Walking in the Sunshine


"Well, you'd have had to clean it off before long anyway," Arc replied. Glancing over her head, he nodded, pointing with his chin towards the center of his backyard. "Come on... you'll make a mess if you go inside. I've got an outside shower that you can clean up with."

Taking her hand, Arc led Sherry around a low row of palmetto bushes, to where a large cement circle sat in the middle of a grass patch. In the middle, a small convex slope dipped down into a white drain plate, over which a single iron pipe rose up, ending in a flat-flanged shower head.

Sherry gave the apparatus a look, then glanced up at Arc. "Is it safe to... well, use this like..."

Arc chuckled, "What? Going shy on me now?" He set her down on the concrete and added, "I've got privacy fences and shade trees on both sides of the yard, darlin'. The only way someone can see us is if they walk up from the beach, or if they look out of their upper floor windows." He jerked his head towards one of the houses next door. "Besides, my neighbors are both snowbirds... they won't be in until wintertime."

With a relieved sigh, Sherry shrugged. "Okay... I was just, well, worried... considering the trouble I nearly caused-."

Holding up one hand, Arc cut her off gently. "Look, you didn't know that was going to happen... we've always had weird weather down here, and you couldn't have known that dope was going to splash you, now did you?" He gave her a small push towards the shower. "Get stripped and get wet. You've had your fun, now let's get you clean."

Giving him a small smile, Sherry nodded, "Okay... sounds like a plan to me." She started to bend down to untie her sneakers, when she paused and looked back up at him. "Arc... how did I look, out there?"

Arc shot her a half-smile, then shook his head and finished it completely. "Sherry... you were so hot out there."

Her cheeks dimpled. "Really?"

"Really-really," Arc chuckled. Just then, he snapped his fingers. "Damn, if you're going to get that paint off, you'll need soap. Sit tight, I'll get you some." He stepped off the circle and started walking towards the house.

Sherry laughed at his retreating back. "Where do you think I'm going to go, looking like this?"

Arc just threw up his hands as he trotted towards his back porch, stopping long enough to kick off his sandals; stomping up the wood steps to knock of the last of the sand of his feet.

Opening the back door and making his way towards his work space, he whistled a nameless tune while pulling a bar of all-purpose soap off the shelf next to the metal sink. With that in hand, he padded across the studio to the bathroom, and tugging the linen closet open, he reached inside to swipe a couple of dry towels for Sherry to use.

As he was about to turn away from the doorway, he spied Sherry's clothes from that morning - folded and stacked together - resting on the bathroom sink. "Hm, she'll need those," he murmured, snatching the entire pile in one hand before heading back to the back yard.

Kicking the door open with one foot, Arc emerged into the late afternoon air, coming down the porch steps as he called out, "Got you your clothes for a quick change, darlin'. Hope you... don't... mind..."

His voice trailed off in awe as he looked up before stepping close to the concrete shower. Sherry had removed her socks and sneakers, leaving them at the edge of the circle with his paint-smeared shirt she'd used as a cover up. Standing under the running spray of the shower head, her trim, nude body was now covered with water and more smears of the blue and yellow paint, running down from her bobbing breasts to her sleek legs.

Running her hands over her tummy, Sherry grimaced at the sight of the streaks of yellow-white on her skin. "Ugh, this stuff came off better with the beer-bath I got!"

Shaking himself, Arc moved to lay the towels and her clothes down by her sneakers. "Here," he said huskily, lobbing the soap towards her. "This soap will work better than suds."

"Great, thanks," Sherry beamed, catching the bar with her wet hands. "I think I'll have paint in places where I didn't think I had places,' she added ruefully.

"Well, you shouldn't have any trouble... I'll, um, be over here to keep an eye out for anyone coming along the beach," Arc offered, turning to head towards sands beyond his backyard.

Sherry let him get a few steps away, before calling out, "Hey... actually, I could use a little help."

Stopping in mid-stride, the burly artist swiveled half-way around, staring at her in nervous disbelief. "What, did you say?"

Biting her lip, Sherry turned back into the spray, looking down over her shoulder at her backside. "Well... I guess I want to make sure all the paint's gone," she offered with a shy smile. "That is, if you don't mind... lending a hand?"

Swallowing against the lump in his throat - and the thundering blood in his ears - Arc turned completely towards Sherry and looked her straight in the eye. "I... ah, I don't mind. Are you... sure you want, my help?"

