Walter Kresky's Loving Wife

byCharles Petersunn©

Walter was now in full view of their audience, but he did not care. At this moment in time he might have even been willing to have the door to his office open. Nothing at this moment mattered other than having and completing his orgasm, and in this instance it would be on his wife's face, as his ersatz secretary had requested. "Take it, Violet," he ordered, "take it like you want it."

She did want it. She wanted it very much. And, not to be left out herself she reached down with her left hand and squeezed her clit, bringing herself to climax as well, just as the first glob splatted across her eye, which she closed, albeit a little late.

Those who were lucky enough to get a free seat for this show were very appreciative, if not stunned. The few who were actually going so far as to participate in the act, albeit vicariously, reached their own climaxes as well, one even within his slacks, which would be a problem later but that concern did not currently occupy his mind. Everyone's mind was now overtaken by the floods of their orgasmic paroxysms sweeping their bodies. Rationale thought was not readily accessed.

And rationality was certainly far from the mind of Walter, who was gazing down onto the sweet lovely face of his dear Joanna, smiling angelically as it was being doused and drenched by his repeated spurts and gushes of thick, white, sloppy cum. His dick twitched and jerked in his hand, his legs felt weak and tremulous, but he stood his ground and took careful aim, being sure to get every special spot of her face splattered with at least some globs of thick gism.

Joanna's smile broadened as she felt herself taken away by her orgasm. There was really little better than cumming while you're being cummed on, for you have the benefit of experiencing two orgasms at once, your own and your partner's. Men will at times complain that they can't tell that their wives even came, and well they should. But Joanna, a woman, was most fortunate to have such a concrete and vivid, as well as quite wet, even a bit sticky, firsthand evidence of her man's ejaculation. Joanna opened her mouth and slipped out her tongue. She wanted to taste it as well.

Walter's balls were about empty but he did manage to quench his wife's thirst, at least a bit, getting the last few spurts onto her outstretched tongue and into her mouth. He did want to make her happy. She did deserve that.

Joanna's smile turned into a grin as she felt, and tasted, Walter's cum on her tongue. Sometimes life was so good, so pleasing, so satisfying.

When he appeared to be done Joanna turned her face toward the window, toward her audience within the office cells of the building across the street. She scooped up the globs of cum hanging onto and off of her nose, stuck out her tongue, and let them slowly drip from her fingers down onto her tongue. She rested the globs there for awhile, savoring their texture, their taste, and then brought them inside, swallowed them, and with a big, contented, gratified smile, she waved to the men, cum still dripping from her hand and face.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Joanna had quickly returned home after her lunch with Walter as there was much to do. A housewife's work is never really done. Joanna did truly work 24-7.

Whenever she forgot her work, her role, her responsibilities, taped to her refrigerator was the "Good Wife's Guide." The guide was developed originally for a high school home economics text. However, the points were so poignant, so real, so true, that the guide quickly circulated well beyond its humble beginning. Delta Nu, Joanna's college sorority, in fact published it within the sorority's manual for success, where Joanna had discovered it in college (see "Five Steps to Delta Nu"). Joanna attributed her success in finding Walter, her perfect husband, to being a Delta Nu, and the Good Wife's Guide to keeping him. It consisted of ten simple steps (at least the Delta Nu version consisted of just 10 steps; the original version was a bit longer).


1. One should plan ahead to have a delicious meal prepared, approximately 1.5 hours after his return from work (the exact timing, of course, depends on his particular schedule and preferences). Having the meal prepared in advance is a very good way of letting him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about his needs. Most men are hungry when they come home and the prospect of a good meal (especially his favorite dish) is part of the warm welcome. In addition, having the meal ready in advance frees up time to provide additional acts of wifely care.

2. You should be prepared as well. You should take about 15 minutes to rest before his arrival so that you'll be refreshed when he arrives. Of course, one must leave enough time to touch up your make-up, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh-looking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people, and it's important that he be greeted with the sight of a fresh and cheerful welcome.

