tagLesbian SexWanda's Story Ch. 17

Wanda's Story Ch. 17


After their initial sexual foray, Anne, Wanda and Astrid headed for the play room. Astrid had heard about Anne's Dungeon, and wanted to see it for herself. She looked in awe at the cage, the class setting, the bed in the center of the room, but spent most of her time gazing at the chains and the X-Cross on the far wall.

"Astrid, honey, what is your pleasure?" Anne said smoothly. She wanted Astrid to feel at home, but also wanted to get Wanda back into her mode as a slave. Anne had already started, by making Wanda pleasure herself and Astrid in the living room. Now was part two in her attempt to reclaim Wanda.

"Gee, Ms. Anne," said Astrid. "I guess the chains in the middle of the room. I wonder how you'd make love with them on."

"Allow me to show you," Anne said. "Pet, get in position."

"Yes, Mistress," Wanda said, scampering with all possible speed under the chains. There, she quickly stripped off her clothes and held her arms straight out in front of her. Anne lowered the chains and shackled Wanda's wrists together. Then she raised the chains until Wanda was forced to stand on tiptoes or have her arms dislocated.

Anne lowered the chains a little, then kicked Wanda's legs apart. Again the 19-year-old was left on tiptoes, this time with her legs far apart.

A wide grin creased Astrid's face. She dropped to her knees and started licking the front of Wanda's bare mons. Her tongue worked lower and lower, until it touched Wanda's clit. Back in the dorm, Wanda would be squealing in pleasure by now. But with her Mistress in the room, all Wanda could do was moan.

Anne, meanwhile, had crawled underneath Astrid and began licking her pussy. She noted how smooth it was, as if Astrid had shaved just that morning. Knowing they were coming here, Anne wouldn't have been surprised to know Wanda had told Astrid to shave.

The 18-year-old basketball star had never been licked by one while licking another. The sensation was delightful. She tried matching her tongue strokes with Anne's, but couldn't. The older woman had many years' experience at pussy licking, while Astrid had only weeks. Astrid soon forgot about Wanda's pussy to focus on the growing desires emanating from her own.

Wanda, meanwhile, felt left out. she had enjoyed when Astrid started licking her, but when Anne started on Astrid, Wanda became a third wheel again. She could only watch in mute frustration as Astrid moaned, sighed, and then came, flooding Anne's face with cum.

Her orgasm sating her for a bit, Astrid leaned over and kissed Wanda's pussy again. But Anne pulled her away from Wanda and kissed Astrid deeply. Astrid enjoyed the kiss and returned it, forgetting for the moment all about Wanda. The chained teenager, meanwhile, was suffering a deep desire for loving. She had watched Anne and Astrid cum together, then Astrid cum with Anne's guidance. Now they were kissing, and leaving Wanda hanging here all alone.

Anne led Astrid to the bed. Wanda watched in growing frustration as Anne slipped on a small strap-on, about 6 inches long, and started fucking Astrid with it. Wanda could feel her pussy getting wet, from the need to cum and the hot sexual scene of her Mistress plunging into her roommate again and again.

Astrid's cries were echoing off the walls, causing Wanda's pussy to leak any more. With a large cry of joy, Astrid came on the fake cock, spilling her orgasmic fluids all over the bed. Anne's 36c breasts mashed into Astrid's 38ds, and Astrid's legs were lifted high onto Anne's torso to allow the fucking to continue on. Astrid came again quickly, then came again when Anne bent her head and bit Astrid's erect nipples.

By this time Wanda was in agony. She needed to cum, and no one was helping her. She wondered where the third member of the house, Amber Anderson, was. Had Amber been here, Wanda felt, her needy pussy would have been licked to orgasm.

Exhausted, Astrid flopped onto the bed and started snoozing moments later. Anne got off the bed, lowered the chains, and made Wanda kneel on the floor. She stuck the strap-on towards Wanda's mouth, and the slave started licking it clean, sucking on it like it was a real cock. Soon the device was clean.

Anne lowered the chains to the floor and ordered Wanda to sleep where she was. Horny, but tired, Wanda did as she was ordered, sleeping on the hard concrete while her roommate slept in her bed.

At three in the morning, Wanda awoke to urgent kisses. She opened her eyes and saw Astrid kissing her.

"I'm so sorry, love," the tall woman was saying. "I didn't know what your Anne had in mind, but I know you need to cum. Let me make love with you."

A tear fell from Wanda's eye. "No, my darling," she told Astrid. "I will be made love to when Mistress allows it, not before. This is my test."

