tagLesbian SexWanda's Story Ch. 16

Wanda's Story Ch. 16


"No thank you."

Wanda Catron's voice shook. She had been offered a position with the Delta Beta Nu sorority. She had been working for eight days to get into the group. Now, with acceptance into the sorority being offered, the 19-year-old was turning it down.

"May I ask why?" said the DBN sister, the one in charge of Initiations.

"You chose the last task to embarrass me personally. When I left, you insulted me and my sexual preference. Yet while I was with you, I led my team to several victories, and never, not once, showed anything but respect to you all. If you didn't want me last night, I don't want you today."

The DBN sisters looked at Wanda's roommate, 6-4 Astrid Martin. Astrid, 18, was dressed similarly to Wanda, wearing nothing but a robe. The difference between the two, not counting the 10 inches Astrid stood above Wanda, was that the very tip of a strap-on vibrator stuck out of Astrid's robe.

"If Wanda isn't joining, neither am I. What you said about Wanda last night, well, it goes for me as well. You insulted her because she is a lesbian. Well, I am one as well, so get away from us!"

Dejected and rejected, the girls left, hoping the others that had turned them down would now accept them. It turned out to be a dismal recruiting class for DBN. Only one girl, Lesley, chose to join DBN. She joined the two women who had stayed for the party to make a three-person Pledge group, the worst recruitment in DBN history.

* * * * *

Wanda and Astrid became lovers. They were almost inseparable for the next month. They met every day for lunch. They went on weekly dates every Friday night, with Wanda paying. Astrid wondered how Wanda could afford to constantly pay for their evenings out, and the toys they were buying, and anything else they decided they needed. Wanda had not told Astrid about the 11 million dollars Wanda had in the bank, awaiting her graduation. Until then, Wanda was living on a self-controlled $200,000 a year, which bought a lot of dates and sex toys.

In mid-October, the teen lovers had to split apart for a while. Astrid was on a basketball scholarship, so she had to move to the Athletic Dorms for the basketball season. Wanda started reading up on her girlfriend's chosen sport, learning all she could to be a better fan.

But while Wanda was reading about basketball, Astrid was playing it, studying it, living it. The best player in the state of Wyoming the previous season, Astrid quickly learned that she was only the eighth best player on this team. But her work ethics got her rolling, and she rapidly improved.

One of her new teammates was Angela Dravinski, her teammate when they both tried out for the DBN sorority. Angela had turned down the DBN Pledge offer when she learned Astrid had turned it down also. Angela had her sights set on Astrid, planning to be better than her on the basketball court, and her equal off the court and in bed.

Angela, at 6-1, had always been a guard, while Astrid, at 6-4, was making the transition from power forward to guard at Boise State. Astrid and Angela were often paired together in drills, guarding each other on 3-on-3, 4-on-4 and 5-on-5 drills. Angela was a smart player, but also a sly player, too. In the "spirit of the moment," Angela would place her hands all over Astrid, copping feels of the taller woman's curvatious body. Although Astrid had 38d breasts, she strapped them down with tight bras during basketball, to keep them from bouncing as she ran.

One day, while guarding Astrid especially close, Angela's hand went from touching Astrid's butt to slide right between her legs. Astrid jumped, just as a pass came her way. Angela, having successfully felt Astrid's pussy, intercepted the pass and scooted downcourt for an uncontested layup.

The coach was furious. Stopping play, she ran up to Astrid and demanded to know why she had screamed just before the intercepted pass.

"Afraid of the ball, Martin?" she railed at the freshman. "Saw the mean ball heading your way, and couldn't handle it?"

"No, Ma'am," Astrid mumbled.

"Then what happened?"

"I ... I ... I don't know," Astrid lied. She knew full well what had happened, but didn't know how to stop it. Angela tried her move a couple more times during that practice. She got a few free feels at Astrid's pussy, and had made Astrid look bad at the same time.

As the team hit the showers after practice, Angela boldly walked up to Astrid in the locker area. She reached down between Astrid's bare legs and cupped her pussy again. A finger slid into the folds of skin, and Astrid shut her eyes, fighting back the need for more. She had not made love with Wanda in three weeks, and was extremely horny.

"This pussy belongs to me," Angela said. "I will get everything I want from it, mark my words." The tormentor wiggled her finger inside Astrid, then strode off, sucking the wet finger as she did.

After showering, Astrid remained behind in the locker room, hoping to put distance between herself and Angela. But as she headed for the door, she saw Angela standing right outside, waiting for her.

