tagIncest/TabooWalk In The Woods Ch. 02

Walk In The Woods Ch. 02

byL.A. Wicker©


It's me again.

I put this part under incest and I hope they leave it so you can find it. I think they need to add an adventure or mystery category for stories like this.

I'm going to be going a new way after this, more story line than sex. Not every good story is just sex.

Thanks to my daughter for helping.

Ready to get my next book published!!!!!!

L.A. Wicker


'So, how are you today?' John asked Ray as he and Kim made their way back into camp. 'You sure was upset last night,' he laughed giving Ray a friendly slap.

Ray gave Kim a quick look, laughing to himself he knew from the look on her face that John fucked her the entire night. 'Looks like you two had some fun.' Ray said as John sat down next to him.

John just smiled. 'She's the best I've ever had in my life,' he replied in a low voice and couldn't help thinking how good it felt to be inside her. He knew they had to get together again, very soon.

'So, are we still going to trade girls'?' Ray asked hoping he would say yes and that Tammy wasn't mad at him for last night. He knew he had acted pretty badly when she told him that John was her father, but hell, it shocked him.

John looked at Ray's chest and knew they would have to take it easy today. 'If she still wants to, it's fine with me.' John replied thinking of Stacie's long, slender legs and great little ass.

'I think Tammy got mad at me last night. She told me that you were her father and it really shocked me,' he said looking to John's face. 'I was kinda rude to her,' he added hoping she would forgive him.

John just smiled. 'When she gets here just tell her you're sorry,' he said wondering where she was and if she made it with Stacie. 'I know she really likes you so, it should be okay,' he added seeing Tammy and Stacie walking into camp.

'Hey baby.' Stacie said running to hug Ray. 'How's my man today?' she asked hugging him to her breasts.

John stood and walked over to Tammy. 'Hi baby,' he said pulling her in his arms. 'Did you get to do it with Stacie?' he asked and saw her face turning bright red. 'You bad girl!' he teased giving her a tight hug. 'Was it fun?' he asked giving her a wink.

Tammy was so embarrassed, but they had so much fun. 'Oh yes!' she moaned. 'She made me cum so hard I thought I was going to die,' she giggled looking to Stacie. 'How was Kim?' she asked looking up to her Daddy.

'That girl about killed me,' he laughed. 'I might have a problem,' he paused to turn and see where she was. 'I'm pretty sure she's gone and fell in love with me,' he added giving Tammy a painful look.

She just smiled as she caressed his face. 'I can't blame her one bit. I'd fall for you in a heart beat,' she smiled.

He gave her a soft kiss. 'Ray is pretty upset. He's really sorry about being rude to you last night and is so worried you're mad at him.' John said hoping that she would still want the young guy, because he wanted Stacie.

'He was kinda shocked when I told him about us,' she said looking towards Ray. 'He's just so sweet, there's no way I could ever be mad at him,' she added thinking of him holding her last night and how good it felt being in his arms.

John held her waist and gave her another kiss. 'I'll get Stacie to help me find more wood and you go talk to him,' he said enjoying the feel of her hips against his. 'The poor guy is crazy about you.' John added with a wink and walked towards Stacie. 'Hi hot stuff.' John said to Stacie 'Let's go find more wood,' he winked pulling her off the ground.

'I know one place I could find a nice piece of wood,' she replied grabbing John between the legs.

Ray looked at her and couldn't help but laughing. 'Hey now. If you're going to do that, go in the woods or get a room,' he laughed and saw Tammy moving to sit by him.

John and Stacie walked away. Ray looked to Tammy and felt his heart racing. 'I'm so sorry about last night. I'm crazy about you and it would kill me if we didn't get a chance to be together,' he said as tears ran down his face.

Tammy grabbed him in her loving arms and hugged him. 'I know,' she replied trying to hold back her own tears. 'It's okay. You were just upset and I can't blame you,' she added wiping a tear from his face. 'We'll be together soon and if he doesn't get me tonight,' she paused knowing her next words would make his day. 'I'm all yours!'

'Oh my God, are you kidding?' he asked hoping she wasn't. 'You turn me on so much and... I've never been with a virgin,' he smiled enjoying her pretty face turning a nice shade of pink.

Tammy couldn't help being a little embarrassed at his sweet words and her body was on fire for him. 'You really turn me on too,' she replied leaning to kiss him.

