tagRomanceWalk in a Mumbai Park

Walk in a Mumbai Park


She sat on the compound wall at the park her back turned to the sea and the beautiful, pastel sunset skies. She looked radiant in her bright red blouse and yellow sari. She sat facing the oval path on which evening walkers, weight watchers and health freaks would come to sweat away the hours, burning those unwanted calories walking the rounds. She had no problem with calories. She had a fair tan colour to her with long black hair rolled into a bun. Her breasts were small and noticeably firm. Her cleavage accentuated by the low line blouse and the palau of her sari which was wrapped just below her bosom and cleavage line and across one breast. She had a slim and curvaceous body with an accentuated bum.

She noticed me staring at her as I walked past and acknowledged me with a mischievous smile. Her sandals off her feet she swung her legs on the parapet where she sat in gay abandon. She obviously worked as a maid close by and had come here to enjoy the cool breeze and pass her free time. But today the crowd was less. The smell of dampened earth and impending rain had kept them away. The wind gushed through the trees and ominous clouds approached from the horizon like storm troopers ready to advance their condition. The energy was vibrant and electric, the monsoons were here.

As I passed by her again I smiled and she grinned back. She was immensely attractive in a natural kind of way with no make up. Her features were naturally beautiful and Indian. She was tying a band of mogras in her hair and their heady scent wafted in the strong south westerly monsoon breeze delighting my senses. I had walked another round and the crowd got less but she made no attempt to go. As I walked in her direction, the waves lashed the rocky shore line lining the air with a mist. The coconut palms bared their fruit like women with spread-eagled thighs. A few people seated got up to go. She opened her umbrella to stop herself from getting wet but the spray had beaten her to it and her blouse and sari was partially wet and clung to her body. She looked so sexy and I felt a stirring in my groin as I kept my gaze upon her and walked another round. I began to feel a stirring in my loins and quickened my pace hoping she would not leave.

This time around the rain came down with a stronger pelt and she got up to go when she noticed me approaching. She offered to share her umbrella and we ran together towards the shelter towards the middle of the park. I held onto her arm to stay under the umbrella and she didn't seem to mind and drew closer to me as she passed me the umbrella since I was taller. Just then the lights in the park went and we were plunged into darkness.

We reached the shelter panting and out of breath as the rain came down heavily. I looked around and noticed we were alone. The wind howled and hurled its fury at the trees rustling the branches and dusting up light debris, in the air. The rain poured thick from the skies like a satin curtain. I leaned against the pole of the shelter which was like a large concrete umbrella. The rain lashed at us from all sides thanks to a raging wind. We held onto each other tight as the thunder beat its mighty beats across the dark landscape. She held onto me as I tried to shield her with my body from the rain. Holding the umbrella I changed direction and put my arms around her and she turned away from me as her bum pressed against an aroused penis. My shorts were drenched with rain and my hard on was quite noticeable. I gasped as she wiggled her bum against me backing into me the slit of her arse which snuggled onto my penis.

I looked around again and we were completely alone, the inner and outer hedges of the park had concealed us well. The lack of lights made it almost pitch black. My one hand held her umbrella whilst the other was around her waist holding her tight against me. She breathed heavily as I smelled the flowers in her disheveled hair. My hand was around her waist, I moved it up slightly, lightly cupping her firm breast in my hand. She made no resistance to me and smiled. Encouraged, I moved my hand under her palau and squeezed her breast feeling her nipple harden at my touch through her blouse. She wore no bra. I caressed her nipple with my thumb and forefinger. The thin material was wet and clung to her breasts. You could just about see her beautiful breasts, her swelled nipples and their dark and taut aureoles. She heaved out a sigh and rubbed her bum harder against my rock hard penis. Her heat swelled through me as I am sure mine did through her.

