tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWalker on the Shore

Walker on the Shore


I enjoy walking. I am a keen rambler. I have backpacked a lot in my time, walking the Pennine Way, South West Coastal path, Coast to Coast and many other long distance paths in England and Wales. I enjoy the moors and I enjoy the coast. A few walking holidays in Germany, France and the USA have been enjoyable as well.

I also enjoy walking in the hot Mediterranean summer sun. A bit mad, maybe, but with plentiful water, a good hat and sunglasses plus a bit of a breeze it is a joy for me. Of course I sweat. Perspiration comes so freely and stands in droplets on my arms and soaks my shirt but the views and the whole feeling of arid landscape or sweet smelling forests in that heat are just wonderful. Coastal walking can be the best, particular as there is the opportunity for a cooling swim now and then.

Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun. Certainly I very rarely see anyone else about - no locals, farmers, shepherds or tourists out in the summer heat in the empty places. It will be a bit different if my walk hits a town or popular beach but many times I find myself dropping down to a deserted and secluded bay. Often rocky, sometimes pebbly and not unusually quite sandy. A delight to drop my shorts and shirt - indeed drape them on a rock to dry from the usual soaking perspiration and slip into the cool water for a swim..

Of course sometimes there are others there on the beach even in the most secluded places. Very often they are people who like to sunbathe naked - and why not? It is why they have come to a secluded beach and that can be a bit of a bonus! Nice to see a pretty girl naked - I am as happy to see that as the next man.

Naked people means I need have no compunction about dropping my shorts and swimming naked. Pleasant to join them even if I do not even speak to them.

One morning, out for a walk, I came across a couple on such a beach and they were not simply sunbathing, nor swimming, nor simply walking around but doing that thing which I am sure comes to most men's minds if sunbathing or swimming naked with a very good friend or wife. I came out around a rock and there was this young couple 'at it' doggy style yards from me on the beach.

Unsurprisingly they were alone on the beach - but for me.

Well what do you say? They had seen me so I could hardly scuttle back behind the big rock - in any case I needed to pass them to walk on.

"Good morning. Lovely day for it." The words just came out.

Their shock. To be caught like that. The sudden pause as they saw me. Twin heads turned towards me. It was a lovely sight actually. The couple were both young and fit. Their young bodies there to be admired.

They could simply have replied 'good morning' and waited, engaged, whilst I walked on by. It was more than obvious what they were doing but actually it was almost discrete. There was not an awful lot of flesh to be seen which could not normally be seen on a beach when people were not naked but in swimming things. Their sexual bits and pieces were hidden by their close proximity, even the girl's breasts were obscured by his clasping hands. They could have just stayed frozen like that. Instead, the man hurriedly withdrew and turned towards me, his erection suddenly visible, all wet and glistening in the sunshine. He drew himself up to his feet, causing his penis to slap wetly against his stomach leaving the girl on her hands and knees. Suddenly all sorts of things were revealed.

"Crikey you are wet." It just slipped out. His penis really was very wet from the girl - not just moist but really sopping, dripping actually. It was so in front of me, so just there to be seen - a really wet, strongly erect penis. I could not see any trace of white semen suggesting the wetness was entirely from the girl and, from my position, I could very clearly see the girl's pudenda and her still open vagina. It did look very wet and, again, not a hint of semen. I did have a very good view and my eyesight is sharp!

The young man looked down. No doubt he knew just how wet the girl was, had been very much been feeling just that but his glance was perhaps instinctive in response to my comment.

"Please," I went on, "don't stop on my account. Sorry to disturb you but, may I say what a lovely picture you both made. Eroticism and beauty. I mean it."

They had not said a word.

"I'll move on, only... I would love to watch. So natural - may I say sweet? Would you mind or would you find it just a bit odd? Perhaps you would you like an audience? Have you ever had an audience?"

The lovely girl was still on her knees, her rump so smooth and looking like it really should have the man's penis reinserted!

"Look, we haven't been introduced. Tony Capon, I'm from Exeter, happily married, three kids and I'm an architect. Nothing funny about me - very ordinary. I like walking and that is why I'm here. I wasn't spying or anything."

