tagInterracial LoveWan Wan Wan!

Wan Wan Wan!


-The following story contains heavy race play. I do not personally bear any ill will towards the Korean race, or any race for that matter. Please enjoy this as a work of fiction!-

"Good little Hyuna," said her producer, smiling down at the Korean idol. His penis was stiff as a board in his pants.

"Hyuna good girl."

"Very good. Very dumb and obedient, like a little puppy. We should get you some ears and a fluffy tail."

"Mm! Hyuna a good girl! Does as producer master says to!

"They come with a bikini, too. It's kinda part of the outfit, but you'll be the cutest little puppy I ever had and you can go "Wan wan wan!" while slithering on producer's cock."

"Mm! Wanwan!"

"That's not too tight around the pussy, is it? And the bust? It was made for your old measurements."

"Shows a lot! Just like Master likes!"

"It'll show more when you get bigger," teased Hyuna's master as he squeezed one of her big, fat melons.

Hyuna squirmed and gasped as the hands sunk into the soft, firm flesh of her chest "Even bigger?!" she asked, breathing a bit harder as she was casually groped, thinking absolutely nothing of it. "Not too tight on bottom. Clings to Hyuna's little pussy nicely" She was having trouble even speaking in the first person anymore.

Her big, strong, white manager just stood behind her, arms around her slender body, letting all his fingers disappear into the exposed meat of her enormous, pale tits. "You're already the bustiest starlet in the K-Pop scene... I meant to market you as H-Cup Hyuna, but you outgrew that size while I wasn't looking... What do you have to say for yourself?" His hands felt so good on her body. It felt good to be a busty plaything.

"Ah-- ahh. Hyuna sorry, please don't scold Hyuna" Her arms were hanging down by her sides while she leaned lightly against him, allowing him to do as he pleased. The star sounded helpless and a bit like a small child while her chest was groped and fondled, flesh being kneaded around in all directions and against each other. Her chest was much, much larger now thanks to her new manager, looking far too oversized for her tiny frame and making her look extremely slutty.

She received a hard spank on her ass for that sort of attitude! "Hmph! How dare you talk to me like that? Do you think you're allowed to order your Manager around, you fat cow?" Her thick ass jiggled with each slap, until he turned her around, clutching her wrists. "You're just a big-titty bimbo, Hyuna... Only good for singing, dancing and having your thick, juicy bubble popped. Like any Asian women, fufu." It was all so true. She was lucky to have such a smart manager when she was such a dumb slut.

"If you agree, then you'd better do your best to get Mister Manager off... His honkin great white dick is all thick and long from seeing a dumb Korean bitch shake her titties."

She stood up straighter and quickly with the spank, legs straightening in her surprise and the motion causing her tits to bounce and jiggle in an obscene fashion. She chewed her lip a bit at the scolding. Her plump cheeks reddened while they jiggled and bounced. "Hyuna only good for singing, dancing and bubble popping" she repeated submissively and weakly. "O-Oh! Yes Mister Manager!" she said and started to turn before dropping to her knees and lowering the successful business man's jeans quickly, looking at the white cock standing before her. She brought both hands up, one cupping and fondling his balls and the other starting to stroke the length "Mister Manager's cock is so big!" she cooed excitedly. "So much bigger than the tiny Asian ones Hyuna used to like. Like, tons bigger! And thicker too!"

He grinned at that, flopping back into his expensive leather office couch and getting comfy. After all, Hyuna loved to suck cock and he didn't want to rush her at all. She knew by now that if she massaged the spot under the head of his cock, she could keep him indefinitely hard, and that meant more cock worship! So he just ran a hand through her hair, petting her between those big fuzzy doggy ears she had on. The space between master's thighs was just right for her, although her titties were so large he had to spread them a little wider than he would've a few months back, and they were still pressing hard into him, forming a huge cleavage in the middle. The space between Manager's thighs was totally full of Hyuna's doggy titmeat. "That's cause I feed it right... Those little Asian faggots are too busy sucking each other's dicks... It's only good for sissy girly-girls like Hyuna, but every last Korean craves a fat, master race dick in their mouths, you know?"

