tagIncest/TabooWalker Family Incest Ch. 01

Walker Family Incest Ch. 01


All characters in this story that participate in sexual activity are at least 18 years old.

My name is Susan Walker and I am 40 years old and extremely beautiful. I weigh about 110 pounds and have the perfect bikini body with a tight, shapely ass, a flat stomach and just the right size pair of tits for my petite frame. My tits are still firm as a couple of grapefruit and their nipples are always hard. I love showing them off, so I seldom wear a bra.

I think the last time I put one on was when we had to go to a funeral about a year ago. However, I decided at the last minute not to. I just wore a black women's business suit jacket and the matching skirt.

After the funeral service was over, everyone went outside to place flowers on the casket sitting over the grave. When I took my turn to put flowers on it, I leaned way over and everyone's eyes immediately went to my beautiful naked breasts hanging down inside my business suit top. The people behind me got a great view also when they watched my short skirt rise up and expose the bottom of my naked ass cheeks. Even funerals can be fun sometimes!

I just love the looks I get when I go grocery shopping wearing just a tank top and a pair of shorts. The cool air in the store makes my nipples perk up even more and they try to push their way through the thin material that restrains them.

As I push my shopping cart around the store, my tits jiggle slightly and I frequently whip my long blond hair around in the air. If I notice a nice looking man, or a beautiful girl watching me, I smile at them as I lick my lips over and over. Yes, I like women too. I especially like young girls in their early twenties with perfect bodies and hair. I have met more girls in the grocery store than anywhere else. All I do is get really close to them and start a conversation. After a couple of minutes, I decide whether or not I want to invite the girl over for a couple of drinks.

Once they accept, I take a quick glance around the store, then take hold of their wrist and guide their hand underneath my tank top so they can get a preview of what is coming up later. They always show up at my house promptly on the day and time I give them. Sometimes they even bring their girlfriends and we have a threesome!

Anyway, I am in the kitchen getting lemonade and vodka drinks for my twenty one year old daughter and myself. My husband is upstairs taking a nap, and my twenty two year old son, Tommy, should be arriving home from college for spring break at any time.

Suddenly, I hear a car coming up our long driveway and run to the living room to see who it is. It's Tommy! I am so excited!

I open the front door and run out to his car. Outside in the bright sunlight we immediately embrace and begin to passionately kiss each other. Tommy slides his hands down my naked back, runs them underneath the fabric of my bikini bottoms and starts squeezing the cheeks of my ass while we stick our tongues in each other's mouths.

After a few moments my son leans back a little and says "Mom, you and Krissy can kiss better than any of those girls at the college!"

Just then I hear someone yelling "Hi Tommy! Hi Tommy and Susan!" I look across the street and see my neighbor Monica watching us while she waters her flowers with a garden hose. She has a fantastic body and I go over to her house regularly to have sex with her.

I yell at Monica "My son Tommy is home from college for two weeks!"

Monica replies "Tommy! My husband is out of town all week visiting his parents! Make sure you come over to have coffee with me if you have time! I have some new bikini swimsuits I want to model for you!"

Tommy waves at her, then suddenly reaches around behind me and unties my bikini top! I immediately put my arms across my breasts so he can't pull it off, but he gives the top a big yank and throws it on the hood of his car.

He loves looking at my naked body, but forcefully stripping my bikini top off outside in public is going to far! Just then a car going down the road slows down and the horn beeps. I look towards that direction and see it is a car full of good looking young men, so I wave to them.

I put my hands on my hips and sternly say to my son "Jesus Christ Tommy, can't you wait until later tonight to get me naked? Your father is upstairs taking a nap, but he may have gotten out of bed and might be in the living room watching us!"

I lean over the hood of the car to get my bikini top and Tommy steps behind me and pulls my bikini bottoms down to my ankles! To avoid tripping, I step out of them and start running towards the front porch. My son quickly catches up to me and puts his arms around my waist. He pulls me back against his muscular chest then moves both his hands up and grabs my naked tits.

As I struggle to break free of his embrace, I scream at him "Tommy, behave yourself! If you let go of me now, I will let you do anything you want to me inside our house. Now, let go of me!"

