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Wallace Family Curse


Kyle opened the door to his apartment with one hand, already shrugging the other out of his jacket, before transferring keys and messenger bag to the other hand as he entered. It'd been a long day as everyone tried to get their last minute shit done before the holiday. Not to mention his own shit since he'd taken the week between the holidays off. It didn't feel like Christmas with everything he had on his mind, and not just the work bullshit.

Ben, his roommate and the source of most of Kyle's recent stress, was already home and sitting on the couch watching a rerun of Family Guy. "Hey, bro, you ready to go?" Ben called out as Kyle came in, like nothing was wrong. Ben was sprawled out on the wide sofa, looking amazing without even trying.

"Do I have time for a shower?" Kyle asked and set his bag on the loveseat before draping his jacket over the top.

"If you make it quick. You know my family. Mom says dinner at seven but it won't really happen 'til eight if we're lucky." Kyle acknowledged the statement with a grunt and headed for the one bedroom. He wondered how they could talk so normally after the fight they'd had the day before. The extra sheets and blanket were still folded neatly on the far end of the couch. He didn't look back as he began unbuttoning his shirt and headed for the master bathroom.

Kyle undressed quickly and left his work clothes on the bed to be sorted out later. He might be pissed at Ben but Kyle wouldn't do anything to make him look bad in front of the other man's family. He'd promised Ben's mom that he'd come for Christmas Eve dinner and he would even though he dreaded the awkward silence that was sure to last on the drive there. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he never realized Ben was in the room with him until a hand caught the edge of the shower stall door as Kyle tried to close it behind him.

Startled, he nearly slipped under the warm water but Ben caught his shoulder and steadied him. Ben who was naked and hard, his big dick swinging between his legs like an obscene metronome with every movement. Kyle swallowed hard and forced himself to look up from it as Ben entered and crowded him back against the tiles. The running water instantly made the dark hair on Ben's chest and stomach even darker. There was a line of it down the center of his belly, bisecting his abs, where the hair grew in thicker and darker than the rest. Kyle had always found it unbearably sexy. Ben had an incredible body but that line and his abnormally large cock were always Kyle's undoing.

"I, uh, I thought you said I had to be quick," Kyle said around a tongue that felt too large in his mouth.

"It'll be quick," Ben promised. He reached behind the shampoo on the shelf for the waterproof lube they kept there.

"No, I'm..." Kyle stalled out as he was unable to come up with a way of saying he was still mad, confused, hurt or exhausted without sounding like a whining little girl. Instead he snapped out, "No, get out." But Ben just poured a dollop of the clear gel into his palm and went about massaging the stuff onto his shaft while setting the lube back in place.

"I'm horny," Ben replied in such a calm manner that it just made Kyle madder. Still, when Ben reached out and tugged Kyle with a hand gripping his bicep Kyle let himself be pulled forward and turned so he faced the back wall of the stall. It was like Kyle had no willpower when it came to his allegedly straight roommate.

Kyle had been with plenty of men, especially in college when he'd been pretty much a whore, but none of them could compare with perpetually horny Ben. In the three months since Ben had 'temporarily' moved in Kyle had been fucked at least twice daily. He found it strongly gratifying, the insistent greed Ben showed for his ass. Even the squiggly bit of guilt and pleasure he always felt at the way Ben turned him into such a bottoming bitch was addictive. He'd never known he craved being manhandled and taken whenever Ben was in the mood, which was often.

All the fucking made for good practice and accepting Ben's big cock was easier, while not easy. It still hurt as Ben pressed his way inside Kyle, there in the shower, without any prep. Kyle gasped and almost hated the way his body betrayed him as his hole relaxed. The pain faded to a dull ache before Kyle felt Ben's full balls pressed against his ass.

Ben held his chest up against the cool tile with one strong hand on his shoulder. The other hand gripped Kyle's hip to keep his ass stationary and jutting out where Ben wanted it. Ben took a long moment to savor Kyle's heat but when he started moving Kyle knew instantly that the man had every intention of keeping his promise to make it quick. He started hammering his cock into Kyle's ass within the first few strokes, causing Kyle to choke on the moan building in his chest.

