tagLesbian SexWaltz of Blades Ch. 02

Waltz of Blades Ch. 02


Pacing back and forth in front of her mirror Angela blushed gently. Standing there in her underwear with several outfits scattered about she had tried on. "I .. none of this works damn it!!" She yelled out in frustration over both her anxiety and lack of clothing. She looked up as she heard her cell phone start to go off on the counter. Snatching it up she shut off the alarm that was telling her it was 6:30. "I don't have time ... this is stupid.. really stupid." She scolded herself as she grabbed a knee length black skirt and put it on over her panties. Then put on a white blouse, buttoning it up as she muttered to herself. "Fucking stupid ... It's just a casual thing ... don't get so worked up over it."

She brushed her short hair and frowned as she could not do anything with it. Giving up she dabbed a bit of perfume along her collar then spun around once while looking herself over in the mirror. "It will have to do ... I hope she likes it." Her cheeks became darker as she realized what she said out loud. "W-what am I saying?!? Ugh ... I have to go I will be late!"Grabbing her phone she rushed out of her dorm, heading to the square in front of the campus.

She looked at her phone once she got to the square, It was 6:50. "Good ... made it in time." She looked around slowly at the small square. There was a road running parallel to it that leads into the city. A slight haze was in the autumn air as the sun began to move towards the horizon. It would be dark in a few hours.

Taking a seat on one of the benches Angela placed her hands in her lap, rocking herself back and forth thinking to herself as she fiddled with the hem of her skirt. "Is she late? Maybe she got tired of waiting ... wait no I'm early. Why do I care anyway it's not like it's the end of the world if she doesn't show!"

"Do you always talk to yourself when you're alone?" A familiar voice called out behind her as she immediately hopped up off the bench and turned around to see Elizabeth standing there with that cocky little grin of hers. She was wearing a tight fitting pair of blue jeans and a form fitting white top. A small open jacket of royal blue around her shoulders as she sat there with one hand on her hip.

"D-damn it! That's the second time today you have scared the hell out of me!" Angela barked the words at her but her eyes were already drifting over her dates figure. Her cheeks slightly pink as she brushed her hands along her skirt making sure it was straight.

Eli smiled and looked away with a slight blush herself as she noticed how intently she was being looked at. "Sorry ... not like I meant to scare you ... I like what you have on by the way." She said it sincerely without any sarcasm.

Angela stepped forward and smiled brightly with her rosy cheeks as she swallowed the lump of nervousness in her throat and spoke softly. "You look nice as well ....s-so where are you taking me?"

Grasping her hand Eli smiled and began to walk with her down the sidewalk heading towards the exit of the campus. "Oh I thought we would go to this nice little sushi bar. It's only about 3 blocks from here." She grinned at her date as she squeezed her hand ever so lightly.

Looking away with a blush Angela gripped her hand back as she squeezed it, Her pace matching with the beautiful woman that was holding her hand as they walked to the restaurant. "It may be dark by the time we get done though ... it's already a little after seven" she said it lightly while looking over at Eli to catch a glimpse of her eyes looking back at her.

Eli just grinned broadly and flexed her other arm as she gave a playful wink. "Don't worry I will protect you if something happens I promise!" Angela smiled at the words as she held her hand tighter, her fingers interlocking with the other young woman's as they both walked together.

The couple arrived at the restaurant and took a booth seat near a window. Angela sat on one side of the booth and looked up at Eli, expecting her to sit across from her but she just stood there staring down at the young red head. "um ... what is it Eli?"

With a light nudge to her shoulder Eli simply told her. "Scoot over. I'm not standing here for my health." She said it with a grin as Angela scooted over in the seat with a shy blush. Eli promptly sat down next to her date and smiled as she gazed into her eyes. "Were you expecting me to sit across from you? I like this better ... gets me closer to you."

