tagMatureWalk on the Beach

Walk on the Beach


Walk on the Beach, to Dance in the SKY

The brown grass brushed the side of my calf with a feathery touch as I walked past it. I felt shivers, and then goosebumps ran up my skin. With my sandals starting to slip in the sand, I walked past the half-faded warning sign.


How very strange that something as simple as a place where people take off their clothes is given nearly the same treatment as a bio hazard spill. But then, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This world is what it is, a place of prudes that enjoy meddling. They have been made, all their lives, to be ashamed of their own bodies, so they feel that I must be ashamed of mine for some reason.

Looking up, I watched the seagulls wheeling overhead. Some were darting down near the edge of the surf, grabbing at stranded fish as the water rolled back. They scurried up the wet sand as the waves came rolling back in. They squawked and chattered at one another in shrill tones, fighting over this fish or that bit of seaweed. Glancing around, I saw that the beach was nearly empty, at the moment anyway. Only a couple lying in the sun and a guy playing Frisbee with his dog. A smile lifted my face as I watched the black and tan German Shepard run into the surf to catch the flying piece of plastic. He would scatter the gulls every time. The smile was even more pronounced as I watched the man's body move as he chased after his dog.

He was handsome...if a bit young.

I laid out my towel upon the dry sand and felt that moment of apprehension as I unhooked the snaps down the side of my suit. How silly it made me feel, given just how often I'd been naked on this beach and so many others.

The air off the water was a warm sultry kiss to my skin as I stood there and lifted my face to the rising sun. I smiled at the kiss of the sun that warmed me like a lover's hands. Hot caresses to my every curve and valley. Tongues of heat licked and nibbled as I settled myself down and wiggled my butt into the soft sand under my towel. Lying back, I left my legs open to my lover, the sun, stretching my arms out above my head to catch all of him that I could.

My eyes closed, I just listened to the waves, the stirring of the sand, the occasional barking of the dog, and the raucous cries of the gulls. I felt the heat starting to build across me. With a sigh I sat back up and dug the bottle of sun screen out my bag. I watched my hands as they crossed my legs, down to my feet and then back. I half glanced to the side then ran both hands between my thighs. I grinned with guilty pleasure as I let fingers brush my outer lips. I ran the lotion all over me even letting a finger tease through the lips for a moment. Then across my belly past my navel and I had to stifle a moan as I lifted my breasts and my hands, puffy with lotion, brushed my nipples. They perked up as I gave them a circle. Then I touched my neck and face, softer than many a lover had ever touched me.

I eased back down onto the sand and closed my eyes.

As I felt beads of sweat break out on my skin under the growing heat, I wished suddenly that I was truly alone on this beach. I would let my legs fall open, taking my lover, the sun, as deep into myself as I could. My fingers would be softly rubbing that little spot just beside my clit to build the pleasure till I orgasmed.

A bead of sweat ran free then trickled down from the thick patch of hair and across a lip. I gasped as I felt it run all the way down my across sex and vanish between the cheeks of my ass. As the heat built I felt more, then even more start to follow that path.

With a smile I wiggled my back on the towel and settled in to enjoy the feeling. The warm breezes from across the water blew like a teasing lovers gentle mouth across my wet flesh.

Course laughter broke the spell I was falling under.

"Hey Granny, get a suit on! You're scaring the seagulls!"

Opening my eyes, I looked over at the group of young men. They were looking at me with mixtures of disgust and amusement. A couple of them made like they were gagging.

"I didn't know that shag carpet came in gray!" said one of them pointing towards my crotch. The others burst into laughter.

With a sigh I rolled over onto my stomach. It was not a sigh at them, but at myself. Had it been so long? It didn't feel like it to me. I remembered that it was just yesterday I was on this beach and every male eye would follow me, filled with a demanding amount of lust. Was 1968 so very long ago?

It didn't seem like it was to me.

"Oh, god! That's worse! That's not an ass; that's a back with a hole in it!"

His words burned hotter than the sun. Memories of men begging to bury their faces between the cheeks of my ass came rushing back to die under the scorn of this child. These young men, hardly college age, put those old lusts into their dusty graves with their teasing scorn.

"Come on guys...don't be so hard on her. She must have really been a looker before...the Pyramids were built!"

More laughter. I wished they would go find something else to do.

