tagLesbian SexWalk the Wild Side Ch. 6

Walk the Wild Side Ch. 6


The fictional vignettes below were inspired from real life personal ads published in San Francisco Weekly in a section called Wild Side, Women Seeking Women. Except for slight modifications required to facilitate the storylines, the ads presented are as they appear in SFWeekly. If an original ad was placed by any reader of this service, I hope you won't be offended by where my imagination has taken your words.

* * * * *

Hot, Tanned, Exotic Hardbody! Sexy, feminine, attractive fitness model/body builder/adult entertainer ISO fit, hot feminine, frisky playmate for no strings passionate, erotic workout. Clean, safe, discreet. Call me Wild#9456 05/26

Brad sauntered toward her, his well muscled body glistening with oil. He wore only a loin cloth that did nothing to hide the heaviness of his aroused manhood. Greta danced slowly toward him, aware of the men in the audience whose hungry eyes were following her movements. She extended her hand, fingers spreading as they made contact with the well filled loin cloth, gripping Brad's erection as she stepped around behind him and pressed her naked body against his back. They turned toward the audience, giving them an unhindered view of her fingers massaging the young man's cock through the fabric. Then she was pulling the skimpy garment to one side, fingers searching into the material before releasing the rigid member. Both of her arms were around his slender torso, fingers of one hand now stroking the substantial cock while her other hand cradled his scrotum.

She'd been an erotic dancer long enough that she recalled the days when such intimate contact was completely out of the question. Today no holds were barred! Fortunately, she was enough of an exhibitionist that she was more than willing to go all the way on stage. In fact, she looked forward to it! If truth be known, the only time she fucked a man at this point in her life was when she was on stage.

She coiled her body around Brad's, leaning over until her lips spread atop the bulging crown of the cock clutched in her fist. She slithered around his body, slowly dropping to her knees as he turned to face her. They were in profile with the audience now, two professionals who knew exactly what the panting men seated in the darkened room wanted to see. Her tongue extended along the underside of the throbbing organ, her lips spread as her mouth slowly descended. She felt Brad's fingers in her hair gently guiding the movements of her lips and tongue as she pleasured him. She tilted her head back, lips formed at the tip as her tongue swirled around the sensitive rim.

Then she withdrew, slowly unfolding herself before standing and with great deliberation turning to offer this stud her round bottom. Greta could hear the ragged breathing of men in the audience, men who would love to join her on the stage so they could slide their rigid cocks into her waiting body. Just then she felt the lips on her bottom, the tongue slithering through the crevice between her cheeks, easing past her ass and penetrating her moist pussy. She reached back to spread her cheeks, her knees locked as she leaned toward the marauding mouth. Her groans filled the room. She stared into the darkened room, only barely able to make out the faces beyond the bright stage lights. She lasciviously ran her tongue around her lips in a parody of excitement, suggesting to the men staring at her that she would be more than willing to take their stiff cocks in her mouth if only they were standing in front of her naked body. Her fingers cupped her heavy breasts as they hung beneath her torso. Brad's mouth had disappeared and she knew his cock would arrive shortly.

No matter how many times she did this on stage, it never ceased to excite her to feel the man's cock enter her wet pussy. She wailed as the thick member pressed between the puffy lips of her pussy and without hesitation slid to the bottom of her cunt. Brad was obviously hot for this moment as well, because he began fucking her with abandon. Firm thighs slapped against the back of her buttocks. Fingers slid around her torso and cupped her tits. She leaned back, giving herself completely to the fucking. She could hear groaning in the audience, which only added to her ardor. Their bodies were dripping sweat as they heaved themselves against one another. Then they stopped and Greta knew it was time for the next scene. Brad's cock slid from her pussy and he stepped to one side as she turned her exposed genitals toward the audience, displaying her aroused clitoris and the parted lips of her pussy. She dropped to her knees and slowly turned onto her back, legs still spread wide. It was as though she were offered herself to the entire audience. At the same time Brad lowered to his knees, leaning closer as he guided his glistening cock to Greta's waiting lips.

