tagIncest/TabooWanda's Story Ch. 22

Wanda's Story Ch. 22


Time flew by for Wanda Catron and her college roommate and lover, Astrid Martin. Their return to school signaled the most difficult time of the year, the push to finals. Still, they did have time for some pleasurable moments.

The first came April 20. Astrid turned 19 years old, and that night, the women celebrated. Wanda teasingly took Astrid over her knee, bared her ass, and started spanking her. The plan was to give her 19 swats. But with every swat, Astrid moaned a little louder. The first few moans were of the painful sort. But then those painful moans turned to pleasure, and then to joy. Wanda kept going long after 19, and about swat 30, Astrid came hard. Then Astrid took Wanda over her knees and returned the favor until Wanda also came.

Their sex life curtailed soon after that, as both women worked to pass their final exams. Astrid got mostly Bs, but Wanda could only manage Cs, except for the B+ in English, the subject her Mistress, Anne Franklin, taught.

After the last final, both women loaded their stuff into a trailer and locked it away for the summer. The things they would need for the summer went into Wanda's trunk, and they drove to Provo. Because Wanda had used her annual allowance of $200,000 to buy them things throughout the year, Astrid had a lot of money left over. She decided to spend the summer in Provo, and rented a furnished apartment not far from the Catron home.

Unbeknownst to Wanda, Astrid had fallen in love with her brother, Roger Catron. The nights that Astrid was not at Wanda and Anne's home, or one of them (or both) were at Astrid's, Roger was over there. Roger and Astrid loved each other with a deep passion, a passion that grew throughout the summer.

Wanda spent the summer worrying about Amber Anderson. Once again, Amber was not home with Wanda and Anne. Again, unbeknownst to Wanda, Amber had delivered her baby on May 10. The girl was named Lisa, and Amber was sent to spend the summer in an apartment on the outskirts of Provo. Anne made sure she got over to Amber's apartment several times a week, to love the tiny gymnast, and be the second mommy for Lisa.

The highlight of Astrid's summer was her first threesome with Roger. They had met a flight attendant on their trip back from Spring Break in early April. she had given each of them her phone number. Soon thereafter, after the two had finished phone sex together, Roger mentioned the note from the flight attendant.

"I got one, too," Astrid said. Both decided they would rather have each other, and Astrid forgot about her note.

One night in mid-July, as Astrid and Roger lay in bed together between sessions of sex, Roger brought up the note again.

"I think we're ready to add a third to our bed, for at least one night," he said. Astrid cuddled against him and nodded. Her mind wondered who that third could be. Her partners thus far had been Wanda, Anne and Roger. both the women were out, she knew. She assumed Roger would bring one of his friends in.

"Remember that stewardess who gave us that note?" he asked. Astrid suddenly remembered her. Is that who Roger wanted to add?

"I will, on one condition," she said.

"What, baby?" roger replied.

"Next time you bring up a threesome, I get to choose."


Two nights later, the attendant, Jennifer Connors, knocked on Astrid's door. She was short, only 5-2, and was wearing a short green dress. The dress matched her eyes. Roger noticed that her breasts had grown since that day on the airplane, and mentioned it.

"I have to strap them down when I fly," she said. "My breasts are 40dd, and I'd knock someone out if they were their full height." With that, she pulled her dress off, revealing a matching green bra and panties set. Seconds later, her bra was off, and her breasts hung free and visible to the couple.

Both of them descended on Jennifer in a flash. Each breast was taken into a mouth, and a contest ensued to see which one could suck more titflesh into their mouth. Astrid won easily, having the advantage of knowing how to suck cock and breathe at the same time. But the real winner was Jennifer, who moaned happily. When her breasts were freed, the nipples pointed greedily straight ahead, ready for more.

Roger unzipped his pants, and Jennifer saw the long cock he possessed. Her eyes lit up, and Astrid smiled. She didn't mind sharing his cock, because she was confident he was hers. Roger sat in a chair, and Jennifer dropped on her knees before him. Astrid watched as Jennifer tried to suck his cock. She got eight inches in before she had to stop. She used her hand to conceal the remaining three inches, pumping as she sucked on him.

Wanda tapped Jennifer's shoulder. The woman pulled her mouth off Roger, and Wanda took her place. She proved she was the better cock-sucker by deep-throating Roger all the way to his balls. Now it was Jennifer's turn to look on in awe as Astrid bounced her mouth up and down on Roger's hard rod. Jennifer slipped under Astrid and lifted her head up. She took Roger's balls into her mouth, giving his entire scrotal section a deep suction.

Astrid lowered her panty-covered pussy onto Jennifer's abdomen and started squirming. The juices started flowing, and soon Astrid's thong was soaked and leaking on to Jennifer's body. The woman felt the wetness, released Roger's balls and scooted lower. In her lust, Jennifer ripped Astrid's thong away and drove her tongue right into Astrid's pussy. The 19-year-old basketball star screamed onto Roger's cock and came, needing the internal presence of something in her pussy for release.

Roger felt Astrid cum and came as well. Astrid had the presence of mind to release his cock and let his sperm shoot free. It his Astrid's abdomen and her upper mons. A few spurts hit Jennifer's face as she sucked the cum from Astrid's body. Both teens shuddered as they came, and soon relaxed. But Jennifer was only starting.

