Walking in Switzerland


The town of Interlaken is surrounded by stunning scenery and is set between the lakes Thun and Brienzsee . The pair looked in awe over at the Jungfraujoch and nearby mountains before steadily making the walk back to the hostel. After evening meal they wandered around again, totally engaged in conversation as if they had been lovers for ages. There was a river near the hostel, one of the feeders into Lake Thun and they strolled along talking mainly about their relative backgrounds. This instant friendship was now beginning to gel into something more.

Back again to the hostel, a chat with friends then time for bed. Tomorrow was going to be one of the longer walks. As is often the case the dorm wasn't quiet for some time. People coming and going, talking, making new friends, catching up on the day's events. Andy surreptitiously watched the young ladies of his group, some not too bothered at all changing for bed in front of the men, others rather more wary. Eventually things quietened down and Andy reflected on the days events. He and Alison seemed to be getting on real well; they had spent most of the day together. He wondered what Alison thought of him. Might he kiss her the following day? Big sister Mo would know. She had taught Andy how to kiss real good.

Despite his shyness, Andy got on well with girls. He wasn't a virgin, he hadn't been for two years now. Unlike some of his friends he didn't go all out to bed girls - if that's the way things turned out it was fine. Mo wasn't just a sister, she was confidante, a shoulder to cry on, a second opinion. They talked things over on Mo's bed - their own private space - and their parents knew that. The fact that Mo comforted Andy when he needed it was unknown to their parents though, and the methods she used to comfort him. He loved seeing her panties, those special relaxing panties. He could forget all his cares. What did they talk about? He knew it was good to talk to sis. She had told him they must talk, it would be good to relax and talk. He could trust her. She would know what they had discussed. Often Andy did not.

Andy wondered whether Carrie was aware the lamp immediately behind her caused a silhouette of her breasts through her nightshirt fabric. He had been watching, hopefully unseen, as she brushed her long blonde hair. It wouldn't have taken her so long had she not been talking away to Laura sat perched at the end of her bed. Andy had the perfect angle, and from where he was the thin material of her nightshirt was completly opaque. Her breasts cast a conical shadow, her nipples seemed pertly erect. Andy watched as she talked, the outline of her breasts moving up and down. At times his parents said he was a dreamer, in a world of his own. Just now he was content to watch, to dream and feel his arousal gently build.

The conversation between Carrie and Laura came to an end all too soon. Carrie settled down to sleep. Andy settled down to sleep and dream about Carrie, about Alison and about Mo.

Morning soon came, another bright clear and sunny Swiss day. Breakfast over, hiking boots on, rucksacks packed with extra clothing, sandwiches, fruit and drink, the group set off. Alison was by his side again, but wearing a skirt not jeans. Perhaps too hot? They would be climbing higher, air cooling. Maybe her jeans would be in her rucksack.

As the walk progressed Andy and Alison trailed the group. Not far enough behind to cause concern but Alison seemed to favour being last. No-one following. No-one to see her gently pat Andy's butt, no-one to see her ease her hand under Andy's tee-shirt, no-one to see her trace her nails up his spine making him shiver. No-one either to see Andy reciprocate, gently caressing her butt under her skirt, see him gently touch her butt cheeks just a little way inside her panties.

The walk progressed a little higher until the view below was of a steel blue lake, Lake Thun. By now Andy's left hand was under Alison's tee-shirt, gently tickling her side, gently stroking her sensitive smooth skin all the way up to her bra. Except that there wasn't a bra, no fabric to deny him touching her small breast, perhaps just a cup size larger than Mo's. Both walked on as if everything was normal. Nothing was said. No-one but Andy and Alison knew those secret touches were there. Alison was well aware. Her left nipple was taking orders from her pleasure brain. Orders to stand to attention, orders to send tingling messages via the nerves under her skin. Pleasurable, sexual messages to her brain and to her pussy.

If anything, Alison moved closer to Andy, their pace slowing as much as they dare. She gave Andy permission, gave him the opportunity to touch her small breast, her erect nipple. Small was good. Big sister Mo was small breasted. Small breasts small frame, big personality. Mo was good, Mo helped him chill out, tell her all about the cares of the day. She talked softly to him, let him unwind, watch her soothing panties. Yes, he could watch there and slowly relax, trust her to talk him down to that special, relaxed place.