With bright cheeks Angela nodded and gripped Eli's hand under the table as she swallowed another lump in her throat. "Ah ... r-right ... we should order huh?" She pulled her hand away and looked through a small menu of sushi and drinks. "w-what is ...sah ...key?"

Eli laughed out loud at the question. "Hah ... you don't know much about Japanese food do you? Sake is a type of wine made of rice. Would you like to try some?" She nudged her playfully as she asked the question.

Angela playfully smiled, her comfort level was slowly returning as she lightly laid her head against Eli's shoulder. "I duno ... are you trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?" She blushed at her own words as she realized what she said and where her head was laying. Where did that come from? But it felt so comfortable to say it ... She thought to herself as she suddenly felt her dates arm around her shoulder holding her closer.

"I was just going to introduce you to something new. Not get you plastered." She said it with a grin as she gripped Angela's shoulder. Setting the menu down when the waitress returned she ordered for both of them. A few minutes later their sushi arrived along with a small bottle of sake. Pouring a bit of the rice wine into what looked like a small bowl shaped glass she handed it to Angela. "Try it ... you may like it."

Looking at the strange liquid Angela drank it down like a shot of whisky, her eyes opened wide as she began to cough loudly with red cheeks. "ugh ... I-it tastes horrible!! " She grabbed her water and started drinking it down to wash out her mouth while Eli laughed softly.

"Well ... maybe I should of ordered you a flavored one ..." She said it gently as she took a shot of the wine herself then took a pair of chopsticks and picked up a piece of sushi, grinning at her date as she held it in front of her. "Here this will get the taste out of your mouth ..." She said it with light red cheeks as she smiled.

Angela pouted a moment at the gesture. "I'm more than capable of feeding mysel-mmph!!" She got a piece of sushi shoved into her open mouth before she could finish the statement. She glared at Eli as she chewed and then swallowed. "W-what the heck?!?" she argued softly but also blushed at the fact she was getting fed.

"Oh ... I thought you would like it if I fed you ... can you use chopsticks?" Eli asked with a playful pout as she poked Angela's nose gently with the end tip of a chopstick.

"W-well ... no ... not really ... this is my first time having sushi too ... it's not bad though, what all is in it?" She asked curiously as Eli grinned and picked up another piece of the roll she ordered.

"Oh don't worry about what's in it, if you like it that's all that matters and .... Since you can't use chopsticks you will have to let me feed you" She grinned as she held another piece in front of her date. Angela shyly opened her mouth and let her date feed her as she blushed brightly while eating.

After a few more pieces of sushi Eli gripped Angela's hand gently and smiled up at her as she placed a chopstick in her open hand. "Here ... I will show you how to use them ..." She said it with a kind gentle voice as her own fingertips rubbed at Angela's hand while she clumsily held the sticks.

"I ... have no idea what I'm doing though ..." she blushed gently and tried to grip the two sticks clumsily as Elizabeth giggled and broke open another set.

"Like this ... hold one stick kind of like a pencil ... now pinch this other one between your fingers like this ... hold it so you only move one ..." She gently guided her date in holding them, her hands holding her own set as she used her other hand to help Angela with her own set of chopsticks. "Yes ... like that. Now try to pick something up."

Fumbling with the sticks Angela tried to pick up a piece of sushi, the small roll kept slipping out of her grip as she growled lightly and blushed out of embarrassment. "mpph ... I ... I can't do this ... its too hard ..."

Eli smiled softly and gripped her hands with her own, gently slipping her fingertips along Angela's "Like this sweetie ..." She held her fingers steady as she helped her gently retrieve the piece of sushi while holding her hands.

"Ahh ... I did it ... wait let me try on my own ..." After a few more fumbling attempts Angela was finally able to start to grip and pick up the sushi with her sticks.

Eli giggled softly and smiled gently at her. "Mmm ... good job, I knew you coul- gack!" Eli's statement was cut short as she got a piece of sushi shoved into her mouth as Angela grinned at her.