My son releases his grip from my breasts and I run into the house then walk over to the big picture window. I look up and down the road to see if there are any more neighbors that have just seen my son strip me naked in the driveway. Luckily, the only person I see is Monica.

As I have been looking out the picture window, my son has taken off his clothes and is now completely naked. He steps behind me, runs his arms around to the front of me and grabs my tits with both hands. He pulls me back against his chest while he moves his hard cock up and down between my ass cheeks. I struggle to get away from him, but he pushes me up against the picture window. I look across the street and see Monica is looking directly at me with a big smile on her face.

After a few seconds, Tommy forces me to turn around, and he guides me over to the couch. Then, he forces me to bend over, so I extend my arms and place my hands on the cushions to support myself. I look over my shoulder through the picture window and see that Monica is still watching us. She can see in our living room perfectly because we have a skylight we open during the day and it floods the room with a bright white light.

Tommy has positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy and is ready to penetrate me at any second.

I say to him "Jesus Christ Tommy, you can't fuck me here in the living room with the neighbors watching!"

My son thrusts his hips forward and his hard cock slides inside me about three or four inches. Oh my God it feels wonderful inside me! He then grabs my hips with both of his hand and starts giving me a good fucking.

Jesus Christ does he have a big cock! We measured it once and it is ten inches long, but I think it may have grown since he went off to college!

Being treated like a cheap slut by my son really turns me on, but I don't ever let him know that.

I look over my shoulder at him and say "Stop fucking me right now you mother fucker! Your father may come downstairs at any moment and see you ramming your big hard cock into my tight little pussy! Stop fucking me right this moment before we get caught!"

My son then pushes my head down and slaps my naked white ass over and over again. Slap, slap, slap!

I shout at my son "Stop slapping me you fucking bastard! How am I going to explain to your father how I got red hand prints on my ass!"

My son responds by grabbing my long blond hair and yanks my head back while he continues thrusting his cock into me over and over.

I just love it when he forcefully pulls on my hair, but I say to him "Let go of my hair you son of a bitch!"

Suddenly, he lets go of my hair and pulls his cock out of me. I think he is done with me, but he grabs my shoulders and makes me stand up. Then, he pushes me across the room to the picture window. I look outside and see Monica and another one of my girlfriend neighbors, Michelle, standing in the street intently watching us. They wave to me and smile, so I wave back to them.

Tommy immediately forces me up against the picture window and my tits compress against the glass and bulge out the sides of me. Then, he shoves his cock back into me, grabs my hips and starts fucking me again.

Monica and Michelle just stand there in the street and watch as my son fucks the hell out of me for the next few minutes. Just then, I hear the patio door open, and I struggle to turn my head around to see who it is. Thank God it is not my husband! It is my daughter Krissy, and she is probably just going to get a glass of lemonade from the kitchen, then go back out to the pool area.

She walks towards the refrigerator, but suddenly looks over towards the living room and sees Tommy fucking me up against the living room picture window. She so excited seeing her brother again that she runs over to us and begins kissing him. Tommy stops fucking me, but keeps his cock all the way inside my pussy while he and his sister passionately kiss each other.

I look out the picture window and see that Monica must have run inside her house to get her camera, because she is taking pictures and video of what is going on in our living room. I look over my shoulder at my kids and see Tommy has slid his right hand under Krissy's bikini bottoms and is caressing her naked ass cheeks.

After a minute, Krissy stands back while her brother places his hands back on my hips and goes back to ramming his cock in and out of me. In and out, in and out he keeps ramming his cock into my tight, little pussy.

After a couple of minutes he says to Krissy "Get down on your knees next to me because I am going to shoot my load in your face!"

My daughter immediately strips off her bikini and gets down like her brother told her. Tommy fucks me for a few more seconds, then pulls his cock out of me and aims it at his sister's face. Suddenly, a huge stream of sperm shoots out of him and hits her right in the eyes! She starts blinking to get her vision back, then Tommy shoots another big load right into her open mouth!

