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Wallflower Love


I was home for the summer from college. I was just walking in through door of my parent's house from working my part-time job. My aunt Drew was there talking to my mom.

"Sarah will end up an old maid," my aunt was telling my mother.

This was a frequent topic of conversation with my aunt. Her daughter Sarah would never find a man. Sarah was nineteen, tall and thin with stringy, long brown hair. She wore old fashioned glasses as well. I hated to hear the women in my family always beating up on Sarah. I had started to head up the steps to my bedroom when my mother called out.

"Eric, don't forget the family reunion this Saturday," my mother reminded me.

"I think I have plans that day," I told her.

"Cancel them," my mom warned me.

Now here it was Saturday and I was standing around at the reunion. It was being held at a state park that contained a large lake. The women were off to one side gossiping and the men were in their group, trying to get as far away from the ladies as they could. I decided I needed to take a walk, so I headed for the water. Tall grass ran right up to the shore of the lake. As I got closer I saw my cousin Sarah standing there.

"Don't jump!" I called out to my cousin.

She turned around and waved to me as she laughed.

"I was tempted," she said. "I get tired of my mother running me down all the time," Sarah told me.

"Can I ask you something Eric?"

"Sure," I said.

"Do you think I am attractive?" Sarah asked.

God, I hate when women ask me questions like that. What are you supposed to tell them?

"Of course you are," I told my cousin.

She walked over to me and put her arms arms around my waist and hugged me. I could feel Sarah's small, pointed tits pushing through her shirt and into my chest. I was a little red faced as I felt my cock stirring in my pants.

"Would you teach me, Eric?" Sarah said.

"Teach you?" I replied.

"How to make love," Sarah told me.

"That isn't a good idea, Sarah. We are cousins after all," I told her.

"I don't care anymore Eric, I am tired of being a virgin," she explained to me.

Sarah looked up at me with a pleading sort of look in her face. She moved up and kissed me on the lips. I lost what little control I had, and I found myself in a deep tongue kiss with my cousin. Sarah had placed her small hands up underneath my t-shirt and she was rubbing my nipples with the palms of her hands. I reached up and pulled her shirt off. Her tiny tits were erect and waiting. I placed my mouth over top of each one and sucked. Sarah began to moan and I continued down and unbuckled her pants.

I pushed her pants and undies to the ground. Sarah didn't groom much. She had a thick bush around her pussy.

"Show me your cock, Eric" Sarah said to me.

I undid my pants and pulled everything down. Sarah got down on her knees and took my cock in her hand.

"I have never seen one before," she told me. "Are they normally this big?"

I am just average size, to be honest, but fairly thick, with a big mushroom head.

"I am just average, Sarah" I told her.

Sarah was stroking my cock up and down, examining me. She also was cupping my balls in her other hand. I don't think she had any idea what this was doing to me. If she didn't stop soon, I might just pop my load. I knelt down next to her, and pushed Sarah on her back. I spread her thighs apart and guided my cock to her slit.

"Please Eric, do it" Sarah was pleading with me now.

I pushed and pushed. Sarah was ultra tight. It took some minutes to even get half my cock inside her.

"It hurts Eric,"

"It will get better as we go along, Sarah," I told her.

I finally managed to get my entire length into Sarah. I slowly began to pump my shaft into her virgin pussy. I couldn't recall a woman this tight before. Sarah was squeezing me and holding me in a death grip.

I sped up and my ball sacs were slapping against her asscheeks.

"Oh my God, Oh my God," those were the only words Sarah managed to get out.

Sarah had wrapped her legs around my waist by this point. It was hot out that day and sweat was pouring from both of us. We were going at it pretty hard. I told Sarah I was getting close, she better unwrap her legs from my waist.

Sarah nodded that she had no intention of doing that.

"Sarah please!" I said to her.

It was too late. I creamed my cousin with my sticky man seed. Hot ropes came pouring out of me. I seem to recall Sarah screaming as my cum hit her pussy walls. We were lost in our fucking, for sure. I just kept pumping into Sarah. Her body was shaking by this time. My cock soon became limp and I slipped out of her.

I lay on top of my cousin, biting and chewing her hard little nips. We were really lost in lust that afternoon.

Sarah looked up into my face.

"Can you go more, Eric?" she was close to begging me.

I had my cousin get on all fours and I slipped my cock into her once more. I had no trouble getting hard this time. Sarah had taken my cock and sucked me between her lips. She licked off all of our sex cream and made me extremely hard once more. Once she was on all fours, I placed my hands on her hips and guided my cock back in. I think we did it even longer than the first time. Sarah's little tits hung down as I ploughed into her tight pussy. I last longer this time, but ended cumming in my cousin a second time. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't control myself any longer.

We finished up and I had Sarah walk back to the party alone. I followed a few minutes later so it wouldn't look too suspicious. No one had even missed us.

The next day was Sunday. I went out for a late day jog. When I got home there was Sarah talking to my mother.

"Look who is here Eric," my mom said to me.

Sarah smiled at me and I said hi. We made small talk and then Sarah said she was walking back to her house. My mom told me to walk back with her as it was getting late in the day. It was a mile walk or so back to Sarah's home.

"I wanted to tell you something Eric," Sarah spoke to me.

"You don't need to worry about making me pregnant, I am on the pill," Sarah blurted out.

It had been on my mind that Saturday night. It shocked me to hear Sarah say she was on birth control. She had been a virgin the day before yesterday. Sarah told me her mom had been worried that Sarah might do something stupid like get pregnant, so she took Sarah to the doctor's office.

"I also wanted to ask you, did I do alright yesterday?" Sarah was eager to find out.

"Oh yeah, you did really good!" I told my cousin.

"Could we do it again sometime, Eric?" Sarah asked me.

We had just been walking past a small city park that was along the way. I took Sarah's hand and we walked towards a private area. I started to kiss my cousin again and she returned the favor. I undid her pants again and pushed them to the ground. I turned Sarah around so she was facing a large tree. I told her to place her hands against this oak tree and bend at the waist. I pulled my trunks down and my cock sprung loose. I stood behind Sarah and slipped my cock into her tight hole. We ended up having a quick fuck there in the park close to her home.

It was more of the same, I slammed my cock into her as deep as it would go. Sarah gripped me as tight as was possible. We grunted and got loud as we fucked like two wild animals. I drove my cock in deep and then blew my slick cum into her belly. Again and again, I seemed to have a bottomless well of seed to give my cousin. She ended up milking ever drop from me. We walked back to her house with the biggest smiles you could imagine.

Sarah and I were lovers that entire summer. She also managed to fix herself up a bit. She got her hair cut and got contact lenses. She also shaved her bush down to just a little strip above her slit. She actually looked quite cute.

Summer came to and end and I was heading back to school. We made plans for Sarah to visit me at school on the weekends. A friend of mine had an apartment that was vacant Friday night through Sunday. We end up spending most of the weekends in bed fucking each other. We just need to come up with a plan so we can be with each other full time. I am working on that!

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