tagLesbian SexWanda's Story Ch. 02

Wanda's Story Ch. 02


As Wanda Catron drove home that Sunday morning, she was a very confused woman. Her emotions were pulling at her, her mind was in turmoil as it thought about the events of the day, and she really needed someone to talk to. The problem was, the one who threw her mind into turmoil was her best friend and lover.

Wanda had been seeing her former high school English teacher, Anne Franklin, for a little over a month now. Anne and Wanda had become lovers after Anne invited Wanda over during a meeting at Wanda's workplace. Now, Wanda spent every evening possible at Anne's home, although those evenings had become rarer and rarer after Anne started teaching again.

School had restarted two weeks before. For Anne, it meant another year of teaching. For Wanda, it was her first free fall since she was 5. Wanda had chosen not to go to school, instead choosing to work at Wal-Mart and save her money.

Anne had asked Wanda to come over early Saturday, as soon as she was off work. Anne hinted that she had something important to talk to Wanda about. Wanda spent her workday with a growing wetness from her pussy. She did not really focus on her customers, she was instead focused on the little package in her trunk, her surprise for Anne.

When her supervisor finally let Wanda leave, the teen hurried to her car and drove quickly to her lover's home. She had called her mother at lunch, reminding her that she would not be home that evening. Wanda wasn't sure if her mother, Lorraine, knew EXACTLY what Wanda was up to, but one day, Wanda promised herself she would tell her mother.

When she got to Anne's home, Wanda let herself in with the key Anne had given her. The house was dark, and Wanda assumed Anne was not home yet. She decided to prepare herself for Anne, and moved to the bathroom.

Wanda peed, then stripped off her work clothes. The teen wore conservative clothes at work, but preferred short tops and skimpy skirts while on her own time. She peeled off her button-down blouse and stepped out of her skirt, stopping to look at her body in the full-length mirror.

An average 5-5, Wanda worked hard to maintain her weight at 126 pounds. She would have preferred to be lighter, but she had 38D breasts and a large ass, courtesy of her Puerto Rican Grandmother. Her waist was 26, with barely any fat on it. Her breasts and butt were currently encased in white bra and panties, her conservative work dress code reaching even to her underwear.

Wanda leaned over and started running the bathwater. She added a scented bubble fragrance and breathed in the air as the room steamed up. Reaching behind her, she undid her bra and let it slide to the floor. Her hands automatically moved to her breasts, cupping them and lifting them up. She lifted her right breast up and sucked the nipple into her mouth, feeling it harden. Then she lifted the left breast, and playfully bit on it, pulling the nipple taut with her teeth. The moan she uttered was muffled by the breast, which she then released.

She slid the white panties down her body, and re-inspected her now nude body. She noted that she needed a shave, as little hairs were popping up from her normally-smooth mons. She liked being clean-shaven around her pussy, as it allowed her lover's tongue to gain full contact with her skin.

Wanda stepped into the tub, then turned off the water spigots. She picked up a loofah, dunked it in the water, and started scrubbing at her body. The feel of the scrubber excited her more, and she paused her bathing before she got too worked up.

Slowly she soaped her entire body, then lowered herself into the bath to rinse off. She reached for the razor and cream kept by the bathtub, and scraped the hairs off her pussy area. Since she still did not hear the sound of Anne's car, she returned her attentions to the loofah. This time, she did not stop when she got aroused.

She moved the loofah over her breasts, letting it tease her nipples. A quick dunk of the loofah, and then she let water drip off the loofah onto her nipples. She moaned as she did this, her first steps whenever she masturbated in the bathtub. One hand went to her nipple, and started pinching. The other kept rubbing her other breast with the loofah. Her skin started flushing, and she started feeling the wetness not caused by the bath to flow.

She teased her other breast with the loofah, smiling at the hardness of her nipples. Then she closed her eyes and lowered the loofah down her body, letting the scrubber move past her ribs and abdomen, skirt her belly button, and start to rub on her mons.

In her mind, Wanda saw her lover, Anne. She was thinking that the loofah was guided by Anne, lower and lower. She knew Anne never went right for her pussy, so Wanda moved the loofah down her left thigh, then back up the inside of her right thigh. Her free hand continually massaged her breast, keeping a direct pressure that, in her mind's eye, was Anne sucking on that breast.