Sherry's cheeks changed from light tan to dusky peach as she blushed, glancing down at the bulge that had returned to Arc's crotch once more. "Yeah. I don't... mind." She looked back up, seeing him start to step towards her. "Um, you might want to strip yourself. That is, unless you want those shorts to get wet... again."

Looking down his chest to his lower body, Arc pondered the situation for a second... then, with a shrug, he slipped his thumbs under his waistband. "Hell... in for a dime or a dollar," he murmured. "As damp as they are, I don't think it matters, does it?" Without waiting for Sherry's answer, he shoved both shorts and his underware down to his feet, stepping out of them.

Sherry blinked, then smiled softly, her own pulse quickening as she took in the view of him, now naked as Sherry was...right there in the open air of his backyard.

Arc wasn't completely covered in muscles - a slight pair of love handles and a round belly gave testament to that! - but, his large frame was thick, and mostly fit, covered in tanned skin and dark, thick hairs from throat to his feet.What got her attention the most, was the thick shaft of his cock, poking out at half-mast from an unruly nest of curly hairs at his groin.

Stepping slowly onto the cement circle, Arc gave her a small smile, holding out one hand. "Well, darlin'... can you please hand over that soap? Let's get clean, hm?"

She returned his smile, giving him the soap before she turned and reached out to grip the tall pipe with both hands, bending over to give him a tantalizing view of her backside. "Please?" she asked, almost in a begging tone.

With a deep intake of air, Arc stepped in close and thrust the soap under the spray for a moment or two, getting it wet before he cupped it in both hands and rubbed it briskly, forming a thick cloud of lather. He then lowered both hands to her back, resting them gently on Sherry's wet skin before moving them around in slow, opposite circles over the streaks of paint. Moving closer, he reached up under her hair to get the spots near her neck and shoulders, idly moving her ruby locks out of the way as he softly scrubbed the colors away.

Sherry sighed at the first contact of his large hands on her, arching slightly as he rubbed the soap over her back. Tingles that had been trilling along inside were now arcing like sparks along her nerves. Feeling his heat and nearness, she couldn't help the moan that slipped from her lips as he curved his fingers over her shoulders, across her collarbone.

Arc sighed, relishing the feel of her soft skin as he cleared the paint away with every stroke. "It's... coming off well," he murmured quietly. The sounds of the surf from the beach, along with the soft sounds of the wind in the trees and grass, seemed to form a bubble of solitude around them.

Rolling her shoulders, Sherry said sibilantly, "Yes... feels good..."

Arc let the smile on his lips spread, as he moved his hands back down Sherry's back. Swiping across her skin in broad strokes, he went past her waist and down onto her blue-streaked buttocks. Cupping them in his palms, he rubbed around and around, slipping his fingers down into her crack and underneath to get all of the paint left there.

At this point, Sherry let out a small gasp at his hands intruding there. Rising up on her toes for a second, she calmed and lowered back down, keeping her bottom arched out so he could get to every nook.

"Hmm, still sensitive?" Arc asked, moving the soap around on her thighs - both inside and outside surfaces - as he crouched to get a better view.

Shivering, Sherry bit her lip again and moaned, "Ah-huh..."

At that level, Arc was in line with her bottom; his gaze fixed on her rounded cheeks... and the lather-coated, intimate flesh now winking at him pinkly between her legs. Heart racing, Arc pursed his lips and blew a soft stream of air over her nether region, grinning as her legs trembled under his hands as her vulva contracted slightly.

"Ooo," she squeaked, her voice tight with heat and tension.

Arc sloughed the suds downwards, getting to the runoff trails of paint that had leaked down to her lower legs. Following the sleek lines of her legs back up, he continued on until he reached her crotch and bent waist. "Raise up, darlin'," he whispered huskily. As she complied, he rubbed over her groin and hips, following the flow of her torso upwards as he rose to continue his scrubbing. Crossing her tummy, he felt her shy away as he hit a ticklish spot, but he pulled her back so that she was pulled up flat against his front.

"Hey, where you goin'?" he rasped deeply, moving the soap and his hands over her stomach in wide, lazy circles.

With a deep, alto giggle, she replied, "Well, give a girl warning when you... oooh!" Her scold slipped off into a open groan as she felt Arc's heavy cock against her backside; the long shaft wedged between her butt cheeks like it belonged there.