I held out my hand and the man, I suspect automatically, took it and shook. He was fair haired, if a little receding already, a small similarly fair coloured beard and moustache and with an athletic body. His erection was very much there between us, his knob peeled and pointing upwards. It really was very wet. I felt I needed to keep talking.

"You know, I've never shaken hands with a naked, erect man before. Nice erection, nice penis if I may say so," my glance then, very obviously, moved to the girl, "nice bottom as well!"

It was lovely how the two of them burst out laughing. My verbal diarrhoea seemed to have settled them, brought them from the initial shock.

The girl got slowly to her feet. A more dignified stance. She was gorgeous. Mid twenties perhaps unlike my mid forties. Long fair hair in a plat, wire rim glasses, ample bosom and denuded mons - not a wisp of hair obscured her little girl slit. She held out her hand.

"Ellen Masters, we are on honeymoon. This is Simon."

"Plentiful sex on honeymoon. Best outside in the open air if you can. I remember we, Pat and I, we were at it up in the Lake District on ours. Two glorious weeks of sun and by tarn or on mountainside we made love umpteen times. Almost got sunburnt on my bottom."

"With an audience?" The girl seemed to have recovered quicker than the man - but she did not have the wet erection just so present between our little party.

"Not as I recall but perhaps there were hikers hiding and peeking. We were discreet enough I'm sure but skinny dipping in tarns was a bit out in the open some time and I recall the odd little short walk naked in the sun..."

"Must have been nice. We chose a beach holiday," she shrugged, "as you can rather see."

"Lovely secluded beach to find."

"Yeah," Simon finally joined in. He laughed, "three days already and all to ourselves only..."

"Today is a change," I added, "sorry."

"Don't be," said Ellen, "our fault really. If you copulate in the open air in the middle of a beach what do you expect?"

"No fault - I loved seeing you. Natural - what could be more normal for newlyweds and... if you don't mind..." I was being bold, "I really would, if you let me, like to watch you."

Simon was beginning to droop a little. Perhaps it was unthinking, perhaps it was desire, but Ellen's hand went to it and slid. The erection was very quickly restored. I could not help staring and nor could Simon. The surprise on his face evident.

"I could take photographs for you - a real reminder of your honeymoon - only I don't see a camera and you hardly want photographs on my camera - I am sure."

"No! We left ours with our clothes other side of the beach but... what do you think, Simon, copulating with an audience? Photographs?"

She turned back to me, "We have tried with the timer to take, um, sexy photos but it doesn't half upset the spontaneity!"

"I bet!"

It was clear Ellen was keener than Simon but he agreed. Funny walking up the beach to their clothes and camera with the two of them naked and, particularly, with Simon's penis tumescent. I thought they looked lovely like that. Naked was great but having the man erect added rather a lot to the scene.

Simon bent down and picked up their camera and handed it to me.

"You know, I've never been handed a camera by a naked, erect man before."

Again laughter. Things had become so relaxed and I could see I was really going to have the opportunity of photographing them copulating. What an interesting experience - quite a break from my walk!

It was a not too dissimilar camera to my own - digital of course so no problem with taking endless photographs (if the battery had enough charge!).

"Well, um, am I in the role of director? Shall I tell you what to do, you do it and I photograph?"

The look of excitement on Ellen's face was a delight. She liked the idea.

"Shall we try," I went on, "just nudity to start with? You both looked really fine walking down the beach."

So I had them do just that. No touching at first and then, for some, hand in hand. Such lovely shots of this lovely young couple just casually naked but, so importantly, with the young man erect. Just talking, walking or looking out to sea but always with that erection so obvious, so calling to be seen, so emphasising the sexual potential of the scene.

Then them kissing with the erection lightly brushing Ellen's tummy. The light shining between them showing Simon's balls hanging in their wrinkled sack right in front of her denuded slit. I did a close up or two. I thought they would be real crackers of photographs. Vertical female slit in plump mons: vertical male organ with hanging appendages against the light.

Naturally I wanted to see fellatio. There was no question I was not enjoying the photography. Not simply the pleasure in taking good photographs but the sexual excitement of seeing the naked couple and directing them to do sexual things. I was as hard, in my shorts, as Simon was there in front of me.

"Perhaps some sucking now?"

Ellen looked at Simon and did that raised shoulders and grin look some girls do to express excitement.

