tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWalking into the Wrong Cabin Ch. 02

Walking into the Wrong Cabin Ch. 02


Day 2

Her eyes opening, the pain clouding her mind Sara lay restrained, one arm chained to the steel bed frame. Moving it around, she attempted to shake off the ache it had from being in the same position all night. Her arm causing her chain restraint to make unwanted noise. Jingling against the bed frame Sara, still terrified of John's earlier threat to hurt her should she make to much noise. Wrapping her hands around the metal bars she tried to halt the vibrations in the metal.

The noise halting, the room is quiet again. No footsteps or other activity detected by Sara's keen senses. Feeling secure, Sara sat up in the bed, a sharp pain quickly reminding her of her broken rib. Gritting her teeth, Sara holding back the shouts she so desperately wants to release. Taking a moment, the pain dissolves. She starts looking around the desolate room, hoping to find something to release her from her bonds, a hairpin, possibly a forgotten key, anything.

Not seeing anything in the bare room, Sara looks at the bed frame. Maybe I can pull the frame apart, she hoped. Examining the crude welding and the rust buildup at the ends of the bar that held her restraint, a glimmer of escape revealed. Sliding the other side of the handcuffs up the bar as far as they would go over the rust and poor craftsmanship, Sara pulled. She struggled more than she had ever in her life, both arms pulling on her handcuffs putting her entire petite frame into dislodging the bar and securing her freedom.

With a snap and a ringing that echoed through the room, the bar popped free. Sara's handcuffs pulling out loudly, metal sounding on metal. Full of hope, and fear of discovery, Sara used the same technique to quiet the ringing metal. Satisfied with the silence she hopped down, landing on the floor with a small thud.

Opening the bedroom door without any noise was a task unimaginably difficult for Sara. Every little squeak was like booming thunder to her. Her long brown hair dangling in her face, she concentrated on silence. Think quiet thoughts she told herself as she finished pulling the door wide enough for her body to slip through. Peering around the corner of the doorway as she moved, looking for any sign of her captor.

Pausing in the hallway she froze, trying to sense where John might be. Was he asleep? Was he gone? Was he waiting to grab her right outside the front door? She analyzed both of these questions hundreds of times within just a few short seconds. Fear being her main motivation Sara decided her best course was to run for it. If she could get out the door, she could run into the woods and hide should John pursue her. Hopefully she could get enough of a lead before he realized what was going on.

Imagining a gunshot that would normally signal the start of a race Sara ran. She ran faster than anyone on the planet had ever run. She was running for her life and gave it everything she had. The cabin's front door rapidly approaching her, she reached it within three seconds flat. A new record for trapped teenage girl attempting to escape her rapist and his cabin, should one have existed previously.

The door helping her speeding legs stop her body with a thud, she gasped for air. Panicking she grabbed for the door handle. Wrapping her hand around it twisting, pulling, nothing worked. Using all her strength again she pulled. "Why isn't it opening!!!?" She started screaming to herself, while continuing to pull and hope the door would spring free, allowing her escape.

Sara blacking out momentarily unsure what was happening felt a lot of pressure against her back, forcing her body tightly to the secured door. "Because it's locked bitch." John spat at her as he held her firmly in place. "Are you trying to escape? That's not very ladylike to fuck and run like that. What kind of a whore are you." John accentuated his point by rubbing his crotch against Sara's bare ass. "I know you like that bitch."

"SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!!" Sara screamed as loudly as possible. Her last resort as any small, weak woman like Sara might rely on. Their are no strong men to protect her today, she has only herself to rely on, and screaming won't do the job this time. "PLEASE SOMEONE, HEEELP!!!!!" Sara pleaded with the deserted forest outside.

"Their's no one around for miles stupid. I would have though you knew that walking here. You are one dumb bitch. Here, I'll do you a favor and show you, so don't go around telling everyone I'm such a bad guy." John laughed as he flipped the switch on the doorknob unlocking it, and letting the door swing free. Grabbing a large fistful of Sara's hair in his right hand and twisting her left arm up behind her back in a chicken wing hold with his left John walked his prisoner outside.