Chuckling, Arc leaned over to murmur in her left ear: "Sherry... here's your warning." As he said this, he slid his hand up over her pert breasts, covering them each in his big, hairy hands as he worked soap over the last traces of paint on her chest.

Leaning back, Sherry openly moaned out her breath as he cupped her breasts. Her nipples, which had be hard before he started cleaning her, turned to solid stone under his caress as they drilled into his skin. Raising her arms, she looped the around his neck as she canted her head back onto his hairy shoulder. Flaring her nostrils, she took in the rough, male scent of him, mixed with the neutral smell of the soap lather covering his hands and her body.

Unable to keep still, she undulated her backside, making it slide over his groin and his trapped manhood.

Hissing, Arc squeezed her tits, making them bulge through the small gaps between his fingers. "Geez, darlin'!"

With an answering trill, Sherry rolled her wet head back on his body. "Don't... stop, please!" she begged. The situation, which had started as a light tease was not racing far beyond that boundary... Sherry was now turned on like a light; burning with lust. She dropped one hand and covered one of Arc's, squeezing her breast along with him. "You... ahh! Feels so good..."

Arc had to agree with her, feeling her lithe frame rubbing and squirming under his touch. Letting go off the other breast, he slowly turned her so she was back under the full forced of the spray, quickly rubbing her down to remove the foam and the last of the paint from her body. Under the rushing water, her peach-cream skin returned, now glowing from the heat kindled in her blood... rushing as her heart beat faster with every passing second.

When he was sure she was squeaky clean, Arc smiled and dropped to his knees in front of her.

"What... hey," Sherry gasped, lifting one hand to wipe the water from her eyes.

"Got to make sure you're completely clean," Arc offered with a grin, wrapping his hands around her thighs before tugging her towards him.

Sherry's mouth formed an 'Oh' of surprise, which suddenly turned into a drawn out 'OH!' of pleasure when she felt Arc fold himself, dipping his head down until he could tilt it sideways and thrust it forward into her puss. Her legs snapped taut as she felt the slippery, rough texture of his oral appendage delved between the flaps of her outer labia, and she threw her head back into the spray of the shower as a millrace of sensations rocketed from her crotch, racing around her body like she'd been dipped in pure energy.

Moving her legs apart, Arc edged closer to her as he sat back on his heels to get a better angle. Working his tongue deeper into her, he flipped it back and forth between her vaginal walls, tasting a liquid thicker than sugar water, sweet like cinnamon and key lime mixed together. It coated his tongue and mouth like slow, rich cream. Slurping softly, he drew upwards until his lips encountered the swelling hood of her clit. Slipping his lips over the hard nub hidden under that fold of skin, he lashed at it with flickering strokes, while letting a low, baritone hum flow from deep in his chest, out into her sensitive flesh.

"Oh, God, yes! Yes!" Sherry cried out, trying to be quiet even though she knew they were alone. The rush to her head... driven by the fire Arc was stoking below, was making her more and more incensed with need.

The fact they were outside, within eyesight of the beach be damned! She didn't want this to end! Curling her fingers over his bald head, Sherry canted one leg outwards as she bucked her pelvis into his face, urging him on with coos and moaning sighs.

For Arc, he was getting a crick in his neck, and his knees were getting sore from kneeling on the concrete... but he wasn't about to stop just yet! Running his hands up to cup Sherry's backside, he squeezed her firm flesh as he redoubled his efforts on her puss. Savoring her feminine musk and taste, he was bound and determined to make her orgasm before he saw to his own...

"Ahh... damnit!" Rolling her head back to look down at the burly man between her legs, Sherry felt the pressure swelling inside her. "Arc, honey... ooo, shit! It's so, oooh, Christ!" Her litany of swearing seemed to drive her passion higher and higher, accompanied by the skillful mouth working her closer and closer to that first climax.

Just then, Arc captured her clit - now exposed from its protective skin - and worried it between his lips and teeth; flicking the end with his tongue tip like a beating humming bird wing.

"Oh, oh... oooh, GOD! YES!" Sherry's voice shot up several octaves as the electricity wracked her body, unleased from deep inside her as her orgasm rippled outwards along her straining limbs and body. With a shriek of ecstasy, she latched onto Arc's shoulders for support, bucking her hips uncontrollably.

For his part, Arc rode out her storm, pressing himself deep into her groin as he clasped her butt cheeks firmly. Her sweet essence flowed out of her like pure ambrosia, and he drank and drank until only tiny dribs were oozing out of her puss. By then, Sherry was gasping for air, trying to pull away from his face and crying softly as she was so sensitive.