She hungrily sucked him in, aware she was tasting juices from her own pussy. After a long, deep kiss, her stage lover withdrew and with a minimum of effort positioned himself between her thighs and once again penetrated her with that monstrous cock. Quickly they found the rhythm of fucking once again. They rolled from side to side, first Brad, then Greta on top, all the while offering the audience an unhindered view of cock sliding in and out of pussy. Greta was getting so close to cumming, her hips shuddering above Brad's. She squeezed his arm, meeting his gaze when his eyes opened at last. The intensity of his gaze told her he was close as well. They threw themselves at one another, moans rising.

She came first, a wail filling the darkened room. A moment later Brad pulled her torso toward him, allowing his cock to slide free just as his ejaculation erupted, spewing thick juice across her buttocks and onto her back. She turned quickly and pressed her lips over the still surging cock to capture the final cum. The room was silent apart from the heavy breathing. Another successful performance!

Greta closed the door to her apartment. It was almost four in the morning by the time she'd showered, dressed and stopped for a bite to eat. She was ready for bed but decided to check her voice mail box to see if anyone interesting answered her ad. It had been wonderfully satisfying to fuck Brad, but she ached for a woman's body in her arms.

"Hi, my name is Lonnie. Hope you'll give me a call. I'm envisioning long nights in bed together and I don't mean sleeping. You won't regret meeting me." She ended with her telephone number. Greta smiled to herself. Lonnie was obviously a very self assured young woman. She'd call her in the morning.

She reached behind herself to tie a knot that held the exotic sarong top in place. The shimmering silk clung to her remarkably full breasts and left her midriff bare. Spandex pedal pushers held tight to every curve of her round bottom and slender thighs, as well as the prominent mound between them. She was pulling out all the stops for this one. After talking with Lonnie on the phone she was looking forward at least to a hot evening on the town and even hotter night in bed.

Summer Fling? Beautiful, voluptuous, playful sexy, talented WF, 5'7" ISO handsome, well-endowed gentleman for devilishly wild times. No strings, just fun! Wild#9444 05/26

Shelley was shocked at the response to her advertisement. She was visiting San Francisco for the summer before buckling down to some serious studies in the autumn when she returned to Rutherford College to begin her junior year. There was no doubt she'd burned the candle at both ends the preceding year, usually spending her time in partying with her friends rather than with the books. Her parents sent her to stay with her mother's younger sister with the clear intention of getting her away from Lisa and Jessica, her partners in crime. They didn't know about Rob, which was so much the better for all concerned. He'd been understanding about her leaving for the summer. His only comment was her departure meant he could actually get some work done during what was the busy construction season for his architectural practice.

Della was much hipper than her sister and brother-in-law, though she probably would not have approved of the precise wording Shelley had chosen for her personals' ad. Even Shelley regretted her daring as she listened to the recorded messages in her voice mail. She decided to wait until she received the requested photo before responding to any of the men who'd called. Some guys were downright obscene in the suggestions, though no doubt she'd indulged in most of the suggested activities with her college women friends.

The photos began coming in and again she was shocked by how perverse some of the men were, sending her photos of themselves naked with erections big and small. She quickly discarded these and sorted through the others, taking time to scan the photos and read the attached notes. There were a number of very presentable young men who were offering their attention for the summer months. No doubt her "no strings attached" offer of "devilishly wild times" had peaked more than their fancy.

"So have you met anyone yet?" Shelley shielded her eyes against the sun as she gazed up at her aunt. She'd been sun bathing on the deck which extended the length of Della's flat, unaware of her aunt's return from what was likely a shopping excursion. Della was disgustingly wealthy following her unhappy marriage to a very successful businessman. With money and beauty she had it all in Shelley's mind.

"I've met a couple of guys, but no one I'm interested in seeing again."

"San Francisco is not the greatest place in the world for finding a man, at least not if you're a woman. There are probably more gorgeous men in this city than anywhere else in the country, but they're all gay." Shelley shook her head in agreement. Della stepped closer to the chaise lounge and out of the direct sun. Shelley could see her aunt better now.