"He he ... now I can feed you too ..." The red head grinned playfully as she started to feed her date. Eli offered no resistance and smiled happily as she sat there and chewed her food while her arm pulled Angela closer to her.

The two girls enjoyed their meal together. They spent several hours in the bar talking and chatting. Finally after leaving the two of them started their walk back to the campus. Now Angela was holding onto Eli's arm gently. Eli blushed lightly from the feel of her dates two soft breasts pushed up against her arm while she clung to it.

"Eli ... thank you for taking me out like this ... I have been so wrapped up in classes and my gymnastics I forgot what it was like to have fun ..." Angela said it happily as she leaned against her while clinging to her arm.

"I enjoyed it too ... let's go out again sometime soon ..." She smiled down at the red head as she clung to her arm. The two of them kept walking until they got back to the square of the campus. The campus clock tower showed it was already a little after 11.

Angela stood in front of this beautiful woman she had only just met today. Both her hands were holding onto Eli's as she blushed gently. "Eli ... thank you for tonight ... it was wonderful ..." She said the words happily while looking up into those enchanting Blue eyes of hers. Even in the dim view of the walkway lights they shone beautifully.

"It's was my pleasure ... I hope I was not to forward ..." Eli said the words gently as her thumbs softly rubbed the top of Angela's hands while she grasped them.

"Forward ... no not at all, I just hate I was so jittery and nervous at first ..." Angela reaches up with one hand and lightly touched Eli's cheek, stroking it slowly as the blue eyed girl reacted by closing her eyes and smiling gently from the touch.

Angela felt courage well up inside her while her dates eyes were closed. She stepped forward and pushed her lips to Eli's, kissing her with a deep loving kiss. Eli responded by wrapping her arms around Angela, holding her close to her body as she kissed her back. They lingered on one another's lips for what felt like hours. Angela drug her nails gently down Eli's back before breaking the kiss with bright red cheeks.

"I ... err ... I really like the taste of your lip gloss!" She said it with a shy laugh. She could feel her breasts pushed into Eli's as she clung to her. She didn't want to let go yet, just a little longer of being in her arms and feeling her body close.

Eli giggled at the statement made and ran her fingertips up and down Angela's back, sighing gently into her ear as she held her close. "I'm glad you kissed me ... I was too nervous to do it ... "

Angela smiled brightly up at her and hugged closer. "You? Nervous ... but you are always so confident ... do my lips intimidate you that much?" She said it playfully as she leaned forward and gave her another brief kiss before smiling childishly

Eli slipped her fingertips through Angela's hair, stroking it lightly as she leans in and kisses her deeply, sighing against her lips as her nails lightly dig into her back while keeping her close. Angela moves her arms up to wrap them around Eli's neck, returning her loving kiss as she gasps gently against her lips and blushes brightly.

After several moments of kissing Angela finally breaks away from Eli's sweet lips. A deep red hue on her cheeks as she rubs the beautiful woman's back slowly while trying to catch her breath. "Ahh ... s-say Eli? You know ... this is the first time I have ever held or kissed a girl like this ..."

Elizabeth smiled with blush on her own cheeks as she held her date in her arms. "You are beautiful Angel ... I knew I wanted to hold you in my arms the moment I saw you ..."

Pushing her head against Eli's chest Angela blushed and ran her fingertips along her back. "D-don't call me angel ... I told you I would kick your ass if you did ..." Her hand moved back to the young woman's backside and she squeezed one of her ass cheeks while leaning against her with a smile.

Gasping with a blush at the sudden squeeze Eli pulled Angela closer and raked her nails through her hair. "I can't believe I'm actually holding you like this ... I'm so happy right now .." She whispered the words into her ear while Angela clung to her and nuzzled her chest.

After holding each other for some time, Angela finally looked up at Eli again and smiled gently as both her hands traced circles along the woman's back while she held onto her. "Can we go out again? I want to spend more time with you ..." she said it softly as she enjoyed the scent of the beautiful woman's perfume while she was clinging to her.

