tagIncest/TabooWalking in Switzerland

Walking in Switzerland


Andy and Mo, his sister, have a very special relationship which was tested when Andy met Alison on a walking holiday in Switzerland.


Andy had always been shy, laid back, easy going and a daydreamer, so with both parents away in Corfu washing and packing for his own holiday had been left until the last minute. Maureen, slim, brunette, 20 years old and his elder sister by two years, needed to give him a push. By Saturday evening they both took time out to relax in the privacy of the rear garden.

"I'll get us both another cider."

"No, sis, 3 cans is enough."

But big sister always knew better. Five minutes later she came back out with a can each.

"Oh, come on. It's summer. Dad buys it, we drink it. Here."

She sat in his lap, pulled the tab on one can and gave it to him, pulled hers and held the can up. "Here's to summer holidays!"

Andy returned the toast and took a swig. Ice cold cider ... perfect for a warm mid-July evening. He could already feel the effect of the previous cans.

"Cheers sis!"

Pint sized Mo, 4'11" tall, 30aa, an almost anorexic 8 stones, fit into her brother's lap perfectly. Into his lap rather than on his lap, her soft, rounded, perfect derriere made for a snug fit.

"You've changed." Even without necking 3 cans of cider, Andy wasn't usually the most observant of guys.

"Nope, I'm still the same big sister."

"You know exactly what I mean. Was shorts, now skirt." And definitely one of her shorter skirts.

Mo smiled. "I guess I was too warm."

Not just the skirt, big sis had changed her top. Was lightweight sweat, now thin tee-shirt. No bra, but that was normal for Mo. Small tits maybe, but her ready to eat, pinkish-brown nipples with gorgeous deeper brown areolae sure decorated them well

She snuggled down into Andy's lap, wriggling a little more than was needed. He immediately felt a totally natural reaction starting to happen. Natural ... except this was his sister. As much as he knew it was wrong, Andy was a healthy male, with a very healthy male response. He also knew it was pointless resisting.

"You travel to Switzerland on Monday. I'll miss you."

With that she took the can from Andy's hand, put it on the table, moved his hand under her tee-shirt. Primal instinct took over.

Slowly, gently Andy moved his hand upwards, tracing against his sister's small breast, across a nipple which was standing proud in anticipation. As it flicked against her brother's thumb it sent a pleasure wave to her sexual nerve centre ... 'nipple one calling base ...'

Andy was aware of her slight shiver, nipple one called base time and time again; base replied with a rapidly increasing signal after each slight motion of his thumb. Mo stood, turned around and settled herself astraddle and facing her brother, a leg each side of the sun lounger. Only strips of fabric now came between her pussy and Andy's fully aroused cock. Mo swivelled around a little to give him better access.

Andy pulled the tee-shirt up and over her head. Mo's boobs were even smaller than their mother's. Teased at school, she had wished for more but all the nerves and all the sensations in her tiny breasts were working perfectly. She had taught Andy and taught him well. He knew where every pleasure nerve was located, when to tickle, when to tweak and pull. She could feel the moisture seeping, no oozing through her panties, rapidly damping Andy's shorts.

Five, ten, fifteen minutes passed by. Fifteen minutes of lightly stroking, teasing, hardly touching his sister's skin. Andy was expertly exploring every part of her back, her sides, her tummy, her breasts and nipples. Just the lightest of touches meant that the seeping, oozing was now a flood, not helped at all by Andy's lips and tongue exploring her small but perfectly formed breasts. There was a widening damp patch on Andy's blue shorts.

Without any word at all both knew what was to come. In just a few seconds Mo stood, removed panties, unzipped and set free Andy's solid 7 inches. She lowered herself and expertly guided him into her, aided greatly by her fast flowing juices. Slowly, ever so slowly she raised and lowered herself, giving Andy the benefit of still tight vaginal muscles, then leaned forward and removed his tee. Now face to face she cuddled, letting every muscle relax, letting herself go soft and floppy. She knew Andy loved the feel of her soft breasts against him and lay there for maybe ten minutes. Andy closed his eyes, savouring the shampoo scent still in her hair. Every so often she clamped her vaginal muscles and eased slightly back and forth, giving her brother's cock a ripple of pleasure, making it swell fully again inside her.

