tagLesbian SexWanda's Story Ch. 06

Wanda's Story Ch. 06


Wanda Catron sat straight up in bed, suddenly wide awake. Her Mistress, Anne Franklin, had spoken to her in a very stern voice, rousing her from a delightful slumber. As she focused her eyes on her Mistress, Anne's voice spoke again.

"What is going on here?" she demanded.

Wanda's eyes flashed quickly to her bed partner. Amber Anderson was cringing at the far end of the bed. A small girl at 4-8, she seemed to be all eyes at the moment. And her eyes were focused on the leather flogger in Anne's hands.

Wanda got out of bed and knelt beside Anne. "Mistress," Wanda began, "This is Amber, the girl you saw as 'Red' last Friday at Strip-O-Rama. Please remember, Mistress, I had told you I was meeting her today. You approved, and told me to size her up for future use."

Anne looked down at her slave, then over to Amber. She smiled slightly, then looked back at Wanda, her facial expression stern again.

"Over to the X-Cross, slave," Anne ordered.

Wanda crawled off. Against one wall of the play basement was a long X-shaped device. Wanda went to that, then stood. Anne strapped Wanda's wrists on each arm of the upper part of the cross, and each ankle to the lower arms. Wanda's back was to her Mistress, so she did not see Amber do a very brave thing.

Amber dashed out of bed, as nude as Wanda was, and placed her body in front of Wanda's as Anne was reaching back to strike Wanda with the flogger. "Stop, please," Amber begged.

Anne halted her swing just before striking Amber, then looked at the girl. "Why?" she asked.

"Because, Ma'am, anything you think Wanda did wrong was all my fault," Amber explained. "I came on to her first, and I can be pretty persuasive. Please, don't hurt her."

Anne looked down at the small girl. Anne, at 28 the oldest woman in the basement, took Amber's hand in her own, and tried to gently pull her away from Wanda's body. Wanda wanted to add her opinion, but was forbidden to speak in Anne's presence unless given permission. Amber fought Anne's pull, trying to protect the girl.

Wanda could feel the tug-of-war, because Amber had wrapped one arm around Wanda's leg to hold as a post against Anne's pulling. Fearing for the health of her friend, Wanda finally disregarded orders and said "Let me go, Amber!"

Amber and Anne both stopped their tug-of-war then. Amber turned and rubbed her body on Wanda's back. "I won't let her hurt you," she repeated.

"Mistress?" Wanda said.

"Tell her everything, my pet," was the consented reply from Anne.

"Amber, dearest," Wanda began, "I am Anne's slave. I have accepted that. When I spoke to her about your note, she let me meet you. But she told me I would get flogged afterwards, to remind me who my Mistress is. I accepted that as part of being with you.

"I just didn't expect this flogging in your presence," Wanda admitted. "Trust me, I accept this as part of the fun we had, and will have in the future."

"What do you mean?" Amber said.

"Sit and watch, Amber," Wanda said. "You'll see."

Amber crossed the room to the classroom set, as far from the X-Cross as she could get and still be in the same room. She sat down, turned and watched Anne at work.

The woman bent to Wanda's ear and said "How many orgasms did you have, pet?"

"Six, Mistress," was the reply.

Anne swung the flogger, and the leather straps slapped against Wanda's back.

"I'm sorry I orgasmed without your permission, Mistress," Wanda said through gritted teeth. Amber, sitting in the chair across the room, cringed.

The flogger slapped again, a solid shot on Wanda's buttocks, leaving red marks.

"I'm sorry, Mistress, for orgasming without your permission," Wanda repeated. Amber, though shocked, could not draw her eyes from the scene. She felt herself getting wet watching.

Four more times the flogger found its mark on Wanda's back and butt. Four more times the flogger marked Wanda. Four more times Wanda cried out an apology. And four more times Amber jumped at the sound of leather on flesh, and felt her pussy oozing its juices.

After the flogging was over, Anne grabbed the largest dildo on the wall. She lightly lubed it, then shoved it HARD into Wanda's ass. The teen screamed in pain as this dildo, over two inches thick, crammed into her anal opening. Never before had Anne invaded her ass with anything more than a finger, yet now this monstrous dildo was ripping her wide apart.

As Wanda screamed, Amber, across the room, could stand no more. She spread her legs and started masturbating hard. Her fingers flew over her clit and into her pussy. She imagined that her boyfriend, Erich, was giving his cock to Wanda as she watched the dildo move in and out of Wanda's ass.