Astrid had unlocked Wanda's wrists by this time. "Then at least sleep with me on the bed," she said. "If Anne protests, I'll tell her I lifted you into bed while you slept."

"I do love you, honey," Wanda said. They got into bed and slept until morning light.


The next day, December 20, was a special one in the Catron household. Wanda's younger brother Roger was celebrating his 18th birthday, and the entire family was invited. Wanda had asked Astrid to go, promising to take her to the airport for her flight to Casper, Wyoming, right after the party.

Wanda was still in a surly mood when she arrived at her mother's home. Anne had not allowed Wanda to cum, nor had she allowed Astrid to play with Wanda, throughout the day. Wanda's sexual tension had only increased as she watched Anne on her knees licking Astrid's pussy on the class set, and watching Astrid return the favor as Anne bent over the pommel horse.

Wanda would have joined in, but she was again locked into the chains that prohibited from moving. It seemed to Wanda that Anne's orgasms were more intense when Astrid licked her, but that could just be a figment of an oversexed imagination.

Another reason she was feeling like this was that her other lover from home, Amber Anderson, wasn't there. Normally Amber would relive the sexual tension when Anne was not playing with Wanda, but Amber was nowhere to be found. Wanda wondered where she was, but could not ask her Mistress a direct question like that unless Anne brought up the subject first. Since she hadn't, Wanda's curiosity was all she had. Wanda led the other two women up to her family's home and knocked.

When Roger opened the Catron family door, he wrapped his sister in a big bear hug. Wanda was never at a loss of amazement whenever she saw Roger. He was 6-3, 220 pounds. He had a chiseled chest and rippling muscles down his abdomen. His brown hair, lighter than Wanda's, had a light curl to it.

After kissing his sister's cheek, and greeting Ms. Franklin, his former English teacher, Roger turned to the newcomer, and was knocked speechless. This woman was as tall as he was (actually an inch taller), very beautiful, and stacked as well. Astrid, at Wanda's urgings, had stopped strapping her 38d breasts down except during practices and games. Slowly Astrid was becoming proud of her body, making Wanda proud as well.

"Hi," Roger said, the only word he seemed to remember at the moment.

"Hi," Astrid replied, speaking as shyly as he had. She was looking at this boy .. . no, this man ... as she had never looked at a man before. He was as tall as she was, yet seemed not to possess the swagger of most boys her height she'd met. Of course, most of the guys she met were other basketball players. Roger didn't play well, so he never tried out for the team.

"I'm ... uh ..." Roger seemed to have alzheimer's.

"Roger, this is my roommate, Astrid Martin," Wanda said, seeing she would need to do the introductions. "Astrid, this is the birthday boy, Roger Catron."

Astrid found her tongue first. "Very pleased to meet you," she said.

"So am I," Roger replied. "Please to meet you, I mean."

Wanda led Astrid away from her brother. She introduced her to Wendy, her 15-year-old sister, then the two women went in search of Wanda's mom. They found her in the kitchen, standing with Wanda's attorney, J.L. Spillington.

Wanda smiled at seeing the woman responsible for Wanda's millions in the bank. "Hi, J.L." she said. "Hi, Mom." Wanda noticed her mother flush a little bit, but didn't think anything of it.

What Wanda didn't know was that a minute before, Wanda's mom, Lorraine, and J.L., who called herself Lou, had been deep in each other's arms, kissing and sliding tongues into each other's mouths. Lorraine and lou had become lovers right after Wanda went to school, and they had kept the affair a secret so far. This was the closest they had come to being caught. They had hastily stepped apart when they heard Wanda's footsteps approaching the kitchen.

Wanda introduced Astrid to Lorraine and to her lawyer. Lorraine, always a gracious hostess, offered Astrid a drink from the refrigerator. Astrid declined, and soon made her way back into the living room. For the rest of the evening, whenever she could, Astrid found a way to spend time talking with Roger.

Anne had chosen to wear comfortable sneakers to the party. The shoes made almost no noise, so she received a major shock when she headed upstairs to go to the bathroom later that night. As she passed Lorraine's room, she heard noises. She stopped and pushed the door open slightly. She saw Lorraine sitting on the bed, her jeans on the ground, and Lou's head between Lorraine's legs, licking away.

"Lou, baby," Lorraine was saying between soft moans, "the kids will miss us if we're gone too long."

"Lou lifted her head. Her lips gleamed from the cum already on her mouth. "You've known all night I needed you," she said. "And I'm betting you needed me, too. Why else would you be here on the bed with your legs spread."

