tagInterracial LoveWalking the Dog

Walking the Dog


I bent down to fix the leash on my beautiful English bulldog, Petunia. I am very proud of her, because she is of national grand champion stock and one of the cutest bulldogs you would ever see. I was getting ready to take her on our morning walk around the lake in the park across the street from our house where my husband and I had lived for the last three years. The morning walks were my favorite time of the day, and it helped keep both of our figures nice and trim. As usual I had chosen to wear tight jogging shorts, a sports bra and my trademark ponytail. Being a creature of habit, it was almost exactly nine in the morning when it was still pretty cool. Bulldogs don't handle heat well and nine was nearly perfect.

I closed the door behind us and walked across the street and was walking over the strip of grass to the sidewalk that circled the lake when I noticed a tall black man approaching our interception point. Almost unbelievably he had a bulldog with him. It was not just a bulldog but just about the best looking male specimen I'd ever seen. His owner was damn good looking, too. Just as it is with Harley owners, bulldog owners have a special camaraderie because of the breed and their uniqueness. We trotted over to them and I said "Hi, this is Petunia, I'm Beth and your dog is the most striking bulldog I've ever seen. He is absolutely gorgeous!"

"Well, thank you, and his name is Percy. Oh, and I am Cal." Almost as an automatic movement, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a business card which I glanced at and noticed that he was a real estate broker.

"Calvin Roberts and in real estate, huh? Amazing, because my husband is an agent, too. Don Jeffords is his name and he works out of the REAL PROS office downtown at Court and Main. You know, I've walked around this lake almost every day for three years and I have never seen you or Percy before. Do you live nearby?"

"Yes, I just moved into the townhouses over there," pointing back up the street a couple of blocks. "I moved in two weeks ago. Would you like to walk around the lake with Percy and me? We can get to know each other a little better. I have been very busy and you are the first person I've met in the neighborhood." Petunia and Percy had already completed their introductory sniffing ritual and seemed ready to get busy walking. So I said that I would love to and away we went. We chatted like old friends and by the time we got around to his townhouse I had learned that he was single, and that he lived alone. He was very busy and had six agents that he employed in his brokerage. I told him many details of my life, but I didn't get into telling him about the swinging lifestyle that Don and I enjoyed. I was already smitten and knew that I would welcome getting to know him much better.
We stopped in front of his house and he said that he really enjoyed walking together. I told him that I walked every day at nine o'clock and that I would look forward to seeing him again. "You can bring Percy, too. I think our dogs would like that. See you later." I then turned away and started down the walk toward my house. When I had gone about twenty feet, I turned back and saw that Cal was still standing there looking at me. I immediately blushed and on a whim, I blew him a little kiss. He waved with a big smile on his face and I knew I would be seeing him again.

I spent the rest of the day fantasizing about Cal and thinking about my husband and our life together. We had been married for a bit over five years. We had a really outrageous lifestyle and had started having multiple sexual partners even before we got married. Two years ago we had actually joined a swing group, which met regularly on Friday nights. There were about twenty couples in the group and usually six to ten couples would show up on any given Friday evening for some good fun. We had some longer lasting on-going affairs too. I wasn't currently tied up with anyone but I knew Don was seeing another agent in his office a couple times a week. I knew he looked at me as his trophy wife. I think he loved me but I had a suspicion that he loved our lifestyle more. I don't think I was deeply in love with him either. It was very hard for us to be tightly connected when we had so many emotional bonds outside of our marriage. I guess I wasn't really happy with the situation but that was what we had. We had talked about this on several occasions, but things never really changed. Two months ago we had decided that maybe it was time to start a family. I wasn't completely convinced that this would solve anything but I did agree to go off the pill and suspend my outside activities. Of course he would continue with his, including the Friday night get-togethers.

By the time Don got home I had already decided that I would pursue anything that might occur with Cal. Don and I exchanged pleasantries and I told him I had met one of his partners in crime. He wanted to know who and I told him "His name is Cal Roberts and I met him walking the dog today. He has the most beautiful bulldog."

"I've never met him but I sure have heard of him. He owns a really hotshot agency. Each of his agents has a male bulldog and they use their dogs in their marketing programs. Everyone seems to like their little slogans like 'once we get our teeth in a job, we never let go'."

"That is cute," I replied. "You know, I think maybe we ought to get some black couples for our group. Are you going tonight? You might as well. I started my period yesterday so I'm not pregnant and there is no reason for you to stay home with me." I hoped that he might stay and keep me company but he said that he would be going. It sort of ticked me off.

"I take it that this Cal is black?" Don asked me.

"Yes, and he is very good looking and very sexy."

"Well, maybe after you get pregnant, we can ask him if he might want to join. He is married, isn't he?"

"No, he's single."

"You seem to know quite a bit about him. Are you interested in seeing him?

"I don't know. I only talked to him for a few minutes."

