tagLesbian SexWanda's Story Ch. 03

Wanda's Story Ch. 03


It had been a long week for Wanda Catron. She had decided to move in with her former teacher, Anne Franklin, and be her slave. The moving process started Monday, a day off from work. By Friday, combining work and moving, she was all moved in.

Wanda had been given a small room down the hall from Anne. The 18-year-old was surprised. After the past month of sex with Anne, she thought Anne would let her sleep in the big king-sized bed with her. But Anne had left Wanda a note, which Wanda found while Anne was off teaching at Independence High.

"Wanda," the note began, "You will be given the room down the hall from me. Move only your clothes and your bed. Do not bring a radio, television, or any CDs. All these will be allowed only by permission from Me, your new Mistress.

"I will be busy this week with preparations from Back to School night and Parent-Teacher conferences. I will expect you to be moved in by Friday, and for you to be available for me all weekend. Remember it is Columbus Day Weekend, so we will have three days together. Get the time off from work now.

"Do not worry about working too much in the future. I will supply all your needs.

"Your Mistress,

"Mistress Anne."

Wanda had followed the instructions in the letter. She got the weekend off from work, and looked forward to a wonderful reunion with her new roommate/lover.

On Friday, she arrived home just before 3 pm. She went to her closet, planning to put something on very sheer, to please Anne. She threw open the closet door in her room and screamed! Most of her clothes were gone!!

Wanda raced through the house, thinking a burglar had been there. But nothing else was missing except her clothes. She took a quick inventory. Besides the work-style clothes on her back, she had only one other bra, and that was was cut at the points of each cup, no panties, one pair of jeans, now cut very short, and one shirt with the sleeves cut off.

She wandered into the living room in a daze. What had happened to her clothes? she sank onto the couch and started to cry. She had loved her clothes, and now they were all gone. Tears welled in her eyes and fell onto her cheeks. She was about to cry out in anguish when she heard a familiar voice from the hallway.

"Wanda, stop crying and come here." Anne had appeared from the basement play area.

Wanda tried to compose herself, but her grief was too unbearable.

"My clothes are all gone, Anne!" she wailed. "Someone stole them, and cut up the only set of clothes left in my closet."

"Come here, Wanda," Anne repeated.

Wanda slowly got up and walked over to Anne. She yelped in real pain as Anne grabbed her tightly by the shoulder and forced her onto her knees.

"Listen to me, little girl," Anne began. "I am your Mistress now. When I call you, no matter what you are doing, you immediately come to me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Anne," Wanda said through her pain. "I understand."

"Call me Mistress from now on, unless I give you permission to use my name."

"Yes, Anne," Wanda said. The next instant, Anne had slapped her hard across the face. Though shocked by the pain, Wanda still was able to respond, "Yes, Mistress."

Anne released her hold on Wanda's shoulder. "I removed your clothes from your closet," she said. "From now on, you will wear what I choose for you to wear. I will lay out your clothes for you each morning. Now, go into your room and change into the clothes in the closet."

"Yes, Mistress," Wanda replied. She scampered down the hall, dashed into her bedroom and changed.

As she was changing, Wanda wondered what she had gotten into. During their month together, Anne had been a tender lover, a gentle partner, and a great friend. Tonight was the first time Anne had struck her, and Wanda wondered if being a slave meant you were always being hit.

Wanda timidly exited the bedroom. The pants, with no panties underneath, were very short. They barely covered her pussy and reminded Wanda more of a pair of thongs than the pair of jeans they had been yesterday. She could feel her nipples, protruding from her bra, rubbing the silk of the shirt, which hd been cut to fall just below the bottom of her breasts. Most of her skin was bare.

Anne looked at her new slave in appreciation. The teacher knew Wanda had never been involved in BDSM before, and Anne had a lot to teach her. Still, teaching a young woman like Wanda, a woman Anne had grown to love this past month, will be a great pleasure, she thought.

Wanda stood in the middle of the room, unsure what to do.

"Very good, my pet," Anne said. "Now, whenever you come into a room I am in, you must kneel and remain kneeling until I tell you to rise. You also must never speak to me unless I speak to you first. You will learn to communicate with your eyes when you need to say something. Now, kneel."