Eventually she sat upright and began to ride his cock. Andy lay still still while her tightness sucked him, while she moved herself ever so slightly to rub her clit against him. She had all the time in the world to pleasure both of them. Just one word from him told her he was about to cum and she increased the speed, clenched her muscles, sucking him until he could take no more. He erupted inside her, his cum exploding and splattering into her welcoming pleasure cave.

A short break, Andy's senses recovering, she moved position again, lay atop and against him and felt a finger of one hand gently probe her anus, the other hand lazily massaging her clit. Andy's fingers hardly moved, he knew just exactly how little had to be done, how to lightly prod at her anal opening, how to circle her clit.

A minute, two minutes, five, ten minutes of soft, persistent arousal. Mo could feel her clit radiating pleasure outwards, building tension, finally giving her the shattering, mind blowing orgasm she deserved. Her own female cum streamed down, drenching Andy's shorts.

Nothing was ever said to undermine the special feelings she had for him. She knew, he knew the feelings of powerful sexual attraction were deemed by many as morally wrong. She loved his well toned and lightly tanned body. She loved to run her hands over his abs and along his biceps, and adored his average sized but thick adequate cock and the way it felt inside her. She loved seeing him other times, catching him unawares in the shower sneaking a wank. It made her feel horny ... very horny. She would often tell him during their evening chats that it was he who had made her panties so damp. Once in a while, like that evening, this love came through in a totally physical way.


"Thanks, sis," said Andy. "See you next week."

He leaned back into the car and gave his sister a kiss on the cheek, closed the door with a soft clunk and blew another kiss to her through the car window.

It was good of Maureen to get up early and drop Andy off at the train station. The 07.24 to London Kings Cross marked the first leg of a student holiday. Several members of the local student union travelled with him down to London to join others from all over the UK to travel out to Switzerland with StudentstarUk, a British company specialising in young peoples' budget holidays.

Andy wasn't really a loner but was shy and uneasy with girls and much preferred a hiking holiday in Switzerland to the promise of sun, sea, sand and sex on the Costa del Sol. By the time they had arrived in Switzerland, travelling by overnight coach to save money, Andy knew several of the group. It wasn't easy to sleep on the coach and for quite some time he'd been chatting to Alison, occupying the seat next to him. Alison was from a rural part of Cumbia and she'd just had her 19th birthday. Her friends, Carol and Simone, were on the two seats directly in front and Andy considered himself very lucky to be sat next to the most beautiful of the three.

Packing baggage and rucksack into the coach storage had been slow. Andy's was one of the last to go in so when he boarded the coach there were few seats available.

"Excuse me," said Andy to a young lady seated halfway down the coach, "Is this seat taken?"

She removed her jacket from the vacant seat. "No, it's ok," and gestured for him to sit down. These were the only words she spoke to Andy for the next 15 minutes, instead talking only to her friends in front.

"I'm Andy," he said finally, offering his right hand.

"And I'm Alison," she replied, smiling and shaking his hand.

Their conversation was uneasy at first. This had always been a problem with Andy, given that he was naturally shy. He'd always been the same at home. Sister Maureen, almost always called Mo, had done most of the talking for him when he was very young. At school, he was always the last putting his hand up even though he almost always knew the answer. Older and at college now he was always the one in the corner letting others talk first and daydreaming, never deciding what was to do next. Andy was, however, considered quite good looking. Never short of a female friend, he nevertheless didn't use his finely chiselled masculine looks to win girls over. He'd had girlfriends but hadn't so far found one who was right for him.

"So, where are you from?" Andy asked after the long pause.

"Cumbria," she answered, "Near Appleby."

"Ah yes, where they have the famous horse fair." He could remember someone telling him. Any conversation was more than welcome to break the ice.

The coach made its way down to the Channel Tunnel. Arriving at the French terminal and formalities cleared, they were soon on their way to Switzerland. The coach pulled in for the statutory comfort break 2 hours later and following this the passengers settled down for the long drive south. As the journey and the night wore on however, Andy and Alison found they had much in common - similar hobbies, similar tastes in music and even liked the same sports. By the time they'd arrived at the Youth Hostel in Interlaken they were already firm friends.

The coach didn't stop in the town centre, instead it drove another 2 kilometers past the far end of Interlaken and up a few side roads. The hostel looked very much as if it had at one time been a school or college and converted, but it seemed to be in good condition and there were quite a number of young people coming in and out of the entrance.