"If you guys don't leave my wife alone I'm going to kick your asses from one end of this beach to the other."

This voice was deeper, both in tone and timber. Turning my head, I saw the guy with the dog standing there. They turned to look at him mouths dropping open.

"Wife? Don't you mean Grand-maw there, Pops?" asked one of them with a stupid grin.

I noticed that my defender was not as young as I took him for at first glance. His toned body and lean build gave him years he's already spent. Maybe thirty five? If that.

"No, I said wife. Now move on," his voice was stern.

They laughed at him.

"And what if we don't want to? Huh, Pops? What if we want to stay here all day?" The snarly smile made the man's young face ugly... but then, it wasn't ever nice to begin with.

Not like the tall man. My eyes followed the trail of black hair down his chest across his belly then to the. . . not huge, but nice sized cock. When I looked back up, I saw his eyes on me. He gave me a wink.

Blushing like a school girl, my eyes went to the dog as it padded up next to him, and sat without being told to do so. It let the Frisbee drop and suddenly the dog wasn't so friendly anymore. My eyes widened as I saw what was hanging on his collar.

"Then I'll run all your asses in for harassment." The handsome man pointed towards the parking lot.

The blue and white patrol car looked out of place among the little VW convertibles and Fiats.

I smiled as I watched the young men scatter, suddenly late for all kinds of appointments.

The police officer looked at them till they were far enough away, then with a smile he looked back to me. Bending down he took the Frisbee from the dog and sent it skipping into the waves. I laughed to see the snarling officer of the law suddenly become a big puppy again. When I looked back I saw the policeman walk up next to me. He knelt down a bit and I rolled over onto my side.

"I'm sorry about that. Kids," he said that one word as if it explained it all. In fact it did.

I nodded.

"They didn't say anything I haven't heard before." I licked my lips and made my eyes stay on his face. So many other things were calling for their attention. Then I found myself caught by his eyes. Blue with a hint of gray to them. . . I bet they could be sky blue when he smiled.

"Enjoy the sun. I'll keep a look out for them... but I don't think they will be back." He smiled. I noticed he was keeping his eyes on my face. With him I wished he wasn't, or is it that I wished I had the type of body still that a young man like this would want to look at.

At that moment his furry partner came walking up next to us, and in typical doggy fashion shook himself dry. The cold, salty water splattered my skin in a shower of icy drops. Several hit my breasts sending the nipples instantly hard.

"Rex! Gimme that." He pulled the Frisbee away and sent it skimming down the sand. "Sorry about that."

"It's okay. It was just cold." My eyes dropped by their own accord to the hanging cock just feet from me. I glanced up quickly to find his eyes on me. He slowly smiled, and then he let his eyes drop. In a slow caress of vision, he let them roam down the whole of me. I flushed with heat as they settled in various places longer than others.

"It's too bad," I heard him mumble just under his breath. He saw me looking at his face when he looked back up at mine. "That you're not my wife."

A boyish grin made his eyes twinkle merrily.

"You're young enough to be my son, if not my grandson." I said in a husky voice as I felt my body respond to the compliment.

"I'm older than I look." he said, letting himself settle down into the sand next to me. The Shepard came walking up, laid the Frisbee down next to my towel, and lay down to pant by my feet.

"You're what? Thirty? Maybe thirty-five?" I asked, with a rueful smile.

He leaned in a bit and softly whispered.


Twenty-plus years my junior. What a damn bitch time is. With a sigh, I looked down at the dark hair on his chest and noticed for the first time the few gray invaders making their way into that thick forest. His chest was sculpted from time in a gym. Not a 'perfect' specimen but a damn fine looking man. I looked up at his handsom face and smiled softly.

"I was right. Young enough to be my son," I said.

He looked down at me for a moment. His tongue came out in a quick movement to wet his lips, for a second I thought he was about to lean in and kiss me.

"Are you good with numbers?" he asked.

Blinking, I nodded.

Reaching down, he used his fingers to write out a phone number in the sand next to my towel.

"Give me a call sometime. I'll take you out to dinner, then... well let's say I would be happy to show you that I'm not your... son."

Once more his eyes roamed down my body and I felt it respond with heat. A warm, lust driven, flame began to burn deep within me at the idea of this gorgeous man giving me pleasure. I looked down at the number and slowly nodded.