The group had come to a halt. Time to check on numbers, time to have a drink, a snack, a break.

Ten minutes break then the group began to slowly climb again. Cars, boats and people became smaller and smaller. The air became fresher. Both of them dropped back, as before. Alison's hand came around, gave Andy's butt a playful squeeze, then allowed her hand to journey upwards, under his tee, feel his toned muscle.

"Wow! You must train hard." She gasped at the muscles' steely hardness. "Mmmm I like that, " she added, a broad smile on her face. "You must show me later."

Andy turned toward her. Gently kissed her on the lips. His kiss was returned, as best as their walking pace allowed.

"I enjoy going to the gym," he replied, "It keeps me in trim and fit."

Another exchanged kiss. This time they paused a moment. Mo had taught Andy to kiss well.

"Always remember what I say," his sister had told him. Yes, she said that, sat on her bed every evening. Sometimes he felt he must have dropped asleep during one of their chats. Sometimes he was so tired, so very sleepy he couldn't stay awake. It must have been a busy day at college he told himself each time. He'd apologised to Mo, sorry that he'd been so tired, so relaxed and sleepy, unable to stay awake as she talked so soothingly to him. She always understood and he'd always remembered what she'd said. Always. Without question. His sister loved him and she was always right.

Their kiss had lasted longer, much longer than last time. The group were well in front. The two friends quickened their pace.

By and by the path levelled out, a long, straight foothpath, a wall at both sides. The group seemed to ease off their pace.

"Andy, I'm busting for a wee,"

Too much information, thought Andy.

"Just keep a lookout," she added, "I'm going behind this wall."

Andy was surprised at the ease with which she clambered over.

"Keep a lookout she said," muttered Andy to himself. Unable to refuse an ideal opportunity to peek Andy couldn't stop himself.

His view was of Alison, panties at her ankles, supporting herself with one hand on the wall and the other holding up her skirt. A steady gush of pee was splashing on the grass below her perfect bottom. Andy mused how nature had supplied her with such a perfectly designed ass, just as Alison looked round.

"You perv!' she shouted.

"You distinctly told me to keep a lookout," Andy argued.

"You know exactly what I meant."

With that she turned her head forward again. Andy didn't turn away. He was sure she'd peed a bucket full. Eventually the stream went to a dribble, then drops shaken from under those two special hemispheres. Panties and dignity restored Alison climbed back over the wall and gave Andy a playful slap across his face.

"You don't take liberties mister! Understood?"

"But you said ..."

There the scolding stopped. "Just don't do it again."

The group were now well ahead. The pair ran to catch them before they were missed.

Just a short way ahead they all stopped for lunch, having bought hostel-supplied packs of sandwiches, cheese, fruit and cold drinks. The ascent had been completed, the remainder of the walk was downhill.

They arrived back at the hostel in good time to freshen up. Their evening meal, hostel style, was simple but sufficient.

Afterwards Alison and Andy retraced their steps to the river, finding a nook amongst trees and bushes for privacy. This afternoon's indiscretion forgotten, the couple had time to themselves to cuddle, to kiss - tongues urgently exploring interesting sensations. Andy knew he could kiss well, Mo had taught him, shown him how to use his sensitive lips and tongue. She had taught him well, in her bedroom, during their evenings together. How to use his lips and his tongue to please a girl, to please Mo. Andy just couldn't remember how or when but he knew Mo had taught him.

In their small nook of privacy tee-shirts were hastily removed. Their bodies were close together and it was good to move skin against skin. The feel of breasts against chest made their kisses even more special. Andy let his hands, his fingers explore Alison's bare skin. He could feel her tense up then relax as his fingers touched just the right places. He pulled away a little, lips still touching lips as he ran his thumbs against Alison's nipples, each a delicate shade of pinkish brown. Her nipples were stiff, eager to sense the arousal that the kiss and the touch of Andy's thumbs strumming against them brought. Pleasure to her nipples, pleasure to her senses, pleasure moving down to her play garden.

Still kissing her deeply, passionately, Andy moved his hand down, under her skirt and rubbed a finger against the soft fabric of her panties. He pushed gently into her groove, her crack, her pussy, rubbing the material into it. Pulling the fabric away again he slipped a finger inside.

Alison broke the kiss, pulled away.

"No Andy, not yet. Please, it's been a long hard day. I'm tired. Leave it to another day."

