tagLesbian SexWalk Me Through It

Walk Me Through It


It was a wall-thumping house party in a big boathouse in the middle of the bayou. Strobe and backlights were everywhere, and pipes of hash and burning bud were passed around everywhere. And Christine had found some kick-ass tabs of MDMA. She danced off the initial burst of energy with a few people, made out with a few guys. And girls. One had her hand on the back of her head and it felt so good. Then she had to go, as her jealous boyfriend tugged her arm.

Realizing her bladder's sudden need to purge itself, she headed for the bathroom, outside of which a young blonde seemed to be having a panic attack.

"Are you alright, honey?" Christine asked her.

The blonde looked at her and said, still hyperventilating, "Chris?"

"Oh, shit! Celeste?" It took a minute to recognize the much older face of the little girl she used to ride bikes with who lived three houses down. "What the fuck did you take?"

"X. I'm pretty sure."

"What did it look like?"

"Um white. With a star."

"I took the exact same thing, I know who it came from. Is this your first time?" Celeste nodded, still breathing heavily. Christine took her gently by the hand and took her out to her parked car down the wide gravel road.

"Alright. Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth, okay?" Christine demonstrated for her, and she followed. And after a few minutes she was breathing much slower.

Sitting in the car, playing with the radio, a teary-eyed Celeste said, "Thank you. I'm so glad you were here tonight. I came here with some guy I barely know and he wound up banging some slut while I was dancing." She grabbed a handkerchief from her purse and wiped away at her eyes. "Motherfucker."

Thinking for a minute while Celeste dabbed at her eyes, Christine shut her door and said, "Do you wanna get out of here?"

Celeste sniffled and said, "Fuck yes."

Twenty minutes later, they were in Christine's small shotgun townhouse on Verret St., kicking off their dancing shoes and relaxing on the couch. They caught up on each others' lives. Celeste had been a nanny and a secretary for a while before becoming a teacher's assistant at Tulane. Christine told her about her mother's death and her many trips around the world that followed, and about the novel she was working on.

"It sounds like you're leading a very exciting life, Chris." she said, running her hands up and down her upper arms.

"Are you cold? I can turn up the heat if you like."

"No." Celeste said, smiling, "I'm fine, it's just I'm a little antsy. I've never taken this before and it's a little overwhelming."

Christine giggled, "Do you smoke weed?"

"Not often, but I enjoy it. Do you have any?"

A cat-like grin came across her face as she beckoned her out to the covered deck, where she kept all of her stuff. They sat next to each other in the small wicker love seat, and Christine pulled out a wooden cigar box. Opening it, she handed her a fatty, which she put in her mouth.

"Got a light?" Christine lit it for her with a friendly smile. A little scratch in the back of her brain sent a tiny tingle to her nipples. She didn't know if it was just the drugs, but the way Celeste inhaled the smoke, making her full breasts rise towards her face, just made her own breasts ache. She looked like a starlet from another era. Like a modern-day Veronica Lake.

"This is a really nice place you've got." Celeste said, passing the joint to her.

"Thanks. You're more than welcome to crash here. If you want." God did that sound desperate, she thought. "I have an extra bedroom. So you don't need to take the couch." Oh please don't hate me for trying to make a move.

Celeste just flashed a friendly smiled. "Thanks, Chris. That's really sweet. I think I will stay tonight."

Relieved, she turned on the stereo, keeping it fairly quiet and mellow so as to not disturb the neighbors. Then she heard Celeste gasp.

"What? What's wrong?"

"You. Have. A. Hot tub."

Christine smiled and chuckled under her breath. "Yeah I do. Want me to fire it up?"

"I don't have anything to wear." she said taking another hit. "I'd have to go in naked." she said suggestively. Chuckling again, Christine replied, "I have another bikini. You're about my size."

Celeste passed the joint back to her again as she finished fiddling with the hot tub knobs. "Dressing room is right there," she said pointing to a small outhouse sized room. "I have a few bathing suits hanging on the wall. Pick whichever you like."

Within a few minutes, Celeste was back out in an all black number, and stepped into the warm bubbly hot tub. Christine followed suit and rolled another joint.