"I'm Tim, by the way," he said.


As he stood up my eyes went to that swinging cock, and I felt my breath catch in my lungs. He was more than half-hard.

"Oh, I know who you are, Miss Deligne. Rex, car."

The Shepard got to his feet with a shake of wet sand and started to pad off towards the parking lot. He stopped after a few feet and looked back to his partner. His dark eyes moved to me and his tongue rolled out in that half-wolfish grin all K9s inherited from their distant ancestors.

"It was a pleasure to meet you... Susan," Tim said, giving me one last look.

With a silk smile starting to play across my lips, I let my eyes drop down his chest to that gorgeous body.

"No Tim, the pleasure was mine."

"Call me," he said.

I nodded and holding my bottom lip between my teeth watched his ass as he walked after his K9 partner. At his car he quickly slipped back into his uniform and then waved at me as he pulled away.

I waved back.

"What in the hell are you doing?" I asked myself in a low whisper as I let my arm fall. My arm hugged my breast to my chest as I suddenly felt just how powerfully aroused I had become.

My heart was beating painfully fast, I felt a flash of anxiety pulse its way through my nerves. Letting my eyes drop to the numbers in the sand, I moved my hand to wipe them away. Flirting with a man that young? What are you thinking?

My eyes went to the teeth-chewed Frisbee lying beside me.

The knowledge that I had to call this number and let him know hit me with a gasp. Then the thought that he may have very well left it lying there with just that intention came to mind.

"But why did the dog leave his toy?" I asked myself as I picked it up.

Then I remembered the grin. Not his... the dog's.

** ** ** ** ** ** **

I felt like a school girl again, waiting for my prom date to show up. I debated just how to dress for a man that had already seen me fully naked. I looked through the spare bedroom that was my walk in closet and picked out first this dress, then that one. This blouse worked well with those slacks to show off my legs.

"Oh god, Audra! Where are you when I need you?"

I said it without thinking, but no sooner were the words out my mouth, when memories of his funeral flooded through me. Sitting down on the padded chair, I tried not to cry. The old, fat fool of a fashion designer would be giving me hell if he could see me crying over him. Thirty years being painted into his designs... stuck with glue, taped, and pinned into dresses to make them look perfect.

"Damn you. You were ten years younger than me. How could you go first? You always told me you would bury me in your latest design. Audra... you fat faggot! Your latest design is five years out of style!" I called up to my ceiling, then chuckled. I should be screaming at the floor. After the life he led the chances of my friend being in heaven were poor, slim, and none.

"Just a bit better than mine, in fact," I told myself as I wiped at tears.

Looking at the rack of clothes I never wore, I saw the one I wanted to wear. The plastic bag surrounding it had not been removed in more than a decade. Why didn't I throw them out? Donate them to someone. Sell them maybe. They were no longer the latest high-fashion but they all carry designer names.

The big names.

As my eyes misted over at the memories of those designers, many of them also now gone to that great sewing machine factory in the sky. Or more likely that t-shirt sweat shop down below. The miles of runways I walked, the endless photo shoots. The nights in foreign places, in the arms of foreign men.

"Or women," I said softly, as the memories of a few came back to me.

I walked over to the bagged dresses letting my hands brush plastic. Paris. Milan. New York. My hand stopped on a dress. The one I wanted to wear but couldn't. Those nights in Barcelona. Drinking three thousand dollar a bottle champagne all night. My head full of wine, my nose full of cocaine, my body filled with men. Hard men, strong men, big men, small men. Being made love to by two men in one night. They were both gentle and rough with me.

I felt my body stir and begin to awaken as the scents of cologne, perfume, incense smoke, pot smoke and foreign cities began to drift back to me. Far more real to me than the old woman smells of lotion and powder that hang in my home now.

Wishes came to me. Wishes and dreams. Unattainable wishes. Impossible dreams.

Leaving the clothes of my youth, I picked through the clothes I wear now. He was handsome, the police officer. What would he like to see me in? Well, to judge by the look in his eye when he saw me at the beach, wearing nothing would be his choice.

Silly young men.

Oh, I've had my share of cubs during my cougar years. But even those times are gone. I shook my head at the foolish thoughts running through my mind.