She grinned as he sat back into his large fancy chair while the pop idol only stayed on her knees at his feet. She leaned in and kissed his head before moving lower and kissing under it. She felt complimented and urged on as she was pet like an animal, non-verbally praised. She was simply obedient and devoted just like a real dog. Her tits pressed against him and the chair, pushing them up and making the deep cleavage seem even deeper. She had lost so many fans ever since he had taken over for her. Changing not only her videos, songs, and image but her looks and behavior, not that she minded... at least anymore. But for every fan she had lost in the changes, she had gained several more of different demographics. "Mister Manager is so smart! Tiny Asian cocks are only good for sissy faggots! No good for girly girls like Hyuna!" She smiled and continued to stroke. Kissing and licking between some words as she serviced and worshipped her manager and now owner. "Mmm! White men are superior! Hyuna learned they're true master race, all of us should serve them!"

Manager loved the way her words worshipped his dick almost as much as he did her sucking lips and greedy tongue! She had limitless praise for the perfect specimen of white masculinity he was, and the one hanging between his thighs as well. How could she not? Nothing was more delicious than a big, thick, breedy and virile white cock, and this was the best of them all. It stretched her tight little mouth, battering at her soft lips till they'd had to swell up considerably to cushion the blows, giving her a blow-up doll look that got him even stiffer in her throat... Even now, nothing could get Hyuna wetter than the feeling of her Manager's penis deep in her throat, stretching it out to white-dick sizes like it should have been in the first place. She had been so unsuited for a god like him, but now she had a body that could do the job right! She was a wan-wan canine bitch who'd roll over and make doe eyes for this stud as he used her slutty pussy, mouth and even her asshole. It all belonged to him.

"Speaking of which, your new song is going to be great, Hyuna... We're calling it "Master Race," I think you'll love it... It's all part of your new image, gufufu. Puppy Girl is going to be real popular... So you'd better get used to the name." Outlining his plan always made him horny... Now her master was getting ready to cum. She could feel his dick lurching in her mouth and his balls hunching up. The best feeling!

She continued to lick and kiss his cock all over. Slowly making it shine with a thin layer of her drool. Happy to praise it with her body her now massive lips pressed softly on the thick, throbbing cock over and over. So oversized, plump and blowup doll like she couldn't even close them all the way herself, always looking like she was ready for a kiss. She stayed quiet except for occasional, happy moans at being able to lick and worship that cock that took all her thoughts away, broke her into the subservient slant eyed whore she now was and consumed most her thoughts almost all day every day. "Hmm?" She tilted her head up at his first words and started to just lap her tongue repeatedly from under the head then up across it. "Mm! Yes Mister Manager! Hyuna will happily sing Master Race!" She gave an extra long kiss and lick with a small suckle at the idea. She had no idea how she used to do all this, it seemed so foreign and hard now, even when he explained it to her. "Hyuna will become Puppy Girl! Anything Mister Manager says is good for Hyuna!" She ended her statements by wrapping those extra thick and large lips around the cock as it started to tense. Sucking eagerly while spinning her tongue around the head. Her left hand still fondling and starting to clench those heavy, cum filled and churning balls.

Even when it was so big and so sweaty, the hot, hard cock in Hyuna's mouth was wonderful. "Nnn, you really are a maso, Puppy, getting so wet from sucking my dick like this..." Was that was she really was? Someone who enjoyed getting wrecked by strong, manly cocks? "You disgusting pervert!"

He coaxed her into wrapping those awesome tits around his pole, jacking him off with them, while her tongue continued steady, slow orbits of the tip where he liked it best... "Nngh... You've become a master at sucking my cock, Hyuna... You know all the best spots to work it from! If you do that, I'm really gonna cum!" He clutched her head on both sides, gripping her puppy-dog ears and holding her down on it as his hips thrust forward, facefucking the bitch. Every thud of his hips against her face left her dizzy from his musk and power. And then he tensed up, and she got her reward. Master's delicious white semen, flooding her throat and belly, almost too much for a little Asian like her...! Master's jizz was melting her mind, making her so happy... Who would have thought being humiliated and enslaved by a man could feel so good?

When she came to again, he was naked, with her in his lap, his hands gripping her thick ass and her tits mashed up against his hard chest. She could feel his penis tip resting inside her pussy, not moving, but she was almost too distracted by his firm kisses on her lips as he held her. All she could do to hold on was grip his shoulders as he drew circles around her pussy with his cock.

