tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWalking into the Wrong Cabin Ch. 01

Walking into the Wrong Cabin Ch. 01


Day 1

Driving down the dirt road Sara fumed, "Where the hell am I?" It's been 40 minutes since she had seen anyone, on foot or driving. Plains and forest-land as far as the eye could see, not even cows in the fields like she thought was the norm in a backwater area like this. Re-examining the directions she received from her friend, Sara concluded she had made a wrong turn. She had just turned eighteen today, and so far it was not much of a "happy" birthday for her.

The rest of the cheerleading squad had rented this prime cabin, and were throwing the biggest party of the year for her birthday. Beer, boys the whole shebang! Their was even this one boy, Jeff. He was suppose to be there and she really wanted to fuck him. Later that night after she had a few drinks she could play easy without looking like a slut, and convince Jeff to help her inside to her bed. After she had him alone, she would have his cock deep insider her pussy within a matter of minutes.

All this was still a dream, unfortunately for Sara as she seemed to make no progress driving down this deserted road. "Please god, just a gas station, or even some hillbilly's house that owns a phone" she prayed aloud. It was starting to get dark, and was very cloudy. The last thing she wanted was to be lost out here in no mans land, at night in a storm. No sooner than those thoughts processed in her mind, had a strange sound started to emit from the front of her car, probably the engine she thought with dread.

Unexpectedly, the car began losing its momentum, the accelerator not propelling the car like it should have. "Please God, no, please don't break down!" Stomping on the gas peddle was fruitless. The car coming to a halt on the road side. "NOO, God DAMNIT! Great FUCKING birthday for me" she screamed at no one in particular! Grudgingly getting out of her car, she walked around to the front, managed to lift the hood and examined her findings. Not having one clue how to fix a car, much less what it was suppose to look like under the hood, Sara gave up rather fast.

A mile down the road and still whining to herself, Sara continued her trek. "The worst day of my life, on my birthday!" Exited her mouth, while a tear ran down her face. It was starting to get cold, she had to wrap her arms around herself to help keep warm. It wasn't very helpful for her body temperature that she was wearing a short light pink dress that came down only to her mid thighs, while being supported by two thin spaghetti sized straps, bra-less to accentuate her large pert breasts that convinced everyone they somehow were able to defy gravity, topped with large nipples that appeared consistently firm, and only a pink thong that matched her dress to cover her teenage pussy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

BOOM, the sky rumbled. A thick rain began falling from the sky. Before Sara even understood what was going on, it hit her. Soaking through her dress and plastering her hip length brown her to her body. It seemed to take seconds before she was dripping wet as if she had falling in a lake. Her breasts easily seen through her soaking dress, her nipples as if demanding attention eagerly pushing through the fabric. Her pink dress became transparent in no time at all, clinging to her body. Continuing on, sobbing like a five year old grounded from watching TV for the first time, she walked still.

In a little less than an hour, much crying and worn muscles Sara came to what appeared to be a drive way. Pausing at the edge of it, she peered down the suspected driveway looking for a house. With to many tree's to determine anything for sure she decided "Why not, its got to lead to something." After a quarter mile and two twists in the path she saw it. Her salvation, a cabin surrounded by tree's. Although she knew this was not the same one she was suppose to meet her friends at she was pleased, and she would be able to call for help.

Knocking on the front door Sara waited impatiently. After a minute she persisted in her knocking. Still nothing. "Damnit, where the fuck are they?" Trying the door knob, she twisted. The latch releasing allowing the door to swing open, she stood there looking through the entrance curiously. "HELLO, IS ANYONE HOME?" she yelled with an obvious desperation in her voice. Silence was her only response. Maybe I can just go in and use their phone and leave quickly before they get back, she contemplated. Hesitantly stepping inside, soaking the carpet with her still dripping body, she scanned the room for a phone, nothing. Leaving a wet trail behind her she went from room to room in her search.

With no phone to be found, Sara ended up on the couch in the living room. With no choice but to wait for the occupants of this cabin she laid down. No way in hell am I going back out there at night in the rain she decided. Using one of her small arms as a pillow the rest her head and did her best to get comfortable. Her body still wet, this was a huge feat indeed. Trying to fight off the sleep was a struggle that she quickly lost. Her sensuous body going limp in this strange cabin to dreams of her party, and Jeff between her legs.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pulling up to the front of his Cabin, John sensed something was off. "Why is the fucking door open?" A look of concern appearing on his face. Getting out of his car, John approached the front door slowly. Drawing his 9 mm handgun from the waistband of his pants, he peered around the corner of the door, scanning the room. Instantly noticing the half naked girl asleep on his couch, he was very suspicious. What exactly is going on here he wondered. Very displeased with his sopping wet carpet, something this girl must be responsible for. How old was this girl exactly? He would have guessed about twelve had her breasts not been so large. She must be very small for her age. She couldn't have been more than 5'2'' and weighting no more than 110 lb's.