3. Be sure to clear away the household clutter. Just before he arrives, make one last sweep through the house to be sure that nothing has been missed. Be sure not to leave your girlish magazines lying about. Your job is simple: just keep the house clean. He may want to hire a maid to help you, but you should decline the offer. His hard-earned money is not well spent doing your job.

4. Be sure to gather up all of the children's schoolbooks, toys, and clothes. In addition, prepare the children. Take a few minutes to wash their hands and faces, comb their hair and, if necessary, change their clothes. They are his little treasures and he would like to see that they are indeed being well cared for and well raised. Certainly minimize all noise. The children should greet him as well upon his arrival (please see the opening segment to Father Knows Best for a helpful illustration).

(This helpful hint did not actually apply to Joanna, as they did not yet have any children. She did, however, have her fingers crossed for the future.)

5. Even if your own day has been difficult, be sure to be gay, sprightly, animated, and chipper upon his arrival. A man's life at work is often difficult, tedious, and perhaps even stressful. He will often feel beaten down by his boss, and unappreciated. He will need a lift and one of your duties is to provide it. Upon his arrival greet him with a warm smile, and display an obvious sincerity in your desire to please. Take his hat and his coat, and have waiting for him his favorite beverage (a cold drink in the summer, warm in the winter, unless he prefers it otherwise).

6. During the cold winter months you should prepare a fire for him to unwind by. There is really nothing like the hearth and home, and being able to bask in the warmth of a fire, with you by his side. This will go far in letting him know that he has truly reached a haven of rest and order, and it will give you a respite as well.

7. Help him to be comfortable. Have him lean back in his favorite easy chair, arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes and put on his slippers. A foot massage can also go a long way.

8. Speak in a low, soothing and pleasant voice and, most importantly, listen to him. You may have a dozen important things to tell him, perhaps some bills need to be paid, or a dripping faucet needs to be fixed, but the moment of his arrival is not the right time. It is his time to unwind, to be reminded of why he loves to come home.

9. Make the evening his. Do not complain if he comes home late or goes out to dinner with colleagues or friends, or some place of entertainment. A man does need his time to sport, to crow, even when he is married (perhaps then even more so). Remember, he is ultimately doing this for you. A happy, contented husband provides a happy, contented marriage. Try to understand that while you have been safe within his home, he has been out there, in the real world of strain, pressure, turmoil, and even danger, all for the purpose of making you happy, of buying you nice things to make you look and feel pretty.

10. In sum, try to make sure your home is a place of peace, order, and tranquility where your husband can renew himself in body and spirit. Catering to his comfort will be catering to your own, your comfort in knowing that you have a happy, safe, and secure marriage.

Joanna took the ten steps to heart. She in fact expanded on them in a number of important ways, ways that probably would not be appropriately included within a high school textbook, although well learned during her years as a sister of Delta Nu.

She would, of course, greet her husband with a smile, a drink, fresh make-up, and perhaps even a ribbon in her hair. She would always be sure to dress in a manner that he would fine appealing and attractive, and at times much more than that. There is no better way to please a man, to make a man feel happy to be home than to please him as a woman. And, it was really very clear, at least to the women of Delta Nu, what was most pleasing to a man when it came to women.

Joanna would not always dress provocatively for Walter. If it became a regular habit, it would become just habitual, routine. It was important for their love to be full of surprises. She would always be in fresh clothes for his arrival, but not always necessarily suggestive clothes. This evening, though, Joanna was dressed, or actually undressed, in one of his most favorite nighties: a light blue, see-through baby doll that hung down low on her chest, providing quite a nice bit of appealing cleavage for Joanna's breasts, which were jutting out from her body like full, ripe melons. She was really quite proud of her breasts, as she should be. They were really very well-shaped and firm, so nicely round, and capped by two very pointy, erect nipples. They always became erect when Walter arrived home from work. It was like they were his two little pets, standing up so proudly, so excitedly, to see him: barking, panting, and begging for some attention, some love, some kisses.

The diaphanous baby doll hung down just to her hips. The hem was a thick fluffy fur. Peaking out beneath was the little "V" of her matching light blue panties, which were so tight that Joanna's camel toe was quite visibly apparent, not that the outline was even really necessary, as the panties were also see-through and her shaved cunnie lips were themselves clearly evident.