"Well, we'll see when the time comes. I guess I better get going." He then cleaned up and changed clothes. He gave me a little peck on the cheek and told me not to wait up. I resigned myself to an evening alone, and I could already feel my mind starting to drift back to my new friend, Cal. I spent the rest of the night thinking about him and Don, our relationship and what I wanted to happen. I tried to temper my thoughts by telling myself that I was probably counting my chickens before they hatch.

For the next few days, I made sure I was walking out the door with Petunia at exactly nine, but each day I was disappointed. No Cal. Then on Thursday, when I got to the edge of the park, there was Cal sitting on a bench waiting for me and Petunia. Percy wagged his whole back end like bulldogs do when they are excited. I didn't wag my back end but I'm very sure Cal saw that I was very glad to see him. By the time we got around the lake and stood in front of Cal's house, I had decided to let Cal know that I was ready to rock and roll with him. He beat me to the punch and asked me to come in for coffee and he would show me his townhouse. I told him I would take Petunia to my house and be right back. I hurried home and got Petunia settled. I then freshened up, dabbed on a little perfume and headed back up the street to Cal's house. We didn't end up having coffee. When he opened the door we just sort of melted into each other, kissing passionately. The only part of his house that he showed me was the master bedroom.

We wasted no time, quickly undressing each other and feasting on each other's body. In the fastest five minutes of my life, we kissed, touched, licked and sucked on nearly every body part we could get a hold of. And then he was inside of me, driving his nice-sized pole deep, oh, so deep. I had two rapid-fire orgasms, and Cal settled into a powerful rhythm. Simply put, I was in heaven and I had met God. We made love for a few more minutes and I felt that Cal was getting close. I was nearly there myself and I locked my legs behind Cal's thighs. I whispered in his ear to hold nothing back. We then joined in a most passionate kiss while my orgasm rolled over my body. Cal then held still and I knew he was filling me with his juice. He then propped himself up on his elbows, giving us a chance to catch our breath. When I could finally speak, I gasped, "Oh, Cal. That was absolutely wonderful."

"Beth, you have no idea!" I was pretty sure I did. My body was still twitching and Cal hadn't really stopped thrusting and amazingly I felt him getting hard again. He slid his arms under me and told me to hold on, rolling us over with me on top. We just lay there for a minute just barely moving. I then pulled my legs up to our sides and sat up on him, preparing to ride him to another orgasm. He reached up to my breasts and began to pump while I bounced up and down meeting every thrust. It took a little longer this time but soon I was out of my mind and Cal was filling me again. Now we were really tired and I rolled off and lay by his side. We spent the next hour talking, kissing and caressing each other. I noticed that his manhood would occasionally start to stiffen and I decided to help it along. So, I scooted down in the bed and took him in my mouth.

In less than a minute he was fully hard. I looked up at him, giving him a big smile. "Cal, do you want to make love to me again?"

"Oh, yes," he grinned. He then flipped me onto my back and crawled up on me, his lips mashed to mine. The next half hour was total bliss as we made love slowly and deeply. We finally came together. He said that he had better be getting to his office, promising to walk the dog as often as his schedule would allow. We parted with the best kiss I had ever had in my life. I then made it to my house on shaky legs. I lay down on the couch with a towel under me and began to think about what was happening to my life. I decided two things for sure. First, I wasn't going to talk to Don about my walking the dog with Cal anymore. And I was going to be with Cal as often as I could. I also figured I had better talk to my gynecologist. I called her office and set an appointment for the next afternoon.

I got there right on time, and Dr. Johnson greeted me warmly. She asked me how she could help me and I started to relay my story. I told her that my husband and I had decided to have a baby and that I had discontinued the pill. She smiled at me and asked me if there were any problems. "Well, there isn't anything wrong." I swallowed hard and continued "Since then I have begun to see someone other than my husband. The man is a black guy and I want to keep seeing him, but pregnancy would be a problem. I wanted to ask you if there were some form of birth control that I could use sometimes and that would be undetectable to my partners."

"I see," said Dr. Johnson. "There is always the so-called morning-after pill that would do the trick but those have been tested to be only about ninety per cent effective and that might not be good enough for the situation. There is another product that just came on the market that might be a better choice. It is new type of IUD. The only problem is that it is only temporary and is quite a bit more trouble to use. It is much like a condom and IUD combination. It fits into the head of the cervix much like a regular IUD and has a filmy hood much like a condom that rolls down on the outside of the cervix. It has been tested to be over ninety-nine per cent effective if replaced every twenty four hours. You just have to douche prior to removal to make sure no sperm remains in the area. They are very easy to insert and remove. In addition, tests have shown that very few of the male partners are aware that they are in place. They are much softer and filmier than regular IUDs."

"That seems to be a better choice for my situation."

"Well, I can write you a prescription for them. You just have to remember that they must be replaced every day. I have some samples and I can show you how to insert them. Just be very careful that you don't puncture it with your fingernail. They are very thin."