"You're right, Lou," Lorraine said. "I've needed you from the moment you came into my life. Now hurry up, make me cum, and let's get back to the party before we're missed."

Lou wasted no more time. Her head lowered again, and Lorraine started moaning as lou resumed licking. Lorraine covered her face with a pillow and screamed her pleasure as Lou's tongue hit an intensely sensitive spot. Then Lou drove her finger into Lorraine's pussy and curled it, getting the G-Spot the first try. When the tongue returned to that intense spot on Lorraine's outer labia, the woman came, flooding Lou's mouth with her sweet womanly juices. The lawyer lapped and lapped, getting every drop.

Anne suddenly realized her hand was in her pants, rubbing herself as she watched the two women make love. She saw Lorraine shift off the bed, so Anne dashed to the bathroom and closed the door. She was too excited now to pee, so she masturbated. Anne's control let her hold in the cries she wanted to scream as she came close to orgasm. Her mind was aflutter with images of Lou and Lorraine. Somewhere just before her orgasms, Anne's mind added herself to the duo she had seen on the bed. That thought made Anne cum.

Composing herself, she emerged from the bathroom just as Lou came out of Lorraine's bedroom. "Hi, J.L.," the teacher called. Then slyly, she added, "What were you doing in Wanda's mom's room?"

"Um, uh," J.L. stammered, "I needed to use the bathroom, and since you were in that one, I used Lorraine's instead."

"OK," Anne said, not revealing she knew better.

It was nearing time for Astrid to go. She snuck into the backyard with Roger for a quiet moment alone, even though they had been together most of the night.

"I'd like to see you again," Roger said.

"I'd like that," Astrid replied. "I'm due to come back into town December 26 before going back up to school. Can I see you then?"

"Yes, please," Roger said.

Slowly, the two 18-year-olds moved together. "It's your birthday, and I don't have a present," Astrid said. "What can I give you instead?"

Roger pulled her closer, and softly, boldly, kissed her. His face was rougher than Wanda's, but the kiss was much better. Despite it just being lips, and nothing more, Astrid felt her toes curling. She knew now she would definitely see Roger when she came back.

They finally broke apart. "Happy birthday," Astrid said.

"Yes, thank you," Roger replied, suddenly embarrassed.

They returned to the living room, and Astrid made her goodbyes. She and Wanda left for the quick drive to Salt Lake City, leaving Anne at the Catron's until she could return.

Roger had planned to meet friends at the mall, and Wendy had some Christmas shopping to do, so the brother and sister left together. J.L. was about to go, too, when Anne said, "Lou, wait."

The lawyer turned, surprised. Anne only called her Lou when they were in bed together, a rare but regular occurrence.

"Sit down, please," Anne said. J.L. obeyed.

"I saw you both earlier," Anne began. Lorraine blushed. Lou smiled. "I'd like to join in, if it's OK with you both."

Lorraine cried out, "But you're my daughter's ... my daughter's .."

"Lover, yes," Anne said, finishing Lorraine's sentence. "But I'd like to be yours, as well. Anne need not know."

Lorraine looked at her lover for guidance. Lou was Lorraine's first lesbian lover, and Wanda's mother would have been quite happy if she had been her only lesbian lover. But now another woman wanted her. Was she really that desirable?

Lou read the nervousness on Lorraine's face, and knew how to solve that worry. She motioned Anne over, and together the two of them started kissing Lorraine's face. Lorraine gave in and started kissing back, mentally filing the differences in each woman's lips. Lou's were tender, more loving, more caring. Anne's kisses were harder, more like a need than a show of emotion.

At a touch from Lou, both she and Anne started stripping Lorraine. Each woman took turns undoing each button on the blouse Lorraine wore. As the button exposed skin, two sets of lips kissed that skin. Lorraine was getting hotter and hotter, and was having a hard time standing on her feet.

When the blouse was off, the women reached for her slacks. They each took a leg, and kissed their way down it, lowering the pants as they did so. At the bottom, they slipped off Lorraine's shoes and pants, leaving her in her underwear. Each women, in turn, lifted a foot and gently kissed Lorraine's toes. Lou went first, and when she moaned joyously at the toe-sucking, Anne took her turn when Lou had finished. This was one of Lorraine's most sensitive spots, and she could feel her pussy leaking from the love her toes were getting.

At a fresh signal, the women started kissing back up Lorraine's body. Twin tongues slid over her upper thighs, and Lorraine found she could no longer stand. She fell backwards onto the couch, giving her the ability to spread her legs wide apart. Both women took advantage, and their lips and tongues closed in on Lorraine's pussy.