Wanda fell to her knees, and automatically lowered her head. She had seen this done in movies set in the middle ages, and assumed (correctly) that she should do the same. Anne walked behind Wanda, grabbed the jeans, and pulled them tight through Wanda's pussy. Wanda moaned as the fabric split her pussy lips apart, then sighed as Anne stroked the split lips, making them swell a bit around the fabric. Wanda felt her nipples start to harden at Anne's play.

Anne walked around in front of Wanda, then sat on the couch. She raised her skirt, revealing her shaved pussy. Wanda smiled, just slightly, and started crawling to her Mistress.

"STOP!" Anne cried. "I did not give you permission to move!"

Wanda, confused, stopped moving forward. Anne smiled, then started stroking her own pussy as Wanda watched.

The teacher's slender fingers moved expertly over her own pussy. She teased her outer lips, then moved to rub her clit to hardness. She timed her movements perfectly, and returned to her pussy just as she started feeling a wetness grow. She spread her pussy lips, allowing Wanda to see the wetness Anne was producing. Then she thrust her fingers into her own pussy and, after making sure Wanda watched, pulled her fingers out and tasted her own pussy juices. An involuntary moan escaped Anne's lips, and she could see that her play was affecting Wanda as well. Wanda's face was flushing red, a sure sign she was turned on.

Anne spread her pussy apart again, and said "Lick me, slave."

Wanda crawled closer, and drove her tongue deep writhing her Mistress' pussy. As the teen started to move her hands to pleasure Anne more, she heard say "Tongue only!", so Wanda had to satisfy her Mistress with her tongue.

Wanda worked hard on Anne. Her tongue licked deep into Anne's wetness, then moved to the clit. There, just the tip of Wanda's tongue dashed over Anne, driving the older woman close to orgasm. With a timing learned from their first month as lovers, Wanda instinctively knew when to leave the clit and reinsert her tongue into her lover's pussy.

The timing was perfect. Just as Anne wanted her pussy full, Wanda filled it with her tongue. Anne lifted her hips in pleasure, pleased as Wanda kept her mouth glued to Anne as Anne shifted, then let her emotions go. Anne started cumming, her juices flowing over Wanda's tongue and into her mouth. Wanda sucked deeply at the cum Anne created, licking and sucking it from her Mistress.

As Anne's orgasm faded, she reached down and pulled on Wanda's nipples. The nips, hard already, responded immediately to her lover's touch, hardening more.

"Sit upright," Anne commanded. Wanda rose on her haunches, her breasts pointing at Anne. The teacher lifted the cut shirt, reached under a couch cushion, and found two nipple clamps. She grabbed each nipple in turn and clamped them tight.

Wanda sucked in her breath at the pain of the clamps, but said nothing. Anne then added a chain to the ends of the clamps, and pulled Wanda's shirt down again. The chain could be seen dangling just under the bottom of the shirt now.

"By my bedroom door is a pair of high heels," Anne told her slave. "Put them on and come back to me."

Wanda did as she was told. The heels were almost two inches high, and Wanda wobbled a bit as she navigated her way back into the living room. She stood before Anne, then slowly turned when Anne told her to.

Anne smiled. The heels made Wanda's legs even more shapely, and accentuated Wanda's bare butt cheeks even more. Anne felt lust growing for this girl, but the night was young, and Anne had plans. She reached into her handbag and came out with a dog collar and leash.

"Put the collar on," Anne said. "We're going somewhere, and I don't want to lose you."

A sudden fright filled Wanda. "We're going out? With me dressed like this?"

"Do not worry, my pet," Anne reassured her. "Where we are going, no one will know who you are. And if you please me, I will let you sleep in my bed tonight."

Wanda did as she was told, putting the thick leather collar around her neck. Anne gave Wanda an overcoat to wear, making Wanda feel a little less exposed. She followed Anne as the teacher pulled the leash into the garage. Wanda slid into Anne's Trans Am, and sat in silence as Anne navigated the car out of town and onto a small side road. 20 minutes later, Wanda saw the lights of a little bar, and Anne pulled into the parking lot. The neon sign said "Strip-O-Rama." Anne parked, got out, and took Wanda inside.

The bar was dimly lit, like most bars, but Wanda could see enough. They were at a strip club just outside Logan. Anne led Wanda to a booth near the front and told her to sit down. As she did, Wanda could feel all the men in the bar, and some of the ladies too, looking at her.