Ben hadn't used enough lube and the extra bite in the friction was enflaming Kyle's cock as much as his stretched hole. It made Kyle widen his stance while arching his back to give Ben a better angle and the other man moaned approvingly. Kyle's cock throbbed and felt extra heavy where it bobbed and swayed between his legs. "Jesus," Kyle rasped out. The intensity of Ben's punishing thrusts was short-circuiting his brain. He pressed his forehead against the tile and struggled to breathe, to get enough oxygen.

Kyle was seconds away from coming without even touching his cock when Ben pushed deep and paused, eliciting a whimper from Kyle. But the break was only for a few seconds, just long enough to take Kyle's hands and trap them above his head one-handed at his wrists. Being held that way only brought Kyle closer to the edge as Ben resumed his frantic pumping. Kyle felt Ben's broad tongue sweeping drops of water off his shoulder in long lines as a prelude to a firm bite there.

The sting of those teeth made Kyle cry out and his balls churn in preparation of unloading. "Fuck me, Ben, fuck me," he chanted. Ben, grunting around his mouthful of flesh, managed to pound even harder at Kyle's backside and Kyle came with a long moan as his jizz coated the wall before him. His asshole locked down and Ben unclamped his teeth to make his own noises of completion until his thrusting hips came to a stuttering stop.

When they'd both finished panting Ben released Kyle's hands and slowly withdrew his softening cock, making Kyle shudder at the emptiness left behind. Kyle took another second to compose himself before turning away from the shower wall to face Ben. He found the man soaping his limp cock and balls with an uneasy smile as their eyes met. "Hey, thanks, that, uhm, I...," Ben rambled and paused. For long seconds Ben looked down and watched the soap rinse away from his own junk. "I missed you last night," he finally said. Without looking up Ben turned and left the shower, closing the door firmly behind him.

The rational part of Kyle's brain knew Ben was just talking about their nightly fuck before bed, explaining why he was so horny. The rest of Kyle's brain really wanted to believe Ben meant sleeping together in Kyle's bed.

"Hurry up, you have twenty minutes," came Ben's shout from the other room. With a sigh Kyle reached for the soap to wash out the come Ben had left leaking down the insides of his thighs and the back of his balls.

Ben had figured the ride to his parent's house would be weird, and it was, but it was also fucking painful. Kyle was mad at him but he was mad, too. And resentful. Ben couldn't understand why Kyle had to make such a big fucking deal out of everything. To top it all off it was all Kyle's fault anyway. His fault for wanting to "understand" their "relationship" and his fault for making Ben act gay in the first place. More than anything Ben wanted things to go back to the way they'd been for the last three months and he was angry at himself for wanting that because he should want things to go back to the way they'd been before he'd ever re-met stupid, fucking Kyle Greene.

Ben let himself go on autopilot as he drove out of the city and into the suburbs, ignoring a sulking Kyle in the seat beside him. They'd been friends in grade school but drifted apart in middle school, yet remained semi-friends into high school. Kyle had been a skinny geek and come out junior year. He had been funny and cool enough that Kyle hadn't been hassled much, not that Ben had seen, while Ben was a popular jock. Still, they'd nodded at one another in the hallways and caught up at the few parties they both happened to be at.

After graduating Ben assumed they'd never see each other again, if he even ever thought about it. In college he'd used Kyle's name as his gay friend to impress a few girls but otherwise hadn't forgotten about him for years. It wasn't until they'd run into each other at a work function that they'd reconnected. They both worked for the same insurance company but in different departments and at different locations. Kyle had been the one to recognize Ben and sought him out to talk. Gone was the geeky class-clown, replaced by a tall and confidently handsome man. College had been good to Kyle.

At first they just met to catch up and talk about work. They emailed back and forth a few times, played golf together and met for lunch if they happened to be in the same location. Ben had even introduced Kyle to Jen, the woman he'd been dating since college who he'd lived with. They had dinner a few times, even went on a double-date once when Kyle had been dating that emo artist guy whose name Ben could never remember.

Driving along and making the correct turns without even thinking about it, Ben thought back on when everything had changed. Jen ended their relationship and Ben wasn't exactly heartbroken but it was strange and awkward as they still lived together. Ben ended up spending more time with Kyle than ever as he was the only friend Ben had who wasn't also friends with Jen or part of one of the couples they used to hang out with. It didn't hurt that Kyle was funny and easygoing.

