tagIncest/TabooWanda Teaches Her Daughters To Fuck

Wanda Teaches Her Daughters To Fuck


CONTINUED FROM THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER, as last we left Penny and Sue.....

Penny and Sue are in a hired car, on their way to the airport to visit Wanda and her family, when Penny, who can't keep her hands off of (or her 13" butt-rammer out of), her lusty mum Sue, end-ups (pun-intended) pounding the insatiable anal slut's bowels to jelly in the back of the coach...they are noticed by Tyra, the gorgeous female driver, and after they are safely tucked-away in a lower level of the airport's car park, Tyra joins them in the backseat for some out-of-this world, interracial lesbian butt-sex....we have included the ending excerpt of the previous chapter for those readers new to the series.....ENJOY!!!

"Gawd!" Tyra mumbles under her breath; the sights and sounds from the back seat are almost two much to bear. As much as she wants to watch (and join!) the action, it wouldn't do for her to crack-up before they reached their destination. Perhaps there would be time to partake of the lusty older woman's charms before they boarded their plane...Tyra shuts the panel between the seats and locks her mind in on her driving...

Penny leans forward, and when Sue turns her head, she gives her a hard, deep kiss, letting her tongue roam freely about the inside of the depraved mother's mouth. "I can taste my arse and fanny on your lips and tongue" Sue hisses wickedly. At these words, Penny's pounding hips go into over-drive, rabbiting her thick spear in and out of her mother's blown-open rectum like an out-of-control power-drill. Sue begins to shudder, her red lips open wide, driven wild by nasty buggery. A final, savage thrust, and Penny loses the fight with her pent-up orgasm. Sue is seconds behind her, crying-out as she succumbs to her mind-numbing release...


Mother and daughter have just enough time to re-assemble themselves before the car reaches the airport. Sue asks Tyra to park in the lowest part of the facility's car park, and once she does, invites the black beauty to join she and Penny in the rear seat.

"Your professionalism and courtesy are exemplary, and my daughter and I think you deserve a tip; rather TWO BIG TIPS!" Sue explains, unbuttoning her blouse and displaying her enormous wares to the randy limo driver's ravenous gaze. Penny scoots to one side as Tyra moves toward her mom, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Once she's close enough, she scoops a tremendous teat into each of her cupped palms and engages the depraved wench in a hot lip-lock. The kiss lasts only a moment or two, as the sexy Island lezzie is anxious to get at Sue's incredible titty-jugs.

The sight of her sinfully overdeveloped passenger fascinates her; the mature lesbian mwlf had curves in places where some women didn't HAVE places; her gorgeously rounded hips, defiant jutting ass, and, of course, her unbelievable breast endowment were the attributes most sought-after by the Jamaican woman, and she intends to take full advantage of this once-in--lifetime opportunity. Tyra has always loved big boobs; her first female lover measured an eye-popping 48-26-48, and besides having the biggest set of udders Tyra had ever laid eyes on (before or since), her lover, Marva, was 10 years her senior, and had taught her all of the kinky tricks in her bottomless bag of same: analingus, pussy-eating, golden showers, and strap on anal fucking, to name a few.

Tyra had spent many an evening but-fucking her sexy Island neighbor, and it had been with Marva that she mastered the art of strap on dildo fucking. The front catch on Sue's bra gives-way without a fight, and the voluptuous mother chuckles throatily when Tyra buries her face in her abundant cleavage and shakes her head from side to side.

That only lasted a few seconds, as Tyra is hungry and wants to feed...Sue's huge, still-erect nipples flare into long, blunt-tipped points, fully an inch long as the horny Jamaican woman nurses hungrily at each in turn. Her lips nibble, her sharp white teeth nip at the big, dark, udder-like teats as she worships the lush mounds like the ardent tit-lover that she is. Her big red lips wrap around the swollen paps and suckle like a nurishment-starved infant. Sue is busy un-doing the driver's trousers; she noticed a long, thick bulge underneath when Tyra shifted to the rear of the coach, and her fingers encounter, then draw out the huge slab of dark brown rubber she'd suspected was worn beneath the stunning Jamiacan woman's clothes.

