Wanda's Story Ch. 20


Roger was having a wonderful dream. He was with Astrid in a green field, blowing flower petals at each other. Then Astrid started licking those petals. When she took an entire flower into her mouth, Roger woke up. Astrid wasn't inhaling a flower, she was sucking on his cock. He moaned delightedly, letting her know he was now awake.

Astrid heard the moan and shifted positions. Now that she had a partner the same height as her, she felt more comfortable as she placed her pussy over Roger's face. She lowered, and got his tongue sticking into her pussy as a reward. They started in a 69 position, licking and sucking each other, preparing each other for what was sure to follow.

roger's cock was now at it's extreme length, and Astrid was taking it completely down her throat. she thanked God for Wanda's toys as she did. Meanwhile, she felt roger licking at her pussy. He was not as experienced as his sister, but that was to be expected. Also, his technique was different than hers. Wanda's licks were softer, gentler, meant to build Astrid up to her orgasm. Roger's licks were harder, rougher, as if the licking was only part of what he wanted. It was also part of what Astrid wanted as well.

When the time was right, Astrid rolled off Roger. She got on her hands and knees, and aimed her upraised ass at his face. Roger got the message. He crawled behind her, raised up, and impaled his cock, doggy-style, into Astrid's pussy. It went as deep as it could the first thrust, and Roger was rewarded with a joyous moan from Astrid.

For Astrid, she had found heaven. The hot meat of Roger's cock started rubbing directly on her G-Spot. This was a much better feeling than she had ever had while using a dildo, even a dildo on her G-Spot. It felt .. it felt ... words failed Astrid as her first orgasm overtook her faster than she thought possible.

Roger loved this new position. He had a firm grasp on Astrid's butt, and that allowed him to control his tempo even better than the first, missionary, position had. He felt Astrid cum, and felt her squeeze his cock with her pussy walls. He moaned, and felt incredible, but didn't feel like cumming. He kept slamming his cock in this loving pussy, feeling his balls slap the rest of her vaginal lips, and watching as Astrid threw her head back when her second orgasm occurred right on top of her first.

Astrid fought for breath. Her arms failed her, and her breasts fell onto the bed. But with Roger's cock inside her, her ass remained high in the air. When she started moving to meet his thrusts, her third orgasm hit, weakening her even more. And still Roger kept moving in and out of her, filling her better than anyone ever had.

Finally, she found her voice. "Stop a minute, honey," she spoke, her voice barely a whisper.

Roger's voice was ragged from his exertions. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing, baby, nothing. But I want to give you something no man has ever had, and no man ever will. Pull out of me, and fuck my asshole, baby."

Roger had heard of this, and even watched it on pornos he had seen, but never thought anyone would want to do that in real life. "Are you sure?" he asked, looking for confirmation.

"Yes," she replied. "Your cock is more than wet enough. Take my ass, baby."

Roger pulled out of Astrid's pussy. She was right, his cock did glisten in the dawn's first light, shining through the curtained windows. He lifted a bit higher and grabbed the end of his cock. He positioned it carefully, then slowly pushed into Astrid's ass.

He stopped immediately when she screamed louder than she had before. He was afraid he had hurt her. But she said, "More. Give me more," and he complied. Deeper and deeper his cock went. This was the tightest space his cock had ever been in. He never even imagined squeezing his cock as tight as Astrid's ass was.

Halfway in, Astrid's screams changed to moans of intense pleasure. He started pumping in and out, driving his cock deeper with every forward thrust. Her moans increased quickly, and soon she was cursing him like he had never heard before. "Oh, yes, fuck my fucking ass, goddammit. Fill my fucking shithole with your goddamn cock. Ram it into me, damn it. Fuck me harder, fuck you. Harder!"

Roger obeyed. With a hard thrust, he shoved his cock until it hit a wall. Astrid screamed and came. As she spasmed, Roger could hold off no longer. He started cumming as well, filling her ass with his white cream. The couple had their first simultaneous orgasm, cumming together hard.

When they stopped, Roger pulled his cock out and slid onto the bed. Astrid flopped on top of him and they kissed. Astrid was murmuring words into Roger's mouth. When they stopped kissing, Astrid repeated what she had said.

"I love you, Roger Catron." She then proved it by lowering herself down and taking the cock that had been in her ass into her mouth. She sucked at him, and licked him clean, then sucked him hard. Then she rose up, strattled him as he lay on his back, and let his cock impale her pussy. Slowly they made love, Astrid taking the lead this time. Roger lasted nearly an hour before cumming, giving Astrid all the orgasms she needed.

Finally sated, they ordered breakfast. The rest of the week was spent mostly indoors, together, nude and in bed. When they did venture out, for meals, or a planned trip up the Palm Springs Aerial Tram, they could hardly keep their hands off each other. People could see they were young and in love.


Wanda woke up with a dildo reaming her ass. She screamed, because she had been dreaming of her rape the year before. Then she realized it was only her Mistress, Anne, fucking her ass. Her screams lessened, then faded into moans. Anne had chosen a vibrating strap-on to fuck Wanda's ass. She had lubed it up and driven it deep. Wanda fought the urges to cum, feeling the need for Anne's love after the beating of the night before.

Slowly, carefully, Anne brought Wanda to the brink. Then, she stopped.

"What?" Wanda whimpered.

"New lesson time, pet," Anne replied. "You will learn to cum on command, whenever I tell you a special word. For now, I will say it before you cum. It will be your signal to cum for me. Understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," Wanda said throatily, the lust nearly insatiable in her body.

Anne started again. Wanda was close to cumming to begin with, and now she was on the brink.

"Benign." Anne said. Despite the meaning of the word, its results were anything but neutral and harmless. Wanda spurted cum from her pussy, a rare display of a squirting ability more commonly associated with Amber. Anne looked on gleefully as her slave came and came and came.

When she was done, Anne pulled the dildo out. "That was the first lesson. More will come as the week goes on. When you go back to school, I know when I call and say your word, you will cum for me."

Wanda looked forward to the lessons.

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