Starting towards this girl, gun in hand, aimed straight at her face John was prepared. He needed to be ready in case this was some kind of trap. Should others jump out at him as he was taking the possible "bait", he would shoot this bitch in the head and dive for cover. Standing over her, gun ready to fire into her skull, he kicked the couch below where her head rest. Watching her open her eyes to his gun pointed at her pleased John as the look of fear spread across her face. He enjoyed making women feel this way, and it helped reassure him this was not some kind of trap.

A panic previously unknown to young Sara, she became to stutter. "P p p p please, please don't kill me" Tears instantly appearing in her eyes and running down her checks.

"Who are you and what the fuck are you doing in my house?" John trying to remain calm asked her, he needed answers.

"I,I,I, I'm sorry, m, m, m, my car broke down. I was stranded. Th th this is the first house I found. I just needed a phone" a terrified Sara whimpered.

"Bullshit, bitch. Who the fuck else is with you? Who else is IN MY HOUSE" An increasingly angry John could barely keep from screaming at this female.

"No one, I swear mister. Please don't hurt me" begged Sara.

"Get the fuck up." A raging John grabbing her by the throat, pulling her to her feet. His hand always felt good wrapped tightly around a pretty young girls throat denying her breath, but that would have to wait for later. "Lets go cunt, lead the way. Lets make sure we're alone." Jabbing his gun barrel roughly into her back, she started moving forward.

Room by room they went. Most of the rooms bad minimal furnishings and no where to hide. The search went fairly smooth, Sara not struggling much followed John's orders. They ended up in John's bedroom. Realizing she was telling the truth John chuckled to himself. This bitch was dumb enough to come into his home, the biggest fucking mistake of her life, he thought to himself while displaying a sinister smile to his sweet victim.

Still crying Sara was unsure what was going to happen now that they had search the entire place and this scary man knew she was telling the truth. "Can I use your phone to call my parents so they can come pick me up? I promise I wont tell anyone about the gun, I just want to go home. Please!"

Realizing his situation, it was easy for John to decide what he wanted. "Turn around and face the bed" he stated plainly.

"What? Why? No one is here, I'm all alone, I wasn't lying to you." Sara babbled, truly confused.

Keeping his gun aimed at her, John brought up his free hand and savagely slapped her across the face. "FACE THE FUCKING BED BITCH!" he screamed with all the power in his lungs. If their were people living nearby the cops would have surely been called believing someone was being murdered. Watching her face swell up red, and tears again freely running down her face, she turned around, facing John's bed with her back to him. Examining her trembling body, the short pink dress, still wet and translucent Easily seeing her thong clad ass through the material. John knew what this bitch deserved.

"So you think its ok to come into someone's house uninvited, and do what you want? Snoop around, sleep on their couch? You fucking bitch, I hate trespassers."

"No sir, it's just that my car broke dow...." she was cut off abruptly as John punched her full force in the back, knocking her forward onto his bed. Gasping for air, she struggled against the disorientation the blow caused.

"Shut the fuck up bitch." This is what happens to whores who trespass. Seeing her there on the bed face down, her ass up in the air John went to her. "Don't you fucking move or I will shoot you." With those words John again used his free hand to tear her pink birthday dress from her petite frame. He threw the shredded remains across the room on the floor. The matching pink thong followed, its thin straps snapping easily under his strength. She was completely exposed now, and still crying. That sweet little ass still upturned in the air. In John's mind this girl wanted to get fucked. How else could he explain her ass angled upward like that as if it were waiting for a cock to slide inside? He was going to give her ass what it was asking for whether the rest of her wanted it or not.

Setting his gun down on his dresser John proceeded to get undressed. Letting his clothing drop on the floor he moved towards Sara. Climbing on her body, he aligned his cock with her ass.

Understanding what was happening Sara was panicking like an animal faced with death. "Please, please don't do this. Please don't rape me. Please I won't tell anyone, please let me go." begged the pathetic girl. Desperate to escape anyway she could. " I'll give you money, anything you want" Her plea's did not help however. She was greeted with yet another brutal hit to her back. Cringing in pain she knew he had broken a rib.

John's cock was hard from watching this tiny 100 lb teenager try to fight him her tiny ass swaying back and forth as if it were teasing him, taunting him to penetrate it . He wasn't a large guy himself, fairly average for a man of 32. This girl was tiny however, he looked like a giant compared to her. He had enough, of delaying, he thrust downwards into this girl, pushing his cock towards her backdoor.

"Not in the ass, please mister. I've never let a boy in there before. If you're going to rape me, at least do it in my pussy!" she plead as she tried to swing her ass away out of his cocks line of fire.

