tagLoving WivesWalking my Dog Ch. 01

Walking my Dog Ch. 01


I have rewritten correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. Plus, expanding by another 1000 words. As soon as Literotica approves Chapter one I will submit chapter two.

No one in this story is under the age of 18 and no one under the age of 18 should be reading.


On Saturday mornings, my husband usually heads out to the golf course very early, leaving me in bed. At some point, later in the morning my Cocker Spaniel woke me. She seemed to need to go out very bad. My spouse apparently didn't let her out before leaving. I got up walked to the patio door in my night gown. Letting her out, then headed to the kitchen for coffee. I only took a few steps before she scratched on the door to reenter. She had not had time to even get to the lawn and I realized the problem. She wanted to go for her morning walk. "Sorry little girl, after I have a little coffee." My honey had made a pot and left it ready for me. I was able to enjoy half a cup before she was at my feet with her leash in her mouth.

Heading back to the bedroom, I decided I wasn't ready to get dressed yet. Not expecting to see anyone but possibly a jogger or another dog walker. I removed my night gown and put on a black bra that matched my black panties, covering with a white trench coat. We were then off for our morning walk. A block or so away two young guys approached me.

"Excuse me miss, my friend and I are looking for work. Do you have yard work we could do for you? Tree trimming, hedge clipping, mowing or cleaning we'll do anything. We work hard and cheap. You won't be disappointed."

I told him. "Thanks for calling me miss, but it's Mrs. and my husband handles all our yard work. It would be up to him to hire an outsider to work on the yard."

The guy doing all the talking looked to be mid 20's and he was a small guy. The other one was much bigger, but he was the young one. He had a baby face and he couldn't have been more than 19 or 20.

The young guy never said a word. He just looked me up and down with a hungry smirk. Like someone checking out a dessert buffet. The smaller guy seemed to want to keep the conversation going. He gave me his cell number for my husband, talked about my dog. He kneeled to pet her and gave me a strong look as well.

Call me weird, but when males half my age eat me up with their eyes. I take that as a compliment even though I had no idea why. I asked myself, do I look that good in a plain white trench coat that stops just above the knee. Even though I was enjoying this attention I said, "I should get moving guys and maybe you want to get back to looking for paying customers."

He said; "Ok my name is Greg and my friend is Phil. I sure hope your husband gives me a call."

I responded; "Been nice to meet you Greg and Phil. I'll be sure to give him your number and I'm Lynn.

For the first time a sound came out of Phil; "Nice to meet you Lynn I sure enjoyed seeing you"

Well I wasn't admitting to him, but I sure enjoyed the way he was still looking at me as I walked away. I couldn't help but be intrigued over the emphasis he put on seeing.

As soon as I got back to the house I headed straight to the bedroom and my full-length mirror. Just had to see for myself how I looked in this trench coat. Walking in front of the mirror prepared to spin around like a New York model to admire myself. Instead I got the shock of my life and felt incredibly stupid. My black underwear was visible right thru the coat. This was the object of young Phil's ogle. He was salivating over seeing my underwear not my appearance. I took the coat off and held it up to the light for inspection. It really wasn't all that transparent. If I had been more careful and worn lighter colored underwear it would not have been a problem. Then I looked back in the mirror at myself in bra and panties. I told myself; "Not bad for a 41-year-old." Then I got back into the trench coat, desperately wanting some indication the guys were lusting for me not my underwear. Pulling the coat tight around my frame and turning to view from every angle. No luck or no gratification, just a weak view of my undies. The gawking was lust for my black underwear not appreciation of an attractive lady. Then it hit me. I still enjoyed the little episode. In fact, now that I knew what happened it turned me on even more. Then I pulled the coat wide open with both hands like a bird spreading its wings. Maybe I should say, like a flasher and I flashed the guys a shot at the real thing. Even if I was flashing a mental picture of the guys.

At that point I heard the front door. Moving into another room to peek out I was frightened to see it was the 2 guys. They had followed me, was my first thought. The excitement I felt from their gawking wasn't going to let me ignore them. Also, I told myself maybe they're simply going door to door. Just playing it safe, I went to the door with phone in hand as if I was talking to someone. Opening the door, I told nobody on the phone, "Hold on a second." They would have had plenty of time to do whatever to me before anyone on the phone could do anything. This just gave me more courage to open the door.