"You are a fucking professional."

"I like weed. What can I say?"

Once finished with that joint, and another hour of conversation had passed, the hot tub jets changed, causing a slight pressure right between Christine's legs. And oh shit did it feel so fucking good. But she was able to keep her pleasure under control.

"Thanks so much for rescuing me back there." Celeste said, leaning over to put the roach out in the ashtray, "That guy was a fuckwad."

"No problem. I've had shitty party experiences. Thought I'd spare you."

"Well this has turned out to be a great night, " she said, moving closer to her, mere inches away in fact. "Mmmmm, this water feels so good. We're so lucky you have a hot tub." Celeste moved her shapely legs in and out of the water surface, slightly moaning a little. Along with the jet almost right at her pussy, it was making Christine really hot.

Celeste starting running her fingers over her collarbone, just inches from her breasts. "Hmmm. You know what really sucks?"

"What?" asked Christine, a little breathless. Oh my god I want to fuck her so badly, she thought.

"I wanted to fuck that guy. And I took the drugs to sort of, you know, enhance the experience. Cause I thought I really liked him. And now that I'm really enjoying the ride of it, he's off being a class-A douche bag with some other bitch. What a waste."

Well, I guess this is as long of a shot as any. Softly running her foot over Celeste's under the water, Christine inched a little closer to her and said in a husky voice, "It doesn't have to be."

Celeste looked in her eyes for a moment. "Christine, it's been a long time since we've seen each other. And I've never even kissed another woman."

She leaned in to kiss Celeste on the cheek, softly. "I'll go slowly." She kissed her earlobe, her neck, her fingers resting on her collarbone. Then she started run her hands over Celeste's bare abs in the warm water.

"Celeste, I can make you feel so fucking good," she whispered in her ear, before starting to nibble her earlobe. Celeste took her face in her hands and made her look her in the eye. Then she gently moved the bangs out of her eyes.

"Okay." she whispered and leaned in to kiss her. She kissed harder and harder. I am the luckiest woman on the planet fucking Earth. Celeste hopped onto Christine's lap and undid both of their bikini tops. They both sighed in pleasure and started playing with each other's hardening, sensitive nipples. Celeste started to grind into her lap a bit as Christine gently nibbled at her nipples, and with each grind she pinched Christine's nipples a little bit harder. Finally, Christine got so amped up she pushed Celeste off of her, picked her up in her arms, carried her to the bedroom, kicked open the door and threw her on the bed, their wet skin soaking the sheets. Jumping on her, she grabbed her wet hands and pinned them to the bed, biting into her neck, grunting as she moved downwards, biting softly on the breasts and nipples again, making her go crazy with soft moans and "yes"s and "mmmm"s. She slid Celeste's bottom down her sexy smooth legs, as well as her own, and starting gently playing with the pussy lips in front of her with her right thumb, as well as her own clit with her left index finger. Celeste was moaning a little louder now, and it was making her pump her pussy with her fingers harder. Christine felt a hand on the back of her head pushing her mouth harder onto Celeste's clit, at which she was eagerly lapping.

"Oh! Chris, mmmm, ooh! Oh, yes! Oh! OH!" She was grabbing Christine's hair and with each rolling sensation, gripping harder and harder. "Mmmmm... oh, ooh! Oh fuck, I'm going to cum soon!"

"Oh, good," said Christine before diving back into her pussy, pumping three fingers in her wet lips, making her moan even loader as she tickled her G-spot.

"OH! Ooh, Chris! Ooh! Oh! Oh my God! Oh, that- feels- so- good!" Celeste's legs were convulsing now, throbbing on either side of Christine's head, while she groaned and grunted into her pussy. "OOH!! OOOH! FUCK! OOOH! Oh, Chris! Mmm, you lick my pussy so well."

With that, she stood up above Celeste's heaving and trembling body on her wet bed. And not just from the hot tub. Giggling and wiping the juices off of her chin, she tweaked her old friend's nipple, causing her whole frame to spasm.