She swallows a couple of times then reaches out, grabs her brother's cock and pulls him closer to her. She opens her mouth wide and forces his cock all the way down her throat. She keeps it inside of her for a few seconds, then backs her head away slowly.

Krissy then says "Mom! Did you see that? I had Tommy's cock all the way inside my mouth just like you!"

I tell my daughter that I am proud of her, then I look back through the picture window and see Monica and Michelle walking towards Monica's front porch. They almost get to the porch, then suddenly stop, put their arms around each other and start kissing!

I watch them intently while they run their hands all over each others sexy bodies. Suddenly, Monica unties Michelle's bikini top and yanks it off her! Then, Monica holds the top over her head as Michelle starts jumping up to get it back. I am enjoying watching Michelle's firm breasts bounce around in the daylight, especially knowing that I have flicked my tongue around those hard nipples of hers on plenty of occasions.

After a few seconds, Monica throws the bikini top back to Michelle and she casually pulls it over her breasts and turns around for Monica to tie the strings together.

I run to the open front door and shout "Monica! I want a copy of that video you just made of Tommy and myself when I come over for coffee at the regular time next week! Also, put your camera on your tripod and make a video of you and Michelle having fun this afternoon, just like you did when I was over your house last week! My husband really enjoyed it!"

Monica yells back "I will turn on the video camera for you, but I don't think the video of Michelle and I will be as good as the one I took of you, Tommy and Krissy! Your tits looked so sexy squashed up against the picture window glass while your son fucked you from behind!"

Suddenly, I hear a phone ring upstairs. My husband answers it and I can hear him talking. My kids and I quickly put our clothes back on and go to the kitchen for some refreshments. My husband comes downstairs after a few minutes, gives his son a big hug, then explains he has to go out on a job and will be back in a few days. He gives Krissy and I a quick kiss, then walks to the garage.

I look at my son, smile and say "Guess what Tommy? Looks like you have to sleep with me tonight! That will be your punishment for almost getting us caught fucking in the living room."

Krissy says "Oh Mom! I wanted Tommy to sleep with me the next time he comes home! It's not fair!"

Tommy says "Krissy, I made this friend at college, and she just happens to live a few blocks away. She is really pretty, but she is a lesbian. I told her about you and Mom and she wants to meet you both. I will call her up and invite her over to spend the night with you."

Krissy gets terribly excited and begs her brother to call her. My son gets on the phone and calls his friend Carol. She accepts the invitation and is looking forward to spending the night with Krissy. I tell Tommy that I want to talk to Carol for a minute so he hands the phone to me. I invite Carol for dinner and ask her if fresh ground steak burgers with homemade potato salad is okay. She says that sounds great, then I tell her to make sure she brings over her bikini, but she does not have to wear it if she does not want to. She laughs, then says she will be here at six o'clock sharp. I hang up the phone, then tell the kids to get out of the kitchen and have fun swimming in our pool while I make the potato salad.

At exactly six o'clock I have all celery, onions and bell pepper cut up for the potato salad. In a few minutes I will be able to chop the potatoes into sections after they cool down a little bit more. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and I walk through the living room to see who is there.

I open the door and I see the most beautiful twenty one year old female I have ever seen in my life. Jesus Christ, she must be close to six feet tall and her body is absolutely perfect! Her huge tits have nipples that are poking through the fabric of her sheer blouse and her skirt must be the shortest one I have ever seen!

I reach out my hand to shake hers, but she puts her arms around me and gives me the best kiss from a woman I have ever had in my life! After the kiss, I feel a little unsteady on my feet, but manage to lead her into the kitchen to make her a lemonade and vodka drink. I open the freezer, get some ice cubes to put in the glass, then pour the lemonade into it. I hand the ice cold glass to her and she takes a swallow while staring directly into my eyes.

She says "Oh, this tastes good Mrs Walker, and I bet you do too!"

She steps closer to me and leans forward to kiss me. Our lips touch, then our tongues start playing with each other. After a few seconds we break our kiss, then she places her glass on the kitchen table and pulls two different colored bikinis from her purse. She holds them up and asks me which one I like best. I tell her the black one matches her long hair and I bet it will look good on her.