John and Stacie were walking through the woods when she grabbed him and shoved him against a tree. 'So, what kind of wood are we looking for,' she teased as she reaching to unzip his jeans.

'I think you found a good piece of wood,' he said with a smiled watching her fall to her knees before him. 'What are you going to do?' he asked caressing her hair from her face.

'I was thinking about doing this,' she replied sucking him deep into her mouth and down her warm throat. Stacie looked up to John as she sucked him hard and moved her head in every direction she could. 'How's that so far?' she quickly asked and swallowed him again.

John fell against the tree and couldn't believe what she was doing to his cock. Stacie looked as if she was going to eat it, but it felt so good. 'Mother fuck!' he moaned softly holding her head as she abused his cock. 'You're a fucking animal,' he laughed wondering if he could cum again so soon after fucking Kim all night.

'You know you like it,' she replied sucking him back in her mouth as her teeth slid down the entire length of the shaft. 'You wanna fuck my cunt now or later?' she stopped panting for air as she stroked his straining shaft.

He didn't know what to do. He had a hot, sexy girl wanting him, but he was worn out. 'You want it later?' he carefully asked hoping not to make her mad. 'I'm kinda tired, I fucked Kim's little ass all night,' he added with a smile.

Stacie was mad, but she wanted him at his best. She wanted him to fuck her just like he would a whore off the street. She stood, pressed herself against him. 'I know one thing,' she paused to look at him. 'You best get Tammy tonight or you're going to lose her. She was really upset last night,' she added moving back to her knees. 'I think I'll suck this awhile longer,' she smiled sucking him farther down her throat than any other man in her life. Stacie loved sucking a big, hard cock and one this big may never come her way again. She planned on enjoying it for as long as she could.

'Oh yes!' John moaned looking at his cock moving in and out of her sweet mouth. 'Damn you're good,' he smiled caressing her face while she engulfed his cock with ease.

John was enjoying her awesome talents when he realized something. 'Where in the fuck was that asshole Todd?' he asked pulling from Stacie's wonderful mouth. 'We have to hurry back,' he said pulling up his pants. 'Come on!' he grabbed her arm and they ran as fast as they could back to camp.

Tammy held Ray in her arms when John and Stacie ran from the woods. 'What's wrong?' Tammy asked, quickly standing up. She knew her Dad never ran like that unless something was very wrong.

'Where's dick head?' John inquired pointing to the tree that Todd had been tied to. 'Did somebody let him go or what?'

'Not that I know of, but come to think of it, he wasn't there when Stacie and I came into camp this morning.' Tammy said, looking around for anybody to say that they had untied him.

Bill went to look at the rope that Todd had been tied with. 'Looks like he cut it with something,' he said tossing the rope to John. 'Think he'll try anything?' he asked looking at John.

'We'll just stay close together,' he replied. 'If he wants to hurt anybody it'll be me or her,' he added looking at Kim. 'But if he does, I won't be playing any games with him.' John said in a cold voice. Ray and Bill knew what would happen to Todd if he tried to hurt anyone and it wouldn't be pretty.


'There's a Rangers' post about fifteen miles up this path. But with Ray being hurt it could take us three days to get there.' Bill said as the group walked in a close single file up the dirt path. 'You think that maybe you and one of the girls' could get there sooner?' he asked looking to John.

John thought for a second, but knew right away that it was a bad idea. Ray wasn't able to fight and deep down John knew Bill couldn't be much of a fighter. 'No, I think we'll just take our time and still enjoy this,' he smiled to everyone. 'We paid good money to be here and some little jerk-off isn't going to fuck it up.' John added in a very stern voice. 'Don't worry about him at all,' he added giving Kim a little slap on her tight shorts. 'You stay close to me,' he said with a wink putting his arm around her waist.

'How close do you want me,' she whispered to John hoping she'd get his big cock up her tiny pussy again.

Stacie moved on the other side of John. 'You better remember Tammy gets it tonight and then I get you,' she said. 'If you don't, it looks like Ray will,' she smiled pointing up the trail.

Tammy had her arm around him and he held her, they looked like two kids in love as they walked together.

'They are kinda cute together.' John smiled watching Tammy hugging Ray so close. He began to wonder if he should tell her to go on and give her special gift to Ray. He dearly wanted her, but he didn't want to ruin her life. She needed to have a good man to love her and give her the children that she had always dreamt of.