Making a quick left-hand turn, Astrid walked into the office of Coach Deidre Desyre. The woman, in her early fifties but still in excellent shape, looked up from her playbook to see who had entered. She motioned Astrid to sit on the couch, then closed her playbook and gave the freshman her full attention.

"Coach," Astrid began, "I lied to you today. I knew exactly why I missed that pass, and the other subsequent passes."

Coach DeeDee, as the players called her, waited patiently. She could tell that her freshman guard needed to tell this her own way.

Slowly, Astrid laid out the copping of feels that Angela had been doing. She told of Angela feeling her pussy as the pass came her way, again and again. She then told of her finger insertion in the locker room, and her rough words, and how she had been lingering, as if waiting for Astrid.

Coach DeeDee felt some sympathy, but needed Astrid harder than she was. The pussy feel is an old trick used by defenders. If they found out Astrid was vulnerable to it, her effectiveness as a player would be over. Coach DeeDee had only one solution to the problem. She rose from behind her desk and sat on the couch with Astrid.

With amazing swiftness for a woman her age, DeeDee slipped her hand into Astrid's skirt, placing it over Astrid's pussy and then started rubbing it through the panties. Astrid looked on, startled.

"Do you like this?" DeeDee asked.

Astrid could feel her body responding. "Yes, Coach," she said.

DeeDee pulled the panties aside and thrust two fingers into the girl. "Do you like this?" she asked.

"Oh, yes, Coach, yes!"

Then she started thrusting her fingers in and out of Astrid's pussy. "Do you like that?"

Astrid was flowing, her pussy getting wetter by the second. "Yes, Coach. Please don't stop."

But stop DeeDee did. She pulled her hand out and slapped Astrid's face. The teen was startled. "Do you like that?" she asked.

"No, Coach, I don't."

"You liked my hand in your pussy, but you didn't like Angela's. Why?"

"Because, Coach, Angela was doing it to distract me."

"Did I get your attention when I slapped you?"

"Yes, Coach, you did."

"That's how you stop the pussy feel. 'Accidentally' slap your opponent's face. If you use an elbow, the point gets made even faster. If your opponent tries to do something to you that you don't like, do something back they won't like. Just don't let the ref see you. Got it?"

"Yes, Coach," Astrid said. "You've helped a lot."

DeeDee looked at Astrid, then smiled. "I can help you more, you know," she said. "I know what you need. And I can give it to you."

Again the coach lowered her hand to Astrid's pussy. Again the teen didn't slap the hand away. DeeDee pulled the panties away and plunged her fingers into Astrid. Stroking hard, she felt Astrid's pussy sucking in her fingers, trying to take her hand even deeper inside her teenaged body. DeeDee consented, adding her other two fingers. When she felt Astrid's pussy still sucking, she added her thumb.

Making a fist, DeeDee shoved her arm deep into Astrid's pussy, giving her al she wanted. Astrid bounced up and down on Coach's arm, screaming in joy as the fist punched deep, hitting her cervix. On the third punch, Astrid came, flowing her cum all over Coach DeeDee's arms and hand.

"Now, do that to me," DeeDee urged Astrid. The girl pulled DeeDee's gym shorts off, finding wet panties underneath. The teen pulled the panties aside and drove her tongue deep into DeeDee's needy pussy, slurping the coach's juices hungrily.

Upon further urging by DeeDee, Astrid slid two fingers into the pussy under her tongue. "More!" urged DeeDee, so Astrid added a third finger. "Yes, more!" responded DeeDee, as Astrid placed her little finger inside her coach's wet pussy. Then Astrid slid her thumb in the pussy, watching in amazement as the pussy seemed to swallow her entire hand.

Astrid wiggled her fingers inside her coach. DeeDee bucked wildly, but then urged Astrid, "Make a fist. Punch me!!" Astrid did as told. Her fingers closed, and Astrid punched inside DeeDee, hitting her cervix. DeeDee screamed in pleasure. Astrid repeated her movement, and DeeDee came, flooding Astrid's hand as Astrid had flooded DeeDee's before. Both women had cum, relieving some of the needs they both had.

When she relaxed after cumming, DeeDee pulled off of Astrid's hand. "Don't tell anyone we did this," she said. "But whenever you get the need, come back to me."

"I have a girlfriend," Astrid said.

"Good," the coach replied. "Then go to her on our next day off from practice. That, Astrid, is an order."

When Astrid left the gym, Angela was nowhere to be found, having given up for the night. Astrid hurried to her dorm room and called Wanda, wanting to hear her voice more than anything.