Anne then took her riding crop and, with the dildo driven deep in Wanda's ass, began a rhythmic spanking of the teen's ass cheeks. Wanda cried out in agony, and soon her cries were matched by Amber's as she drove herself to orgasm watching the punishment of Wanda Catron.

Finally, Anne pulled the dildo out of Wanda's ass. She took down some healing aloe and rubbed it on Wanda's back and ass. Then she released the girl from the X-Cross. Wanda turned around, wrapped her arms around Anne and kissed her deeply. Anne held on to Wanda's arms, not wanting to touch her back yet.

"I love you, Mistress," wanda said. "And I thank you for punishing me."

"Now, tell me, pet," Anne said. "How is Amber in bed?"

A wicked and slightly shy smile crossed Wanda's face. "Delightful, Mistress," she said. "She squirts when she cums. I've never seen that before."

"Show me," Anne said.

Wanda went to Amber and took her hand. The gymnast, although a little frightened of Anne, nevertheless followed Wanda to the bed. Wanda lowered Amber onto her back, then brushed her hand on Amber's pussy lips. Smiling, she held her hand up to Anne.

"She's wet, Mistress," Wanda said. "What could have caused that?" she added mischeviously.

Amber blushed, but did not move as Wanda's hand returned to her pussy, except to open her legs even wider in invitation. Wanda's delicate fingers curled around Amber's clit, rubbing it as it grew in arousal. Her other hand spread Amber's pussy open and, after kissing Amber deeply on her mouth, Wanda moved her tongue into Amber's inner pussy.

The gymnast responded automatically. She forgot that Anne was watching and arched her back, giving Wanda a better angle to lick from. Wanda's tongue worked its way deeper and deeper into Amber's wet pussy. Wanda's free hand moved up to capture Amber's small 32A breasts and pull the nipples. Amber moaned louder, lost in the sweet sensations Wanda was giving her.

So lost was she that Amber failed to notice Anne grasp her other nipple. Amber felt both nipples being pulled, and her clit being rubbed, and her pussy being eaten out. The second nipple pull did the trick. Amber screamed and came. Wanda pulled her mouth away just in time, allowing Amber's orgasmic juices to shoot out of her pussy onto Wanda's body.

The teen smiled as Amber came. She had brought out a good orgasm from Amber, more than enough to show Anne what the small girl could do.

Anne signaled to move Wanda back, and as Wanda scooted to the end of the bed, Anne's mouth clamped onto Amber's pussy. Amber was past caring. She had cum, and was ready to cum again. The fact that is was a different person building her orgasm didn't matter to her.

As Anne's mouth worked on Amber, Wanda reached behind her Mistress and unzipped her dress. A soft tug brought the dress to Anne's feet, where she stepped out of it. Wanda then reached up and undid Anne's strapless bra, freeing her 34b breasts. On the end of each nipple was a small ring. Anne was now naked, since she had not worn panties that day.

Anne leaned over, and rubbed one of her breasts on Amber's upper thigh. Amber felt the metal press on her leg and the new sensation released Amber. She came, squirting nearly as much cum onto Anne's face as she had released onto Wanda's body minutes ago.

When her orgasm was over, she looked down and saw Wanda kissing Anne. No, that wasn't quite right. Wanda was licking Anne's mouth, cleaning the cum from her Mistress's face. Amber scrambled over and started licking the other side of Anne's face. Her tongue matched Wanda's, and soon Anne was clean and the licks became kisses. Each girl kissed Anne's lips, then each other's, then back to Anne's lips.

This seemed to Wanda to be leading to another first for her, a threesome. But Anne put up her hands.

"Girls," she said. "I had a different reason for allowing Amber here tonight."

"Oh?" Amber said, confused.

"Yes, little one," Anne said. "I want to help you win the Amateur Night at the Strip-O-Rama. And since tonight I was going to spend the evening teaching Wanda the moves she will need on the dance floor, I thought I would teach you, too."

"That would be wonderful!" Amber said. "I've been trying to win that contest for the past three months, but I never even get into the top three."

"I used to strip for a living while I was in college," Anne explained. "I'll help you win, and you can help Wanda, and we can practice all of our acts together."

Amber agreed, so they headed up the stairs into the third bedroom in Anne's house. This one was empty of furniture, except for a couple of chairs in the corner, a stereo on the floor, a brass pole in the middle of the room, and a few spotlights hanging from the ceiling.

