tagIncest/TabooWanda's Sister Joins The Fun

Wanda's Sister Joins The Fun


Dedicated to: Liz

Sue: 45, Wanda's older sister

Penny: 24, Sue's daughter


Lila: 25, Lingerie Shop Sales


Hi, everyone. I can't thank all of you enough for the great comments and nice suggestions that I receive on a daily basis. I hope you like this latest chapter. It's really KINKY!!

Dedicated to: Liz Clements (liz_zxz)

Sue and Penny

Sue Crandall, Wanda's older sister, opens her mouth wide to accept her lusty daughter's huge, juice-slick dildo into her mouth, allowing it to slide all the way in to the opening of her throat. Penny, her only daughter, lovingly brushes her long, auburn hair out of her eyes with a lecherous grin, enjoying the sight of her incredibly-chesty mother chowing-down on her rubber dick. Sue's hungry throat opens like a sieve as the college senior pushes deeper, making the side of her mom's throat bugle with the apple-sized knob capping her horse-cock. Sue's throat aches as she lets the latex stopper slurp out of it and gets to her feet. The taller young woman immediately captures her bra-less, watermelon-sized jugs in her palms, hefting them before she lowers her head to lick between the deep valley of her cleavage.

"I can't get enough of these "cow tits" of yours, Mum" Penny, murmurs, slurping noisily at her mother's obscenely-large and thick nipples. "Your fucking nipples are awesome"

"You're telling me" Sue grins; her udder-like teats and areola are chapped and slightly-sore from her only child's incessant suckling. "I'll be expressing milk again, if you keep this up"

Ten minutes pass, then the horny mother notices the time and gently chides her boob-worshipping daughter.

"We'd better hurry, pet; our plane is in three hours, and we're not yet packed"

"Turn around, then" Penny whispers, letting the thick, bullet-shaped brown nipple slip from her mouth with a loud 'pop'.

The voluptuous (48E-29-39), suspender-belt and stocking clad redhead does just that; she sits on a backwards-turned chair, her lush bottom-cheeks spreading naturally to present her cock-strapped youngster a delicious view of her gaping, juicy arse-hole, which Penny had already hammered once that morning.

Her small hands slide beneath her mom's massive, hanging jugs but the ridiculously-large mammary-meat over-flow the girl's cupped palms even as her donkey-dick slides effortlessly into the hot, squirming nest of her bowels. Sue lets out a muted "ummpf" as the only sign discomfort at the massive intrusion into her innards.

Penny doesn't have to worry about going too hard or deep; her mother's asshole is so loose from years of rough anal sex that she rarely needs to even use lube. The giant. man-made dong slices effortlessly into the receptive orifice, meeting no resistance on its rampage into the older woman's greedy shit-hole.


The twins are out of the house for the time being, taking care of some errands, and so Wanda has a bit of time to herself. Her son is on another of his "jaunts"; he's not expected back for at least a week. Pete has phoned and said that he should be back within the next fifteen days. He was glad to hear that his sister in law and niece will be visiting for a few days ( if only he knew the devilment the five of them would get into in that short time!) the sexy mother thinks to herself. Her older sis is the one who first introduced Wanda to the joys of anal years ago, when they were kids. At that time, it was a way for the promiscuous teens to avoid the possibility of pregnancy; now, they share a craving, a hunger, for the perverted sex act.

Sue has revealed, in one of their many phone conversations, that she and Penny have been fucking for years. Wanda was then obliged to spill the beans about her own incestuous relationship, which was when Sue decided she just had to come (cum?) for a visit and meet her now-grown up nieces. Wanda is curious about Penny as well: Penny is pretty and well-built, according to her pictures, and after Sue confided that she is the best lover she ever had, male or female, Wanda is itching to give her sexy relative a "crack" at her butt-crack....

