tagLesbian SexWanda's Story Ch. 12

Wanda's Story Ch. 12


The past few months had been the worst of young Wanda Catron's life, despite her best efforts. Wanda had fallen in love with a wonderful woman, Anne Franklin, and became her slave. Another close friend, Amber Anderson, lived with Wanda and Anne, making the sexual scenarios numerous. She had a well-paying job as a stripper, and Wanda was enjoying her life.

But bad things had happened to Wanda recently. A sexual encounter with her first girl friend had secretly been taped, and now Wanda was an unintended porn star. As a result of that, she had been imprisoned by Anne for three weeks, cut off totally from the outside world.

A month after being released, Wanda's car was forced off the road by a man claiming to be a fan of hers. The man kidnapped the 18-year-old and raped her numerous times, believing that the feel of a man's cock in her pussy would change Wanda from being a lesbian to loving him. Wanda got out of that three-day torture and accidentally killed her captor. Then, to compound the trauma, Wanda found out she was pregnant. She made the decision to get an abortion quickly, but the thought of his child in her reinforced the mental anguish she was going through.

The trauma of the kidnapping, rape, murder and abortion had driven Wanda into a personal shell, where she locked all of mankind away from her. She quit her job, refused to leave her house, even refused the sexual advances of Anne and Amber. Her Mistress and her friend tried to reach out to Wanda, but they couldn't.

In desperation they finally called Wanda's mother, Lorraine Catron. Lorraine came by one day in mid-July with a letter in her hand.

"Wanda, baby," Lorraine said softly as she entered Wanda's bedroom. the lights were out, and the curtains drawn. There was very little light in there. "It's Mommy, baby. I need to talk to you."

Lorraine had not been told about Wanda's April rape until the previous week. She wondered why Anne had hidden it from her until the teacher told her that Wanda had asked she not be told. Anne hoped Lorraine could reach Wanda where she could not.

Lorraine advanced and sat on the end of the bed. Wanda was curled under the covers, shivering despite a temperature in the mid-80s. "Baby, talk to Mommy," she said again. ""It's good to talk about problems. 'Problems shared are problems halved,' your Daddy used to say. now let's talk, and cut your problems in half."

Wanda lifted her head a little. Wanda had a beautiful face, but not now. Tears had torn long streaks down her cheeks. When she lay on her side, the tear tracks went over her nose and dripped on the pillow. She had not brushed her hair in a while, and it was a tangly mess.

Slowly, Wanda spoke. "Mommy?" she said, her voice barely a whisper. "Mommy', I'm scared!"

"I know, baby, I know," Lorraine said. "Talk to me. I'm here for you."

Wanda suddenly bolted upright in the bed. she dove for her mother, catching the woman in a massive bear hug. wanda held her mother tight as the tears started flowing all over again. Lorraine cuddled her oldest daughter as deep sobs racked her body. She wiped the tears away and kissed her daughter's face as only a truly loving mother could.

Slowly Wanda stopped crying, but retained her hold on her mom. "You know?" Wanda asked.

"A bit, baby," Lorraine admitted. "I want you to tell me everything, though. Just talk about the problems and Mommy will help you."

Slowly, with halting sentences and half-completed thoughts, Wanda told Lorraine about the rape, starting with meeting the rapist at the strip club she worked at. Lorraine had not known about Wanda's work, but wisely kept her mouth shut as Wanda talked.

Wanda went on in detail about the accident, then got hesitant as she talked about the rapes. Lorraine listened intently. At one point she pulled a brush from her purse and started fixing Wanda's hair. The teen didn't complain about her mother's gesture, just soaked in the closeness of her only living parent.

After going over the basics of the rape, Wanda returned to greater detail as she spoke about the murder. It seemed to Lorraine that Wanda had seen the entire death in slow motion, as Wanda described seeing the bullet leave the chamber of the gun and head for the man. Wanda told how she realized almost immediately that the aim was high. She had wanted to blow his balls off, and instead shot him dead on through the heart.

"Worst of all, Mommy," Wanda said, "was that I didn't really care that he was dead. It was like I wanted him dead. But I didn't, Mommy, I didn't! And now he's dead because of me, and all I can think is how happy I am he's dead and I'm alive. Am I wrong to believe this?"