Her moans got louder, and she moved the loofah higher. Finally she scraped her outer pussy lips, and lifted her hips up to get better contact. Wanda dropped the loofah, and used her hand now. She used her thumb and first singer to open her pussy lips, and thrust her middle finger into herself. A sharp moan escaped Wanda's lips, as she thrust her own finger deeper and deeper into her pussy.

She started pumping inside herself, adding a second finger to the process. One leg splayed over the side of the tub, and she humped herself higher, almost out of the water. Her free hand moved down to capture her erect clitoris, and as her masturbation continued, she softly called out her lover's name ... "Anne, Anne ... god, lover, yes, yes!"

Her hand moved faster inside herself. The fingers on the clit moved quicker and quicker. She moved closer and closer to orgasm.

Suddenly, she felt two fingers thrust into her wet pussy. So far gone was she, she didn't mind. She removed her own fingers, allowing these new fingers to continue the job of fucking her. Her now-free hand went to her clit, and rubbed at it furiously. The fingers in her pussy curled upwards, and hit her G-spot perfectly. She held off a bit longer, but all too soon she needed to release her pent-up emotions. A mental switch was thrown, and Wanda came.

Wanda was a loud moaner when she orgasmed. This time was no exception. Her own voice bounced off the walls as she came, her juiced flowing into the bathwater. As she slowed her hands down, she finally opened her eyes. She saw, as she expected, the smiling face of her lover, Anne Franklin, inches from her own. It was Anne's fingers in her pussy, driving her over the edge of orgasm.

"Hi, my love," Anne said, and kissed the teen full on the lips. "Started without me, I see," she said after breaking the kiss.

Wanda looked at her and smiled. "I didn't hear you come in, Anne," she said.

"The way you were occupied, the Independence High Band could have marched through here and you wouldn't have noticed," the teacher teased.

Wanda blushed, even though she loved Anne's teasing. "I hope you didn't mind. I came over right after work, and when I couldn't find you, I took a bath."

"Love, it's OK with me. In fact," Anne said, "after working all day, I could use a bath myself. Scoot to one side, honey, and I'll join you."

Wanda scooted to the end of the tub, and watched as Anne removed the clothes she was wearing. There wasn't much to remove, a t-shirt, grimy jeans and a thong, leaving Anne as naked as Wanda. Anne hopped into the tub, grabbed the loofah and handed it to the teen. "Scrub me off, honey," she asked.

Although Anne and Wanda had showered together before, this was their first mutual bath. Wanda spent her time making sure Anne's body was clean, doing this out of the love she felt for the older woman. As Wanda worked on Anne, they slowly moved a little closer together, then closer still.

As Wanda moved the washcloth over to Anne's pussy lips, she found them very close to her own in the water. She could barely get her hand between the two pussies to rub and clean. Her hand moved over her own pussy, too, and Wanda moaned a little at the feel of her knuckles on her own pussy lips.

"Oh, is my baby still horny?" Anne teased.

"Mmmmm, yes," Wanda replied. She removed her hand, and scooted even closer, rubbing her pussy against Anne's now-clean pussy lips. This caused Anne to moan as well, as Wanda started doing the things she had found that pleased Anne.

As their pussies rubbed under the water, Wanda pulled Anne's upper body close to her own. Their breasts mashed together, and Wanda lowered her head onto Anne's shoulder. A slight head tilt, and Wanda's mouth caught Anne's earlobe and started sucking.

Anne just purred with delight, as the girl in her arms made love to her. Anne knew she wanted Wanda in her life, and had planned the evening carefully. Still, a surprise like this bath was always acceptable. Anne's mind soon stopped thinking about the evening, and began focusing on her own emotions.

Wanda reached over the side of the tub, and grabbed their Tampax plastic applicator. Anything in a pinch, the teen thought, as she slid back a little and drove the empty applicator into her lover's body. Anne's hips half-lifted out of the water, and the older woman moaned in delight as her pussy squeezed on the makeshift dildo. The lifting of her hips had forced Wanda to release Anne's earlobe, so Wanda moved her mouth to a breast and began sucking on it hard.

Anne shuddered and came, her orgasm causing waves in the bathwater to slop over the side and onto the floor. Her own personal waves of pleasure, though, far outstripped the water's waves, as Anne Franklin came in a torrent of love and ecstasy.