Anne spent the next few hours working with her protégé and her slave. She gave Wanda her first pair of high-heeled platform shoes, and Amber giggled when Wanda took one step and immediately fell over. Anne helped Wanda up and showed her how to walk. Twenty minutes later, most of the wobble had left Wanda's steps, though the teen still worried she might tumble over.

Anne watched Amber's strip routine and immediately started changing it. "You're so small, little one," she said, "No one cares about your breasts. What will catch the audience's eye is your pussy. Get that uncovered as quick as you can, then flash it to the crowd as much as possible. Spend most of your routine with your legs wide open."

Informed of Amber's gymnastics skills, Anne immediately implemented them into the routine she and Amber worked on. She had Amber come out in a very sheer outfit, almost see-through. Before the chorus of the song she chose for Amber started, she had the girl naked. Then Amber went to the pole, grabbed it, and turned upside down. Amber split her legs, then bent at the waist, showing the split-open pussy to one side of the room.

After dropping on the floor, she had Amber, who was barefooted (rare for a stripper) cartwheel to the far end of the room, which was simulating the end of the stage. A front roll to the end of the stage, ending on her back, and another legs-up split, would show the crowd her pussy. She showed Amber how to touch her pussy in such a way that every eye in the house could see what she was doing.

Anne had Amber end her performance by doing split-leg turns (like used on a balance beam) back to the pole, where she would grab the pole by one hand, wrap her legs around the pole, and grind her pussy on the brass.

While she worked with Amber, Wanda was practicing a few steps she had seen done the previous Friday night. The teen did not want to attempt using the pole, so Anne decided a ground-based show was best. Wanda practiced teasing the drop of her bra, while holding it in place with her forearms. She practiced squeezing her breasts together and rubbing her nipples on the wall (pretending the wall was a customer). She lowered herself to the ground on her back, then raised up on her feet, legs apart, and showed off her pussy.

Wanda found that with the platform shoes on the floor, she could raise her butt very high, getting her pussy, she assumed, closer to the patrons' eye level. She also practiced lying on her calves and raising up, arching her back to allow her breasts to arch higher in the air.

Finally, both girls sat in the chairs as Anne taught Wanda how to do a table dance. At the Strip-O-Rama, the table dances were topless only, and Anne, using both Amber and Wanda as subjects, showed how to rub her body all over the customer's. She showed them how to maintain balance while grinding her pussy on the customer's leg. She taught Wanda how to rub her breasts against the sides of the customer's face, pulling back just before the nipples reached his mouth. Finally, she taught Wanda how to fake an orgasm, to allow the customer to think that she had enjoyed the dance as much as he would.

Then it was Wanda's turn to try. She sat Amber in the chair. and used her as the "customer." She wore a thong and a string bikini top. Anne started the music, and watched as Wanda danced. She rubbed up and down Amber's body, then turned her back on Amber. She leaned way back, allowing Amber to look down the front of Wanda's body, then turned her head and whispered in Amber's ear "Untie me, baby."

Amber's hand reached up and grabbed at the bikini string. As Wanda felt the hand close on the string, she leaned forward, helping the untying process. In a quick motion, Wanda had removed her top and turned towards Amber, rubbing her breasts on her girlfriend. At the same time, she ground her pussy onto Amber's thigh, letting the girl feel the wetness Wanda was building up.

The dance went on. Wanda lowered her breasts down Amber's body until Wanda was on her knees. Then Wanda pushed her breasts together in Amber's lap and moved up and down, simulating a titfuck. She raised back up, and captured Amber's face between her breasts. She rubbed them up and down on Amber's ears a couple of times, then started pulling her breasts back across Amber's cheeks. Her areolas had just reached the corners of Amber's face when the song ended, and Wanda quickly pulled away, a final tease for her customer.

Wanda had been lost in the song and the tease. Only after finishing did she look over at her Mistress. Anne's left hand was between her legs, stroking her pussylips. Her right was pulling on her nipple rings. The dance had turned her Mistress on.

Wanda whispered quickly to Amber "Let's get her." As the stereo started another song, Wanda and Amber both dove for the floor. Wanda moved to Anne's breasts, licking the nipples around the rings. Amber moved between Anne's legs, and slid two fingers into Anne's pussy, joining the fingers already in Anne's wetness.

Anne moaned immediately, then moved her hand away to allow Amber access. She wrapped her hands around Wanda's head and pulled her off her breasts. She moved Wanda's head to her own, and before kissing the teen said "I love you, my pet."