"Oh don't worry, my cock will see its share of your pussy, and your mouth before I'm done with you." John laughed out the words, not believing his luck in such a sexy little girl being in his house. God must like him a lot. Continuing to lower himself his firm dick had found her anal entrance. It was hard getting it in initially, but that's what he liked about it. No pussy lubrication, pure skin on skin. He was loving this, redoubling his efforts he kept pushing hard.

Holding himself up on his arms watching his dick slide into her. She was struggling, her ass swaying back and forth trying to dislodge his cock from her ass-hole. Unfortunately for her, her struggles were increasing the rate of penetration. The more she struggled swaying her ass left to right helped his dick sink into her, sealing her fate of being anally fucked and raped simultaneously for the first time in her eighteen years of life. Here and there John would notice a line of blood. Her ass must be tearing a little here and there from the girth of his cock entering her with no lube. Thankfully for her the blood helped it slide in with slightly less pain.

Sara was in eternal pain and fear. A searing feeling coming from her ass. She was concerned she would need stitches, and he would damage her intestines. However she could not deny the pleasurable feeling as well. This man's dick was so big, and hard. It seemed to hit all the right places in her tight minute sized ass. Rubbing along the inside, striking many nerves that sent good feelings to her brain. Her mind receiving so many signals didn't know what to think, was she being raped or did she want it now, real confusion set in. Her ass felt so full, his cock penetrating her depths while being held down by his weight.

John having bottomed out in this sluts ass, began slowly pumping her. The juices from inside her and the small amount of blood proved enough lubrication to allow a steady thrusting motion. Her ass sucking firmly all around his cock. It was a constant tight but squishy feeling. In would slide his cock, as he withdrew her ass would act like a vacuum, suctioning at his cock making it somewhat hard to pull out. Watching his hard-on ram home inside her he watched the tight ring of flesh that was her ass.

He withdrew his entire length and slammed it back in with all his might causing a slapping sound. With his full length inside her he lowered his upper body holding tightly onto her, preventing her from moving. His cock throbbing deep inside her anal canal, she involuntarily started to spasm around his cock causing cum to leave his balls, traveling its predetermined course and erupting inside her colon.

Pump after pump his cock pulsated, squirting several times inside her, mixing it's cum with the waste gathered inside her. He shook on her, pushing even harder into her, driven by that instinct to deposit his semen as deeply as possible inside a females body. His efforts were not unappreciated. Unable to control it, driven by physical pleasure, Sara thrust her ass up at her assailant's cock, her body thoroughly loving the feeling of a dick depositing its seed inside her regardless of the body it was attached too.

As John finished dropping his cum inside this bitch, he relaxed his grip. Standing he went to his clothes, picking them up and taking his gun from the dresser he exited the room closing the door behind him. It took Sara a few minutes to understand that she was alone, and she was able to compose herself. The crying stopped, she figured that he was letting her go. He left her alone in the room, that was her queue to leave. Standing up, she picked up her shredded dress and ran for the door. Throwing it open she started to run out.

On his way back to the bedroom John noticed the door opening and knew exactly what was going on. This bitch thinks she gets to leave eh? Quickening his pace he gets to her as she emerges from the room into the hallway. "DID I SAY YOU COULD LEAVE BITCH!?!" the words erupting in absolute rage.

Her words a jumble, struggling to speak. "I... thought you were done with me" she whispered looking at the floor, afraid to make eye contact.

Storming to her position John makes a tight fist and rams it into her stomach, knocking her to the floor and the wind from her lungs. Watching her gasp for air, this again pleased John. He could not have such a disorderly bitch running around wild in his peaceful home. She needed discipline. Reaching down and grabbing a large handful of her beautiful long brown hair he drug her back to the room. Smiling as he listened to her screams of pain the entire way.

Arriving in the bedroom once more, John stops near the bed. Pulling some handcuffs from his pocket, he latches one side around her wrist and the other to the thick steel bed frame. "Get some rest, you'll need it for tomorrow. Oh and keep quiet or I'll be using you as a punching bag, if you understand my meaning." Closing the door behind him John left the room. Finding his way to his couch he laid down and fell asleep. He needed his rest for what he was going to do to that girl tomorrow.

Meanwhile Sara lay on the bed. Feelings of despair running rampant in her mind. "I'm never getting out of here alive.. Why the hell did my car have to break down?" She cried silently, terrified of what punishments awaited her should she make to much noise. Exhausted, sleep took her as well. Tomorrow brought greater suffering.

To be continued...

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Non con is one thing but this is brutal!!! You don't EVER punch a woman in the stomach, or anyone for that matter!! As soon as that happened I lost any interest in this piece of garbage!! Talk aboutmore...

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