There was a problem. The hostel manager seemed to speak only broken English but fortunately one of the students on the coach spoke quite good German. It seemed there had been some confusion or mistake in the booking - in essence some of the party got their requested 2 or 4 person rooms, but others who had requested a small dormitory share were out of luck. Being July the hostel was full; Andy, Alison and most of the others from the coach group had been allocated places in the two larger sixteen bed mixed dorms.

"Are you OK with this, Alison?" asked Andy

Alison smiled. "We didn't get much sleep on the coach. I'll sleep anywhere."

One or two in the group grumbled, but most were OK.

The following morning Andy was awake very early. At first he was a bit disoriented and with his usual 7 inch just-woke-up tent support not having yet received any attention he decided to stay in bed a while longer. All of the others were asleep but despite being so horny, Andy couldn't at that moment venture to bring himself some relief. He was already missing his sister being around and still half asleep he began to think of the evening before.

Late Sunday evening, just before he set off on holiday, he'd been sat, as he often did, at the edge of her bed just talking. Ever much a tease, sis had been sat with just the top of her pj's on. It was always something of a contest between his ability to hold a reasonable conversation with her and the distraction of those silky mini briefs she favoured wearing. Red, yellow, pink, purple, green, ivory -- the colours changed daily. Being thin and silky the panties would easily show dampness through and this was even more of a distraction; he loved looking at them.

Mo smiled, "You're going to miss me."

"No, there will be loads to do. Won't have time."

"Are you sure you packed everything?"

"Yes sis." Why did she sometimes treat him like a child? He was 18, not 8.

Here he was now, already missing her. She had always been there to take his mind off any troubles he had. Andy loved the chats though sometimes he just couldn't understand how time had passed so very quickly. No matter what problems of the day had been, talking to Mo was good, relaxing. She liked to hear about his day, what the girls had said to him. Had they admired at his trim, lean, fit body? What had they talked about? Had he kissed any today? He really must tell her all about them.

After Andy left her, to sleep in his own room he knew that Mo would visit the bathroom and go through her usual routine, wash, cream on face and hands, clean teeth and deposit panties in the laundry basket. At home he usually took no time at all to fall asleep, often wondering what his sister had done during the day to moisten and soil those soft, smooth, damp, relaxing panties.

Most mornings, whatever time he awoke he knew those panties would be in the basket awaiting him, still damp. Unless he was late for college it only took a few moments for him to deeply inhale the delicate earthy, musky sexual aromas they held, several times, and to rub that silky material up and down his cock until he discharged his load. Usually, unless the washing had been done, there would be a previous day's pair deeper down the pile. He would hold the fresher gusset to his nose, inhaling time and time again while rubbing the silk of the other pair the length of his cock until his cum shot out into the toilet bowl.

Mo, of course, knew her brother's pervy tricks but she loved him. He was shy but with a good, fit body which he wasn't reluctant to show her; working out regularly in the small college gym paid dividends in the form of a firm six-pack, muscular legs and arms. She took pride too in having given him his first blow job when he was much younger, and many more since then.

Andy's reverie hadn't helped the state of his cock hidden well under the duvet. He dare not lie on his back though, as solid as he was; his cock would give his horniness away. He looked around the room - no-one was stirring, he reached into the front zipped pocket of his rucksack next to the bed and pulled out a pair of his sister's panties which she had sneaked into there without telling him. They were pale mauve, the ones she had worn on Saturday, the soaked, sodden panties that had seeped through to stain his shorts. The soft, silky panties still held plenty of Mo's special pussy fragrance. Aware of his forthcoming trip she had carefully folded them, still very damp, into a poly zipbag. Deeply scented, her sodden pussy having drenched every fibre. Turning back over, he pulled the duvet upto his head, put the panties to his nose, inhaled deeply.The lovely, absorbing, devinely enchanting, private, secret smell of Mo's sex.

He needed whatever strong musky perfume was there, he needed it badly, he needed it to arouse him with sister's very sexy, ever so slightly pissy odour. He inhaled deeply again letting the precious scent seep into his brain then began to stroke his cock ... gently, ever so gently back and forth. He didn't want the bed to creak, he didn't want others to notice the movement. Ever so gently so no-one would know, such a soft but firm touch, his finger and thumb deftly drawing his foreskin over the sensitive head and back again, aided by his own lubrication.

