tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWanda's Story Ch. 11

Wanda's Story Ch. 11


When Wanda Catron returned to work at the Strip-O-Rama, after three weeks in her Mistress' cage, she found several things changed, some big, some subtle.

Among the subtle changes were the looks she was getting from the other dancers. She knew that some of them had been present when she was brought out of the cage and her Mistress, Anne Franklin, had allowed many women to make love to her. But Mistress Anne would not tell her who was at the session, and she could not just ask. It seemed to Wanda that some of the women were giving her a look that said "I know something you don't know."

A big change was in the closing sex act session. Before her confinement, Wanda and Anne had closed the show on Friday and saturday nights. Now, however, her Friday session had been taken by her friend, Amber Anderson, and a partner named Baby Blue. Their act, named after Blue and Amber, who called herself Red onstage, was a patriotic theme, of Red, White and Blue.

They played up Amber's tendency to squirt when she cums, by having Blue lick Red's pussy until she cums, showing the audience the White of her orgasm. The show was a big hit with everyone but the poor janitor who had to rewax the dance floor every Saturday morning.

Another big change was that the customers Wanda thought of as "her regulars" were now going to other dancers for lap dances. Wanda had to hustle for those lap dance tips more and more. With losing one night of sex act, and a drop in her regular customers, Wanda's weekly income fell from about $3,000 per week to barely $800.

One of the regulars who remained "faithful" to Wanda was her first-ever customer, Richard. He was also the first in line for a lap dance when Wanda returned to work.

Guiding Richard to the table, Wanda went through her regular lap dance routine. Richard had been getting much better and rarely came when she lap danced for him, but tonight he was so worked up that he shot into his shorts during the first number.

Wanda was disappointed. Usually it took him two or even three dances to cum, if he did. Tonight was only one. She started to leave the lap dance area when Richard said "Please, Heather (her stage name was Little Heather), stay a bit and talk with me. I'll pay you as if you were dancing, OK?"

Wanda agreed, thinking this would be the easiest $25 she ever earned. Richard pulled out a $100 bill and talked through three songs before allowing Wanda to leave. Richard spoke about his home life, and how no one understood him, and how he felt that she, Heather, was his only friend. For the first time since they had met in October, Richard asked Wanda out.

The teen refused, of course. She was a solid lesbian by now, using the strip club to take the men's money, not find cocks to ride. She had eyes for only one woman, her Mistress Anne. And while she also made love to Amber on a regular basis, they were more like friends who fucked than women in love.

Richard appeared the next night, since it was Wanda's sex act night, and he also showed up Sunday, the first time Wanda could remember he came out more than two nights in a row. Usually he came for the Friday and Saturday shows, then left until the next Friday night. He also started showing up on Mondays, almost gluing himself to Wanda.

Each night he spent time with Wanda, letting her dance for him, then talking to her about his life. Wanda started playing the role of psychiatrist with Richard, play-acting an analysis of him that always had him buying more lap dances from her. But then, Richard would ask for a date, and Wanda consistently turned him down.

After a month of this treatment, Wanda finally got tough. One Monday night in late April, after his nightly request for a date, Wanda lashed out angrily at him. "Look, buster!" she almost screamed. "Get it through your head. I don't date guys from work, and especially I DON'T DATE GUYS!!!"

The anger in her voice brought over Bill the Bouncer. "Anyt'ing wrong, Miss Heat'er" Bill lisped. The poor man could not say the "th" sound, but he was plenty rough enough with his fists if he needed to be.

"Bill, please ask this ... man ... to leave me alone," Wanda explained. "He's been pestering me for a date, and I won't go out with him."

"OK, buddy, you hoid Miss Heat'er. Leave t'is woman alone, or I'll have ta bounce ya out t'e door."

Richard stood up, trying to stare Bill down. But Bill was a BIG man, almost 6-5, all muscle (and little brains). Richard was barely six feet tall, and instead of staring at Bill's eyes, he was staring at his chin. Realizing he was outclassed, Richard extended his hand.

"I'm sorry," he said to Bill as the bouncer shook his hand. "I'll not bother Heather at work any more." Richard rose and, with Bill and Wanda watching, exited the club.

The rest of the night went smoothly. Wanda got a lot of requests for lap dances from women that night, making her happier than she would be dancing for men.

