tagGay MaleWalk on the Wild Side: Stu's Tale

Walk on the Wild Side: Stu's Tale

byBri the bi©

How in the hell did this happen? I have my cock buried up to the hilt in my best friend's ass, my balls slapping up against his cheeks and it feels so fuckin' good. His tight hole hugs my shaft like nothing else I've ever known, like it was made to be fucked by my dick. If my wife ever finds out about this, she'll probably kill me...

OK. I need to think - this is how it happened.

Toby and I have been friends ever since college. We majored in the same subject, hung out with the same people, shared college dorms and had all the same interests except one - I liked pussy, he was into cock. But, we were cool about it. I never questioned his preferences and he never questioned mine, and besides he'd told me up front when we'd been partnered in the room sharing scheme. I wouldn't have guessed as Toby was by no means an effeminate gay but I did discover that he was definitely passive when I inadvertently walked in on him riding the sizable erection of a football jock, his own hard member waving in time with his up and down movements and, as I entered, starting to squirt his cum onto the bedsheets. I don't know who was more embarrassed, me or them. I saw a whole lot more than I can say I ever wanted to, and after that we arranged a signal system on the dorm room door if either of us were sexually involved – either shared or solo. After all, I equally didn't want Toby walking in while I was making love to any of my girlfriends.

Anyway, like I've said, we shared many other interests including the great outdoors – whitewater canoing, hiking and camping, rock climbing. I guess we were both wild at heart. As college came to an end we agreed, not only to keep in touch, but to take at least a week out every 6 months to hook up and indulge our pioneer spirit. My girlfriend, later my wife, had always been happy to acknowledge this in me and to let me out for a week of rough living and exploration. In the last ten years we've been all over the Rockies, through the Appalachians, whitewater canoing in Canada, mountaineering in Switzerland and trekking in the Himalayas and Clare always appreciates me when I get back and it invigorates my marriage. To be honest, this trip was perhaps more essential to our marriage than ever, things have been a little rocky lately.

So this year, we arranged as usual for our bi-yearly trip. Corey and Sam, our regular buddies were both unavailable, but we decided, what the heck, Toby and I we're experienced enough to go it alone. We'd booked time off work in December and met up at his home in DC before hoping on a plane at Dulles for our trip to the Highlands of Scotland. We had a small wooden cabin booked on the Northern shores of Loch Lomond, and had specified it to be as simple as possible. We got exactly what we wanted, and just to ensure a supply of food, had a fishing license all lined up. It was bliss, log fires burning to keep up warm, snow everywhere, thick icicles hanging from the window frames and the wonder of the outdoors.

Then it all went wrong. Toby announced that her was off out to check the snares to see if we'd caught any rabbits or similar for dinner. Ordinarily, we'd go in pairs when there were four of us but as we were only two, and as I was working on getting the fire going again, I let him go alone. About 30 minutes passed before I heard a scream that chilled me to the bone. I shot out of the cabin and headed to where I'd heard it issue from. After 5 minutes through the brush, before me was the loch, a huge crack across the ice sheet and a hole with several other crack radiating from it about 15 feet in. I could see Toby's hands above the water just as his head came up gasping for breath. What the hell possessed him to go onto an ice sheet is beyond me but I'm no fool and I threw myself onto the ice sheet, spreading my weight and rapidly crawled to the hole, just in time, before Toby went under again. I grabbed his arm and pulled him up just enough to get purchase on his waist and pulled him clear of the ice hole. I dragged him across the ice sheet and onto the relative safety of dry land. Exhausted I tried to lift him up but it was no use. The cabin was about half a kilometer from the lake but I knew I had to get him inside before hypothermia began to take a grip. He was already blue around the lips and of course, the water on his clothes was starting to freeze. Come to think of it, I was in no great state myself. I had rushed out in fairly meager clothing and the falling snow, the ice and of course the water from Toby's clothes was chilling me to the bone.

There really was nothing for it. I lifted Toby into my arms and headed to the cabin. I'm strong, but I'm ashamed to say I stumbled a few times, and luckily we just tumbled into a few heavy drifts. After a good 15 minutes we made it to the cabin where I discovered another disaster – I'd left the door wide open, the wind had guttered the fire I'd got started and a fair bit of snow had blown inside, some of it getting all over the firewood, where it had melted, soaking the fuel. The fire was dead, the wood damp and my hands, numb with cold, in no shape to start a new one anyway.

I took a decision that had consequences. I know from survival manuals that if heat isn't in ready supply then body heat must be shared as soon as possible. I also know that water takes 5 times as much energy to heat up than solid matter and we were both soaked to the skin. I closed the door and dragged Toby to the bedroom. I quickly stripped him of his jacket, lumber shirt, walking shoes, socks and pants. I hesitated if I'm honest when I got to his boxers, but hell, my best friends life was at stake and I took them off as well. It was the first time I had seen Toby fully naked since that evening in our dorm and this time his cock wasn't rampant. I put him to bed and then started to remove my clothing as well. We always packed very light for these trips as we didn't care what we smelt like and I hadn't anything else dry except my jacket. I was going to have to strip down as well. While I was doing this I found my cell phone and called the local doctor. The snow had blocked the road in and it would be about 8 hours before he could make it. He advised me to keep the patient warm. I finished the call and removed my pants. Again I hesitated over my underwear – but needs must... and I removed them too and climbed into the bed with him. I came in behind him and held him close to my body to try and get him warmed up. He was like an ice block at first, but slowly began to warm up a little. I was aware that although his back was warmer, the front has still cold. I turned him over and realized that to warm him up we'd have to be cock-to-cock. And was it my imagine or did a little jolt of electricity run through my penis when I realized that. No – it must have been my imagination – I'm definitely straight. I pulled him in as close as I could get him and our groins met. It wasn't my imagination this time – I felt the shock again as our dicks touched. Deeper and more prolonged. My cock jerked a little and I felt it starting to fill with blood as a hard-on began to develop.