As Anne and Wanda kissed, Amber's fingers worked harder and harder in Anne's pussy. The gymnast could feel the woman's precum, and knew that soon she would feel Anne's orgasm. But Anne tilted her head down and told Amber to go open the bag Anne brought in the room.

Amber hurried to obey, and smiled when she saw two strap-on dildos in it. She selected one and put it on her body. Then she crawled between Anne's legs, lifting them up to position Anne's pussy. One quick thrust, and the strap-on filled Anne's pussy. Amber started stroking as she remembered her boyfriend Erich doing, hoping Anne liked the rhythm.

Anne twisted Wanda around, and had the teen lower her pussy onto Anne's face. The older woman's moans of pleasure filled Wanda's pussy, as did Anne's tongue and finger. Wanda leaned down a little and started kissing the back of Amber's neck as the gymnast fucked her Mistress. One hand moved lower, and a finger slipped into Amber's ass.

That finger shocked Amber, and also turned her on. She increased her rhythm, feeling her own orgasm approaching.

Anne was close too, but didn't want to cum yet. She pulled her finger from Wanda's pussy and shoved it deep into Wanda's ass. The teen did not expect that, and squealed in delight. She rubbed her pussy harder on Anne's face, indicating a need to cum. Anne used her one free hand to make an "OK" signal, and Wanda came.

As her juices flowed from her, Wanda's moans turned into a delighted scream "I'm cummming!!!!"

That was all that was needed. Amber drove her dildo deep into Anne's pussy and came, her pussy juices splashing onto Anne's pussy. Anne also came then, her cries of orgasmic delight buried in Wanda's pussy as she spasmed around the dildo and came.

The women collapsed in joy. Anne was the first to return to her senses. She positioned Wanda on her hands and knees and allowed Amber to fuck the girl doggy-style. As Amber crawled up to Wanda and slid the strap-on into the girl's pussy, Anne crawled underneath Wanda, making a 69. Wanda buried her face into Anne's pussy as Anne moved her mouth from Wanda's clit to Amber's pussy, licking the juices that dripped from Wanda between mouthfuls of pussy and clit.

Amber came first this time, as she squirted onto Anne's face. Anne slapped Wanda's buttocks, another pre-arranged signed between Mistress and slave. Wanda released, cumming on the dildo as Anne also came in Wanda's mouth.

After resting, the trio went into Anne's bedroom, where they spent the next several hours fucking each other. The combinations, to Wanda's mind, were endless. They were in a circle, each woman licking one pussy while getting her pussy licked by the third. Then they turned, and the lickers became the lickees.

There were two dildos, one already on Amber. Anne put the other one on. They taught Wanda how to do a deep-throat, using the dildo as a cock. They taught Wanda how to titfuck. They showed Wanda how a man fucks a woman, with Amber being the man. Amber had barely started fucking Anne when she suddenly pulled out, rolled over and said "I've cum." All three girls laughed at that.

Finally, Amber fucked Wanda's pussy while Anne crawled up and strap-on fucked Wanda's breasts. Having both women focus on her drove Wanda the hardest, and the teen had her hardest orgasm of the night. Exhausted, the three fell asleep about 3 am.


All too early Wednesday, the trio got up. Anne went to work and Amber went to school. She was a junior at Utah State, studying to be a geologist. Wanda, because she would be home during the day, was assigned the task of buying clothes for all three women to strip in that Friday.

The first stop was the mall, and Frederick's of Hollywood. There she bought lingerie of various sizes and colors. While there, Wanda also acquired a couple of special toys for their playtime. Another stop was Victoria's Secret, where more lingerie and exotic teddies were purchased.

Wanda's most embarrassing stop was the local adult bookstore. While she had been there before with Anne, she had never been in the store alone. She sat outside for 15 minutes, getting the courage to enter, before going into the shop.

She looked around when she entered, and noticed that only a couple male customers were in the store. Both of them looked at Wanda entering then quickly exited themselves. Wanda, now alone in the store, started shopping.

She was looking for a specific dildo that she and Anne had seen before. It was two-headed and a luminous green color. Anne told Wanda it would glow under the proper lighting conditions, so Anne wanted it for their closing number together onstage. Wanda found it, and also found a small remote controlled vibrator. She purchased both items, then wandered the rest of the store.

In the back were several booths with TV monitors in them. On the wall was a list of the movies she could watch in the booths. Wanda had noticed these booths before, but had been too ashamed then to ask Anne to go in one. Now, alone in the store except for the employee behind the counter (a young lady a little older than Wanda), the teen felt she had enough nerve to try a booth.

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