She asks me "Is it okay Mrs Walker if I change into it here, or do you want me to go upstairs?"

I reply to her "Oh no, please feel free to change here. Tommy and Krissy are out by the pool and my husband is away on business."

As I grab my glass to put some more ice cubes I notice that I am trembling with excitement to see what Carol looks like in the nude. Carol looks me directly in the eyes as she slowly unbuttons her blouse and pulls it down off her shoulders. Jesus Christ what a magnificent pair of tits she has! I can't stop looking at them! They are big and firm and her dark brown, hard nipples must be sticking straight out about half an inch.

I tell her "Oh Carol, you have gorgeous breasts! I don't think I have seen a pair that are so perfect as yours!"

She replies "Would you like to touch them?"

I immediately sit my lemonade drink on the kitchen counter and walk over towards her. I stop about a foot from her, then reach up with both hands, quickly give them a feel, then start to turn around.

Carol immediately reaches down, grabs my left wrist and says "Mrs Walker, don't be shy!", then raises my arm and places my hand back on her breast.

She says "Please spend a minute or so touching them. It feels so nice having a beautiful woman squeeze them and pinch the nipples."

I am thrilled to please her, so I put both my hands back on her tits and start playing with them. I look up at her while I am gently pinching her nipples and we begin to passionately kiss each other. After a couple of minutes, I break the kiss, reluctantly release her gorgeous breasts and walk back to the kitchen counter to get my lemonade.

I take a drink from my glass and watch as Carol puts her thumbs inside of her tiny skirt and pushes it down to her ankles. Jesus Christ, she is so physically fit that I can see every muscle in her body expand and contract as she steps out of it. After she places her skirt on the kitchen table, I can't help myself from staring directly at her pussy for a few seconds. It is beautiful! She must have just shaved it this morning because it is so smooth! I just want to get on my knees and bury my face between her legs, but she does not ask if I want to.

Anyway, I can't stand here and stare at her like this, so I put my drink down and start chopping up the potatoes. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see her naked body approaching behind me and she puts her arms around my waist.

She whispers in my ear "Mrs Walker, is there anything you would like me to do for you?"

I can feel her naked hard nipples poking me in the back as she slowly moves her naked pussy back and forth against my bikini clad ass cheeks. I am trembling with excitement and unable to speak as she slides her hands up under my bikini top and caresses my breasts.

She spends a minute gently squeezing them, then removes her hands and unties the strings holding my bikini top together. She starts pulling it down, so I relax my arms for a second to let her take it off me, then go back to chopping the potatoes.

Carol takes my bikini top and throws it on the kitchen table, then puts her hands back on my breasts and leans over me and begins kissing my neck. We are both breathing heavily and after a few moments, she pushes my bikini bottoms down to the floor. I step out of them, then she gets down to her knees behind me, picks them up and throws them onto the kitchen table.

She starts running her hands up and down my smooth shaved legs and naked white ass cheeks while I continue preparing the potato salad.

After a minute or so, Carol says "Mrs Walker, your legs are the most shapely ones I have ever put my hands on! They are so smooth and you have a nice tan!"

I tell her "Thank you," then I feel her grasp my ass cheeks and pull them apart!

She says "Oh Mrs Walker, your ass looks so inviting! May I stick my tongue in it?"

Without waiting for a reply, Carol presses her face against my asshole and rams her tongue in it. Jesus Christ, her tongue is fucking long and I can feel it flick around inside me. I start moaning softly as she continues licking my ass for the next few minutes.

Suddenly, I realize that I had meant to go down to the liquor store for some more vodka earlier, but had forgotten.

I say to her "Carol, we are out of Vodka and I have to go down to the liquor store to buy some more. We have the whole night ahead of us, and I want all of us to get really loaded tonight and do kinky things to each other. I will even jack off my son in front of you if you want, but right now, get your blouse and skirt on and let's go down to the liquor store together."

Then I add "I want to get video of us shopping in the nude. I will tell my daughter to come with us to take the movie while you and I have fun walking around naked."

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