One night Ben had been bitching about sleeping on the couch and having to jerk off in the shower, how horny he'd been. Kyle had offered up his own ass, playing it off like a joke though Ben could tell he wasn't really joking. Ben had been just drunk enough, and fucked up in the head enough, to consider the offer.

Then it happened. Kyle got on his knees and opened Ben's pants. He'd made Ben hard with his mouth, a really fucking talented mouth as Ben would learn, before rolling a condom onto Ben's cock. Kyle had practically torn his clothes off before getting up onto his hands and knees on the couch and all but begging Ben to fuck him. For a moment Ben had second thoughts but Kyle's round, plump cheeks weren't unattractive and watching Kyle's fingers push lube into his pink little hole had Ben getting up onto his knees behind his friend.

Fucking Kyle had been a revelation. It was like the first time he'd made himself come, like the first time he fucked a girl but better. Better because what started as a grudge fuck -- Ben unleashing all the tension and anger from his breakup -- became something else as Kyle took every inch of his cock anyway Ben chose to give it and begged for more. Ben had always held back with his lovers because he knew he was big but no matter how hard or rough he was that first time Kyle loudly and happily loved it. Ben felt like he'd been set free and Kyle's tight, hot asshole made him fly.

Kyle came first and Ben finished minutes later. Then it had been strange but before Ben could start to regret what he'd done Kyle admitted to having a crush on him since they'd been kids and somehow that made Ben feel okay. In fact Kyle had let him sleep his drunk off on the couch and the morning after hadn't been strange at all. Ben had gone back to his apartment and started packing.

Ben had avoided Kyle for more than a month after that night. Not because he had regrets but because he needed the time to figure out what the fuck was going on in his own head, why he couldn't stop thinking about Kyle's ass and fucking it. Glancing away from the road Ben snuck a peak at Kyle, his profile illuminated in the lights flashing by from street lamps. There was no denying the guy was handsome, that he turned heads wherever they went. And Kyle had the kind of body you normally only saw in men's health magazines. But those things didn't even register on the list of reasons why Ben couldn't seem to stop fucking him, even if they were points in Kyle's favor.

Ben, putting his focus back on the road, admitted to himself that there was something gay inside him; something that scared the shit out of him when he was truthful with himself. There was a feeling he got, a desire that made him so hard it hurt, when he held Kyle down -- Kyle who was taller, stronger, better looking and just as confident as Ben -- and fucked him like a whore. And Kyle loved it. It was power and desire all mixed together so Ben couldn't tell the difference, he just knew it wasn't something he'd ever experienced with a woman.

There were other things too. Like how they could hang out. What woman would watch all six Star Wars movies in a row on a rainy winter Saturday, only taking breaks to eat and fuck, then spend hours arguing over whether the prequels were shit (Ben's opinion) or awesome (Kyle's view). Then agree that the fight sequences were better in Episodes 1, 2 and 3 before having the kind of wild sex Ben thought usually only happened in porn movies. He and Kyle could go golf, see the newest action movie, visit the batting cages or hit the building's gym then go home for more wild monkey sex that Kyle wasn't just always up for but always obviously enjoyed.

Ben had moved back in with his parents and tried, without much success, to prove he was still into women. In the end he'd found himself outside Kyle's door on a Friday night and never left. That second time had been the real clincher, had sealed Ben's fate. He was pretty sure he knew why even though it was crazy, ludicrous, absurd -- all those words that meant a cosmic joke was being played on him. Tonight he'd prove it to Kyle because he couldn't imagine giving up what they had.

They passed through the intersection that would've taken them to the neighborhood where Kyle's parents still lived and Ben saw Kyle's head turn from the corner of his eye. "You want to stop and see them on the way home?" Ben asked, breaking the tense silence. Ben vaguely remembered Kyle's home from the birthday parties he'd attended when they were both kids.

"They're in Charlotte with my sister." Kyle's words were so low Ben barely heard them. He couldn't think of anything else to say and so the silence returned. Luckily, they were almost at their destination. As they drew closer Ben thought about the fight of the night before, the one that had left Ben sleeping in the big bed by himself. Ben wasn't stupid, he could read between the lines of what Kyle had said, and he knew what Kyle really wanted. He just wasn't sure he'd ever be able to give it to him. More than any of his other mixed-up feelings Ben knew he was most mad at himself because he'd somehow hurt Kyle when it was the last thing he wanted to do.