Anne went over to the DJ booth at the side of the stage. The DJ had just announced that "Bambi" was coming onstage and started a raucous number. Bambi strode into the spotlight, dressed like a schoolgirl. Wanda finally recognized the musical selection as Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher."

Bambi, constantly moving, teased the men pressed close to the stage's runway. She undid the tight blouse, flashing large breasts held in check by a red velvety bra. She twirled her hips in time with the music, then suddenly twirled the schoolgirl skirt off her hips and onto the stage, showing off her red velvet thong.

She leaned very close to the men now, letting them almost touch her before teasingly dancing away. She reached behind her and undid her bra, holding it onto her breasts by her forearms. Slowly she lowered the cups, until her breasts were fully exposed to the crowd. While a few men had started waving bills in the air as she started dancing, the number of bills in the air grew exponentially as Bambi became topless. The dancer captured a few between her breasts, letting them fall on the stage.

Then the spotlight turned red, and Bambi glowed from a paint she had applied earlier. Her hands slipped to her thong, and she deftly removed them. All eyes were on the dancer as the spotlight returned to white. As it did, Wanda noticed Bambi was looking right at her and blew her a kiss. More and more bills filled the stage as the song ended. Bambi made quite a show of collecting her money, bending at the waist to pick bills off the stage, and showing the men her wet pussy at the same time.

The music picked up again, this time a selection by George Thorogood, "Bad To the Bone." The naked Bambi started slithering on the stage, rolling onto her back to spread her pussy wider. The men in the front row had their eyes glued to the dancer, who started rubbing herself. As the wetness started gleaming in the spotlight, Bambi rose. She slid one finger through her pussy lips, and rubbed the wetness on her right breast. She then lifted the breast to her mouth and licked at it in a very exaggerated manner, letting everyone see her. She repeated the motion with her left breast.

More men crowded to the dance floor stage, holding bills for Bambi. She spread more of her pussy's wetness onto her breasts, then went to one of the men. He put his bill in his mouth, and Bambi closed her breasts around the bill and his face. She pulled back, and removed the bill from his mouth. As the bill came free, the man's tongue darted quickly out to taste her cum-covered breast flesh.

This scene continued for the rest of the song. Then Bambi collected all the money thrown on the stage, picked up her schoolgirl outfit, and headed behind the curtain and out of sight.

Wanda was watching Bambi, enraptured. She had never been to a club like this, and Bambi was so beautiful. Wanda jumped, startled, as Anne's kisses struck the side of Wanda's neck. She had not noticed when her Mistress had returned, and moaned as she kissed her and nibbled lightly on the neck.

"What did you think?" Anne whispered in Wanda's ear.

"She was beautiful and very talented, Mistress," Wanda replied. "I don't think I could do that, though."

"You are wrong, my girl," Anne said. "You can do that, and you will do that. Tonight."

Wanda's eyes flew open in shock. She turned towards Anne, but before she could speak, the music started again and another woman started her dance routine.

"Watch the dancers closely, my pet," Anne said. "You will be on in an hour, as part of Amateur Night here."

Wanda knew better than to argue. Her cheek still stung from Anne's earlier rebuke. So she sat in silence, trying to remember the little things that the girls did as they stripped for the clientele.

Between sets, Anne told Wanda that she would only have to do the first set, the basic strip, unless she won the contest. Only then she would get a second dance. The second dance, Anne explained, would be the one she would earn the big money on.

"Besides, my pet, I have a little surprise for you if you win," Anne promised.

As the time neared for the Amateur Night contest, Anne told Wanda to go into the bathroom. Anne handed Wanda some body glitter. "Spread this on your body, and remove the chain from your breasts. Leave the clamps on, however," she ordered.

Wanda did as she was told, and got back to their booth just as the contest was starting. "Your name tonight is 'Little Heather'," Anne told her. "When they call you, you have three minutes onstage. I have picked out your music. Do me proud, my pet."

"I will do my best, Mistress," Wanda replied. She then headed to the waiting area, with the other contestants.

There were seven in all, with all body types and colors. First up was an African-American, Monique, with enormous breasts. Her act consisted of basically pulling off her clothes quickly and shaking her boobs at the guys. The men applauded fiercely for her.

After her, a redhead with little nubs for breasts, appropriately calling herself Red, took the stage. She prolonged the striptease too much, and ended up sliding the bra and panties off her body just before the music ended.