He could picture his sister in the shower. Soaping her small breasts, her tiny but sensitive breasts; no cleavage at all. Gently soaping her nipples with her eyes shut. Caressing her slippery soaped breasts as her hand moved down to her secret, sexual place. Smooth there too, always smooth. She had shown him, let him watch her shave herself, taken time to let him see her vee, her valley. She had enjoyed allowing, requesting, persuading him to run his finger down and feel the smoothness, taught him to linger and trace a fingernail along the sensitive sides of the deep valley. Let him see inside her while pulling her pussy lips apart to shave there. She had taken the time to point out to him that secret nub of pleasure that all girls have, made him touch it, caress it gently, kiss and lick it tenderly. Sometimes she shaved him. He'd been rock solid every time as she shaved his balls while gently moving his foreskin back and forward and every time he had cum ...

... Just as he was doing now. Fuck! His load was about to shoot out under the duvet. He tried to stop but had reached the point of no return. He just managed to catch most of it in the loose fabric of his boxers. What was he doing? Had he been seen? He had only meant to rub, tickle his balls and stroke his cock gently, not cum. Only to tease himself, cock buzz, so later he could wank later in private. Now his hand and boxers were wet with cum. They would need washing. What if anyone saw the starchy dried cum?

During his time of daydream the dorm was starting to stir. Two girls from the Netherlands were already up and a couple more of his group were talking as Andy slipped off his messy boxers, reached over again and pulled out clean pair whilst dropping the messy ones in the drawer to be sorted out later. Rapidly pulling his boxers on followed by a tee he got out of bed, pulled on his jeans, grabbed towel and soap and made for the bathroom.

Hmmm, the bathroom. Another communal area. Separate showers and changing areas, wc's etc, but common wash bowls. The blonde haired girls who had got up before him were in here. Not dressed though, with just a bathrobe to cover them. They'd had a shower and were drying hair. One of the girls obviously didn't notice her bathrobe was gaping a little. It gaped enough for Andy to get more than a glimpse of nipple as he brushed his teeth far more carefully than he'd done for a long time. She bent slightly and he could just make out the rounded top of her breast, the pinky brown coloured nipple standing firm and proud. Proud to be on display? Proud to show any male admirer how beautiful a nipple could be? Maybe so, but that proud nipple's owner wasn't aware ... Or was she?

Just time for a shower now and down for breakfast. Alison came down a few moments later and walked over to sit with him rather than with her two friends.

"Hi," said Andy. "Have a good night's kip?"

"Great," she replied. "I was shattered after the long journey."

"Me too, I slept like a log until about 6.30 this morning. Then I couldn't get back to sleep. Any idea what the group is doing today?"

"I think," said Alison, "There's a get-together then a short walk. I don't suppose many will want anything longer after the journey."

Breakfast over, they went down to the short meeting. The walk was more or less on flat ground for a couple of hours. There would be a much longer one the day after. Andy expected Alison to keep up with her two friends but she seemed to favour lagging back and chatting with him.

The group had walked for 2 or 3 kilometers when for apparently no reason at all Alison grabbed Andy's hand and held gently on to it for most of the walk. He just wasn't used to girls taking to him so quickly but I guess most of the formalities had been dealt with on the coach journey. Alison's hand just fit nicely into his own. Soft smooth skin, a lovely soft warm, slightly damp hand to hold just like his sister's.

Another 3 kilometers and the walk was over, they had the rest of the day to themselves. Andy was most surprised to see Alison's two friends head into Interlaken without her, having come into the dorm and said simply "See you later Ali."

Alison and Andy set off towards town at a slow leisurely pace taking in the breathtaking scenery around them, stopping and looking at anything and everything worth seeing. Again she took his hand and this time interlocked fingers with him. They talked and talked, time passing without either of them taking any notice. It was as if they were in their own world, totally lost in each other. Does anyone truly believe in love at first sight? Time would tell. Arriving in town almost an hour after they set off, they called in a street cafe just off Hoheweg for a coffee and delicious apfel strudel. That nicely digested they did the tour of the overpriced souvenir shops and called in the tourist information office.

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