"OK," he said " ... I just thought ..."

She put a finger to his lips. "Please, Andy. Don't say anything more. There will be time later. Let's just walk back to the hostel."

Alison could see the disappontment on Andy's face. But she would make good to him later. The next walk maybe, she would let him watch her pee. She'd gently scolded him but found herself a little aroused by his interest in such, well, such an uninteresting thing.

There was something else. She tried to put it a subtly as she could.

"I noticed, in the bedroom, you seemed to have some panties. Your girlfriend, maybe, she thought you would miss her?"

Andy's face reddened. "No. I don't have a girlfriend just now. They belong to my sister."

He paused for a while.

"I can talk to my sister. She listens carefully. She understands. Sometimes when I'm feeling down I take them from the linen basket. I guess it's hard to explain."

Alison smiled. "I caught my brother once with a pair of mine. He was in his bedroom, wanking. I guess I must have scared him as I never caught him again."

Another pause. A long pause.

"About just now. I'm sorry, I'm tired and things were moving too fast for me. Leave it another day or two, yes?"

Andy nodded. She could still see the disappointment in his face. She reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down, stepped out of them and handed them to him.

"Here. You keep them with you in bed tonight. Dream about me and we'll see what happens tomorrow."

Andy took the generous gift. Alison was special. He could wait. Back at the hostel, in the dorm there was the usual slow pace of getting into bed. Too much to talk about, so much time, some girls shy but some not so. If you had patience, thought Andy, there was much to see. Alison smiled to him from further down the dorm. Eventually all settled down, lights dimmed. Andy lay under the shelter of his duvet. Sheltered from unwanted eyes seeing him deeply inhale Alison's special perfume, a scent so special it could not be bottled. It had a deeper muskier scent than Mo. It was somehow more earthy, more potent, the sweat of her day. It enabled the recipient to dream of a secret sexual place where only the chosen few were allowed. Invitation only. Gold plated arousal.

Drifting off to sleep, cock stiff as an iron poker, Mo came into his mind again. She did that, even when he didn't want her to. She was inside his brain, his subconscious self. Sometimes she aroused, sometimes she questioned, sometimes she soothed, at all times she was there. He could still smell Alison's erotic scent but it was Mo's panties he was seeing. Mo was there in his almost-asleep state. She was sat on her bed removing her panties ... emerald green that day, panties that were dampened, showing a darker patch. Andy was laid on the bed. Mo held her panties close to his nose and he inhaled their scent. But the scent was Alison's, a stronger, more earthy scent. Deeply musky, having travelled a 20 kilometer walk, hints of sweat, hints of pee, unmistakeable scents of that most precious fluid seeping essily out from inside her.

In his dream state Mo's had draped her panties over his eyes and forbid him to touch. He was laid on Mo's bed and he could feel her seek out his swollen cock from his boxers. He could sense Mo's touch, the softness, wetness and warmth of her lips encircling his cock. Teasing his cock, gently and gradually submerging his cock in her mouth, gently sucking then licking, raising and lowering her head again to completely enclose his cock. More and more she gently sucked. In and out went his cock in her mouth then suddenly, all so suddenly came his powerful release.

Andy awoke with a start. Luckily for him his buttoned boxers had taken much of his cum. It was a wet, sticky mess as in any wet dream. He felt curiously relaxed but sodden and aware of what had happened. The room was quiet and still and Alison's panties were just below his pillow.

Cleaned up with tissue and changed into yet another pair of boxers he drifted back to sleep.


The low morning sunlight shone brightly into the dorm. People were moving. He had overslept a little. He stretched out and yawned and noticed Alison walk across.

"Hi sleepyhead," she said, "I was just coming to wake you up. You've been really fast asleep."

"What time is it?"

"It's 8.15. The coach picks us up at 9.00. You need to move quickly."

"Hmmm, guess I must have been tired."

Alison smiled. "Must be something to do with these panties. They get a bit messy at times but I didn't realise they could knock a guy out!"

"I'd better reclaim them," she said picking them up from just under his pillow, "Before anyone sees them."

"Aaww! I was going to put them in my rucksack."

"Come on, pervert, it's a quick breakfast for you. I've had mine. See you at the coach."

Andy just made it to the coach. They set off for Lucerne, about 50km away.