"I want to suck your cock" she murmurs, and Tyra reluctantly gives-up her greedy nursing to lean back against one of the plush leather seats, her staff pointing skyward like a pillar of granite. Sue goes to her knees, taking a second to ruck her skirt up over her prodigious hips, presenting her daughter with the target she knows she will aiming for quite soon. Her lips close around the fat tip of Tyra's dong just as she feels her daughter's fat cock-knob tapping at her back door.

Penny shafts into her mum's compliant ass-hole in one hard, determined thrust, enjoying the guttural groan this action elicits from Sue. She starts slowly at first, building her tempo bit by bit until she is once again delivering a quality rodgering to her slutty mother's insatiable bum. Though she never tires of boning her mother's delectable ass, she is aware that their plane leaves in less than an hour, and their tickets are non-refundable, and so they will have to hurry if Tyra is to get her full "tip".....At her suggestion, she and Tyra switch places; when Penny exits her gaping rear-end, Sue arranges herself back on all fours and takes her daughter's fat cock into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she applies the same technique she would as if fellating a man. She is aware that the chauffer is bellying-up behind her, wielding the magnificent ebony dong she'd been sucking moment before, shiny with the double-teamed mother's saliva..

There is a time constraint, but Tyra is tempted to sample Sue's tast-looking brownie anyway; she settles for burying her giant dick into it in one hard, savage thrust. Sue groans as her over-worked anal walls are stretched to their limits by Tyra's mighty prick. She quickly re-establishes a rhythm, and soon the limo is filled with a chrous of moans, groans, muttered urgings, and cries of lust.

Tyra is pounding at her like a jack-hammer, causing Sue's mighty mounds to wobble and shake within their lacy confines.

"My Gawd but ya got sum BIG TITTIES!" Tyra exclaims admiring Sue's mammary endowment from her vantage point behind her; to her credit, the horny Caribbean Islander doesn't miss a stroke.

Sue is abundantly aware (and supremely proud) of the attention her over-developed juggies get from both sexes; she hasn't been with a man in years, and in the period between Penny's adolescence and adulthood, the over-sexed mother reckons she's been serviced by more than three hundred different women. A former neighbor, a mother of two herself, had introduced Sue to the joys of anal sex many years ago, and the two women's weekly "socials", at which males were strictly prohibited, were the scenes of hundreds of women on women gang-bang sessions. Sue herself was the preferred partner by most of the other females, thanks to her lush, over-ripe endowments, and was the "bottom" for count-less "dps", three-ways, and all-night orgies. Her nipples itch and throb; she craves it rough, and needs to feel the strong hands of the limo driver handling them like they need and DESERVE...

"Tyra; be a pet and reach 'round and cup them; that's it; ummmmm, I like the way you squeeze them....don't be afraid; KNEAD them, they're quite durable...OOOooooh; yes darling; you love my big jubblies, don't you...ummmmmahhhh!...that's right, sweetness, pull on my paps while you fuck the living shit out my arse!"

The deep, hard thrusts were taking their toll: the entire shaft, save for the last inch or so near the base, is slicked with a thin film from the contents of Sue's inner bowels. The Jamacian driver shows no signs of slowing down or adjusting her pace, and the massively-chested mother, who has had a huge latex dick stuffing her back-door for no fewer than 12 of the last 24 hours is beginning to regret offering her arse for this pre-boarding "quickie"; her lovely Penny gives her what-for on a regular basis, and she is not know for her gentleness, but the black chauffer is going at her full-bore...Tyra's shapely hips are a blur as she pummels and pounds Sue's butt through one orgasm after another. The sweatily-rutting trio disengage from one another, put themselves back together, and have just enough time to freshen-up before the mother and daughter board their plane, but not before exchanging telephone numbers and addresses with their new friend...they are seated comfortably in first class minutes; Penny snuggles-in for the long plane ride, her head resting in her mum's roomy cleavage.

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