After the bath, both women got out of the tub. After cleaning off the floor, they dried each other off, then went into Anne's bedroom to change clothes. Wanda had brought a few things over as she spent more and more time at Anne's house, and Anne had also bought some things for Wanda. Tonight, Wanda chose a short white nightgown, with no bra and a sheer thong, and covered it with a white robe. When Anne emerged from her dressing closet a few minutes later, she was wearing a black robe, and Wanda could only guess at what she was wearing underneath. However, Wanda thought, I'll see it soon enough.

As they prepared dinner together, Anne told Wanda where she had been. Anne's home had a large basement, and Anne told her lover that she had recently been making improvements in the basement. A lot of time and money had gone into Anne's project, but Anne was just finishing it when Wanda had arrived. Anne hadn't heard Wanda enter, but when she came upstairs, she recognized Wanda's moans, and followed that sound to the bedroom.

"So, what is down there?" Wanda asked with all the impatience of youth.

"All in good time," Anne replied. "It's all a part of the evening. I have planned for us."

Dinner was pork chops, applesauce, green salad, corn and white wine. As the ladies ate, they caught up with their lives for the past week. Since Anne had been at school and Wanda working, the two had not been together since Monday. Anne spoke of the feeling of optimism she had for her classes and the students. Wanda talked about the long days as a cashier and her hopes for an imminent promotion.

The two women giggled when Anne mentioned that she had Wanda's younger brother, Roger, in her 11th-grade English class. Anne was still Wanda's secret.

After dinner, the women loaded the dishes into the dishwasher, set it to run, and retired into the bedroom. Wanda stripped off her robe, hopped onto the bed, and lay on her side, wagging one finger at Anne in a "come-hither" pose. Anne, however, simply walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I need to talk to you, and it's important," Anne said to the teen.

"So, why can't we talk with our arms around each other?" asked Wanda.

"Because," Anne replied, "When we're entwined like that, we never really get to finish our conversation."

"I know," giggled Wanda. "But it's more fun that way."

"Wan-DA!" Anne cried in exasperation. "You need to listen to me. This is important."

The teen sat up in the bed, and looked at her lover. She started to say something, but fell silent when she saw the seriousness in Anne's eyes.

"Wanda, I love you very much," Anne began. "These past six weeks have been like a dream for me. You're everything I've ever hoped for in a lover. But i want more, and now is the time to ask you if you're ready for the next step in our relationship."

"I ... I ... I," stammered Wanda. "I love you, Anne. I never thought my feelings could run this deep. Ask me anything, and I'll do my best to fulfill your desires and needs."

"Then, I want you to move in with me," Anne replied. "I will offer you free room and board, clothes, food, and all my love. But I need something from you in return."

This was too good to be true. Wanda was paying rent to her Mom, and now Anne was offering her a free living space.

"What do you want from me?" Wanda said.

"I want you," said Anne, "To be my slave, my servant, my sexual partner and sexual submissive. I will be your Mistress, and guide you to things you have never dreamed of, and things you've never even known you wanted."

"You mean, like in those BDSM books you showed me?" Wanda said. "Those 'Sleeping Beauty' books by Anne Rice?"

"Yes, my dear. Just like those books. And I have things I want to show you, areas that will be just for our pleasure. Please, come with me."

Anne took Wanda by the hand and the two women walked down the stairs towards the basement. At the foot of the stairs, Anne covered Wanda's eyes with her hand, then opened the basement door. The women stepped inside. Wanda heard Anne turn on the light switch, then Anne removed her hand and Wanda took in the most incredible room she had ever seen. Close to the wall where the door was Wanda saw a classroom setting. A desk that looked similar to the one Anne had at school was set away from the wall, and a student chair was facing the desk. Attached to the armrests and front legs of the chair were clamps, lined with velvet.

Looking clockwise from there, she saw against the second wall a large X-shaped wooden cross, with again clamps at each ending of the X. The third wall featured a bed, a table and a pommel horse like in the Olympics. Jutting from the end of the third wall and along the fourth wall to the door was a cell, six feet wide, almost 15 feet long, with straw on the floor and bars all the way to the ceiling. Hanging from the ceiling were several chains. Posted on the walls were whips, leather floggers (Wanda learned these terms later), straps, feather dusters and a shelf full of candles. On the table were many vibrators, handcuffs, mini floggers, small clamps, clothespins, scissors, a couple of knifes and many other things Wanda couldn't remember later.