The day was more of a scenic drive than a walk by the lake, famous for folk hero William Tell's dramatic escape from Gessler's soldiers. Not quite as tired or foot weary, Andy and Alison enjoyed the day together. After supper they made their way further along the river, turning back as soon as they sensed the daylight was beginning to fade. Once back at their secret nook, just a short way from the hostel, they took time to resume the previous day's cuddles.

Andy wasn't sure which one of them was the most eager. It took only seconds to dispense of upper clothing, leaving the most sensuous, the best way of enjoying a kiss. Andy knew just how arousing skin to skin could be. There had been plenty of time whilst parents had been away for him and Mo to enjoy a shower together. In the limited space the shower enclosure allowed they could do little other than stand face to face, soapy bodies rubbing together with very little friction. Time for Mo to show him just where, just how a girl likes to be touched.

His sister, his damned sister. Why couldn't he shake off thoughts of her? Why couldn't he get her out of his head? Sure, she had coached him, shown him all she knew. Sure, she was there when his head was all screwed up. Sure, she was a shoulder to cry on when he'd found out his girlfriend was fucking someone else. But why, why could he not get that bloody sister of his out if his mind?

"Hey, dream boy. Hellooooo?" Alison was aware his thoughts weren't with her.

"Sorry." Andy apologised. "My sister and I argued the day before I left," he lied for the first time to Alison. "I was just thinking about it. I'm sorry."

"I think we both need an early night. Too much has happened too quickly." Taking the offer again of Alison's unique sleep remedy - today they were a pale yellow colour - Andy walked back with Alison to their dorm.

Other days came and went. The relationship grew, the bond between them gradually becoming stronger. Passions were exchanged every evening. Alison had her first orgasms from Andy's skilled fingers and tongue, whilst Andy found his new girlfriend able and willing to return his favours. Each evening Andy had fresh sleep-aiding panties. Thoughts and dreams of his sister became less and less, Alison was working her own magic.

The penultimate day of their holiday dawned. Andy was aware of the dorm gradually illuminating with daylight, the insistent urge from his bladder reminding him of the several half litres of Leffe he'd downed the evening before. A short walk, discomfort cured, he settled down again. A peaceful sleep, undisturbed by erotic thoughts of Mo.

Showered and fed Alison and Andy met up with the others for a walk which took them into Interlaken and towards the second lake, Brienzsee. From there they took a path rising gently uphill, giving them a fantastic view of lake and mountains. Progress was made at a gentle pace, but the pair still lagged behind, always hand in hand ... Well not always, for having a beautiful young lady at his side sometimes caused Andy's hands to roam.

Around 12.30 they stopped for packed lunch and a quick explanation from the walk leader about the surrounding area. That complete, the group went on their way, eventually to complete a circular walk. The walkers were left on their own to complete the day in Interlaken town.

"Alison, can I ask a favour please?" asked Andy, somewhat timidly.

"If I can help, what is it?"

"You know I took a pair of my sister's panties."


"Well would you help me choose a pair for her, as a kind-of apology and as a present from my holiday here?"

To be honest, Andy was rather doubtful of plucking up courage to go into a shop.

"Sure," came the reply.

They weren't cheap (nothing in Switzerland ever is), but he had sufficient Swiss francs left. He was sure Mo would be grateful.

They made their way back to the hostel for their final evening meal.

Alison was really upbeat. They sat and talked for quite a while to some of other others before making their way to their lovers nest next to the river. They were sat for some while reflecting on their holiday week.

"Hold me please Andy." Alison broke the silence.

Andy knew exactly what she meant. Tee-shirts were discarded, skin met skin, deep, loving kisses were exchanged, eager hands explored.

"Andy, it's home tomorrow. We may not get the chance again. I'd like if ... I mean it's OK if you want to ... you know. I'm ready."


"Of course I'm sure. I wouldn't have said otherwise."

"What if ... "

"Shush now. It's OK. Trust me."

Andy knew if she said that, then it would be.

He kissed Alison full on the lips, mouths opening, tongues gently exploring. He unzipped her skirt, let it loose to the ground. Gently tugged at her panties, the source of his enjoyment in bed. With a wiggle they too dropped down. Alison in her turn, still locked in a kiss, fumbled with Andy's jeans then boxers. They lay, naked save for footwear, on the rough, dry grass. Andy moved over her but ..

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