She inhaled deeply as the cock pushed between, sucking in his musk and filling her head with the thick scent which made her feel happy and dizzy and lightheaded. She squirmed in her sot and moaned in response to the words which while berating and mocking her, still made her hotter and feel more obedient. Her bottoms were clearly wet while they clung to her. She turned her eyes up to him while sucking, looking up dulled eyed and obedient while she pushed the massive cup size around the shaft. Fat tits encompassing that cock of the master race. A god's cock. Whites were so much smarter, bigger faster and superior her to worthless Korean race. Like he always told her, her entire race was meant to not only serve, but belong to these white gods. She groaned as he grabbed and pulled her forward, cock filling more of her mouth while she moaned around it. Her face even pushed against her own cleavage if he pulled her far enough down.

Her tight throat was forced open with the thrust of him violating her. A wet gagging sound coming from her while he started to repeat, fucking her face hard and quickly. Her moans only grew the harder he made her gag and choke. Air cut off by the thick white cock, listening to his body slap her face and his balls hit loudly against her chest. She swallowed and gulped repeatedly as he came, it was so good, so amazing. It was just as if she was melting, her brain was melting and disappearing, it was leaking right out between her legs as he fucked her face over and over, relentlessly pounding the girl who was once idol to thousands of teen girls. Being humiliated and enslaved WAS so good The thought of him telling her that before... before she was different floated through head. The memory of her telling him he was a sick pig and she'd never speak to him ever again. But it all seemed to fade, it melted away as her brain melted and it became forgotten as it simply leaked out her soaking cunt. It felt as if she only blinked... and she was in his lap, her wide hips moving slowly and enticingly, grinding herself over him while receiving kiss after kiss.

The pop idol's huge, thick lips were so swollen and bee-stung they poked out obscene inches in front of her face... As he gripped Hyuna's thick ass, he lavished her lips hungrily, sucking first the bottom huge lip then the top one in his mouth, before taking long laps at them with his tongue... What a fuck doll she'd become, with a body just right for plowing into...! He popped both his lips off one of her huge ones, then thrust his tongue between them, meeting hers in the middle of that flesh tunnel that had felt like soft, wet pillows around his dick.

Finally he broke the kiss, grinning wider than ever, teasing her pussy by pushing that great, big cock a little deeper... Sometimes he'd degrade her here, taunting her before letting her have some dick... He'd made Hyuna do it all! She'd had to wear panties on her head while doing a slut dance for his friends, she'd had to get down on her belly and crawl for him, sometimes while he stepped on her head or sat on her face and he'd especially made her espouse her own inferior race till it was second nature for little big-titty Hyuna. And as he tipped Hyuna onto the couch, on her back with her legs up in the air, he knew it had all been worth it! He couldn't hold himself back now as he mounted her, slithering up on top of his dumb Korean puppy dog and fed her cunt his stimulated, throbbing dick. The dick that made her eyes roll and her mouth made the most degrading sounds she could muster...

"How is it, Hyuna? How's it feel to be treated like a flesh toilet? I'll film this so everyone can see what a slut for white cock you've become! Just think of what a fuckhole without any pride or dignity you've become. Gufufu!" His dick drove deeper into her, stretching her hot little Asian pussy and she felt utterly fulfilled. M-Master was inside of her!

"I'm going to knock Hyuna's womb up... Her tight pussy is going to grip me and I'll let loose, so let's kiss while you get barebacked, Hyuna."

She moaned happily at every kiss, the thought of how she made it into his lap never even crossed her addled and brainfucked head. She only kissed back and let his tongue dominate her own while the fingers sank into her now, still shapely, but much fatter ass. She gasped and panted hotly, breathing onto him while he just teased her big, inhuman sized lips that were incapable of fully closing. She cooed at the kisses and tongue, watching him without a thought in her head while he grinned at her. "Ahhhn.. White cock!" she moaned rocking her hips more as it just barely pushed in. The idol now utterly enslaved and devoted, doing any humiliating or degrading thing she could to please him. Hyuna wants Mister Manager's fat, thick, superior white cock!" She cried out eagerly in the big office he operated out of. Her legs widened when he lied her back, kicked up into the air and exposing herself as much as she could. "It- its good!" She answered happily "Hyuna loves white cock! Hyuna will be filmed to show everyone how great it is! Maybe some Korean girls can learn from Hyuna how good it is to be a fuckhole flesh toilet just like Mister Manager says! AHHN!!" Her back arched off the sofa as he plunged into her dripping cunt. Eyes disappeared into her head as she screamed, uncaring if she was heard. That glorious cock stretching her out on it better than any Asian could ever do. "Knock Hyuna up! Mister Manager's babies in Hyuna! Koreans should only be mated by whites only natural for inferior Koreans to die off!" she moaned and panted, repeated what he had taught and driven into her while she wrapped her arms around him, squishing her chest to him. Flesh spilling out to both sides as she pulled herself up and into a kiss.