"Wanda, baby," Lorraine said. "He had a gun, and he had threatened your life with it. He might have killed you when you didn't love him like he wanted. You killing him was an accident, baby. Guns have a tendency to buck upwards when shot if the user doesn't hold it tight.

"But, baby, you were not wrong to kill him. He deserved to die. You don't deserve to die. you have too much to live for. Anne loves you. Amber loves you. And most importantly, I love you. I love you more and more every day, Wanda. I would not want to bury you, ever."

Wanda looked into her mother's face. She saw tears falling. Lorraine truly did love her daughter, and was crying over the treatment Wanda had described.

Slowly, Wanda sat a bit straighter. She pulled her mother closer, and softly kissed her mouth. Lorraine kissed her daughter back, just as softly.

Slowly the kiss deepened. Both women's passions flared inside of them. Lorraine had reached her daughter, who was showing her mother how much she loved her. Wanda was showing her Mom that she was all right, and thanking her the best way she could.

Lips parted and tongues clashed. Breasts mashed together as the kiss got deeper and stronger. Lorraine had not kissed anyone before that had such a need to be kissed as her daughter did now. Wanda was moaning into her mother's mouth as the kiss started her body's sexual response cycle. Wanda had not felt the need for sex since the rape. Now she needed to be loved more than ever.

At the last moment, Lorraine pulled back. Wanda's hands had started roaming her body, one cupping her breasts and the other spreading her legs. Lorraine was not ready to do this, so she stopped her daughter.

"Mommy!" Wanda pleaded.

"It's not right, baby," Lorraine said. "Let me get Anne."

Anne came into the room quickly. She approached the bed, looking at her slave. "I love you, my pet," she said.

"I love you, Mistress," Wanda replied. Wanda pulled Anne onto the bed and was naked a moment later, pulling her negligee off her body. Anne laid back, sensing that Wanda needed to be the lead in their lovemaking. Wanda's hands roughly pulled the blouse Anne wore off, revealing her 36c breasts, each nipple pierced with a small ring. Wanda's mouth attached to the right nipple, sucking wildly as the nipple stiffened.

Lorraine slid off the bed and headed for the door. She was stopped short when Wanda cried "Stay here, Mommy! I want you to see this." Lorraine slid into a chair, hoping she could slip from the room soon. But as Wanda and Anne got deeper into their acts of love, Lorraine started getting turned on and could not tear herself away.

Wanda's mouth moved breast-to-breast on Anne. Each nipple was sucked, turning them from fleshy nubs to hard bullets. As they hardened, Wanda's mouth dropped deeper onto Anne's breast, taking more of the flesh in. Anne's hands worked at removing the rest of her clothes, until both women were naked.

Wanda started kissing down Anne's abdomen, trailing her tongue after each kiss. Anne's pussy was shaved, and Lorraine could see it was already glistening from excitement. Wanda pushed her Mistress's legs apart and drove her tongue right between the pussy lips.

Like she had been given a signal, Anne started moaning as soon as the tongue entered her body. the moans increased quickly, with the bobbing of Wanda's head between Anne's legs.

Lorraine reached between her own legs. Her panties were damp. She pulled them aside and started masturbating, hoping no one would see. She felt confident that Wanda and Anne were too busy too look at her, as they were now in a 69 position, with Anne on top. Both women's faces were buried in her partner's pussy, licking and sucking as if they would never do this again.

But then, as Lorraine masturbated and Anne and Wanda 69ed, the last house member, tiny gymnast Amber Anderson, slid into the room quietly. She surveyed the scene and made her choice. Lowering herself to the floor, Amber squirmed to Lorraine. She lifted up under the woman's dress, pulled Lorraine's hand away, and started licking the woman's pussy.

Lorraine had been licked by a woman before, but it was a long time ago. All the familiar feelings came back to her in a rush. The softness of the tongue as it caressed her labia. The small nose, rubbing at her clit as the tongue licked. The gentle fingers pulling her open, then rubbing where only a woman would know where to rub without long experimentation. Lorraine gasped, but put her hand on Amber's short red hair, encouraging her to continue. Quickly, her moans were matching the moans coming from the bed.

Wanda knew Anne was close to cumming, and she also knew she was close, too. She abandoned the mad tonguing of her Mistress's pussy, focusing her mouth on Anne's clit. She slid two fingers inside her Mistress, curled them, and lightly scraped Anne's G-Spot with her nails. Her efforts were rewarded, as Anne stiffened a minute, then came, flooding wanda's face and hand with the juices she was producing from the session.