Sue and Penny

Sue gyrates her hips and arches her back, enjoying the energetic buggering her daughter is dealing-out. For her part, the hard little rubberized nipple at the base of her cock, inside her harness, is giving Penny fits as it contacts her un-sheathed clit with every cock-stroke. She has had other female lovers (for the past three years, she has had sex with only women), but she loves butt-fucking her mum the most. Her affinity for the lewd act, her wanton, sluttish craving of it, is unlike any the young woman has ever seen. Sue can take her biggest, thickest strap ons without complaint, and matches Penny's fondness for hard, butt-busting, gut-bucket anal; there's nothing "lovey-dovey" about their sex.

Wanda and Lila

Wanda decides to shop for new lingerie. She drives into town to a new shop she's never been to before. She has seen it advertised as having the personalized service (whatever that means) and knowledgeable staff that the modern, discerning woman demands in her underwear sales establishment. She picks out an assortment of suspender-belts in lace and satin, in various colors, and stockings to match. The girls seem to favor the seamed kind, so she makes sure that she has a good supply of those, as well as thongs, g-strings, and French-cut panties.

The store is deserted after the young black woman at the counter finishes ringing-up the purchases of her last customer. Wanda is picking-out bras when the clerk approaches her from ehind. "Hullo, ma'am. My name is Lila. May I assist you wit somethin'?"

Wanda turns to smile at the pretty young woman. Does she detect a West Indian accent? "Hi, Lila. I think I can manage, thanks"

"We pride ourselves on making sure that all our customers get one-on-one, personalized service by professional fitters, which I am. May I measure you?"

"No, that's fine. I know what size I wear"

"Of course ya do. But would you humor me? You may have read that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. I'd be happy to measure you, just to be sure"


"Just this way, please" Lila leads her to a room in the back, her full, womanly behind twitching seductively. Nice little tush, Wanda observes, following her. Wanda unbuttons and slips-off her blouse, hanging it on a hook, smirking as the other woman's eyes light-up at the sight of her over-abundant breast-flesh bulging over the cups of her lace-trimmed bra. As graceful as a feline, Lila glides around behind her and deftly unhooks the over-burdened undergarment and flicks the wide straps from her shoulders, one at a time. Wanda leans forward a bit to assist her, and as the thin cups begin to slide down, the ebony beauty's ready palms cup the heavy melons as they plop free.

"Don't you need a tape measure?" Wanda inquires, her breathing a bit ragged.

"No ma'am; I do all my measurin' by touch. Lessee", she croons in her lilting, Caribbean accent as she hefts the giant orbs, testing their weight. "I make you a...44F", she announces, after a brief pause.

"You peeked at the size label" Wanda gasps, as those knowing fingers tug gently at her hardening nipples.

"No, honey; it's my special talent" Lila responds, milking the soft, warm, heavy globes gently.

"Personalized Service: I'll say!!" Wanda giggles.

Sue & Penny

Penny is playing one of her favorite games: pull completely out, wait a few seconds while Sue expels gas, then drive back in, deep and hard. A few hard, pounding strokes, then back out again. "That's it; talk to me, bitch", she snarls, as the loose, widened lips of her mom's anus flutter in the warm winds of change that blow yet again. For some reason, Penny likes to hear her break wind; Sue asked her about once and she said that when a woman farts during anal sex she knows she's doing her job. The game continues for awhile longer, before Penny decides its time to finisher off. She leads her to the huge bed they share and sits down on the edge, her shit-speckled prick jutting massively from her groin. Sue knows what's expected of her: she squats and gobbles the soiled truncheon into her slutty mouth, her hungry tongue laving it clean of every bit of her rectal juices before standing and squatting over the huge rubber erection, spreading her cheeks wide before lowering the open cave of her asshole onto it. Once her ass-cheeks contact her daughter's thighs, Penny diddles her clit while fucking her butt, pumping hard and fast until they are both over-whelmed by the hot, bursting bubble of their orgasms. Penny gropes for and squeezes the huge rubber ball-sac dangling from the base of her cock, sending a big gout of bogus cum into her mother's churning guts. The two women fight-through their mind-bending climaxes and collapse together on the bed. They have enough time to recover from their exertions before boarding their plane.

To be continued...

Chapter 5-Wanda's Family Tears Her (and Sue) A New One!

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