tagIncest/TabooWalking In on My Daughter Ch. 01

Walking In on My Daughter Ch. 01


I love thinking back to that first day, that indescribably wonderful moment when I first walked in on my daughter masturbating. That was two years ago, but even now when I think about it I feel my penis instantly begin to harden. I swear that if I were ever foolish enough to let my mind latch on to that particular memory during a presentation (in which I am generally standing up in front of a group of people with no podium to hide behind) everyone in the room would either be treated or shocked to the sight of a large protrusion in the front of my pants.

Fortunately not all of life is business meetings and there are times when one is permitted to reminisce and this happens to be one of those times, not only made possible but in fact required of me by the two significant women of my life: my wife and my daughter herself.

It’s not that they are exactly holding a gun to my head forcing me to recount the experience for an unknown, hopefully large, internet audience. No, their method is both more cruel and wonderful. I am to sit in front of my computer regaling the tale completely naked while I listen to them in the background in the other room making loud, passionate love to each other. I am not allowed to bring myself to orgasm nor will either of them assist me in any way until I have at least published, so to speak, the first part of our story; so if the story seems rushed I can only hope that my readers will appreciate my eagerness to have the tale told.

It was summer and I happened to drop by the house in the middle of the afternoon (being self-employed allows me some flexibility in my schedule). My wife was out doing business of her own and I assumed that my daughter was out with her friends. I was about half way up the stairs when I heard a feminine voice that appeared to be coming from our bedroom. Only what stopped me in my tracks and suddenly made my breath go shallow and my skin tingle with the sudden onset of a cold sweat, was that the voice was not speaking but moaning. The unmistakable moan of a female in sexual arousal.

My wife’s car was not in the driveway so I knew it wasn’t her in our bedroom and by process of elimination I figured it could only be our daughter, Rachel. I immediately changed my walk so as not to make any noise as I crept closer to the open bedroom door. Part of me was telling me that I should turn around, let her finish and never let on that I was ever the wiser. But another part of me – specifically, the part of me that was growing in stature between my legs – was telling me that this was an opportunity I knew I wouldn’t want to miss.

Knowing that I could hardly feign ignorance while holding an exposed cock in my hand I resisted the urge to unzip my pants and finger myself. Besides which, my intention, even though my blood boiled with hormonal heat, wasn’t to rape my daughter but to hopefully increase our level of intimacy. Just before crossing the threshold I tried to take a deep breath, knowing that once I stepped through the door I would be committed.

I stepped inside and turned to see my daughter completely naked on the queen size bed. Rather than lying on the bed with her head at the head of the bed, she was turned sideways lying on her back with her legs spread wide overhanging the edge of the bed. Her eyes were screwed shut and her mouth was open as she panted for breath amidst sweet vocalized moans of feminine pleasure. She was slowing sliding a vibrating cock-replica dildo in and out of her wet, swollen pussy while she stimulated her clit with her other hand.

On the bed next to her was my wife and my open toy chest of sexual toys which she had apparently discovered. I could see the glisten of perspiration covering her body and smell the erotic mixture of feminine arousal mixed with pulsing aromatic waves of heat that rose from her slowly writhing, naked body.

I stood breathless at the sight of her firm breasts with their nipples standing erect and the completely unblocked view of her vagina. She was lying with her bottom just slightly over the bed itself so that I could make out the outline of her beautiful, athletic ass. Being a confirmed ass man, I glanced down just in time to see a drop of her vaginal juices drip from her glistening ass hole where the fluid of her arousal had flowed down . The picture of myself dropping down to my knees to lap up those juices directly from her ass hole flashed through my mind.

I could tell that she was very near a climatic orgasm but was deliberately trying to forestall it until the point when her body itself would refuse any further restraint and erupt with an explosive pleasure she was powerless to escape.

I looked back up to her face just a split second before she opened her eyes. At first her head was tilted back so far that she couldn’t see me standing over her less that three feet away. Then she lifted her head to look down at what she was doing.