As if on cue, almost knowing that a naked erection might soon be around, Toby stirred a little. It was an encouraging sign that he was recovering. I held him tighter trying to speed up his recovery, and hopefully to force my rapidly rising member down.

"Stu?" he mumbled.

"I'm here Tobe, I'm here. You're gonna be OK."

"I fell in Stu. I feel cold."

"It's OK Toby, I'm warming you up man. The doc's gonna be here soon. Hang in there."

He was improving. I kept switching sides to keep the heat flow moving every half hour or so and it was working. Color was returning and now and then he'd mumble something, gaining coherency every time. All the time though, my cock remained as solid as a rock – about as hard as I've ever known it, whether nestled in the cleft of Toby's ass or pressed up against his own crotch. After four or five hours, with the last half hour of my holding him from behind, I get out of the bed to move round front again. I climbed in and settled into position, pulled Toby to me and this time as our groins met I encountered an equally rigid dick. As I pulled away, Toby opened his eyes to gaze straight into mine and quickly moved his arms around my body to hold me fast. His blue eyes pierced mine as he spoke, clearly and very lucidly.

"Your erection's been pressed up against my asshole for the last half hour. I've been waiting for you come round this side."

"It's not what you think." I stammered trying to break his grip.

"Stu, it's exactly what I think, and you know it. You're turned on like you can't imagine. I know, it's what I felt when I first encountered another man." He spoke firmly.

"No, it's the excitement of the morning. I was keeping you warm. It's just got to me."

"No, that's not it, you're still hard as a rock." And with that his hand slid down to my rigid boner and started to rub the tip. It felt amazing, despite myself I ceased trying to get away and enjoyed the feeling. Too much really, after three hours of solidity, I was in sexual overdrive. A mere few minutes of Toby's attention and my dick exploded, cum shooting out the end all over Toby's cock, scrotum and belly.

"Oh shit. Fuck. Why'd you do that. I'm not gay."

"I know Stu, but you needed it. How long is it since you and Clare slept together? 6? 7 months maybe?"

He knew exactly how long, just before our previous trip.

"And it's been over a year since I slept with anyone. I swore off men after the way Mark treated me."

"What are you saying Toby?"

"I'm saying that I know you're not gay but you were – check that – still are hard and it has to be released somehow. I just gave you a helping hand. Now will you do the same for me?"

I was confused but Toby was right, I was still rigid and I knew deep within I wanted to share something with him. In fact, in my heart of hearts I think I had ever since that night in the dorm. I'm being honest here – I had actually watched for a good 20 seconds before Toby began cumming and had felt a pang in my loins even then. I felt more relaxed admitting it to myself. I felt a weight fall from me. Yes – I loved Clare deeply and I was going to rescue our marriage if I could, but here and now I was burning to fuck Toby more than I could imagine before.

"No." I replied. Toby looked disappointed but before he could protest I continued. "I'm going to go back behind you again, and this time, instead of resting my cock against your butt, I'm going to shove it in."

His face changed and a wicked smile broke.

"Yeh Stu. That's definitely the way to really warm me up."

I got out of the bed, and saw the sticky mess I'd left over Toby belly and saw, really saw, his proud cock for only the second time. It was as handsome as I'd remembered. I walked round the bed and climbed in behind him. I opened his ass cheeks and tried to stuff my cock in his asshole to no avail.

"Ow!! Hey – I know it's a well traveled route but lubricate a bit." he protested.

"What with?" I complained.

"Spit works best."

"Oh." I worked plenty of my spit onto the end of my cock and all down the shaft and placed it again at his sphincter and pushed. My cock head popped inside and I felt a little constriction as Toby winced a little.

"Go on." he said. "All the way up."

I followed his directions and inched my 7 and a half inch member into his rectum until, as I said at the beginning, the whole length is inside him. And that's where I find myself now. My dick sliding effortlessly in and out of my best friend. He's moaning softly and all I want is for my dick to be bigger so I could go deeper into his canal. To chart further reaches of his ass. I've already cum once so I can keep this going a while. Steady, deep strokes that start from almost the tip of the head all the way in – long sensuous and extremely satisfying.


"Uh-huh." I grunt as I screw him.

"Fuck me harder. Really plow into me. Pile drive my hole."

I pull out and Toby gets on all fours. I position behind him again and at his urging, ram my cock in so hard it almost hurts.

"Fuck, Yes!!!!" Toby screams. "Fuckin' ram me!!"

I follow his cries fucking his rear end as hard as I can, harder than I've ever screwed Clare even in our most frenzied nights. This is wild! Savage! Almost primal! Toby is bellowing cried of "Yes" and "Fuckin' do it" and similar as I pound his anus like a jackhammer. I can feel the cum rising again and I as I do, Toby screams again:

"OH GOD YES!!!!"

He begins to cum in great gushes, just like those I saw over a decade ago, and I feel his star clamping down on my rod and the extra tightness brings me to my second climax. My own sperm rushes up from my balls, mixing with the prostate fluids and erupts from my cock head like a geyser coating the inside of Toby's bowels. Four or five jets of semen spray around his rectum from my exploding cock.

Exhausted, I collapse onto Toby and he slumps onto the bed into the puddle of his own making. I'm too tired to take my cock out so it'll have to stay there. As my own cum starts to leak a little from Toby's hole around my softening dick, I look at the clock. It's been 6 hours since I called the doc. In two or so he be coming to check on Toby, but I've got a feeling that Toby's OK, and that he and I will be doing a lot more cumming of our own for the rest of the week. I only hope my wife never finds out....

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