tagIncest/TabooWanda's Daughters Go Too Far

Wanda's Daughters Go Too Far


Thank you all for the wonderful feedback you’ve given me; I’d didn’t expect this series to generate so much interest!! The encouraging words are very helpful and I will try to write at least a chapter every two weeks to keep you gals “spanking your monkeys” and you guys “pulling your puds”! I’ve had many requests to incorporate the following into my stories:

Male family members: sorry-this will not be happening (this a lesbian story-line), Scat: A2M (Ass To Mouth will be a prevalent theme (it’s so HOT!!), but no actual eating of feces besides the residue left on the strap-on after being in Wanda’s ass) Pedo: NO WAY!!

I’d love to accommodate everyone’s fantasies into the stories, but there are some places I can’t/won’t go. I do love story-line suggestions (that involve lesbian themes), so write ‘em if ya got ‘em!!

It is the middle of Summer Vacation, and the incestuous trio have had to curtail their activities (their brother is spending more time at home, having broken it off with his latest “chickadee”, and Pete has taken two weeks off to recuperate from a minor fire-fighting related injury). Wanda’s husband can no longer give her what she wants and needs most. Before her and the girls’ relationship had gone to the next level, Pete had been more than able to keep the lusty blonde satisfied; now, while he is on top of her (or behind her), she wishes it was one or both of her tireless twins doing the fucking. She still loves him; she hungers for her daughters. All three of the women are going-out of their minds by the time their fortunes take a turn for the better: the girls, who had undertaken the job of finding a new gal-pal for their brother, have at last set him up with a big-boobed bi school-chum of theirs, and he is once again spending almost all of his time bonking her in her downtown flat. One down…..

Now completely healed, Pete has only a few days left on his mini-vacation when he is phoned by the Assistant Fire Commissioner ; he offers Pete a chance to travel to the “colonies” (aka the U.S.), to train in the latest bomb detection techniques brought about by the “War On Terror”. Pete doesn’t really want to go, but how can he pass-up this opportunity? The AFC has implied that the course would be looked-at favorably at promotion-time; besides, he is flattered by the fact that he is the first choice for such an assignment.

He will be gone two months. He discusses it with the family (minus Brent) and all are in agreement that he should go. He throws his wife an especially-energetic hump the night before he is to leave, and try as she does to get-into it, Wanda is only able to climax after she incorporates the fantasy of her daughters fucking the shit out of her instead of her loving husband.

All three women see him off from the Heathrow Airport; the minute they arrive back at home both of her daughters fall on her like a pair of ravening wolves. They tear heedlessly at her blouse and skirt, leaving them in shreds, and the horny mother in her usual bra, garter-belt, stockings, and heels ensemble. She is shoved to her knees: Krystal peels-open the cheeks of her mom’s bubble-butt and immediately plunges her face between those soft pillows, lapping-away at her neglected ass-hole like a water-deprived dog. Her 12” cock hangs menacingly between her legs. Her sister’s, an identical 12-incher, is plowing in and out of Wanda’s slutty throat, with abandon. Krystal spends 15 minutes giving her mother the most thorough rim-job she can, until she can take no more: Wanda has already greased-up her backdoor in anticipation of this moment, and so the 18 yr old’s monster prick easily slides deep into her welcoming rectum. Her ass is hot and tight around Krystal’s rapidly-thrusting prong; the youngster raises her hand and brings it down on her mother’s luscious ass-cheeks, alternating between thrusts so that both the milky-white globes are soon bright-pink from her efforts. The stinging slaps send vibrations straight to Wanda’s erectile clit, and she screams, thought it is muffled-by the thick rubber shaft stoppering her throat.

“My turn, Sis” Tiffany pants, and the twins change places. Wanda’s mouth is already open to accept Krystal’s shit-speckled rodger; she gobbles it down her like the tastiest of treats. She gets no time to get used to the new intrusion in her gullet; Krystal is so horny that she uses a handful of her mom’s hair as a lever, pounding her soiled cock against Wanda’s tonsils with jack-hammer speed. Tiff is hammering into her mom’s wide-open pooper like a demon has taken possession of her. The stink of anal sex fills the room as Wanda’s bowels are pounded to jelly by the relentless strokes of her daughter’s monster dingus. Wanda breaks wind with each inward thrust; the continuous farts are a fitting chorus to the groans, squeals, pants, and slapping of skin on skin as the animalistic rutting goes on and on.

“You’re in the deepest part of her arse, now, Tiff” Krystal remarks. Tiffany has been lost in her own world, a world where her being is centered-on her mother’s asshole, and nothing else. She glances down: the thick shaft of her cock is coated dark-brown, evidence that her twin had been right-on in her assessment. She pulls-out suddenly, and Wanda uncorks the loudest, foulest, bowel-wind either of them have ever smelled.

“C’mere, Sis; you gotta see this!” the teen butt-fucker cries excitedly. Krystal pulls-out of her mom’s aching throat and comes-around to see what her sister is so excited over.

“GAWD; look at that!” Both young women stare at the impossibly-wide, gaping cave of their mother’s nether-hole; it looks as if someone had taken a baseball bat to her back there!

Wanda’s bowels cramp painfully, indicating another gas-attack is imminent. “I need the toilet” she groans, starting to get up.

The twins exchange grins of pure evil.

“Oh, no you don’t, bitch!” Krystal barks; grabbing an ample hip in each hand, she is soon buried balls-deep in the slutty mother’s bowels yet again.

To be continued….

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