"Kneeling in the sea in front of Simon?" I ventured.

"Kneeling behind won't work."

"No, Ellen I suppose not!"

Lovely to see Simon standing there all erect in the shallow water as the little waves came and went and Ellen making to kneel with her mouth close to his penis. Visually so appealing.

"Hold it!" I took some snaps of the delightful juxtaposition of pretty girl and erection. Of course I took one of her lips very close and open before suggesting just a lick of the tongue. Being able to tell Ellen to lick Simon's knob was almost as good as telling her (and having her) lick mine... well almost! I was half minded to drop my own shorts and take off my shirt and photograph them whilst naked. The photographer joining in their nudity and excitement. Taking photos whilst naked and erect. But would it add to the eroticism for them or put them off? It was not worth the risk. I did, though, take my sandals off so I could go into the water with them.

"Suck," I said, "just the tip." Again the delight of telling Ellen what to do. When again in my life was I going to get the opportunity of telling a girl to put her mouth to another guy's penis? Perhaps there are men or women who make a living visiting couples who want to make a fantasy porno shoot together and want both a photographer and to be directed. Nice work if you can get it!

Ellen sucked and I took a series of her taking more and more of the cock between her lips and one of the whole thing lying straight up her face, penis on the bridge of her nose, balls on her mouth. My own cock remained as rigid as Simon's - albeit hidden but I could certainly feel it.

"Now Simon, you kneel, Ellen stand."

Some nice shots of his tongue running in her denuded slit.

"Would you like a few soixante-neuf?"

Simon had looked at Ellen and she at him, "Why not?"

Seemingly yes!

"Now we've started, why not?" She added.

Simon lay down on the sand and Ellen mounted him - the 'wrong' way round of course! Some nice shots from a little way away as well as closer ones.


"I was wondering when you were going to let me get my husband's cock back inside me!"

But slowly. I made Ellen just sit on the tip so I got a few almost in but not quite in shots. I think Ellen was almost irritated when I told her to turn around and do reverse cowgirl but visually it is such a good shot. Mons veneris, clitoris, open labia and the complete erection and balls all together in one shot, the knob just nudging at the wet entrance - the very wet entrance! Half in shadow, half in brilliant sunshine. Click. I thought the shots would look brilliant.

"Slowly down." Click. "Further." Click, and then a completely embedded shot - no penis visible just balls.

"How about missionary?"

"Can't we just fuck?"

"Depends what you want. I was going to take a few missionary shots and then have you go back to doggy like I first saw you. Um, do you want to see the ejaculation in the photographs?" I smiled. "Bit of a personal question really!"

Wonderful, wonderful - I was not just telling the couple how to perform but was talking about Simon's penis cumming - his ejaculate. How personal was that!

"Do you want Simon to come on your breasts, bottom, tummy, perhaps... err... all over your face - or just let nature take its course and come in the usual place! We could try some multiple automatic shutter shots and catch Simon's ejaculation in, err, full flight so to speak! What would you like? Your photographs."

What a question really - but I was well into the whole thing. Seeing myself as a porn photographer! Just wonderful to be talking about ejaculations with this naked, copulating couple.

"It's a one off thing - it can't be re-shot. Once Simon's cum he's, well, cum. Could be internal and, Simon, if you keep pumping after cumming then we might catch the semen oozing out all around your shaft. A good porn shot but it's back to what do you want. Your photographs!"

Rather exciting for me, actually, talking like that and with them actually engaged. Ellen was sitting on Simon with his cock right up inside her.

"They're only holiday snaps, Tony, we're certainly not putting them on some dodgy site on the 'Net,' no way."

"No, Simon, they are for you to enjoy in the privacy of your own bedroom! I just ask, wondering what you'd like?"

Nice if they sent them to me and I would certainly 'enjoy' them in the privacy of, probably, my study. It would be unlikely that I would be sharing them with Pat. How pleasant it would be to wank remembering back looking at my photographs of Ellen and Simon on the computer screen.

"Let's just fuck. Doggy as you say. You just snap away."