As soon as Greg saw me he said, "Sorry Lynn we were going door to door. I had no idea this was your home."

I said; "no problem sorry I can't help you out." Then I remembered the old arbor at the back of our lot. It had rotted and collapsed along with all the other leaves and brush that accompanied. My husband had promised for months to clean up the mess. So, I explained this to the boys and asked that they look and give me a price.

Greg came back with a price, "We'll clean it all up and move all to the curb for $50, 25 to each of us."

I was prepared to pay them $50 each, so I said, "Everything you need, tools, leaf bag or whatever should be in the garden shed. Do a good job and I'll pay you more than $25 each? If you need something just knock.

They went to work and I went in to get dressed in something other than trench coat and underwear.

After showering, getting dressed I made myself a lite breakfast and long awaited coffee. Then off to the computer room to check out the net. Before sitting down took a quick glance out the window to see the guys hard at work. About 2 hours later I heard the guys pass under my side window moving the stuff to the curb. When I rolled my chair over to the window to check on their progress. I overheard Phil say, "Man I got to take a piss." He then pulls out this huge cock to pee on the side of my house.

Now I should point out here that most guys have their favorite female body part. I'm no different. I enjoy seeing a big handsome cock. That turns me on so much more than washboard abs. Which Phil possessed, he was shirtless. What he had in his hand is so much better. It was straight, smooth, very big and gorgeous. He was right below my window and I stood there to watch him pee. When the stream died out he remained there with it in hand. More than just shaking it off I think he was doing a bit of playing. I was in no hurry for him to move on but Greg should be back anytime. Suddenly he looked up and saw me. His eyes also got huge and he froze with his mouth open. Quickly I opened the window determined that he would be the one caught, not me.

Grinning I said, "thanks for hosing off the side of the house Phil, but you are welcome to use the restroom in the pool area." We have a screened in pool with a full bathroom. He was still standing there frozen. Trying to bring him out of shock I said. "That is a big hose too. That's a fire hose not a garden hose."

That put him at ease and he stuffed Mr. Wonderful back in his shorts and back to work.

Closing the window, I castigated myself. "Fire hose?" "You Slut, that was flirting." "Now the kid thinks you were admiring his dick." I suppose I was.

Shortly thereafter my husband got home from the golf course. I told him that I had hired two young guys to clean up the mess at the back of the lawn. He wasn't disappointed because he had been procrastinating about this for some time. He went out to check on the job. He was apparently satisfied, shortly after I saw him and Greg walking around talking and pointing. A little later I found out that he had hired the boys to do even more work. It had something to do with trimming and spreading mulch. They would be coming around for a few more days. That was the only part I cared to understand. I was thinking I hope I get to see Phil pee again.

Bob told me about the whole deal but I wasn't paying much attention until he said, "They will be back Monday morning to get started.

I shriek: "Oh no the forecast is sunny and 80 degrees Monday. I was going to lay out by the pool to get some color before we go on the cruise."

Bob smirked and answered, "You can still do that. They shouldn't be making much noise and I'm sure they won't mind.

Then he added another thought, "Just don't wear that skimpy red bikini. They might get distracted and clip a body part with the hedge clippers."

Why did he have to add that tidbit? I had had enough mayhem for one day. The episode with the trench coat and being frighten when they showed up at the front door. A mental picture I couldn't toss of a young kid with a horse's cock peeing on the side of the house. Now for the rest of the day and all day Sunday. I'll have Monday morning on my mind. Bob did however give a rubber stamp to my being out back in a bikini while the guys work. He knows how prone I am to teasing and flirting. What he doesn't know is if he fails to fuck me tonight I will be up after he falls asleep with one of my toys. That may happen even if he does. It should go without saying that I'll be thinking about Phil's cock...

Just as I expected Monday was on my mind for the remainder of the weekend. Different scenarios kept playing in my mind. I already felt guilty and nothing had happened.

When Monday finally arrived, the guys got there around 8:30 and went to work.