"oh...oooh, ahmmmyGawd," she breathed, trying to catch up to her runaway heart, racing under her ribs.

Taking his cue, he removed himself from her crotch and slowly rose up; keeping a grip on her body to keep her from wilting to the concrete beneath them. As Arc regained his feet, she melted into him, clinging fiercely to his arms as he held her upright. Unable to form anything more coherent, she buried her face in his wet chest and shivered as the aftershocks wracked her down to her curling toes.

Leaning down, Arc placed a gentle kiss on top of her head. "Hey... still with me?" He asked, his own voice soft yet deep with his own need.

Sherry moved her head up and down, nodding silently. Plastered to his front, she was keenly aware of the hot piece of man flesh poking her tummy... rubbing on her wet skin with a slickness born of his own arousal.

"Mmm," he sighed, holding his own passion in check as he held her, letting her recover. "You feel okay, darlin'?"

Sherry didn't answer for several moments. This worried Arc... until she slipped her arms around his upper body, tugging downward to bring his face close to hers. Tilting it to the side, she hungrily walked her lips across his jaw until she covered his with her open, seeking mouth. Surprise gave way to rekindled fire, as he felt her small tongue breach his lips and teeth, twisting around his own in a whirling dervish of saliva and heated breath.

Not breaking this kiss, Sherry got her feet back under herself and - in a bold move - began to climb Arc's tall, hirsute body like it was a tree. When her legs could encircle his waist, this forced him to bring his hands down under her thighs to keep her from falling down. Arc hissed through the side of his mouth, as her puss came in close with his raging cock. The sheer heat made him wince, thinking it would melt him down like copper in a smelter.

Sherry uncoupled their lips, gazing into his eyes with her own; twin chocolate pools that were smoldering, filling the air between them with a smoky haze. "Fuck me," she said softly, arching her nether region towards his straining member. "Fuck me... you want it so bad, and so do I-Aieeee!"

Before her words had barely been spoken, Arc had arched sharply upwards, tilting his torso and lowering hers so that his cock was wedged at the entrance of her puss. It didn't stay there for long, sliding on through her soaked labia and lips with little to impede its passage. Along with her squeal of impassioned delight, Arc cut loose with a rumbling growl of satisfaction as he felt himself bottom out in her gripping, rippling sheath.

"Ahh, Geezus!" Arc wrapped her tightly around him, bending his knees to get more support under her small frame. He could easily hold her up like this, but he knew the shift was needed to begin thrusting hard like he wanted... no, like he needed to!

Sherry for her part was off into orbit, as she felt him completely inside her. Arc wasn't as big as a porn-star... but, what he had was more than enough. He filled her to the brim, stretching her cunt fully and making her know just where he was inside her. Wriggling like she was impaled on a hook, Sherry squeezed around his cock like she wanted to make it part of her forever.

"God, Arc... oooh, mercy!" Sherry cried and cooed.

Arc pulled back for a long stroke, and pressed back into her, feeling fire race along his nerves as he relished her ridged walls conforming to his cock. "Ah, hell, darlin'... you're so, sooo good!" He withdrew and pushed home again, hissing with pleasure as he stopped testing the waters and started thrusting in and out with determination.

Sherry couldn't hold herself still, even with Arc doing his best to do all of the work. Shifting so her arms were braced on his shoulders, she began mirroring him and rocked down to meet his upstrokes. Tossing her head back, she cried out with pure bliss: "Aah, damnit! You fit me soooo nice!"

Arc panted, "Like your 'clothes', eh darlin'?" He grinned, grunting as he began to hit his stride.

With a laugh bubbling up from her chest, Sherry gazed back at him, moving her hands to cup his bald head with a lover's caress. "Like you were made for me, baby... ahh, that's it! Fuck me... Fuck me! Ahh, God, don't, stop!" Her voice became stuttered as his strokes became shorter, and more powerful. "Oh, ohh, yes, yes... harder! More!"

Arc did as he was told, pulsing his hips at a jackhammer pace. Needing more leverage, he backed Sherry up until they were fully under the shower head, propping her against the thick metal pipe. As the water cascaded down over their heated, steaming flesh, Arc shifted so that he could rub the top of his cock along her upper surface of her puss. This sparked against her clit, sending more energy into their rutting, rollicking lovemaking.

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