Coming through the door, John walked her out into the open away from the cabin. Sniveling Sara looked around desperately hopeful that someone, maybe even a cop would be outside looking for her. "THERE IS NO ONE HERE, YOU DUMB FUCKING BITCH!" Suddenly full of rage John screamed. Releasing Sara he threw her to the ground in his anger. "You believe me yet cunt!?" He questioned her. Kicking her in the stomach, the world turning upside down, while she gasped for air. "I asked you a fucking question!!"

Taking a few seconds to gather her thoughts brought her another brutal kick to her stomach causing her to puke up all the acid she had in her stomach built up from the stress. "Ok bitch, have it your way. I think it's time for a little fun, now that you've got me turned on. A girl walking around naked like you are is just asking to get fucked huh?" John licked his lips with the words. Anxious to have his cock inside this girl again, he grabbed the handcuffs still attached to her arm and dragged her back in the cabin, leaving a small trail of blood from the gravel tearing small pieces of her flesh away.

Closing the door and locking it once more John pulled Sara's defeated body back to the couch he first found her sleeping body on. Letting her fall face first on the cushions, her ass hanging off the edge, her knees scraping the floor, and bent. Standing up, John took a second to admire the girls body. His cock throbbing as he admired her firm ass, its ass-cheeks parted slightly as if it was begging to be penetrated.

Removing his shirt he let it fall on the floor. John took a second and seemed unsure of what to do and impatient. After a few long seconds John's hand went to his waistband and pulled his handgun free. Walking to the kitchen counter John laid the gun there. He moved back in a hurry eager to have his prize, pulling at his pants and underwear on the way back, fully naked upon his return.

"That ass looks awful good bitch. I think I'll play with that pussy of yours today however." John thought aloud. Getting on his knees behind Sara and her upturned ass he took hold of his rapidly hardening cock. Stroking it up and down its length while he rubbed his cock head along the length of her dry slit. "Don't worry bitch, I'll be gentle." With those words John roughly shoved his cock inside Sara's parched hole.

Screaming in pain, Sara began to sob. "Please...please...it hurts." John unfortunately for her was not listening. He was struggling and enjoying shoving his cock deep inside her tight, dry pussy. Feeling him bottom out in her pussy brought Sara some unexpected pleasure when she felt his cock roughly strike her cervix as a battering ram might in the middle ages to a castles gate while supporting troops demanding entry.

Ignoring the crying John let her have it. He grabbed her slender waist with his hands for increased leverage and slammed his cock inside her as hard as he could. The thrusts at first were full of friction and resistance, but it was not long before he could feel the walls of her gripping tunnel becoming slick with lubrication. Ramming his cock home inside this girls loving tunnel John knew he was getting close to cumming after just a few short moments.

"Oh fuck." moaned Sara. "Fuck me hard." Sara losing control of her body, always been a girl who thought with her pussy. Pushing back at her warden, Sara wanted his cock inside her as deeply as possible when he came, forgetting that she was not on birth control and may end up pregnant. Maybe it was that, or maybe she had been beaten into submission and was giving herself fully to John now, truly a whore.

"I knew you would like this. That's my little hooker." John pleased by Sara's acceptance of the situation. Thrusting into her pussy John could feel her vaginal muscles squeezing his cock, trying to milk its cum into her waiting body. Thrusting forward hard, meeting her ass violently pushing back at him the two met in the middle with a loud slap. Erupting in orgasm John shot many thick ropes of cum inside her tight milking pussy. Holding her body secure, he kept his cock inside her, depositing his entire balls supply of cum.

Sara bent over, her face shoved into the couch cushion feeling cum spraying into her womb, was lost in orgasm. She could focus on nothing other than the pleasure, and the wonderful cock inside her little pussy giving her womb its stores of cum. "Yes, cum in me!" Sara groaned, voicing her lust, while savoring every drop deposited in her belly.