I saw the sudden flash of fear and recognition as she saw me standing there.

“Oh, god, Daddy!!!” she said as she simultaneously pulled the dildo from her pussy, pulled up her legs, turned sideways on the bed and thrust her other hand between her legs, all in an attempt to hide her perceived shame.

I don’t know if she realized just how futile her attempt actually was. Turned sideways with her legs pulled up and her ass positioned on the very edge of the bed actually gave me a perfect view of her perfectly formed bottom. And even with her hand between her legs I could still make out the swelling of her pubes, and her ass hole remained in full view.

I could tell that she couldn’t decide whether to turn her head down and bury it in the bedspread or to continue to stare at me over her shoulder with shocked horror. The whole sight was so erotic that for a moment I couldn’t think what to say to my naked daughter and I just stood their gazing into her eyes as she lay exposed to the very core of her being on the bed.

After a brief delay I managed to pull the words from my mouth. “I’m sorry that I embarrassed you honey.”

That was less than totally truthful, of course. My desire at that moment to comfort my daughter and to let her know that everything was alright was genuine, but on the other hand I had deliberately walked in on her, hoping beyond all my wildest fantasies to catch her just as I had. And, though I should be ashamed to admit it, even her total humiliation was indescribably arousing to me.

Because I wanted to convey to her that what she was doing was okay and also because I really didn’t want to spoil her mood I sat down on the bed next to and behind her, placed my hand on her shoulder -- God, I wanted to touch her ass though!!! – and continued. “I’m really sorry if I spoiled the mood you were in. I don’t want to leave you feeling frustrated after you were obviously so close to cumming, and even though I’m sure that it’s tremendously embarrassing to have your father sit next to you while you are naked and continue to talk to you after finding you masturbating, before I leave I just want to tell you to never, ever, be ashamed of your sexuality. It’s such an important and wonderful part of who you are, and I hope that you will enjoy your sexuality as much as your mother and I enjoy ours.”

I hesitated for just a few seconds wondering whether I dared say the next thing on my mind, but finally decided to say it. “I’m going to go now, honey, but I really hope that you will be able to continue what you were doing until you are satisfied. Don’t cheat yourself by holding back. Make all the noise you want and take all the time you need. When you are through I’ll be waiting for you downstairs. I really want to talk to you about all of this later.”

I leaned over and kissed her on her cheek then got up and walked out of the room leaving the door open. I walked to the head of the stairs but instead of going down I sat down and listened to see if she would go back to masturbating herself.

After about a minute I heard the hum of the vibrating dildo come back on. The sound was shortly followed by even louder moans than before.

Once I new that she was going to continue and not get dressed and come out of the room right away, I quickly stripped off all of my clothes and laid on my back at the top of the stairs and began to masturbate my cock as I listened to my daughter’s moans of ecstasy. I stroked my cock slowly, trying amidst the flood of hormones to hold off my own orgasm until I heard her reach hers.

I lay there trying to be quiet (I wasn’t quite so brave yet as to let my daughter know that I was masturbating listening to her masturbate).

My head was thrown back and my eyes closed as I continued to stroke myself. Then, as I listened, I heard, not just moaning, but now my daughter was actually speaking her fantasy out loud. “Oh god, yes!!! Please fuck me!!! Your cock feels so good inside me!!! Oh god, yes, I’m going to cum!!!” Her voice had crescendoed to a shout. Then I heard her scream out: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” as she exploded in orgasm.

I shot cum all over myself and after catching my breath, I quickly grabbed my clothes and went downstairs to get dressed and wait for my daughter to come down herself. I couldn’t wait to talk to my daughter about her sexuality. And I couldn’t wait to tell my wife all that had happened.

[I realize that the story is short, partly because I really am sitting here completely naked waiting to bring myself off. If you like the story so far and would like me to continue I would really like your feedback. When you send it, I would love to be able to write back and let you know that I got it so be sure to check the little check box that lets me respond to you. Also, I would love it if you read my other stories and let me know what you think of them. Thanks. JohnOne.]

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