When she lap danced a woman, she allowed the customer to touch her body almost freely. By law, no customer could touch a dancer's covered privates, but for the good looking women, she usually flashed her pussy at them when no one appeared to be watching.

One woman bought a dance. She introduced herself as Laura, and was dressed very plain, with a no-nonsense blouse and a skirt almost to her ankles. Wanda led her to the lap dance table, explained the rules (No touching unless the dancer allowed it. No touching the pussy area at all. No tongue contact. Violation of those rules would lead to her possible ouster from the club). The music started, and the lap dance began.

Wanda was wearing her push-up bra under a sheer blouse, and black thong. She swiftly undid the blouse and shed it on the couch next to Laura. She smacked Laura's face with her upthrust breasts, then pulled one breast out of the bra and pushed it to Laura's face.

"Lick it," she whispered.

"But, the rules ..." Laura said.

"...Are made to be broken," Wanda answered quickly. "Now lick, honey." Wanda's hand entwined in the straight black hair that Laura wore shoulder-length and pushed her face up to the breast. Laura's tongue jabbed out tentatively and brushed Wanda's nipple. A small groan of pleasure came from the dancer.

Her free hand reached between her breasts, and in one motion Wanda had opened the bra. She let it fall to the floor as she moved her chest side to side against Laura's mouth. The other woman's tongue flashed out to wet Wanda's nipples, and soon the nipples were wet and hard, as arousal filled the teen.

She dropped to her knees, rubbing her 36c breasts up Laura's thighs. Laura obligingly lifted her skirt way up,allowing the hard nipples to rub the bare hot flesh of Laura's inner thighs. When Laura spread her legs a little wider, Wanda was able to see that the woman was wearing no panties at all, and was quite wet.

Wanda, still in the midst of the dance, pushed her breasts forward. One nipple rubbed her wet pussy lips, causing Laura to moan in return. Another slight shove, and Wanda's nipple split Laura's wet labia and entered her body. The moan from Laura increased as the wetness smeared Wanda's nipples.

Then Wanda lifted up and fed the nipple to Laura. The woman eagerly sucked her own cum off Wanda's nipple, causing both women to moan again. Wanda heard the last few strains of the music, and pulled Laura's skirt down a little bit, then sat beside her.

Laura pulled a $50 out of her purse. "Let's keep going," she said breathily. There was lust in her eyes now, lust for this dancer who was turning her on.

The next song started and Wanda strattled Laura quickly. She lifted one leg up on top of the back cushion, showing Laura her covered pussy. A hand moved down Wanda's thigh until it moved the fabric aside. Then she shoved her uncovered pussy against Laura's mouth, moaning as the woman eagerly thrust her tongue into Wanda's pussy. The teen felt herself growing wetter than just the tongue could make her, as she moved her hips back and forth in time with Laura's licks.

Wanda took Laura's hands and placed them on her hips. Laura took the hint and pulled Wanda closer, forcing her tongue to go even deeper into Wanda's body. The teen was close to cumming now, but didn't want to cum yet. So at the last minute she summoned her will and pulled away from Laura's mouth.

Wanda thrust her breasts back into Laura's mouth, and pulled her skirt up again. The teen stripper moved one leg close to Laura's pussy, but moved her hand closer, cupping the lightly-furred pussy lips. One finger thrust deep into Laura's pussy, followed by a second. Laura's moans were muffled by a mouthful of breast as Wanda bent her fingers and found Laura's G-Spot. The woman cried out once then came, flooding Wanda's hand with cum.

Meanwhile, Wanda had guided Laura's hand into her own pussy, Laura was fingerfucking Wanda as fast as she could, and Wanda, after seeing that her customer had cum, released her emotions and came herself. Laura's hand became as wet and sticky as Wanda's was.

The song ended, and Wanda sat down. She needed to sit after that orgasm. Both women took the other's hand and licked it clean. Then they deeply kissed, and Laura promised she would come back, and look for Wanda, too.

After work, Wanda was driving home automatically. Her mind was still on her dance with Laura, and she wondered how that plain woman would be in bed. A tigress, was Wanda's thought.

Suddenly a car roared up in Wanda's rear-view mirror. It slammed into the rear of Wanda's Mustang, pushing the small car. Wanda stepped on the brake to stop, but the car behind her (or maybe it was a truck. Wanda couldn't tell because of the bright lights) kept pushing the Mustang. It turned right, and Wanda's Mustang went into an uncontrolled spin. Wanda hung on for dear life, trying to work the brakes and steering wheel to get out of the spin.