His cock having completed its job once again, John pulled it from Sara's still quivering cunt. Standing up John decided to let her remain where she was for a few minutes to recuperate. It was apparent she was still experiencing aftershocks from an extreme orgasm, and he was pleased with her behavior. "Don't fucking move and I may let you hang out here with me while I watch TV." With that John went to the bathroom to get cleaned up and find some clean clothes.

Sara, trying to control her body with it's ass still raised up in the air, helping the cum seep down inside her. Her body didn't want to move but her mind said do something! Reluctantly winning the struggle, and with wobbly legs she was propelled to a standing position. Her mind racing, her nerves tearing her mind in two. I need to find a weapon, something so I can get away. Maybe a knife!? Sara thought, stress and a torrent of mixed emotions clouding her conscious mind.

Off balance, Sara went to the kitchen. For any outside viewers she would have appeared drunk in the manner that she walked. Every two steps she would lose her balance and fall to the left or right almost coming down to the floor. Finally after the struggle of her lifetime she arrived in the kitchen. Immediately she went for a drawer hoping to find a large butcher knife she could use to defend herself with.

Then she saw it. A ray of light shone down on John's handgun resting on the counter top where he left it. Grabbing for it quickly she scrambled back to the couch, hearing John's footsteps start to approach. As silently as possible she reached her original spot and slid the gun under the couch. She sat with her back to the couch and legs stretched out in front of her with the gun resting immediately behind her.

John entered the room feeling like a million dollars. Hell ten million dollars. He just fucked this hot eighteen year old girl, shot his cum deep in her pussy and now he was clean and just feeling great. He was on top of the world. "Good, I'm pleased that you're finally listening to my commands. I'll let you watch some TV with me for a while, while I figure out what I want to do with you. You stay there on the floor, that's where animals belong. On the floor." With his feelings shared, John sat down, grabbed his remote and turned on his television.

Sara having regained a lot of her composure was calm. Somewhat uncomfortable sitting there naked with cum running out of her pussy on the hardwood floor, but at least he wasn't hitting her or raping her at the moment. She had a hand behind her wrapped around the grip of the gun. She so desperately wanted to pull it out and shoot John, or point it at him hoping he would let her go if he thought she would shoot him.

She wasn't sure however. Was the gun even loaded? Did it work at all? She hadn't seen him actually fire it. Maybe the safety was on and wouldn't fire. Not knowing much about guns she wouldn't know where to turn the safety off. What to do, what to do... She needed to test it first. See if it would fire. She couldn't do it now though, if it didn't fire he would hear the clicking of the trigger and realize what she was up to, while quickly taking it from her and likely beating her senseless as well. She needed a plan.

The hours went by, the sun went down. Night greeted them through the windows, while John gave his attention to the television still. He flipped through the channels landing on an adult movie channel, with a woman on the floor with a large mans cock in her mouth as she sucked and licked at it. Thank god for porn for once. An idea having entered Sara's mind.

She could tell John was getting worked up as he watched the female actress give the male in the movie a blowjob. He had put his hand on her shoulder and was slowly rubbing her body. Her peripheral vision giving her a small view of the growing erection in his pants. This was her time to act if their was one.

With the risk of speaking to such an unpredictable man Sara knew she had no choice. Bending her arm she reached back and put her hand on John's hand that was massaging her shoulder, turned her head and looked him in the eyes. With the most seductive voice she could muster she stated, "I really love to suck cock. One of my favorite things in life is having a strong man stand over me as I sit on the floor with his cock pumping my mouth. I love the taste of cum." She licked her lips, as she stared at him while massaging her left breast with her free hand.

Taken a little off guard by Sara's direct approach, John was still enticed. His dick was rapidly becoming erect while watching the woman on the TV while he fantasized about doing just that to her young mouth. "Yeah? Alright, I wouldn't want to keep you from feeling my hot cum shooting down your throat." John had never been more compliant which shocked Sara. As long as he got exactly what he wanted he seemed to be in a good mood.