"This will be our playroom," Anne announced. "Here we will have scenes of torture, and lots of delight. You will learn that pain and pleasure are but two sides of the same coin. That will be your bed, unless I allow you into my own bed. If you accept my offer, you will learn all about everything in this room, and grow to love them all.

"Do you have any questions?"

"Um, yes," Wanda said timidly. "Why do you want this? I thought we were happy."

Anne pulled Wanda close to her, and kissed her. Wanda responded automatically, though the question burned in her eyes.

Still locked in the embrace, Anne answered. "I want this because I want to please you. I want our lives to be connected tighter than any other lives in the world. Do not worry, my love, I will never go too far, I will never scar you, I will never send you off with visible bruises. This will be a play area."

"Can we ... can we ... try something out, love?" Wanda asked timidly.

"Anything you desire, dear," Anne said. "Tonight we are still lovers and friends. We will not be Mistress-slave unless you agree."

Wanda walked around the room. She was overwhelmed, and could not make any choices. "You decide, Anne," she said finally.

"Get on the bed, love," Anne told her lover. Wanda eagerly replied. Anne walked over, picked up two pair of handcuffs, and locked Wanda's wrists against the headboard slats. Anne then removed her robe.

Wanda's eyes bulged as she saw what Anne had on. Anne had chosen a black leather bustier, one that pushed up her natural 34c breasts. The nipples jutted out, and were encased by two small clamps. The black leather thong Anne wore, Wanda saw, had no crotch, and little alligator clips stretched Anne's pussy wide open. Wanda drooled looking at her lover, and saw that Anne's pussy was very wet.

Anne strode to the bed, lifted one leg over Wanda and lowered her open pussy to just over Wanda's waiting mouth. With her hands locked tight, Wanda could not pull her lover lower. Instead, she tried to raise her head to get to the wet pussy hovering above her. Her tongue tip could only brush the pussy lightly, yet each brush caused a fresh shudder to come from Anne's body.

Again and again Wanda licked, straining to place more of her tongue on Anne's pussy. Finally, frustrated that she couldn't, she changed tactics. Turning her head, Wanda lay a long lick on Anne's left inner thigh, followed by a series of kisses. The kisses went up the thigh until the lips could no longer touch it. Then the tongue came out again, and traced a line higher until it brushed Anne's open pussy lips again. Then the tongue moved down Anne's right inner thigh, culminating in kisses on the leg when her lips could reach the flesh.

Back and forth Wanda's tongue traveled over Anne. Wetter and wetter Anne got, Wanda saw with satisfaction. Finally, on one jab with her tongue onto Anne's pussy, the older woman lowered herself suddenly. Wanda's tongue buried inside Anne's pussy, and her teeth scraped the exposed outer pussy walls.

Wanda's tongue swept back and forth inside her lover. Deep thrusts, short jabs, long licks, short licks, Wanda did everything she could think of. She was soon rewarded, as Anne moaned and came, flooding Wanda's face with her delightful womanly cum. Wanda lapped at the juices, drinking in Anne's special fluids happily.

After Anne's orgasm, she lifted off Wanda's face, turned, and leaned over her. Wanda's mouth was filled with breast, and she suckled happily around the metal clamp. Suddenly, she felt a cold metal object on her upper thigh. She heard a "snip" and felt in horror her panties slide open as the scissors Anne was wielding cut them away. More "snips" followed, and soon Wanda's nightgown was in tatters around her, and Wanda was nude in the middle of the fabric.

The teen had felt herself getting wetter and wetter throughout the session, but she was still unprepared for what came next. Anne rose up and removed a clamp from her left nipple. She reached down, pinched Wanda's left nipple to hardness, then attached the clamp.

A sharp pain centered on Wanda's breast. But surprisingly, a greater flow started from Wanda's pussy. Wanda was excited, and despite the pain, she wanted more. Anne repeated the process on the right nipple, and smiled as Wanda moaned, from lust and pain together.

"Please, please," Wanda cried. "More!! More!!"

Anne walked over to the table, and came back with their favorite vibrator. She took the vibe and flicked it on "high", then shoved it rapidly into Wanda's wet pussy.

This was too much stimulation for the teen. She came, the torrent that had been building inside her releasing in wave after wave of total pleasure. Wanda screamed in joy, and came again quickly. Anne started moving the vibe in and out of the girl, and Wanda came a third time, then a fourth. Anne reached up and released the clamps. A feeling of relief swept over Wanda, and caused her to have a fifth orgasm.

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