Joanna was also wearing light blue thigh high nylons, with high heels. She almost always wore heels. They really did wonders for the curves of her calves and the roundness of her bottom. She knew how Walter really enjoyed the sight of her bottom, and she was not about to neglect that part of her anatomy. She had in fact doubled-checked the back of her panties before she greeted him at the door. Sometimes panties will bunch up or hang loose on one's bottom. It's really not very appealing when they hang loose and it only takes a second to check them, to pull them out and up a bit so they snugged tightly, so they accentuated and complimented the adorable curves of her derriere.

Joanna was also wearing Clive Christian Imperial Majesty perfume, their signature scent. As Joanna liked to say, it was "an extravagant and complex bouquet of precious Indian jasmine, mandarin and sandalwood." It was really quite expensive, but it was Walter's favorite, and he rarely begrudged Joanna the cost of something that made her feel pretty, particularly something as important as perfume.

Walter would usually arrive home at approximately 5:45, fighting the rush hour traffic all the way. Joanna really hated to drive in traffic, and she never envied Walter's struggle to get home, which was all the more reason for his arrival to be fully rewarding.

Greeting him at the door dressed like this was at times a bit risky. She would certainly be ready by 5:30, but he might at times be late. She would not simply wait by the door for him to arrive. After all, he might have decided to stop off to have drinks with some friends, or perhaps his boss was keeping him late. If he knew he was going to be late he would usually call. He was not inconsiderate like some husbands. But sometimes he was too busy to call, or was just rushed away by some impulsive request or suggestion, or he might just forget. Nobody was perfect.

So, she would not wait by the door like a submissive puppy, waiting for her master to arrive, like some wives she knew. She would make good use of the time, albeit something that would not likely disturb her appearance, particularly her hair and make-up. She might, for instance, sew a rip in a shirt or a tear in a pair of his pants. He always told her not to bother with that. Nobody mended clothes anymore, he would say. They were so inexpensive. He could just buy more. But, she liked doing it. Her mother had always mended her children's clothes and, besides, the money they saved could go to buying her some new panties, although that wasn't necessarily true. Some of her panties were rather expensive. Walter was terribly generous when it came to her panties. She had so many pairs that she had to have an extra dresser just for them. Some wives have a special closet for shoes. Joanna had a special dresser for all of her panties.

Of course, she did other things than simply mend his clothes. She might make good use of her time by working on an extra special dessert for that evening (although she always liked to say that she not only provided the dessert, she was the dessert), getting his clothes ready for the next day, or mixing up some fresh potpourri. She liked to make potpourri herself rather than purchase some factory package. Martha Stewart provided particularly wonderful recipes for lovely, fresh potpourri. Joanna liked her lavender recipe, consisting of 1 cup English Lavender flowers, 1/2 cup marjoram leaves, 1 tablespoon Thyme leaves, 1 tablespoon Mint leaves, 1 tablespoon Orris Root powder, 2 teaspoons ground Coriander, 1/2 teaspoon ground Cloves, and a few drops of Lavender Oil. Joanna would of course put a little bag of the lavender in the dryer with the sheets and linen. That always gave them such a fresh outdoors scent.

But, back to the waiting for Walter to come home. Joanna didn't always know for sure when Walter would arrive, and when she heard him coming up the driveway she would drop whatever she was doing and rush to the door, to be able to open it for him or at least be there when he opened the door so the first thing he would see would be his lovely, expectant, cheerfully smiling wife. But on some occasions he would not be alone.

The most embarrassing time was probably when he arrived with his boss, Mr. Drithers. Mr. Drither's wife was apparently out of town and Walter convinced him to come to his house for some fine home cooking. Joanna wouldn't mind. But, she was certainly embarrassed to open the door and have Mr. Drithers standing there, seeing her naked body wrapped in Saran Wrap.

She had done that on impulse, having seen it on Fried Green Tomatoes, a movie to which she had to drag Walter with the promise that she would take care of him during the movie, but that's another story for another time. He didn't like the movie but he thought the cellophane idea was pretty cute. He did love body stockings.