Anne came, then reached between her body and Wanda's. A double tap on Wanda's abdomen was their pre-arranged signal. Wanda, who could not cum without her Mistress's permission, released herself and came over Anne's face, finally finding the release that the rape had denied her. After cumming, she turned around, and the two women kissed deeply, mingling their cum-covered mouths and tongues freely. then they heard a sound they had not heard before.

Lorraine was meowing like a cat, as she came because of Amber's tonguing. Wanda's mom had not had a date in almost a year, and really needed an orgasm. Amber proved the right tool at the right time. A high-pitched scream broke the meowing, and Lorraine Catron shot her love juices over Amber's face. The 21-year-old gymnast drank deeply, loving the taste that was so close to Wanda's, but also so different.

After the room settled down, Lorraine remembered the crumpled letter in her hand. She handed it to Wanda, who read it quickly. She jumped up with a leap, happy. "I've been accepted into Boise State," she cried. "School starts August 26! And my application for dorm housing was also approved!!"

Wanda happily kissed Anne, then Amber, and finally her mother. She held nothing back in this kiss, letting her mom know how much better she was. "Thank you, Mommy," she whispered to Lorraine.

Then Wanda wanted to celebrate. Her favorite way to celebrate was by making love. She pulled Amber onto the bed and started fingering her pussy. Amber moaned happily, needing a release.

Anne wandered over to Lorraine, looking a bit awkwardly at her. Anne was nude, while Lorraine was still clothed, though her skirt was bunched near her waist. Anne offered a hand to Lorraine, who took it and stood. The older women stood together as the younger ones made love together. Anne leaned over and softly kissed lorraine, then whispered "Not now, but later."

Lorraine smiled. She knew what Anne meant. This night was a focus on snapping Wanda from her post-rape trance, but Anne was saying that someday she and Lorraine would be on the bed where Amber and Wanda were now. Kissing her daughter's lover again, Lorraine silently left.

Wanda didn't notice. Anne went to a dresser drawer and handed Wanda a double-headed dildo. Wanda took it and shoved one end into Amber. The tiny girl screamed in pleasure as the dildo drove through her wetness, filling her with sexual pleasure. Wanda then motioned for her Mistress to come onto the bed. It was a full-size bed, but Anne was able to get on it with no problems. Each of the other women made room for her.

Wanda signaled, and Anne took the other end of the dildo into her own pussy. She slid down until all the dildo was sucked into one of the girls' pussies. They rubbed their labia together as they mutually fucked the double-header.

Wanda crawled between the women and planted her pussy on Amber's face. The gymnast licked again, comparing quickly Wanda's pussy with Lorraine's. lorraine's was wider, but wanda's was juicier, probably from the first orgasm. Wanda, meanwhile, stretched out over Amber and started licking Anne's clit. Her hands went to caress Anne's nipples and pull the nipple rings. Anne in turned pulled Wanda's nipples. The threesome continued like that for a minute or two more, then each woman climaxed, juices flowing off faces, out pussies, and onto body parts or the bed.

They switched positions, taking turns rubbing pussies on the dildo. Then Wanda placed Amber atop Anne, facing each other. As those two women held each other and kissed, Wanda licked their pussies together, using tongue strokes that made it seem like there was one long pussy instead of two separate ones. Anne and Amber ground their clits together as Wanda licked, and they both came together, Amber's squirting orgasm drenching Wanda's face as Anne's internal orgasm drenched Wanda's tongue a few seconds later.

* * * * *

The next month was spent in preparing for school Amber had one year left at BYU before getting her degree in Political Science. Anne did lesson plans for the new school year. Wanda went shopping, buying clothes for school and a new car to go to school in. Insurance paid for the car, but the payment for the clothes came from a surprise source.

Another bad part of Wanda's life came to a close in early August. During an overhaul of a hotel room, workers found a small camera in the walls. When the police played the tape inside, they found the raw footage of the sexual encounter between Betty Grant and Wanda Catron. But they also found the contract signing from that morning on the tape. A few days later, Wanda and Anne were called to their attorney's office.

"Good news," said the attorney, Janet Louise Spillington. J.L., a woman in her late forties, was a friend of both women from their attendance at local Gay and Lesbian Alliance functions. J.L. was also a lesbian, and had been working on the lawsuit Anne and Wanda brought against the producers of the porn video Wanda appeared in, "hometown Ho's In Provo."