Stacie looked up to John. 'They sure do,' she smiled having a very good idea that she was losing her best friend to Tammy. She and Ray had never really committed their love, it was just something that slowly happened over time. Stacie knew she would miss his friendship more than anything. 'What are you going to do?' she asked hoping she would be the one under him tonight getting her brains fucked out.

'I'm thinking about just telling her to go on and let Ray be her first man.' John smiled knowing that it would be for the best.

Stacie felt heat pouring between her legs and hoped she would be the one getting his long cock rammed up her pussy tonight. 'If she does, is tonight my turn to get this?' she asked trying to grab his cock as they walked.

'Hell yes you will,' he smiled. 'If it's okay with you we'll have this hot little thing with us,' he said giving Kim a kiss on her head. 'You'll get everything you want,' he quickly added when he saw a look of jealousy on Stacie's face. 'She can just watch.'

'She already had it and I want you to fuck me like a whore.' Stacie panted. She needed him to fill her little pussy full of his big, long cock.

John gave her a hug. 'You'll be the only one that gets it,' he smiled. 'Oh by the way, I'd like us to find some more wood, like we did this morning,' he added with one of his winks.

Stacie's blood began to boil when she heard his words and that wink of his could make her cum in her tracks. 'Shoot, I'd be willing to help you find a big ol' load of wood,' she smiled giving her lips a long, slow lick, thinking of him cumming in her mouth.

'I could even find some wood the next time we stop to rest, if it's okay with you?' he winked hoping Bill would be stopping soon. Stacie was a master at sucking cock and John knew he'd be keeping her busy doing it.

Kim just laughed to herself as she thought of sucking him last night and how good it was when he shot in her mouth. 'If he cums in your mouth, you're going to think you're going to drown,' she laughed hugging John.

'I could use a good protein shake.' Stacie giggled thinking of swallowing so much hot cum. 'You really cum that much?' she asked looking to him hoping he did. She loved it when a man filled her body full of cum. Ray was lucky if he could shoot two or three drops.

'I guess you'll just have to wait and find out.' John replied giving her great ass a firm squeeze. 'As good as you suck, you'll find out real fast,' he smiled.

Stacie's mind and body flooded with excitement thinking of what was to come with John.


'I didn't think he was ever going to stop!' Stacie panted as she moved in front of John and sank to her knees. 'This is all I've been thinking about,' she whimpered pulling down his jeans. She held his growing cock shaft in her trembling hands, watching it fill with blood. 'Oh yes!' she moaned leaning to take him into her wanting, young mouth and began to gently suck.

John sat on a large rock as he looked down to Stacie, enjoying the wonderful sight of being in her. 'You're so beautiful,' he whispered reaching to caress her face. He watched as she moved up and down his hard cock shaft, sucking hard, making sure she pleased all of his needs. 'Oh yes!' John moved as he started to move with her mouth.

She pulled away and looked up to him. 'Will you do it real hard and call me dirty names?' she asked putting out her lower lip. 'I just love it when a guy calls my nasty names and stuff,' she added as she moved him back inside her mouth.

John grabbed her hair and started fucking her hard. 'Suck it you fucking no good whore!' he said holding her tight as he fucked her hard, driving his rock hard cock in and out of her mouth. 'Suck it you cunt!' he yelled holding her head. 'Suck it whore!'

Stacie was in heaven as her ears took in his words. She loved being used this way and she knew when he came that she would to. Ray didn't like playing this game; he hated calling her such things.

'Go you fucking cunt!' John said in a firm voice as he leaned to give her shapely ass a good slap. 'Come on bitch,' he added and could feel his was getting close. 'Come on cunt. I'm about ready,' he said in a soft voice looking to her pretty eyes. 'Suck it... whore!' John exploded in her warm mouth. His cum shot in her like a fire hose as he held her head, keeping his shooting cock rammed deep in her.

Stacie drank and drank as John's wonderful cock was shooting more cum than she could have ever imagined and she absolutely loved it. Her body was on fire. She needed to cum so bad she felt as if she would die any second. That's when she felt her tiny shorts being pulled over and a big hand moving to cover her excited pussy. Two long fingers carefully slid deep into her body. 'Oh my God!' she cried out as she enjoyed John being in her. Now she needed his big, long cock up her hot cunt to put out a burning fire.