The weather man got it right. It was 80 degrees and sunny. We have a screened in pool and thus I have several bikinis as well as cover-ups. I thought it only appropriate that I wear my black. No way was I going to wear the red that Bob had cautioned about wearing. About 10:30 I got into the black and added a cashmere poncho cover up that was purposely see-through. Working around the house a little to build confidence then turned on some music and went out with a book to the pool deck.

The Guys looked up as soon as I walked out, so I said. "Morning Greg and Phil"

They both responded with a "Good Morning."

"I was planning to get some sun this morning before I knew you were going to be here. Not going to let you get in the way of my plans, so you don't let me get in the way of your work. If you don't have any water, there's bottled water and sodas in the fridge behind the bar. Just help yourself and don't forget you're welcome to use this restroom. No peeing on the grass or in the bushes."

That said, I turned my lounge to face the sun, shed my cover-up then sat down with my book to get some sun.

I was wearing dark sun glasses so I could look up without moving my head. I could see they each would occasionally stretch a neck to get a look. This was amusing as well as enjoyable.

A little later I could feel myself burning and realized I had forgotten to put on sun screen. As I applied lotion to my legs Phil came in to use the restroom. He went to the fridge got two bottles of water.

Then as he walked out he saw me applying sun screen and offered, "Can I help you with that."

Smiling I said, "No thanks I think I can manage."

When Greg walked in later I looked at the clock and it was 12:15. I asked, "Are you guys going to take a lunch break."

Greg answered; we both work part-time at a pizza restaurant. We go in at 5 today so we were thinking we would work here till about 2 then stop at Mickey D's."

"Well suite yourself, but if you wanted to take a lunch break and work a bit later. I would be happy to fix you guys some sandwiches."

By now Phil had walked up on the outside. They looked at each other without speaking. Then Greg said, "Sure that would be great."

"Ok, how does tuna salad sandwiches with cold slaw sound to you?" Had plenty of both for another purpose, I would just need to replace.

They both said fine and I replied "give me about 15 min, we'll eat right here on the patio."

It took a little more than 15 minutes but I got a simple lunch together and we sat down to eat.

They thanked me for preparing and setting out lunch otherwise the guys were very quiet. I decided to break the ice.

I said," isn't it funny just 2 days ago, you were looking at my underwear through my raincoat and today we're having lunch together. Both guys got this guilty smile, as if they have been caught with their hands in the candy dish. After a little pause, we all burst into laughter.

I wanted to make sure these guys knew that I didn't expose my underwear on purpose.

"I had no idea that rain coat was so transparent. Now I'm wondering if it will keep me dry. Going out that way was a careless mistake."

For the first-time Phil articulates a full sentence. "Well it was a lucky break on our part."

We all had another laugh and I said. "Come on now, you sound as if I exposed myself. All you saw was a faint view of my underwear".

They both just smiled and let that thought go. We went on talking and getting acquainted.

As it turned out, they were both attending college. They both worked part-time in a Pizza shop and were using spring break to try to make extra money. It was impressive they were working spring break, rather than go off partying. All along I had thought that Phil was a big dumb shy kid. Turns out he is outgoing and intelligent. He was studying to be a physical therapist. Bob had not told me, but they were going to be here working most of the week. The guys helped me clean up and return things to the inside. They were heading back to work as I returned to my lounge.

When Phil asked, "You going to tan your back now?"

"Well I hadn't thought about it till now, but I guess I should."

Phil cautioned me, "You really should have sunscreen applied before you start getting UV exposure."

I chuckled and actually joked. "You are volunteering to do the application."

"Well yes, but I only want to help you get a nice tan with no skin damage and I have some fantastic California bronze in my backpack. I'll be happy to rub onto your back."

A voice in my head was telling me, no don't do it, but I wouldn't listen and said, "Ok, but seems you are anxious to get your hands on me."

Phil replied, "I do want to help you get a nice tan. I'm not going to lie though and say I won't enjoy the application."

He retrieved the lotion then moved the lounge for maximum sunlight then placed a towel over the top end for my upper body. I didn't know why until he started. He unhooked my top and the towel was for covering myself if I moved. He seems to be doing more rubbing than necessary to apply sunscreen. Those big hands felt so good I didn't complain even though he also got dangerously close to private areas.