But both women skirted past the wet panties, moving even higher. Two hands reached behind the mother of three, and her 36b breasts were freed from the bra she wore. Each woman took one in her mouth, and Lorraine moaned in added joy as each nipple was sucked and loved. Again she noticed the difference. Lou's sucking was gentle, designed to heighten the sexual experience they were sharing. Anne's mouth was greedy, sucking harder and longer, trying to pull all Lorraine's breast into her mouth.

Two hands simultaneously reached down and lowered Lorraine's panties. Then both breasts were free, and Lorraine saw what she had felt, that her nipples were very hard and erect. She didn't think they had ever been so hard before, not even while breastfeeding. She was in the highest state of arousal she had ever been in.

Lorraine could not remember when she had been lowered onto the couch. All she thought about now, all that mattered, were the two mouths taking turns licking at her pussy. The familiar tongue of her lover, Lou, licking and gently gliding over her pussy lips and clit was quickly replaced by the urgent, hard tongue of Wanda's lover, Anne, who probed into Lorraine like she might not have another chance, and they might get caught any minute.

The tongues traded places, again and again and again. Lorraine cried out and moaned. When one tongue left her pussy, it still seemed to be in contact somewhere on her body. Lou's tongue went to her toes, driving Lorraine mad. Anne's tongue licked all around, tasting Lorraine everywhere.

Finally Lorraine could hold off no longer. With a scream, a lift of the hips, and a sudden thrust, she came, drenching Anne (who had the good fortune to be licking the pussy at the time) with her cum. Anne moaned as well and drank from Lorraine's pussy, downing every drop the older woman produced. Lou, meanwhile, had stopped sucking on Lorraine's toes and was quickly undressing herself.

Now as nude as Lorraine, the lawyer crawled on the couch. She lowered her pussy to Lorraine, and let the woman lick her already wet pussy. When Anne had finished licking lorraine's pussy clean, Lou's mouth replaced Anne's as the two lovers went into a 69. Anne took the opportunity to undress as well, then broke into the 69 to pull Lou's pussy off Lorraine.

The three women repositioned on the floor. Anne's pussy was at Lorraine's mouth, letting Wanda's mother taste her second pussy ever. Anne was licking Lou's pussy, something she had not done in a couple of years. Lou's mouth was locked onto Lorraine's pussy, licking and sucking. The three women moaned and squirmed, trying not to be the first to cum.

Lou lost this round. Anne's expert mouth worked wonders on Lou, and the lawyer came. Her orgasm triggered Anne's as well, and the teacher flooded lorraine's face with cum. Lorraine, still excited, came at almost the same time Anne did.

Then the women turned around, and licked the woman's pussy that had been licking hers moments before. A similar scene unfolded, until each woman had cum again. then they retired to Lorraine's bedroom, where a bevy of toys awaited them for further sex play.


Wanda, meanwhile, had her arms wrapped around Astrid at the Salt Lake City airport. The plane to Casper was starting to board, and the women were saying goodbye for now. Astrid would spend Christmas with her family, then fly back to Salt Lake, where Wanda would drive her back to school for the resumption of practice and the second half of the basketball season.

"I'll miss you, roomie," Wanda said earnestly.

"Me, too," Astrid replied. "You've shown me so much. You've taught me so much." the teen seemed to pause a minute, as if gaining courage. finally, the basketball player said, "I think I love you, Wanda."

Wanda pulled Astrid's head down and kissed her deeply. She didn't care that they were in the middle of a crowded airport, nor that people were bound to stare at two women kissing. Astrid's words had touched Wanda more than anything else she could have said.

When they broke, Wanda reached into her pocket, and pulled out a wrapped package. "Here, honey," she said shyly. "This is for you."

Astrid started to pocket it, but Wanda said "Open it now." So she pulled the wrapping apart, and stared at a gold chain, with half a heart on the end of it. The heart was jagged in the middle, and said "ue ve" on it. Astrid looked curiously at Wanda.

But before Astrid could speak, Wanda reached inside her turtleneck sweater, and pulled out a similar chain. on the end of it was a similar heart, with "Tr Lo" engraved on it. Wanda took Astrid's heart and placed it next to her own. They became a full heart, and "True Love" was the final saying.

"We are one," Wanda said. "And yes, I love you, too. Now we have something to symbolize that love."

Astrid put on her necklace. Tears started to form in her eyes. "I'll never take it off," she vowed.

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