Grinning back Eli coursed her fingers through the soft red hair of this girl clinging to her. "Of course... I would cry if you said I could not see you again ..." She said the words playfully but pulled her closer.

Angela smiled and leaned forward, brushing her lips against Eli's as she whispered gently. "Will I see you tomorrow? I've not even let you go yet and I already miss you ..."

"Of course ... lets have lunch together and visit one another between classes." Elizabeth continued to pet Angela's hair while talking to her softly.

The two girls held one another for several more minutes, silently enjoying one another's warmth in the cool autumn night air. Finally the silence between them was broken by the school clock tower tolling in the distance.

"It's mid-night sweetie ... and it's getting pretty cool ...I don't want you getting sick or getting no re-" Eli's words were cut off as Angela kissed her lips again, holding the long sweet kiss for several seconds before parting her lips.

"Just a few more minutes ... hold me for just another minute or two please ..." She whispered the words as her arms wrapped around Eli's neck and she pulled closer. Once again she pushed her warm lips to the other girl's, both of them kissing deep and lovingly as they held one another.

After a few minutes of deep passionate kissing Angela stepped back from Elizabeth's embrace. She licked her lips and blushed softly as she looked at the other woman shyly. "I guess we should call it a night ... I don't want you to get sick because of me ..."

With a soft blush on her cheeks Elizabeth took Angela's arm in her own. "It's ok ... I don't want to leave your side either .... C'mon though ... I will walk you to your dorm." She lead her date back to her dorm as Angela clung tightly to her with a beautiful smile.

Finally reaching the door Eli gripped Angela's hands gently as they stood there staring at each other. "I really had a good time with you ..." Eli said it bashfully as she looked away with slightly pink cheeks.

Cupping the blushing girl's cheeks in her hands Angela brought her face up to Eli's "Don't look like that ... I'm supposed to be the shy one not you baby ..." She pushed her lips to Elizabeth's one last time, kissing her deep and passionately before slowly breaking the kiss after several seconds.

Eli grinned like a little girl after getting the kiss. Angela smiled back and continued to lightly stroke at her cheeks. "Can you call me in the morning before class?"

Nodding her head she kissed Angela's lips briefly one last time before stepping out of her embrace. "Of course I can. I will call you as soon as I wake up sweetie."

Nodding shyly Angela backed into her door way to her dorm. "Ah ... w-well good night then Eli ... be careful on your way back to your room ... ok?"

Grinning while she flexed one arm Eli stuck her tongue out playfully. "No worries, I'm invincible!" She said it jokingly as Angela gave a smile before closing the door. Elizabeth stood there for a moment, placing her hand to her chest as she felt her heart beat quickly within her breasts while she stared at the closed door. "You silly girl ... what have you gone and started this time ..." She whispered quietly to herself as she walked back to her own dorm with the taste of Angela's lips lingering on her own.

Walking back into her dark dorm room Eli flicked on the light and walked into the kitchen area. Taking down a small shot glass and a bottle of whisky she filled the glass about half full and downed the drink. The alcohol burned down her throat as she set the glass down and sighed gently. "Angela .." whispering the girl's name she placed her hand to her heart once more, feeling it flutter and pound in her chest as she stood there in the dim light of the kitchen.

"How cute ... do you actually have a crush on that girl you just met?"

Elizabeth closed her eyes and sighed gently. "It's none of your concern ... my feelings or who I see is my own business"

"So you say ... but don't forget if you fall fo-"

"Shut the fuck up! I know what I'm doing. I don't need your advice or concern you got that?" She barked the words out with a sneer as she put the bottle of whisky away and stomped towards her room.

"Do as you please, just remember the pact you made ... you're not here to play around or fall in love. You have a job."

Elizabeth grunted as she grit her teeth at the words. "Whatever ... I know the details, now leave me alone so I can sleep." The door slammed into the empty room with a loud thud.

"As you wish, I look forward to seeing how you handle this situation ..."

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