But I did not just let them fuck, I did not just let them connect straightaway. A lovely shot or two of Ellen looking so desirable, so available on all fours. Not on the sand but actually just in the water, the little waves washing over her wrists and ankles, her bottom so very there and waiting. And then with Simon approaching. The juxtaposition of the available girl and the approaching tumescent man so pleasing.

"Come on Simon, get yourself really hard and upstanding." Remarkable really. I was telling another man to wank - and he did. I even took a photograph of him doing just that behind her and then took what I thought would be a perfect picture of him standing with intent, hands reaching towards her, penis so hard and Ellen so ready and available.

Did I wish I was standing, instead, in his place, naked, and with equal intent? I certainly did!

Finally I let them connect and fuck. Plentiful shots and then sat on the sand and just watched. They were conscious of me of course, how could they not be with me feet away, but increasingly became absorbed in their actions until the expected groan from Simon and the extra thrusts. So exciting, I was seeing real sexual intercourse right in front of my eyes, watching as the insemination thing happened. Simon slowed his movement.

"No, keep fucking," I said picking up the camera again. Whether they wanted it or not, on their camera were a couple of quite close shots of Simon's cock, hard and half embedded, with his semen starting to ooze out at the join with Ellen. A nice 'cream pie' shot - well, it was the sort of shot I liked even if they might not be so enthusiastic. I clicked again as he pulled out and hopefully caught the still open vagina with tell tale white semen and the perpetrator still hard and in shot. I flicked to 'view' and, yes, a really good shot. The vagina just as I hoped and the penis separated from it but still in view, rubbery and not fully deflated, not by any means, with seemingly still flowing semen at the tip. A great picture in my opinion! It would have been better had a strand of semen still joined them but... I was not seeking to enter the 'Amateur Porn Shot of the Year' contest and, frankly, it was pretty good as it was.

Afterwards, the three of us walked along the shore talking. I handed over the camera and Ellen giggled away as she flicked back at the images pointing out the occasional one to her husband.

"Thanks, Tony, it would never have occurred to me To have someone else photograph... I mean, Simon's been taking plenty of me naked, a bit obsessive in getting me to pose really, and we've tried the occasional timer release but nothing like these. And none of Simon really. He'd snap away at me naked, even rather, um, exposed, but wouldn't let me take him. Now I've got... I love these, the first ones of us just together. This one here, brill., really brill. Just us talking but naked and with Simon so hard. My husband's lovely penis."

It was a good photo. A lovely one of the couple. They were looking fondly at each other and the erection just emphasised that. Yes, nice in a photo frame but really for the bedroom only!

Nice to talk to them about the photographs and their holiday. Nice to be with naked young people. Naked, young, freshly copulated people.

"We'd brought a bottle of white wine for lunch. Would you like a glass?" Again Ellen making suggestions.

Cool white wine was perhaps more appropriate to a Mediterranean beach than a thermos of hot milky Nescafe!

"Err, yes, that'd be rather nice."

"Seems a bit silly us naked and you not."

I looked at Simon and he shrugged, "Yeah, feel free. Let's all be nudists - with wine"!

It was very much what I had thought of doing earlier and I was not at all averse to the idea. My penis had somewhat subsided so I was not going to suddenly 'spring' that on them. The invitation was to be naked. Nothing more. I undid the buttons of my shirt. Bare-chested is normal enough for men on a beach. Completely dropping shorts and pants something a bit less usual.

Nothing to be ashamed at in my body. I'm six foot, dark haired and solidly built. Fairly olive skinned and quite hirsute. Some women like it. Some do not. Pat always calls me - or at least when she is being playful - her big hairy bear, and I certainly have dark hair all down my front running from my chest right down around my navel to my pubes. Hairy arms, hairy legs, even a bit hairy on my back. Some men might shave it all off - even around the genitalia but Pat likes me like that and I like me being me!

I was obviously much, much hairier than Simon. A bigger bloke generally in fact. I was appraised.

"Aren't you hairy, Tony! Look at me all shaved and then compare me to you."

To be fair I am male and Ellen is female. There is a big difference and not simply in genitalia. And she did not just stop at mention of my hair.

"That looks a big one. How big does it get?"


"Get away with you, Simon. I'm interested in knowing. Aren't you?"

Of course he shrugged his shoulders again.

I looked down. It was almost soft - my penis that is - certainly not rising into the air.

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