I said to myself, "it must be true, big hands big cock. From now on, when I meet and shake hands with a male with a huge mitt. I'll have a fight with myself to keep from glancing at his crotch." The thought ended when his fingertips brushed the sides of my breasts. While applying to my legs those huge hands came all the way to the material of my suit bottoms and his thumbs very personal between my legs. I'm not sure how long the application, if that is what it was, lasted. At some point, I fell asleep.

The guys stopped work at 4 and as they headed out I told them I wouldn't be around for lunch on Tuesday, so they were on their on to bring lunch or whatever.

On Wednesday, it was another hot sunny day so I wanted to get more sun. Probably, if I were honest, wanted another sunscreen application. I had some things to do around the house that were out of the way about 11. Went out to offer the guys lunch again.

Greg said, "I won't be here for lunch. I go in to the restaurant at 1 on Wednesdays. It will only be Phil, he goes in at 5 every day."

This information brought on a huge flow of mixed emotions. It was as if the good side and the bad side of my brain were in an argument. Bad me was saying "cool, I'm going to be alone with Phil." Good me said, "Just stay inside and let him work."

I had offered lunch so I couldn't renege. Bad me still wanted to sunbathe and in the red suite that Bob had mentioned, but good me said no way, that's a thong. Finally, I settled on a yellow suite that was smaller than Mondays outfit and putting on a terrycloth knee length robe to cover myself for lunch.

As Phil and I had lunch my nerves began to relax. We talked a lot about physical fitness and nutrition. He brought up that I was getting plenty vitamin D from the sun. Again, he wanted to apply his lotion.

I said, "You seemed to be doing more rubbing than applying on Monday." Also, I should have mentioned that his hands got a bit out of bounds at times, but I didn't. I was having another fight with myself over saying anything or letting him repeat.

He replied, "It's important to rube the lotion into the skin. That's part of process."

He even took it a step further, "I've noticed you have a lot of tension in your upper back and shoulders. You should let me try to message that out for you."

"Now you want to blatantly give me a back rub."

Phil corrected me, "A therapeutic massage, not a simple back rub."

The battle in my head persisted but with a hell of a lot of trepidation I agreed.

He helped me clear the table. Then went to retrieve some type of cream or lotion.

Before laying down on the lounge I removed my robe and Phil suggested I spread that over the top. That told me he would be unhooking my top as before. This time however I gathered the material and lay down with my elbows at my side to protect my breasts. This was short-lived though because once he started he alternately pulled my arms out to work on my shoulders. This may have caused my boobs to be even more exposed. In short order I didn't care though. Oh, did this feel good he was good with his hands. I was a little disappointed when he moved from my back down to work on my legs. Still what he was doing to my legs was equally relaxing.

When he got to the top of my thighs his hands kept moving north. His hands went right under my suit onto the cheeks of my butt. This tripped an alarm switch in my mind. Bad me said, "It's ok. If I was at a spa I would be nude." Good me said, "I'm not at a spa and he is getting too personal."

All the while I'm having this battle with myself he is getting even more bold. His fingers were tight together as he pushed under my suit. Once on my bare ass he spread his right thumb out all the way. When he would pull back slightly the thumb was under the gusset of my suit. All the time I'm fighting with myself he is getting bolder. By the time, I made up my mind that I had to put a stop to this. His thumb had passed between the lips of my vagina several times.

I was about to say this must stop when he hooked the gusset of my suit with his thumb totally exposing my vagina. His other hand went under my side and began to pull me up. At that point I knew I had to bring this to a stop. As I moved to face him I started to say. "Phil this is going too far and has to stop" All those words never got out of my mouth because I gasped. He was kneeling between my legs nude from the waist down, his shorts were around one ankle. That big hard cock was in his hand. He had pulled my suit out of the way to push that cock into me. For a short time, I froze eyeballing that dick and trying to collect my thoughts. It's no surprise that the bad side of me was saying lay down and let him put that big baby in you. I came to realize while I stared at his cock he was staring at my tits. I got up so fast I forgot about my top and didn't cover myself.

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