It was wrong for him to get hornier from hearing her talk like that, but the thought of virile white cocks driving out weak, wimpy Korean ones... Battering them aside like their natural predators and claiming the hot, tight pussies of these women for themselves... It just made him grow more aggressive and dominant! Hyuna had jacked her manager off on tape, claiming the superiority of the white race to limp Asian noodles and they'd sent the video to her old manager and her boyfriend, letting them see what she was now: a slut for big, white cock! In this white man's world, Hyuna's Manager could have any Asian pussy he wanted... Women would find any pretense to drop for him and kick their ankles apart, spreading their holes diligently like the dogs they were... "Asians are just barking dogs," cooed her manager, drawing excited yipping and woofing from the idol's mouth. "Just pets and animals that feel real good around my dick..."

His potent, first-class cock stretched out her hole, ensuring no Asian could ever attempt to satisfy her ever again, not that they could have before! Her flushed, oozing pussy in the presence of a white man was proof enough of that. "Puppy bitch! You'll be lucky to be blessed with a white baby! A lowly slant-eyed meat toilet like you is very likely to have her dirty Asian genetics wiped clean from the earth by white cock. Nngh! Accept it, you skank!"

In the throes of his passion, he did something to her he hadn't done much since she'd been fully indoctrinated: he slapped her pretty little face, leaving a bright red mark where he hit her. The effect was so appealing, Master gave her the beating she deserved, slapping her over and over again till his mouth fell open in a deep moan and all he could do was hold onto her titties as he filled her up, cock hosing down her eggs and womb with virile, white seed, in volumes ten times greater than any sissy little Asian male... Why did they even bother orgasming in her in her past life? It was like a dripping tap compared to the eruption Master offered to all his dumb Asian bitches.

Hyuna was a domesticated puppy now. House-trained and taught to give up on her shameful race. Her true purpose was not in being a Korean woman, but in being a white man's puppy slut for him to use his dick on!

She pumped her hips into him eagerly and hotly. She moaned constantly now, screaming in pleasure and oh so happy to be fucked and bred by a glorious white man, let alone her manager. She had been completely indoctrinated and brain washed by her manager now. There would be no breaking free, ever for the once idol. Her manager had not only changed her body, but her base wants, needs and outlook on life. She was more than happy to breed with her white manager and help drive small cocked Asian men out of existence entirely. Too be nothing but a brainwashed puppy slave. It all made her so happy, everything. "Wan!" She barked in reply to shearing Asian women were dogs. The bark half moaned and howled in pleasure. "Asian women are all animals, to be pets of white men! Wanwan!" Her hips slapped loudly as she met every thrust, feeling his sack slap her ass heavily. "Hyuna is Mister Managers pet! Hyuna loves white cock and hates Asian men! Wanwanwan!"

She loved the way the thickness of her cock stretched her pussy on him, making her squeeze back pleasurably. Knowing, if only because he told her so, that it was ruining forever for Asian men only made her more and more wet. "Ahhn! Yes Mister Manager" She cried out, clenching him tightly, milking him with her pussy as best as she could. "Hyuna so happy to be used by a white man. Hyuna wants to have lots and lots of white babies to drive out useless Asian men! Nothing could be better than birthing a white man." She moaned wildly and believed every word. She cried out at the slap in surprise but didn't really mind it, it was all pleasure to her. She was inferior and existed only to serve white men. She was no longer even human, just an animal. And a domesticated, owned animal at that. She came as he slapped her repeatedly, making her scream and squeal in pleasure. She never felt better than when he pumped her pussy full of cum "Hyuna will dance pregnant if told! Love white cock and Mister Manager-AHHHN!"

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