"Oh God! Oh! Oh!" This made her giggle. "It's like my whole body is just buzzing." She started moaning again. "Mmmmmm...." Celeste groaned as she started rubbing her already swollen clit.

Christine's heart started to flutter and she felt short of breath watching her masturbate on her bed. "Oh baby. You keep going. I will be right fucking back."

"Fucking back? I'd like to see how that one works." Celeste joked, pausing her pleasure as Christine closed the walk-in closet door behind her.

Finding her toy box, she rummaged around for the dildo she'd been saving for a very special someone. It was 12 inches long, dark red, and attached to a harness with another smaller dildo for mutual pleasure. Slipping the smaller dildo into place and buckling the harness, Christine moaned softly, as she heard Celeste making pleasurable sounds, and the little toy inside of her rubbed gently against her G-spot. Opening the door with a flourish, she saw Celeste in an almost yoga like position, with her ass sticking up in the air, her thighs spread and her fingers playing with her pussy lips and clit like violin strings, all accompanied by her girlish moans. She was laying her head against a pillow, really going at herself, eyes closed, somewhat oblivious to the world. Christine sneakily came up behind her and carefully positioned the toy at her wet entrance. And once her fingers had moved out of the way, she put the head in, causing her to jump up on her palms, look back and keep groaning and calling out in ecstasy. Christine put a firm grip on her friend's beautifully shaped ass, digging a few nails into the curve near her thigh, making her squeal a little. When she stopped grinding backwards and looked at her with sort of sad eyes, Christine slapped her left ass cheek. Celeste yelled out.

"What?" She slapped it again. Celeste yelled again.

"OOOH! Yes, fucking spank me again!!" Again. And again. And again.

"OOOOOH! YES!" And with each spank, Celeste was groaning and grunting, pushing her hips back onto the huge cock attached to Christine's hips, causing the smaller cock inside of her to move against her inner walls. Their groans and moans and grunts and sighs were all synchronized. When they slowed it was like classical music. When they fucked hard, it was like calling back to ancient tribal ancestors.

Christine flipped Celeste over, draping her feet over the back of her hips, and pushing the strap-on back into her pussy, making her jump and tremble a little bit.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good." Celeste put her forehead on Christine's.

"You know what else feels good?" Christine pulled out red tape and started wrapping Celeste's wrists together. "Some bed play."

"I haven't done this in a while. So be sweet to me." Celeste said sexily. Christine pinched her nipple a little and put a clamp on it, making her lover cry out. "Oh my god it hurts, but it feels so good. Ooh! Oh! Mmmm..."

"Oh just you wait baby." She put a ball-gag her mouth. Celeste mumbled her approval and submissively turned on her side; from behind, on her knees, Christine was putting the dildo back in her pussy, but at this angle, and with the clamp, and the extra thrill of being bound and gagged definitely made her lover very wet.

"Mmmm. You are a horny little bitch aren't you?"

"Mmm-hmmm." Celeste mumbled.

"Yeah, you like getting fucked? You like it when I fuck you?"

"Mmmmm.... Mm-hmmm. Mm. Mmm!" Christine was starting to move her hips faster and deeper into her cunt, rubbing her clit with her fingers. She reached down and started licking and sucking on her clit making Celeste moan even louder through the ball-gag.

"You like that?" She asked fucking her some more with deep quick thrusts. "Mmmm, fucking you like this is making me so wet," Christine was rubbing and licking her rock hard nipples, "You are a sexy bitch, you know that?"

"Mmmm..." said Celeste as Christine started fucking her faster, slapping her ass and grabbing a chunk of hair.

"Yeah, who do you want to fuck you from now on?

"Mmmmm!" She groaned into the ball. Christine slapped her ass and whispered roughly in her ear.

"I said, who do you want to fuck you from now on, bitch? Who do you want to make you cum?"

"MMMMMM! MMMMMMMMMM!" Celeste's juices were flowing all over the strap on cock. And once it was over, she just laid there and caught her breath.

Once the gag was taken out and the tape was off, and they laid naked in bed, sharing another joint, Celeste asked, "So, do you have any friends?"

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