So he parked on the street, as close as he could get to his parent's place with all his brothers' and sisters' cars taking up the best spots, and tried to think of some way to make Kyle understand Ben's suspicions. Kyle helped Ben grab the bags of wrapped presents out of the trunk and trudged through the cold night up to the Wallace house.

Of course Ben's family loved Kyle. His mom even remembered him as a kid. All the women fawned over him like he was some kind of celebrity. Kyle could be charming when he wanted and he had all Ben's sisters, sister-in-laws and even the little nieces and nephews eating out of the palm of his hand in the first fifteen minutes. After a loud dinner Ben's mom pulled out the photo albums and found pictures with Kyle in the background at Ben's seventh, eighth and ninth birthday parties. Ben was embarrassed for him but if he was affected Kyle didn't show it, laughing along with everyone else. It was strange for Ben to remember this shared past and see evidence of it, heartwarming in a way.

Before long the men had gathered in the living room. It was pure luck that Ben found Kyle with Ben's father and two of his brothers congregated around the wet bar, well away from the television. Ben couldn't have planned it better if he'd tried. Trying to act casual he joined the group and found his father trying to ply them all with drinks.

"Dad, I hope you're not telling Kyle about the Wallace family curse," Ben said.

"It's not a curse and I'm trying to educate your roommate on whiskey," Ben's father replied and held up a familiar bottle before pouring shots into a line of highball glasses. Ben was worried his father would turn the conversation back to alcohol but his brother Mike saved him.

"You've never told Kyle about the dreaded curse of the magic pussy?" Mike, the oldest of the boys, laughingly asked.

"Hey! Watch your language, boy. And it's not a curse it's a blessing." Their father responded with a mischievous smile.

"That's not the way you told it to me," Ian, Ben's youngest brother, exclaimed with a mock shudder.

"Me either," Ben chimed in.

"I'm telling you," Ben's dad began, addressing himself to Kyle with an air of disdain. "It was a blessing. Many generations ago a priest stayed with the Wallace clan in Scotland. In thanks for their hospitality he blessed them with love and fidelity. It's been passed down to every generation of our family and that priest? He became a saint." The older man crossed himself drunkenly before lifting his glass in a toast.

After they'd all had a small drink Mike said, "Love and fidelity? When you gave me the birds and bees talk you never explained it like that."

"Yeah, you basically told me to watch out because my dick might fall in love with the first pussy it touched and then I'd be screwed in the not-good way," Ian chimed in.

"Same here," Ben agreed. "That's why all us boys called it the curse of the magic pussy. 'Cause once you get some of that special ass you'll never try another."

"You can tell us now, Dad. It was just a story to try and keep your sons in line, wasn't it?" Mike asked.

"Hand over heart," Ben's father swore and put his right hand over his chest. "It's the honest truth. My father and grandfather told me. No man in our family has ever divorced or cheated on his wife. Even if he can't stand her," he finished with a loud laugh.

Ben could see Kyle glancing between the four of them with a perplexed expression. He needed to steer the conversation back around so spoke up. "But I want to know if it's true? After you bed 'The One'," he added the air quotes with bent fingers, "you can never go back?"

The three other Wallace men shared a look before their father spoke. "For me it's the truth. I've never cheated on your mother, never wanted to." Ben eyed his brothers. Both had married young. Mike was thirty-one and had been married for ten years with five kids. Ian was twenty-one and had been married for three years with four kids.

Mike was the one to finally speak, though he wouldn't meet any of the other's eyes. "It's true for me. I mean, God knows, I love Ang. But, remember Ian's bachelor party? That stripper? She was hot and when she gave me my lap dance she was practically jerking me off through my pants but I didn't even get a little bit aroused. Even...," he lowered his voice and looked around to make sure he couldn't be overheard. "Even when I jerk off I have to think about Angie."

"Fuck," Ian moaned out the word while rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Me too. Damn, I thought it was just a phase or something I'd just... I don't know, get over."

Ben, who'd never spoken quite so candidly with his brothers and father, shared a look with his dad. "I tried to warn you," their father said. "I'm not saying it's magic, maybe it's, uh, a DNA thing. We're hardwired for monogamy but who's to say...," he trailed off before taking a long drink from his glass.

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