I instinctively moved my hand towards her thighs feeling her up. My hand moved between the folds of her sari and petticoat, up into her vaginal area. I felt her through her sari and noticed she wore no panties as she parted her thighs ever so slightly. My hand lifted her sari and my finger stroked her bare and wet vaginal lips, moving gently in her moistness I slowly massaged her clitoris and stroked her wet entrance inserting my finger ever so slightly in her. She turned towards me making me release my hand. I held her close, licked my finger and moved to her breast. She held me close and sighed in my ear in Hindi, "I don't know what's come over me don't think wrong of me." The scent of the flowers in her hair, and the taste of her erotic juices were a heady mixture. She rubbed her pussy against my groin as I turned her face towards me and kissed her. She sucked my tongue and then her darting tongue explored my mouth with an intensity I had never before experienced. While we kissed I massaged her breasts and played with her nipples. They were stiff and moist with rain. Her hand felt my cock and she unbuttoned my shorts and pulled my cock out stroking it gently along the shaft and then caressing the head of my penis. She knelt down and sucked and licked the tip before taking my penis wholly in her mouth: sucking my penis and licking my tip like an ice cream cone. Struggling to hold the umbrella, I folded it and let it lie on the ground as by now we were totally drenched anyway. Both my hands clutched at her breasts as she sucked me, rolling her tongue over my shaft and taking my balls in her mouth. Licking my cock whilst running her hands along the length of my cock she sucked, massaged and masturbated me.

I strained my self from coming and noticing this she lifted her head towards me and rose to kiss me. I kissed her again briefly and sucked on her nipples. They swelled at the touch of my mouth as I flicked them repeatedly with my tongue. I lifted the front of her sari and lifted her clutching her bums I positioned her onto me. My cock slipped into her and she rode me standing, gripping me with her legs around my waist. The weathers fury encouraged us further. We rocked each other to heaven as the storm raged around us. She thrust herself onto me as I clutched her bums tightly holding her on me in motion.

Later, she knelt on her knees and hands and I took her from behind. She thrust her hips into me as I strode all the way in her vagina, now soaking wet and lubricated to take me. I squeezed holding onto her breasts as I rode her. I kept thrusting my self in her and she encouraged me to take her and thrust harder lifting her bums up and outwards towards me. She bucked her hips and this opened up her pussy completely.

She turned around just before I was about to cum and held me back by holding my penis tightly at the base of the tip with her thumb and forefinger. She turned over and lay on her back. She spread her legs and lifted her sari and petticoat and guided my cock with her hand. She rubbed the tip of my penis to her clitoris and around her vagina before I slipped in. I just entered her fully and lay still on top of her kissing her. Her thighs and legs gripped me by the waist as I penetrated her fully. I didn't want this to ever end. She kept squeezing me with her pussy, holding and letting go. The feeling was intense. I licked her nipples and squeezed her breasts and she sighed and moaned. I sucked hungrily on her nipples nipping and biting them gently.

All the while kissing her I stroked her breasts and then slowly thrust her dripping pussy. We moved in tandem both to an orgasm as I spilled into her. Her body writhed uncontrollably as she massaged her breasts, pinching her nipples, an orgasm ripped through her thighs and she arched her back crying out loud. She just held me in her as I spilt all my, cum into her. She again massaged me with her pussy draining my cock. I slipped out limp. As I withdrew myself, a stream of cum juices trickled out of her. We both stood up and she cleaned herself with the rain water. The weather remained stormy and whilst there was a brief let up in the rain, we had to leave.

She said, "Sahib, do you have a car? Can you drop me, I work very close by."

"Sure" but what's your name?" I asked.

"You want to meet me again?" she replied and smiled.

"Would you like to?" I asked her.

"Yes." She smiled coyly and looked down and away.

I dropped her home, rather to where she worked. It was close by.

On the way, she straightened her self out in the car and dried her self with my towel. She was very shy in the car. The wanton and passionately wild creature I had enjoyed was now so coy, shy and soft. I gave her my mobile number and said when you want me, call. She placed her hand on my crotch and gently patted my penis and kissed her fingers. She left with a smile on her lips and tucked the paper with my number into her bosom.

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