* * * * *

Wanda was just coming out of the shower when the phone rang. She picked it up and smiled, hearing Astrid's lower-range voice. Without dressing, Wanda lay on her bed. She had not been given a new roommate, because Astrid would move back after the season was over.

Astrid said "Hi, Wanda honey. I love you and miss you very much."

"I love you," Wanda replied. "And I've missed you. In fact, I was just thinking of you as I showered."

"I miss showering with you," Astrid remarked.

"Most of the time, those showers led to much more," Wanda reminded her lover.

"That's what I miss most. I've been horny lately."

"We can't be together for a bit, but I know how we can help each other," Wanda said.


"Take off your clothes and lie on your bed, honey," Wanda said. "I'm already naked and in bed, and I'm starting to rub my pussy now. You do the same."

Astrid put the phone down for a minute. Wanda could hear rustling in the background. When Astrid's voice returned strongly to the phone, she said "I'm as naked as you, lover."

"Now, touch your clit. You know how I would if I were there. Do it like i would."

Astrid touched herself, and felt sparks of excitement shoot through her body.

"I'm rubbing my clit, honey, just like you do," Wanda said. "I'm spreading myself open for you."

"Oh yes, baby," Astrid said. "My free hand is pulling my nipples. They're so hard, and my wetness is leaking from my pussy already. God, I want you so much."

"Wanda's voice grew huskier over the phone. "I need you, too, honey. My fingers are in my pussy, getting wet for you, honey."

"Oh, Wanda baby," Astrid replied on her end of the phone. "My fingers are all over my clit. I'm rubbing, and rubbing, and ... oh, baby, oh .. . rubbing. I'm so close, baby. So close."

"Me too, honey. Now, with one hand on my clit, the other is guiding your favorite dildo inside me." Wanda's voice grew an octave as she started squeaking on the phone. "I'm so close, honey. Your dildo is doing the job. I'm gonna cum with you, honey."

"Oh yes, me too, baby," Astrid replied. Her fingers were flying, one hand rubbing her clit, the other plunging in and out of her growing wetness.

"Now!" they screamed, almost in unison. On each of their beds, Astrid Martin and Wanda Catron had orgasms, screaming their joy over the phone for their partner to hear and enjoy. Slowly both women came to their senses, and removed their hands from their private parts.

"Thank you, baby," Astrid said. "I needed that, but that wasn't why I called."

"What can I help you with?" Wanda said.

Astrid laid out the story of Angela and her sexual come-ons and threats. She mentioned Coach DeeDee's advice, without telling Wanda all that happened between Astrid and the coach. Wanda related the story of Angela's promise back at the disco the month before.

"What should I do?" Astrid moaned.

"Embarrass the hell out of her, honey. And I know exactly how, too." And Wanda outlined her plan in full detail. Astrid fell in love with the plan completely, but had one concern.

"How will I get all those things you say I should use?"

"When you get back from practice tomorrow, it will be at your dorm room, so you can get right into the plan," Wanda explained.

Astrid had faith in Wanda, and as they hung up their phones at the end of the call, Astrid was able to get a good night's sleep, knowing her Angela problem will soon be over.

The next day was Friday, and Boise State's first exhibition basketball game was that night. Angela guarded Astrid at the morning walk-through before the game, and her hands kept roaming freely over Astrid's body. Coach DeeDee saw the situation, but refused to step in. Her hands were full preparing for the game.

Finally, Astrid pulled Angela aside. "Enough of this," Astrid said. "Let's just get together. How about after practice, at my dorm?"

"I know you'd see things my way," Angela said. "Right after practice, your dorm. I can't wait."

"Neither can I," Astrid said. Angela's hands didn't wander over Astrid's body near as much during the last half of walkthrough practice. Then the coach called the team together. She announced her starting five. Surprisingly, Astrid was tabbed as starting off guard. The teen was thrilled. She almost hugged Angela, but stopped, reminding herself of what was to come.

* * * * *

After practice, Astrid and Angela headed back to Astrid's dorm room. When the 6-4 girl opened her door, the package from Wanda was on the table. Astrid led the 6-1 Angela to the couch, then, promising to be right back, went to check out the box. Everything was there.

Back into the living room Astrid went, carrying the now-closed box. "What's in there?" Angela said.

"Just a few things to make our time memorable," Astrid promised. Then she pulled Angela up and kissed her. The red-headed Angela responded to the kisses of the blonde Astrid, and when Astrid said "Let's go onto the bed" Angela readily agreed.

Angela slipped onto the bed, then looked at Astrid, who was setting up a video camera. "What's that for?" she said.

