friend yet but he was getting the show of his life.

The dress that she had on was a button down so I pulled it apart from the top to bottom. Her beautiful tits were now on full display as well as her shaved pussy lips. I began to push into her a little faster and I could hear her breathing step up. She wanted to cum just as much as I did.

Suddenly I felt her jolt and almost stop in mid breath and I knew she had seen him. I quickly leaned her back into me and turned her face towards mine and kissed her deeply. I whispered that I loved her and would always protect and honor her wishes. She now knew it was her choice. I couldn't help but to keep thrusting as she was confused on what to do.

Slowly she turned her head and looked to our voyeur who was still stroking his hard cock for her to see. Then she leaned back against my chest, reached up and pulled my face down to hers and gave me her acceptance kiss.

I had slowed down while all this was taking place and now I really wanted to slow down and make the moment last. I reached for her hands and entwined her fingers in mine. I slid our hands slowly up her sides and over her tits as a seductress might do. She let me guide her fingers to her nipples and we began to play. She knew what to do and she began to gently pull and twist her nipples so that our friend could see how hard they were.

She was now watching him as intently as he was watching her. Without any direction from me, she ran her hands down her sides, over her tummy and in between her legs. I could feel her fingers slowly stroking up and down her slit as I pushed into her from behind. She reached further down to run her hands over my balls, pulling me deeper with each thrust.

I was teasing her nipples again as she played with my balls when the man took a step closer to us. I don't know if my wife noticed but she never hesitated or stopped what she was doing. He took two steps this time and I know that she saw him because she let out another one of her moans.

I took notice now that the man was younger than us and was dressed well. He looked clean and did not seem threatening. He started slowly walking towards us stroking that hard cock as if he wanted to show it off to my wife. As he got closer I felt my wife's fingers go back to her clit and another moan of pleasure escaped from her lips.

He now looked up into my eye's and saw that I was ok with all that he was doing. At this point he was only an arms length away. I could feel my wife desperately pushing herself onto my cock building to another orgasm. We both saw it coming but nether of us knew the impact that it would have.

Our voyeur now became a lover as he reached out and touched my wife's hard nipple. She came almost instantly. She came so hard that she forced me out of her as she bucked on her fingers and his pulling at her nipple. I had never seen her cum so hard and so long. I pushed myself back inside her and couldn't believe how wet she was.

Slowly she started to calm down and get her breath back but It seemed as if she wanted more. Again she was pushing back against my cock trying to get it as deep as she could. I saw her look down, watching him stroke his cock just for her. I saw him bring both hands up to play and tease her nipples. Almost at the same time I felt her arms move and I knew that she had taken a hold of his cock.

I have since felt guilty for the thoughts that I was thinking but at the time I was just overwhelmed and in love with my beautiful sexy slut. I couldn't stop and neither could she.

I ran my fingers up her back and into her wild hair. Clutching a handful in each hand I gently pushed her forward to bend at the waist. She knew what I was asking and she complied. I heard him moan and I knew that my wife of 22 years was sucking another man's cock. A stranger now had his hand's on her tits and was fucking her willing mouth.

After all that had happened that day I had to cum. I grabbed her by the hips and began to thrust as fast and as deep as I could go. The stranger took my place holding my wife's hair and began to thrust in and out of her mouth. She was now moaning loudly around his cock each time I slammed into heaven.

The stranger picked up his pace and then arched back and groaned as he started to cum in my wife's mouth. He must have cum in gallons, because he kept lunging at her mouth and groaning over and over each time he would shoot. I started pounding harder and faster, and then came her muffled scream deep from inside her throat. My wife was cumming for the third time that day.

She pulled off of the stranger's cock so that she could breathe as she came and came. He wasn't finished so when she pulled off he stroked his cock and hit her in the face and hair with the rest of his cum. When I saw him jerking off onto my wife's face I lost it. She was still in the throes of her orgasm as I pumped load after load into my wonderful sexy slut.

As soon as he had finished cumming on her, the stranger turned and rushed back the way he had appeared and was gone. My wife straightened up and almost fell back against me. I held her in my arms as we caught our breath.

Now all of a sudden the guilt came over me and I worried about how this would affect my wife and our marriage. I worried that she would hate me for making her do such a thing. Was this the beginning of the end?

I felt her lift her body from mine and turn to face me. I felt scared and hated myself for enjoying my perversions. I wanted to tell her how sorry I was but when she looked up at me she smiled. It was the most beautiful slutty smile I had ever seen. She took her tongue and ran it sensuously over her lips that still had the stranger's cum on them then kissed me with all the love and passion every man dreams of finding. We both knew that things had changed but they felt like changes we would embrace and enjoy.

As we continued our walk around the lake hand in hand I couldn't help thinking about what had just happened. My wife had always been the object of my fantasies and now I couldn't stop thinking about what the future held and what would be our next sexual adventure. And that is another story...

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