J.L. reviewed the case to date. The producers had claimed Wanda had signed the contract with full knowledge of what she was signing, and with no duress on their parts. They had produced the original documents, which showed Wanda's signature and also specified that if she tried to sue over the video's contents, she would get no compensation.

Then J.L. told the women about the police find. "The camera doesn't lie," the attorney said. "It showed Betty Grant explaining the top contract page, about appearing as a guide to Provo for the actress Nan Humpers. It also shows her explaining the release of your image to the company. Then she produced more forms, which you signed. Betty told you they were standard, but didn't explain they were the contracts that allowed to you have on-screen sex, and allowed your sets from Strip-O-Rama to be shown, and also told that you only get your money if the film made money. And, to top it all off, that stupid bitch Betty even gloated, on-camera, about how she had tricked you, Wanda, into signing without knowing what you were signing.

"I took that film to court today. The judge immediately ruled in our favor. Here's what the ruling entails.

"1. You, Wanda Catron, as the aggrieved party, get everything you asked for in your lawsuit. All copies of the DVD are to be recalled and taken off the shelves immediately. All unsold copies are to be recalled and destroyed. Any copies ever found being shown in porn stores nationwide will be confiscated, and the porn shop owner will be fined $100,000, with that money going to you.

"2. You get all moneys brought in from the sale of Hometown Ho's. That's not profit, that's actual sales. At last estimate, 340,000 copies of Hometown Ho's had been sold, at an average price of $24.95 each. You will get, within three business days, a check for $8,483,000 from Hometown Productions.

"3. You get a monetary damage award from Betty Grant, aka Nan Humpers, of $50,000. You also get a monetary damage award from Hometown Productions of $2.5 million dollars.

There are also clauses that state that Hometown Productions may never use any video of you they did not use in Hometown Ho's in Provo. And a clause that states that, if Hometown Productions goes bankrupt, you will still get your money because the man behind Hometown Ho's, one Marvin Haroldson, has an estimated worth of $450 million. And there is a final clause that states that all legal fees are to be paid by Hometown Productions.

So, to summarize," J.L. said gleefully, "You can expect at check for $11,033,000. And that will be all yours, because Hometown Productions must pay me the $2,758,250 that is the 25 percent we agreed on when I took your case."

Anne and Wanda sat, stunned. Wanda was a multi-millionaire.

* * * * *

Most of the money was put into a trust fund for Wanda, which she could not touch until she graduated college. Anne wanted her girl to get her education, and this was the best way to insure that happening. A separate fund of $1 million was set up to care for Anne and Wanda's needs. Anne would live on the interest that money drew. Wanda could take out the capital, up to $200,000 per year, for school expenses.

As the time to leave for Boise, Idaho drew near, Anne planned a large party to celebrate Wanda's riches, her departure for school, and her upcoming 19th birthday. So much had happened in the last year that Wanda could hardly believe that it was going to be August 23, her birthday.

Anne planned the party for a weekend-long affair, at a private suite of rooms at the Sundance Ski Lodge. The lodge willingly rented the entire 6th floor and one conference room in the back to the Catron party. Anne invited all their friends, and many more Wanda didn't know. Every guest was female.

The main party was in the conference room. This is where the party started. Arriving guests were sent to a corner of the room to check in their clothes. they were then given a robe, with their name monogrammed on it, to wear for the party. There was food, drink, dancing as a rotation of bands played most of the weekend. There was a special elevator that took party guests to the sixth floor and back down. The other hotel elevators were locked out of the sixth floor. Not even hotel staff could get on that floor, except if there was an emergency.

Party guests were encouraged to wander from room to room, and make as many friends as they wanted to. One of the party rules was that couples that attended were not to remain faithful, but to experiment with others.

One room was outfitted with BDSM materials. Throughout the weekend you could find people being Mistresses and slaves, in sexual couplings or just playing with the whips, chains, floggers, clamps and other toys in the room.

Another room was a games room. There was a pool table, a poker table, and a board game table set up. The games were both traditional and erotic.

Yet another room had sex swings in it. This was among the most popular rooms, with the swings being used almost constantly all weekend long.

A fourth room was set up like a strip club, with outfits on hangars backstage. A guest that wanted to could put on an outfit, then strip to music, alone or for friends, or for anyone that passed by.

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