'I figured you'd like that,' he whispered. 'Maybe I'll fuck you with them or just get you really horny for later,' he laughed when her eyes gave him a look of death. 'Some little whore like you would just pass out from it,' he laughed again and felt her lock down on his fingers. He sat down on the ground and pushed her back to lie down. 'Go you little bitch! Cum on my fingers you rotten whore!' he said jerking her shorts over more and he started fucking her as fast as he could. His long fingers moved in and out of her so fast that he couldn't see them.

Stacie laid back, her pussy was being fucked with two fingers, but it felt like a massive cock. She moved her slender hips with each of his deep thrusts in her body, until she came. 'Holy God!' she screamed not caring if anyone heard her or not. 'Yes! Yes!' she screamed again. 'Fuck me! Fuck me!' she cried out falling back, enjoying John being inside her tiny hole.

A few minutes later John moved next to her and pulled her on him. 'How was that?' he asked pulling her lips to his. 'I can't wait to get inside you,' he smiled moving his hips so that his cock was against her excited pussy.

'For two cents I should just pull my shorts off and fuck this right now,' she panted moving herself over his hard cock, hoping it would find its way under her wet shorts.

John reached to grab her ass. 'It'll be better tonight,' he smiled. 'We need to get in the water and clean up. The others' will be ready to go soon,' he added giving her a quick kiss and rolled her off him.

'Darn it,' she said kicking her foot on the ground. She wanted his big cock in her so bad and hoped she would get him later.


As they walked back into camp everyone started clapping and cheering. 'Damn John, it sounded like she was being murdered or something.' Bill laughed giving him a friendly slap on the back. 'Well, the only girl you haven't gotten yet is Candy,' he laughed looking to her seeing her pretty face had turned red and her nipples were twice there normal size. He wondered if John turned her on. He knew lacked the skills to please all her wants because he had heard her talking to her sister about it one day.

'She's yours so don't worry about it.' John smiled giving Candy a fast look, seeing a look in her eyes that he knew very well.

Bill laughed picking up his pack. 'Okay, let's get going. There's a great place about two hours up the path and Ray needs to rest,' he said helping him up.

'Great!' Ray said with excitement. 'I'm not really hurting or anything, but I feel so tired,' he added giving Tammy a warm smile, wondering if he would be able to please her if he was lucky enough to get her.

As they started walking up the trail, Candy made it a point to go slow enough to end up beside John. 'Hi,' she smiled looking to his rugged face. 'You sure do have all these girls' chasing after you,' she added looking over his very manly body. From his broad shoulders, down his thick chest to his hips to the very large lump in his jeans and that's when she knew that she also wanted him.

He just returned her smile and couldn't help looking at her over-sized breasts under a thin shirt. 'What can I say?' he teased giving her one of his winks and saw her pretty face turn a light shade of pink.

'What did you do to Stacie?' she asked feeling a flood of wetness pouring into her tiny panties and a rush of excitement overtaking her body as she tried to walk without falling down.

John just laughed and reached to put his arm around her hips. 'Well, first I let her suck me off while I called her every dirty name I could think of. Then I pushed her on the ground and finger-fucked the holy living shit out of her,' he said watching Candy's face turn a nice warm shade of red as he couldn't help caressing her very shapely ass.

'Damn!' Candy smiled. 'Every girls' dream,' she said wondering how big he was. Bill was nice and fat, but he was only six inches and at times, she wanted a good long one deep in her. She could see at least eight inches in John's pants and tried to imagine how big it would get if he had a pretty girl at the end of it. 'Ummm, what does a girl have to do to get on your 'fuck list'?' she whispered looking up to him with a feeling of helplessness running through her body that she had never felt before. Hell she had been around the block before she met Bill and couldn't believe how helpless she felt now.

John couldn't believe it. Now he had Candy wanting him. 'I'm not sure. I don't want Bill mad at me.' John said looking down to her big, brown eyes and saw a look of disappointment in them.

'Oh shit!' she snickered. 'We do a little swapping ourselves. We just forget to say anything,' she laughed moving her arm around him trying to get a feel of his extremely long cock. 'Shit he wants Stacie, Kim and Tammy so bad his balls hurt,' she smiled. 'So, how do I get on your fuck list?' Candy asked again pulling him against her, making sure that her full, excited breasts smashed into his chest.

John loved the feel of her resting against him. The other three girls' had nice breasts, but Candy's were the kind a guy could get lost in and there was something about her. 'Just ask,' he replied running one of his big hands up her side until he was holding one of her D cups with his left hand. 'I think I'd like sucking these while you rode me,' he said reaching his other hand up to hold the other.

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