Two others came and went off the stage, with the audience watching and applauding, but not with the enthusiasm they gave Monique. As she watched, Wanda made mental notes about the flaws she saw in each routine, determined to look as professional as she could.

Finally, the DJ said, "And now, direct from the dungeon, here is Little Heather!"

Wanda stepped onto the stage, still in her overcoat. The music started, and Wanda noted that it was the newest Britney Spears tune, "Slave For You." Wanda started swaying, partly to dance, and partly to keep her balance with her two-inch heels.

She loosened the belt from her overcoat, tossing it aside. The coat dropped open, and Wanda twirled, letting the coat fly farther from her body. A second twirl, and she found that she had pulled her arms from the coat while she had spun. She tossed it aside, and the men whistled at her. The body glitter reflected off her bare midriff, and her breasts pushed at the close-cut shirt. She bent over, and gave the audience a full view of her thong jeans and bare ass, with a hint of her pussy showing through.

As she danced, she looked at where Anne should have been sitting. She wasn't there, and Wanda wondered where she had gone. Still, she couldn't just stop, she was under orders. Her hands undid the buttons on the short blouse, and as it dropped off her body, the men's cheers rose. The spotlight shone off the clamps, holding her nipples taut. She reached up and flicked at the clamps, feeling a slight sensation of pain, but a bigger sensation of wetness coming from her pussy. This strip tease was turning Wanda on.

She lowered her jeans, hoping there wasn't too big of a wet spot on them. Now she was bare from below the breasts down. She moved her hands between her legs, then bent over and spread herself open, showing the men what they could never have from her. The men howled, and several bills flew onto the stage.

The music was drawing to a close. Rapidly, Wanda removed her bra, showing her naked body to a man (or men, in this case) for the first time. She followed some examples seen during the night, and pushed her breasts close together. She bent her head a little and licked at the valley between her breasts. More and more money rained onto the stage, and as Wanda fell onto her back and split her legs wide apart, the song stopped.

The men howled. They screamed. They clapped, louder than they had for anyone else that night, professionals included. Wanda collected her clothes and started to head offstage, when the DJ told her to go get her money. Smiling, she turned around and collected the bills. While there were many one dollar bills, Wanda did notice a couple of fives, a ten, and two twenties in her hand.

Backstage, wanda counted the money quickly. She had $89 in her hand. She stuffed it into her overcoat pocket, sat down and breathed deeply. Her first public nudity was over. She relaxed, not paying attention to the last two dancers. Instead she wondered where Anne had gone to.

Finally, the DJ called them all back onstage. In their pre-competition quickie meeting, the DJ had told the girls to come onstage as close to nude as possible, but to be covered up. Most of the girls put their clothes on, but no underwear. A couple, Monique included, wore only their underwear. Wanda chose to wear the overcoat over her naked body.

Third prize, $10, went to Sally Anne, the dancer that had followed Wanda onstage. Second place, $25, went to Monique.

"And in first place, by your applause," the DJ announced, "Winning $50 and another dance onstage ..." A drum roll filled the sound system. "Little Heather!"

The girls crowded around Wanda, hugging her and giving her air kisses. Red was the exception. She gave Wanda a kiss full on the mouth, whispering "You're beautiful." Wanda felt Red's hand slip into her overcoat pocket, then out. The girls left the stage, leaving Wanda alone.

Then the DJ spoke again. "Ladies and gentlemen! Before Little Heather dances for us again, let me introduce you to the woman that brought her here. Long-time patrons of the Strip-O-Rama will remember her. Here she is, the Mistress of Mystery!"

The spotlight left Wanda and focused on the curtain entrance. The curtains parted, and a woman emerged, clad in a leather bustier, leather panties and leather boots that rode to mid-thigh. In one hand was a leather riding crop. The other hand held a small chain and a leather leash. Her face was covered by a leather domino-shaped eye-mask, and Wanda had to look twice before realizing it was her own Mistress Anne.

Music started to play. A strong rock beat, accentuated by cracks from what sounded like a whip, enticed the audience. Anne danced around Wanda, swinging the crop at the girl and barely missing.

"Unbutton the coat, then kneel," Anne said. Wanda did as she was told, the coat flowing open as Wanda fell to her knees. Anne pulled off her bustier as Wanda was undressing, showing that she was wearing a leather semi-bra, pushing up the teacher's breasts. Anne walked over, and dragged the crop between Wanda's breasts, to the cheers of the crowd.

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