On the floor John moved in front of Sara, his feet apart on either side of her upper legs, the bulge in his pants close to her face. "Get to work then bitch." John ordered eagerly, swaying back and forth slightly. Sara shakily bringing her hands up went for John's pants, unzipped and unbuttoned them and with her small hands pulled them down far enough so his cock sprung free hitting her in the nose.

"Owe!" Sara yelled, more out of shock than pain. She'd never been hit in the face with a dick before, accidental or purposely.

"What the fuck bitch? You don't like my cock!?" John became very angry then, taking her shout as a sign of rejection in him. Bringing his heavy hand down he slapped her across the face leaving a large red handprint radiating with pain. Sara beginning to cry, John was not impressed, his cock was hard he wanted it sucked.

Wrapping his hands around her skull, his thumbs dangerously close to her eyes, kept her stable and brought his cock to Sara's mouth. Sara panicking after the hard slap was forgetting her plan and began to struggle. Keeping her mouth closed with a defensive reaction to a foreign object trying to forcefully pry into her mouth. Feeling John's cock-head rubbing on her lips and occasionally spreading her lips to grind across her teeth.

"Bitch, you're going to suck my cock, and do it nicely or it'll be time to show you what happens to bad girls who refuse their owners the pleasures of their tight clasping throat." John spat, moving his thumbs and letting them rest in her eye sockets. He pressed down threatening to crush her eyes and causing much pain and fear in little Sara.

Opening her petite mouth more out of threat of pain that in remembrance to her plan she allowed his cock entry. Doing her best to keep her teeth from his cock, and trying her best to motivate her tongue to lick the invading cock as it penetrated her mouth. It was hard for her to know what to do, John's thumbs still pressed into her eye sockets, blinding her.

"Oh damn, you're good." John proclaimed, face fucking his convict. Getting into it, listening to the need of his cock and its desire to release its cum down this girls throat, John's thrusts went deeper and deeper into this girl. John had never been deep throated before and he decided now was the time. Pressing deeply into her, his cock slipped down her throat bringing a panicked struggling reaction from Sara as her arms flailed. She couldn't breath he knew but didn't care.

Sara unable to breath with this man's dick forced down her throat began uncontrollably flailing her arms, her body threatening to go out of control and most likely biting down on John's cock which would guarantee her two crushed eyes, blinding her for life. Having no other choice Sara knew she had to try the gun, this was it. Reaching behind her she took hold of it. John had her head securely held with his two large hands, his cock down her throat having the time of his life.

Sara gasping for air on ever withdraw from her throat, trying to hold back her gagging reflex, held the gun in her outstretched arm between John's legs. The gun pointed up towards John's upper back area. John making some loud grunting noises she knew this was her opportunity.

With a loud groan from John she felt cum shooting down her throat, the boiling liquid rolling down her esophagus to her stomach she pulled the trigger. BANG, the noise stung her ears and the feeling of another warm liquid poured on her feet. Temporarily blinded and deafened she wondered if she hit him, was that blood on her feet? John's hands came free from her head and he slowly fell backwards onto the floor.

Recovering her sense, Sara took a second and breathed. She had been light headed and afraid she was about to pass out. "Just breath Sara", she told herself. As she composed herself she examined the man's body. Blood everywhere, and the entire left side of his head gone, pieces of skull and brain littered the floor. Disgusting.

Her legs weak, she was barely able to stand. Slowly walking towards the door, trying to avoid the blood. Flipping the lock open the door opened and she exited hell. Many new feelings were present in this girl. Most of dread, loathing, disgust, but their were a few goods she wasn't quite ready to admit to herself. This man had giving her such extreme pleasure when he fucked her, something she never would have discovered on her own.

Either way she was free now. Free to go back to whatever life she desired. Sara was not a girl anymore, she was a woman now having experienced true hardship. Her life of innocence gone, and a new life created in her from her captor. In the future months Sara would decide to keep the child and raise it like a loving mother. Determined to remember the man that had changed her life forever.

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This is awful

This is terrible and what fantasy is this. A 18 yr old brutalized by this person. Blood, skin removal, waste. This is sick.

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