Walk of Shame Ch. 03

byStardog Champion©

"UUUUHHHH....UUHHHHH.....AAAHHHHHH," she shuddered the instant Allen pulled his dick free, breaking the vacuum seal he'd created inside her with one messy and loud step backwards.

Looking down to see the meaty invader that had so thoroughly ravaged her, Jacki couldn't help extending her right hand down to clutch the drenched appendage as it's simmering gift now seeped like creamy filling from her gaping slit. The two other cum-smeared cocks still bouncing like fleshy pipes above her face, Jacki strained her neck and kissed each several times before feeling herself slide helplessly towards oblivion.


It wasn't exactly oblivion Jacki had tumbled backwards into, but rather a ratty folded up futon that served as one of the crash pads for the guys in the frat. Sprawled out against the back cushions and sandwiched between Devin and Garrett, Jacki looked up to see Allen still towering nakedly above her.

Her eyes finally clearing after the time spent blindfolded, not to mention the vision blurring paces the boys had just put her through, Jacki willingly allowed the powerfully built youngster to take the pendulums of her sagging breasts in his hands and kiss and nibble at them as she swung her legs across the guys' laps flanking her. The thigh high stocking on her right pushed down to her knee and the one on her left now shriveled around her calf, Jacki could see there was a significant run in both from the chaos that had just ensued.

Noticing the skirt she'd worn to the house was still hiked into a knot around her waist, and in dire need of dry-cleaning, Jacki shifted to make herself comfortable, the whole time rubbing her fingers through Allen's hair as he nuzzled his face into her bosom. Looking up, she also saw the other two guys hovering above, clearly waiting their second turn at her. These were college boys after all, not like a majority of men she'd dated recently. Even after the draining ordeal they'd already put her through, Jacki could see all five of their cocks were visibly stirring back to life.

When Allen removed his mouth from her bulbous nipple and stood all the way up, Jacki knew her night was far from over. Parting her lips and taking the upper third of his manhood into her mouth, Jacki lavishly cleansed the combined fluids from Allen's veiny staff, each having no clue that roughly six months earlier he'd banged a fellow Georgetown student named Randi Montero in nearly the same spot during one of the frat's parties.


Over the course of the next few hours, all the boys in the house had their way with Jacki at least twice more, two of which, Allen and Brian were somehow able to carve out three more intense couplings with her before finally collapsing from exhaustion. The pool table had bore the brunt of some of it, as had most every sofa and chair lining the room. A few of the cheesy pictures that hung from the walls of the rec room had even been displaced from what several of the guys had done after shoving Jacqueline against it.

By the time the festivities were over, Jacki had no will to look for her panties or bra. Her stockings had been ripped to such shreds, it wasn't worth the energy to reach down and salvage them. Luckily she was able to find her discarded pumps, and after managing to insert her rubbery legs into them, Jacki rolled down her jumbled skirt and found her tattered blouse and blazer.

Leaving just as anonymously as she'd come, Jacki descended the steps of the frat house just after the crack of dawn that early Sunday morning and made her way across the street to her car. Every muscle inside her body singing loudly when she raised the remote to unlock the car, she scanned the landscape and thankfully saw only the occasional morning jogger and one older woman a few houses down strolling out to get her copy of the Post.

An immediate blush rushed down Jacqueline's sore neck when she saw the all-knowing look in the woman's eyes as she watched the haphazardly dressed nymph leave the fraternity at such an early hour.

"So this is what it feels like to do that 'walk of shame' you always heard about in college," Jacki chided herself, fumbling for the door handle as the residue of all five boys still resonated over every inch of her body, inside and out.

The only question now would be could Jacki make it back to the refuge of Randi's apartment before her Daughter returned home from whatever depravity she'd found herself in the previous evening.....


Hope you enjoyed the series!!

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