"I like to tape my first sexual encounters," Astrid said. "Then it's fun to look at the tape a few months later, and see how klutzy we were."

"Kinky," Angela said. "OK, I'm game."

Astrid smiled. The camera set up, Astrid went to the bed. The 18-year-olds resumed kissing, and slowly stripped each other. Then Astrid got atop Angela, forcing Angela (willingly) to lie on her back. Astrid then produced handcuffs, and smiled as she showed them to Angela.

"Let's play a game," Astrid said. "I'll tie you up and take advantage of you. Then you tie me up and take advantage of me. OK?"

Angela was already worked up, and having Astrid suggest kinky sex games right off the bat only made Angela hotter. "Yes, I agree," she said. "Tie me up, honey."

Astrid took each wrist and cuffed them to the ands of the headboard. Then Astrid produced two long strips of leather and tied Angel's feet to the baseboard. The 6-1 girl was spread-eagled on Astrid's bed. Astrid donned a leather mask, hiding her features. She also put on a robe, further blending herself in to avoid recognition. Then got up and started the camera, putting herself in the picture with Angela.

"Hello, team," Astrid said into the camera's microphone. "Look who we have here? Why, it's Angela. Angela likes to play little games during practice. Tonight, we'll see what repercussions happen when you play those games."

Astrid grabbed the biggest dildo she had ever seen, appropriately called the Fat Man Dong, out of the box Wanda had sent. This toy was 8 1/2 inches long, and 5 1/2 inches in width. Astrid had to use both hands to hold it. She showed the toy to the camera.

"Angela likes to play with pussies during practice. Let's see what happens when someone plays with her pussy, with one of these!" Astrid rubbed the head of the Fat Man against Angela's pussy, then shoved.

Angela, whose eyes had popped wide open when she saw how big the dong was, had started whimpering "No, no, no, please no," as Astrid rubbed the head of the dong against her labia. When Astrid drove it inside her, Angela's screams of pain echoed around the room. Astrid had failed to use the lube suggested on the packaging, instead forcing Fat Boy into Angela's dry pussy.

"Oh, mustn't have Angela wake the neighbors," Astrid said. She went into the box and pulled out a ball gag. She affixed it into Angela's mouth mid-scream, stifling her cries to illiterate mumbles and moans. Then she shoved the Fat Boy deeper into Angela, pleased when she saw tears welling in the girl's eyes.

"If you've suffered from Angela's unwanted advances as I have, then you'll appreciate this," Astrid said, reaching into the box again. She pulled out a set of nipple clamps, with weights attached.

Astrid clamped each nipple, then started putting weights on. First went the two-ounce weights. Angela's screams, though muffled, still filled the mic's soundtrack tape. After a few pulls of the weighted champs, Astrid removed the two-ounce weights and put on the 10-ounce weights.

The weights made Angela's breasts sag apart, and the screams of torture from Angela's mouth grow more urgent, though still muffled. Astrid spoke into the microphone again. "I'll bet Angela regrets messing with me now. But I'm not done yet. When I'm finished, she will never again touch another teammate in any manner other than professional."

Out of the box came a leather bat. This bat looked like a riding crop, except its end was a wide sturdy piece of leather instead of tapered. Angela shook her head in a "No" manner, but Astrid paid no mind to her. Instead, she raised the bat and started beating Angela's torso and the inside of her breasts, now exposed because the weights were pulling her breasts apart.

Angela screamed in pain and horror. Astrid whipped Angela until she was red all down her front. Then she went to Angela's thighs and whipped there. When her legs were as red as her torso, Astrid stopped.

"Now, Angela, here is what is going to happen. You are going to remain here and miss the first game of the season. I'll explain to the coach that you're .. . he he he ... tied up. And if you don't leave me alone, I swear the team will see this tape. If you ever tell anyone about this tape, it will go out on school-wide internet release. And from there, you know it will get out to the general public.

"Angela, will you leave me alone now and forever more?"

Angela nodded her head vigorously. Her entire body was aflame with pain. She had wanted Astrid, but never imagined how sadistic she could be. Now Angela only wanted to get away.

Astrid turned off the camera and left the dorm room. She walked to the gym, where she dressed for the game. When Coach DeeDee asked about Angela's absence, Astrid said she was sick, and couldn't play.

As Astrid and the Lady Broncos took the basketball floor, Wanda was sitting on the home side, center-court, cheering mightily for Astrid. It was a one-sided game against a local semi-pro team. At halftime Boise state was leading, 42-26. Astrid had scored 6 points and made a couple of terrific steals.

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