On the way home, I stopped at the pharmacy, got my prescription, and picked up several packets of douche. I was pretty satisfied with the whole idea and decided that I would start using them when I got a little closer to the fertile time during my cycle. I was only five days in and felt that I would be pretty safe for the next few days. Needless to say I was very excited to walk the dog the next few days but that was all that happened until the next Thurs. As I left with Petunia, there was Cal waiting on the bench. I was wet before I got across the street and we hustled the dogs around the lake at a brisk pace-well, brisk for bulldogs, that is. Our second time together was even better than the first. Fast and passionate, slow and tender. I knew that if I saw Cal for any length of time I would be hopelessly in love with him. While we were lying together after our first go-around, I decided to tell him that we had been having unprotected sex. Apparently this idea turned him on because that ended our rest period and he banged away at a torrid pace until he pumped another load deep into me. I was surprised at my thoughts because I was very turned on by the idea that he wouldn't mind getting me pregnant.

"Wow! That was outrageous," I panted.

"The idea of having sex with you unprotected really got me going. What if you get pregnant?

"Would that be so bad?" I asked.

"Not really, but what about your husband?"

"Well, I did talk to my gynecologist, and we did come up with a plan and a possible solution. There is a new form of birth control that allows me to use it whenever I choose and to discontinue it whenever. According to tests it is almost undetectable to the partner. So Don or you wouldn't even know when I would be protected. I could use it only during my fertile time and still have unprotected sex during other times. Of course, unprotected sex during any time during my cycle could result in my getting pregnant."

"Well, are you using it right now?"

"No. I'm not going to use it till I get closer to my fertile days." For the third time, Cal immediately got hard again and proceeded to climb aboard and ride me to a giant orgasm before cumming once more deep inside me. "Wow! I think you really do want to get me pregnant. That does turn you on, doesn't it?"

"Yes, it does but I do know that would be bad for your marriage. Can you walk the dog day after tomorrow? I have to go on a business trip for ten days that afternoon so I won't be around for a while and I really would like to see you before I go."

"I will have to ask Petunia but I'm pretty sure she will agree."

"Will you use your protection?'

"No, but it is getting close to my time. I probably will be OK. I guess I can give you one more shot."

"I was thinking more like three more shots, or maybe four if I can get up for it. Knowing that I could possibly get you pregnant will surely prod me on. Maybe five times."

"Well, I'll be there with no protection, so good luck." We cuddled for a little while before I headed home and Cal left for his office. He said he had a lot of prep work to complete before his trip.

I could hardly wait for our date in two days, and I laid around the rest of the day thinking about Cal and the revelation that he wouldn't mind getting me pregnant. I was turned on by the idea myself and I thought about what I was going to do about that and what I wanted to do about Don. I decided that I would start using protection with Don while Cal was gone. By the time he would get back from his trip, my ovulation would be over. I think that is called kicking the can down the road, you know, putting off any decision. I made it through the next day and I was highly excited the morning of our date I kept looking out the window, keeping my eye on the bench that Cal waited on. Finally I got Petunia leashed up and headed out the door. A sigh escaped my lips as I saw him walking toward the bench.

"Oh, Cal. I am so glad to see you .I thought that maybe you would be too busy and would stand me up."

"Not a chance. The only thing standing up is my-well you know."

"Then we better get walking. I'm pretty ready myself."

The next four hours were everything I'd hoped for. Cal didn't quite make his five times but he did pump in four huge loads. I must have had ten orgasms. He kept asking me if I was protected and each time I told him that I hadn't tried out my new birth control yet, since my fertile days were still about five days away, he got hard as a rock. After we lay spent the forth time, he asked me if I was going to miss him. I told him that he had no idea how much. I also told him that I was going to test my protection with Don while he was gone. "Good," he said, "I wouldn't want him to beat me to the punch." I just giggled and told him that I was going to be real careful.

The next ten days went by slowly and I guess the birth control worked because my period came the day before Cal got back. The next morning he was waiting on his bench and we walked around the lake as usual. When we got to his house, I finally told him that I had my period but he insisted that I come to his house anyway. I didn't usually like menstrual sex, but we put down a couple of towels, and Cal proceeded to change my mind about that. It was four days before I saw Cal again and he said he just had too much to catch up on at his office. My period had ended the night before and we had a great time. After we had finished and were lying in the bed cuddling, I asked him, "Do you think you could walk the dog on the 25th and 26th?" He looked at me sort of funny and said, "I'm sure I can, but what is so special about then?"

"Well, according to my calculations that should be when I am the most fertile and I want to see you on those two days."

He gasped, "Does that mean what I think it means?"

"Yes, I'm going to be protected only with my husband and I know I want what you want."

He grabbed me and kissed me hard and then said, "You can bet I'm going to clear my calendar."

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