In any case, there she was, at the door, her breasts squeezed and crushed against her body by the Saran Wrap, but still fully visible, her cunnie lips also equally evident through the sheer plastic wrap. Camel toe in tight panties is one thing, but it's quite a bit more when its tightly wrapped Saran Wrap camel toe. Joanna gasped in shock at the sight of Mr. Drithers standing there, his eyes bugging out. She covered her breasts and cunnie with her hands, and then tried to scurry off to the kitchen to unwrap herself, covering her bottom as she clumsily departed. However, she had wrapped her body all the way down to her ankles and could only take short little geisha steps. She was quite humiliated at the time, but they all had a good laugh about it over dinner, particularly when she asked Mr. Drithers if he would like her to wrap up some dessert for him.

In any case, today she was in her light blue nightie and panties, thigh high nylons, and high heels and, fortunately, Walter was alone.

"Honey," she gushed as she opened the door, briefly exposing herself to anyone that might be walking down the sidewalk, or looking in their direction through a neighbor's window. Neither of which though appeared to have occurred, so she just acted nonchalant as she handed him his cocktail (Bombay Sapphire gin, straight up, dry, two olives), gathered his hat and jacket, and ushered him inside.

"My goodness," he gleefully replied and, once again was reminded of what a wonderful wife he had. "Aren't we looking special today, Peaches."

"Oh honey, pish posh," Joanna replied. "I didn't want to get my good things dirty so I just threw something on while I cleaned." As she pattered over to the closet, her heels clicking on the hard wood floor, she looked back to see him admiring her swinging pantied bottom. She was always so pleased when he enjoyed her prettiness. "I was doing the dusting this afternoon, and I just felt it was best to avoid getting anything on a nice dress." The first part was true, but she always wore casual wear when she cleaned, sometimes even sweats. She did make one demand of Walter, and that was to warn her if he was coming home early. She never liked it when he arrived too early for her to be prepared, and so she knew it was safe to dress down during the afternoon when he was at work.

"I can't imagine you dusting in that," he replied skeptically, but he did indeed imagine it, and imagined it must have been a pretty sexy site.

"Oh don't be silly, it's nothing really." She hung up his hat and coat, scampered back to him, her boobies jiggling and wiggling beneath her nightie as she did, took him by the hand, and gave him a big welcome-home kiss.

He pulled her soft, supple body to his, his free hand grasping tightly her firm round bottom, and kissed her deeply, fondly, lovingly. He so much loved this woman. He could not ever imagine having a better wife.

But, Joanna pushed him away. Dessert always tasted best when it was at the end of a long, delicious meal.

She took him by the hand and led him to the den, to his favorite easy chair, where she sat him down, lifted his feet upon the ottoman, kneeled down beside him, and undid his shoes. "Was it a difficult day for you, honey?"

He shook his head. "You don't know the half of it."

Joanna stopped for a moment to look at him. "Well, you did have a nice lunch, didn't you, dear?"

"Yes, yes, I suppose I did. Violet in fact was very considerate today."

Joanna pinched his foot and scolded him. "Oh don't be so silly." But, then she got serious, as Walter had said in seriousness that his day had been difficult. "But, my goodness, sweetie, did something go wrong?"

Walter proceeded to explain to her all the little annoyances and frustrations of the day, how his secretary had misplaced a file, how his boss, Mr. Drithers, moved up to today for when he needed the TCR reports, and how traffic had been so miserable. Joanna listened carefully throughout, nodding sympathetically, massaging the weariness away from his feet, and expressing throughout her feelings of sympathy and understanding. He did eventually calm down, feeling comfortable and at peace in the bosom of his home.

It was safe now to finish up dinner. She put on his slippers so that his feet would not get cold and excused herself.

After she left, Walter absentmindedly fondled the erection he had developed upon his arrival, still thinking about his pretty and sexy wife. Yet, this was so typical. More often than not he became erect in the presence of Joanna. She had a way of drawing that out of him. But, he really shouldn't do anything about that now. The evening had only just begun. He sat back in his chair, nursed the martini, gazed at the fire Joanna had made, and contemplated what a lucky man he was.

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