"So how do you meet men?" Her aunt laughed, turning to pull up a chair into which she settled, crossing her legs as she did so. The move caused her short skirt to slide along her nylon covered thighs. Her legs were great. Shelley had always looked up to her aunt, who seemed both sophisticated and sexy to a young girl.

"Well, I guess if you can't beat em, you can always join em." Shelley heard the words, but they didn't make any sense to her. Her expression spurred her aunt to continue.

"You're mother didn't tell you I guess."

"Tell me what?" Her aunt's eyes lowered for a moment, then lifted to meet her gaze again.

"I'm sampling the other half of the population." Suddenly it was all clear and Shelley couldn't contain her laughter as she recalled her own seduction at the hands of her friend Lisa and the subsequent months of debauchery with Lisa and Jessica at the sorority house.

"I'm sorry Del, it's not funny. I mean, it is funny, but not about you. I mean, oh my God!"

"Sweetheart, what is it?" Della leaned over and took her hand. Shelley was suddenly very aware of being practically naked in the skimpy bikini that revealed so much more of her body than it concealed. Her nipples were hard beneath the tiny triangles of thin nylon which covered only the center of the two lush mounds. She hesitantly raised her eyes.

"I had a fling with a woman at school last year." Juices began flowing between her loins at the mention of Lisa. If she were honest this conversation with her gorgeous aunt was contributing to her arousal.

"Really." Shelley's gaze fell to the open top of Della's blouse, to the deep cleavage visible there. Then she glanced away as she tried to calm her feelings.

The energy between the two women was charged with electricity as they went through the motions of living their lives. Shelley walked at the Marina, checking her voice mail box to listen to responses to her ad. Della puttered in the huge pots filled with flowers on the deck, or worked at the desk on bills and her investment portfolio. They would run into each other, occasionally sharing meals, their conversations stilted. Shelley kept thinking about her mother, so prim and proper in her role as wife of a wealthy man. What would she think if she knew her daughter had the hots for her very own sister?

Then one afternoon Shelley stepped out of the guest bathroom into the dimly lit hall and walked smack into her aunt. Della grabbed her arms to keep her from falling and suddenly they were in one another's embrace, heavy breasts pressing together, warm thighs touching. It seemed so natural to slip her arms around her aunt's body and hold her close. Their eyes locked, holding one another for what seemed an eternity. Shelley never knew who made the first move, but a moment later their lips touched in the gentlest of kisses. Della moaned and the kiss suddenly altered, lips softening, then parting as tongues slid out to meet. Shelley's hand slid down to cup her aunt's round bottom, pulling their loins tightly together. Her many hours of lovemaking with Jessica and Lisa had prepared her for this wonderful seduction.

Their lips finally parted and the two women who'd known each other for all of Shelley's life peered into one another's eyes. They'd entered a new world of intense passion that neither had guessed could exist between the two of them.

"Are you okay sweetheart."

"Oh god, Del. I want you so much." Shelley leaned closer to kiss her aunt again but Della leaned back.

"I want you as much as you want me, but we have to be very clear about what we're doing." Shelley stepped back, her breathing ragged from their intense meeting.

"I know what I'm doing Del."

"But what about your mom." Shelley's eyes moved from her aunts face to peer down at the lovely breasts held by the delicate cups of the bikini she wore beneath the oversized silk blouse.

"My mother doesn't have to know anything about this." Della reached out to lift Shelley's face and once again capture her gaze.

"That's fine with me. We'll just keep it between the two of us. We can call it our summer fling." Della smiled and once again drew her niece into her embrace. Their lips melted together.

Della rode between her parted thighs, that obscene dildo sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Shelley gazed up at her aunt's beautiful face so contorted with passion. Her hands cupped Della's heavy breasts, fingers tweaking erect nipples. She'd already cum once from the delicious kiss her aunt had bestowed between her legs. And now she was being fucked by a woman for the first time. There was something obscene about feeling both a cock in her pussy at the same time a woman's breasts rubbed against her own. It was surely something she wanted to experience again and again!

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