It was useless. Wanda saw her car aim for a telephone pole. She screamed loudly, then watched as time went into slow-motion. She watched the passenger door crumple inward as it impacted the pole. She felt the safety belt bite into her shoulder, and watched the air bag deploy. She felt no pain, but mercifully blacked out as the car finished wrapping around the pole.


When Wanda awoke, she thought she was home in Anne's bed. She could feel the handcuffs binding her, and the soft mattress under her naked body. However, when her eyes focused, the room was completely different. She wasn't in her home, she was somewhere else. and since she was handcuffed, she was a captive!

Her mind reminded Wanda about the car crash. Gently she moved each leg, then her arms, then her body. Nothing was broken. She lifted her head a bit and looked bown her body. No apparent bruises. But she remembered that her car was totaled. And then she remembered the vehicle shoving her into the accident.

Where was she? Where were her clothes? why was she handcuffed? Wanda had many more questions, but she also had no answers. So, having nothing else to do, she started dropping into a trance.

Wanda had spent the days locked in Mistress Anne's cell by going into a trance. She closed up into her own mind, blocking everything else out. This helped the time go faster for her. She hoped it would be as effective here.

Several hours later, the door in the room opened. A tall man came in and loomed over the bed. Wanda sensed the presence and came out of her trance. She opened her eyes and saw Richard, the man from the Strip-O-Rama.

"I know all about you, Little Heather," Richard said. "You dance for me, and make me cum, but you never want anything else to do with me. It's all money to you, not sex. No, you want sex only with other women.

"Don't deny it, Heather, I've seen you. You, onstage with that Mystery Mistress. You, dancing more intimately for the girl customers than for the men. You, cumming tonight with that slut at the lap dance bar. In OUR seat!"

Richard was ranting now, showing a side Wanda had never seen from anyone before. The teenager was getting more scared by the minute, especially as Richard started undressing.

AS he stripped, his rants continued. "I know what you are, Little Heather. You are a LESBIAN! But I know how to cure a lesbian, oh yes I do. Yes, there is only one sure cure for a girl thinking she's a lesbian. That's a good hard fucking by a good hard cock."

Wanda was terrified now. She didn't want anything to do with this man, and he was making noises like he planned to fuck her.

Richard continued stripping, until he was down to his boxers. A bulge protruded from the front. He taunted Wanda verbally. "Yes, Little Heather, a cock in your pussy, a cock in your ass, a cock in your mouth, that will make you want men. And I've wanted to make you a hetero woman since i first laid eyes on you. But, NO, you wouldn't go out with me. You rejected me.

"Then, tonight, you have me escorted from the building. What you did not know is that I could get back in provided I stayed away from you. So I watched you from the far dark corner. I watched you and that slut lap dancing. I saw you stripping for all those other men, and secretly laughing at them." Richard went to a dresser drawer and pulled out a handgun. Wanda's eyes bulged. Was he going to kill her? Thankfully, he just waved it around as he ranted.

"I could kill all those men ogling my Heather, thinking their dirty thoughts. I knew you were meant for me to save, and then for us to fall in love and live together. So when I saw you leave the club tonight, I followed. Thank goodness that stretch of road from the club to the main Interstate is pretty deserted. I forced you over, yes i did. I would make you date me. I will make you like me. I will make you LOVE ME!"

At that, he dropped the gun and pulled his boxers off, revealing a six-inch cock, thin, but hard. He climbed on the bed, pulled Wanda's legs apart and shoved his cock into her dry pussy.

Experts say that when you are raped, you should try not to fight your rapist at the time. This advice flew right out of Wanda's head. She kicked at Richard's legs as he shoved into him. she screamed, loudly, that she was being raped. She cried, she fought as best she could being handcuffed. She tried rolling side to side to dislodge Richard. But he, in the end proved too strong. He bucked into her, hurting the teen, then after a couple of minutes, he stiffened. Wanda felt his cock dislodge its semen into her. Then he rolled off her and smiled at her.

"There now, Heather," he said in a soothing voice. "Don't cry, darling. You're no longer a lesbian. Now you're a true woman, and you'll surely love me for making you this way."