"Act your age, you old fool," I mumbled to myself. "He was just being friendly to an old lady."

Something sensible. I sighed as I picked it out. Always now, it was something sensible.

Something that covered.

Something that hid, what time had done.

"I don't want to wear this." I said as I held the dress in front of me and looked at my reflection in the full length mirror. I looked like a school librarian. At a Catholic school at that! Tossing the dress down on the bench I felt my eyes go back to the bagged clothes. None of it looked good on me when I wore it last. Too many wrinkles, too much skin going slack. Too may sagging parts to have to hold up.

Soundlessly, I picked back up the plain dress and slipped into it.

"Catholic school librarian it is, I guess," I told my reflection.

I knew that Audra was laughing in hell, even as he burned.

"I bet you make a jolly-good fire, you old, fat..." The tears would not be held back at that thought. If anyone deserved to burn, he would probably be in the top ten, but that wonderful, silly man...

"Oh, how I miss him."

I gave up and just cried. I knew it would make my eyes puffy but I didn't care. I would put drops in them, do all the little secrets I know how to do, to make the bags vanish, the lines soften. To make the years roll back, the clock slip.

The young woman in me looked up at the mirror, to the prison she was now trapped in. When did these wrinkles appear? Was it only yesterday? Or the day before? Unable to bear it, I had to look away. I think back to...


Tearing the sensible dress off, I went to my closet and pulled out the one I wanted to wear. He's seen it all, what was the point in hiding now? Let the world see my body, fucked if I care. That's what I had been saying every time I go to the beach isn't it? Isn't it?

Why is my head filled with the cruel laughter of stupid boys?

* * * * * *

Of course. He has a hot car.

Why wouldn't a sexy man? Chuckling, I pulled my front door closed behind me and bending down I adjusted my heel-strap. There is a line between sexy shoes and "oh fuck me now"shoes. The day that Roger Viver first slipped these on my feet, I realized there was a way to tell all the women waiting in that line to go to hell. My steel stilettos... Oh my lovely friend's, how I have missed you! And oh, how my feet hate you again!

But what they do to my old derriere is more than worth cramped toes.

"My god you look lovely," Tim said with a smile, as he opened the shiny black door for me.

I gave him a flirty wink and slipped into the seat. Oh, the leather was warm under my thighs. I ran my hand over it as he walked around to his side. Italian leather, no doubt at all. As he slid in his hand went to the shifter. I looked at his strong fingers as they gripped the matching leather knob.

"Nice car. Almost as old as I am though," I said trying to tease. "Sixty-six T-Bird yes?"

"Yes, it is! You know cars. My dad and I rebuilt it together." He lovingly ran a hand across the leather dash. "Frame up restoration. Want to drive?" He paused looking over at me almost as if to dare me.

"No. I'll just enjoy watching you," I said.

He smiled, glanced down at my legs, and then shifted. The big Detroit engine purred up out of idle and I watched his hands on the wheel. I was teasing when I had said I would watch him drive, but the more I looked at the smooth way his hands caressed the steering wheel and shifted through the gears, the more I enjoyed it. I remembered a man at a party telling me once that a woman can watch a man playing with his toys and get off just as quickly as the other way around.

Did I sleep with that man? I searched back through my memories to see if I could place a night with him, and then giggled when I remembered that I not only slept with him but married him... well, for awhile.

"What's so funny?" Tim asked.

"Old memories. Tell me." I moved my legs a bit till I had my feet on the center hump. Slipping a foot out my shoe I ran my toes over the leather shifter boot. "You said you knew me, the other day at the beach. Where do you know me from?"

Oh my lord, he blushed!

"Tim?" I asked, when he didn't answer.

"I have a copy of the March, seventy-two Penthouse." He looked over at me then slowly grinned. "You were so hot looking."

Giggling like a school girl, I reached over and popped his arm lightly.

"You naughty boy. Looking at naked girls like that. You're an officer of the law, you should be ashamed. You're suppose to be the moral example to the world." I ran my hand down his arm till my hand rested on top of his on the shifter. "I take it you liked my pictures?"

"Yes, I did. I wish you had posed again."

I shook my head.

"No, once before the eyes of every teenage boy across the county was more than enough. I got so many letters from young men telling me what naughty things they were doing to my image. You weren't one of them were you?" I asked, grinning.

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