Tears continued to flow down Wanda's cheeks. She had been violated, very personally and savagely taken advantage of. And now this .. sick bastard ... thought she would be his. Wanda hated him with every fiber of her being, a hatred that was starting to include men as well.

Richard was stroking himself, and soon he was hard again. He climbed back on top of Wanda and shoved his cock in again. This time the entrance was smoother because her pussy was lined with his cum. But there was no matching juices from Wanda, as Richard pumped his cock into her pussy again, soon discharging a second load into her body. This time Wanda remembered the rape rules and stayed still, letting him violate her as she planned her vengeance on him.

After the second rape, Richard told Wanda he would sleep for a while, then come back. "I know that when I return you'll want to help me make love with you, Heather," Richard proclaimed. "I can feel the love from you for me." He left, leaving Wanda alone.

Wanda cried for a while, then slowly got her senses back. She knew she had to escape, and soon. Too many rapists that also kidnap their victims also kill them when what they want is kept out of their reach. Richard wanted Wanda to love him, it was obvious. Wanda could never do that. But since Richard had a gun, he could kill her.

Nothing had come to her mind when Richard returned a couple hours later. Again he stripped, and again he raped her, telling her as he did so that he was making a "real woman" out of her. He removed his cock just before the end, shooting his jism on her breasts. then he left again. When Richard returned again, he came in quietly, with Wanda still in her trance. Before she really knew what was happening, he was fucking her between her breasts. He again came quickly, his sperm shooting onto Wanda's mouth and chin.

Slowly, between rapes, a plan formulated in Wanda's mind. She felt that if she could play off his sick fantasies she could gain her release. The plan set in her mind, she returned to her trance to remove the pain of the rape.

When Richard next returned, Wanda was ready for him. He was still nude, but his cock was shriveled. Wanda saw an opportunity, and started into her plan.

"Richard, honey," she said, hating every word she spoke but giving out a caring facade for her captor. "You're right. All I needed was your cock to make me want you. now, lover, I need more of your cock. Come here."

Richard smiled. He was watching everything he believed come true. In his mind he was already moving on to the next girl at the club, showing her the dangers of lesbian sex, making her a heterosexual. But as he thought of this, his body moved forward. He realized he might as well spend some quality time with this girl.

He climbed on the bed. "Let me make you hard," Wanda said. "Let me suck you."

Richard strattles her chest and lowered his cock to her lips. He smiled as she took it into her mouth.

Wanda had sucked cock before, most notable the cock of Amber Anderson's former boyfriend, Erich Buchanon. Erich had a longer, thicker cock than Richard had. Still, though, Wanda gagged internally as the cock slid into her mouth. Just the taste of this unwanted organ in her mouth was forcing her to fight off the desire to puke.

Using a lot of sucking, Wanda got Richard hard. As he pulled out of her mouth to fuck her, Wanda said "Richard, honey, please, fuck my ass this time."

Richard tried rolling Wanda over, but found he could not. He left the bed and went to the dresser, getting the handcuff keys. He undid her cuffs to allow her onto her hands and knees.

Wanda was freed! She didn't immediately flee from the bed, however. She felt, correctly, that Richard was prepared for a sudden dash for freedom. Instead, she continued the docile act and got on her hands and knees, reaching behind herself to spread her ass cheeks.

"Fuck me, right there," she purred as seductively as she could. Richard let his guard down and started climbing on the bed behind Wanda. The teen let go of her asscheeks and positioned herself carefully.

Richard got behind her and started forward. He was slightly off-balance now, crawling on his knees to get up to Wanda's ass. This was the moment she wanted. Wanda drove her right leg backwards with all the might she could. Her heel ground into Richard's crotch, and the girl felt his cock bend under her heel, then the heel sink into his balls.

She scrambled forward quickly. Richard, shocked and in pain so deep colors were shooting in his eyeballs, rolled to the side of the bed, both hands covering his wounded crotch. Wanda slid off the end of the bed, scrambled to the dresser and grabbed the gun. Her hand shaking, she pointed it at Richard.

"Now, you sick fuck, it's my turn," she said, with as much fury as she could muster. "This is my revenge for your rape!" She squeezed the trigger.

Wanda had meant to shoot him in the balls, emasculating her attacker for life. But the teen had never held a gun before, and her shot went high. Richard's chest exploded as the bullet entered and tore through his lungs and heart. He was dead before his lifeless body could flop down onto the bed, blood pouring from it.

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