Her mouth went to Roger's cock and sucked him hard again in minutes. She rolled onto her back and cried out, "Fuck me, stud!" Roger needed no encouragement from Jennifer, not approval from Astrid. He towered over her, and buried his 11-inch cock deep into her tiny body. He pulled one of Jennifer's massive tits into his mouth, and sucked as he stroked.

Astrid took the free minute to finish undressing. She was no slouch in the looks department herself. A tall woman at 6-4, she had 38c breasts, a slim waist, and smallish butt from all the running a basketball player does. She started masturbating, watching her man fuck another woman.

She was amazed at how much movement Jennifer put into her lovemaking. It seemed that every part of her body was in motion. Her hips rose and fell with Roger's thrusts. Her breasts bounced as he slammed into her. But also her hands moved up and down his body. Her legs caressed his legs. Her head flopped from side to side in lust, kissing rougher every time her lips got in close contact with his body.

She came hard, screaming obscenities as she orgasmed. Roger kept pumping, right through the orgasm. When her orgasm slowed, she told Roger to pull out. He did, and she got on her hands and knees. Roger drove his cock right back into her again. This time, Astrid slid under Jennifer's face, letting her lick the pussy she had been playing with.

Astrid could feel the fucking roger was giving Jennifer through Jennifer's tongue. It drove deeper into Astrid's pussy each time Roger stroked into the small woman. The new sensation of in and out tongue thrusts drove Astrid almost to the brink, as it also drove Jennifer to orgasm. But once again, the flight attendant called a halt to Roger's steady strokes for a change.

Jennifer climbed onto Astrid's body, placing her mons on Astrid's. Their pussy gashes seemed to make one long pussy for Roger to fuck. And Roger took advantage. He buried his cock into Astrid's pussy, as the tall girl lifted her legs around Jennifer and wrapped them around the attendant. Jennifer ground her mons onto Astrid's mons, like it was Roger's groin grinding her. But the different feelings, the grinding in counterpoint to the fucking, slid Astrid over the edge and she came while Roger's cock was buried inside her.

Jennifer started cumming as well, just as Roger shifted his cock from Astrid to Jennifer. The woman needed the cock more than she cared to admit. Her more forceful orgasm flowed over Roger's penis, flooding his cockhairs and matting them to his body.

Again he shifted to Astrid, and again he pumped until his girlfriend came. Roger was close to cumming himself, needing the release desperately. He whimpered her had to cum, and Astrid said "In Jennifer, lover."

Roger obeyed, pulling his cock out of Astrid and into Jennifer. He pumped a few times, priming himself. When Jennifer started cumming again, Roger released as well, adding his seminal flood to her own vaginal one. Their juices combined even as their moans mingled in the air.

Finally, exhausted, Roger dropped to the floor. Astrid rolled Jennifer onto her back and ate the cum and semen from Jennifer's pussy, drawing yet another orgasm from the 5-2 flight attendant.

Finally exhausted, the three slept on the couch. When Roger and Astrid awoke a couple hours later, Jennifer was gone, with only a note left behind.

"Thank you for a great time. Call anytime. J."

Roger and Astrid celebrated their first threesome with a long, slow, romantic fuck before Roger headed home, then, a month later, off to the University of Utah.

Wanda, meanwhile, turned 20 the day she and Astrid returned to Boise State. Anne celebrated the birthday and departure with the second annual Sundance Fuckfest, as her flyer called it. Once again, Wanda and Anne's friends gathered at the Sundance Ski Resort in the mountains outside Provo to celebrate Wanda's birthday with an all-night sex spree. And this year, Astrid came as well, proving to many she was as adept at laying women as she was playing against women on the basketball court.


The sophomore year went swiftly. The new women's basketball coach centered the offense around Astrid, and the girl responded with a 20.6 point per game average. Boise climbed to fourth in the conference, but lost to top-seeded Nevada in the semifinals of the conference tournament.

While Wanda still traveled with the team, there were no more orgies with the coach, as the new woman in charge of the team was an avowed heterosexual.

In addition, Wanda was having her own troubles at school. Her grades were improving, in everything except World History. And therein lies our story. The teacher. Dr. Rhonda Grates, asked Wanda to stay after the first day of class, the Wednesday after school opened.

"You're Anne Franklin's girl, aren't you?" Rhonda said right off the bat.

"Yes, I am," Wanda replied.

SMACK!! Her ruler slammed on the desk. Wanda jumped.

"You will always address me as Dr. Grates, or Ma'am. Do you understand, girl?" The tone left no doubt that she was to be obeyed.

"Yes, ma'am," Wanda said, too scared to do anything but obey the woman.

"On your knees before me, girl!" Rhonda commanded. Again, Wanda obeyed.

"From now on, I am your Mistress," she said. "You will do what I tell you. Do you understand?"

"No, I don't," Wanda admitted.

"Little girl, it is very plain. You will obey me, obey my every order, no matter what I tell you, or you will flunk this class and I will see that you are expelled. Do you now understand what I have told you?"

"But ..." Wanda began.

WHAM! The ruler smacked Wanda's backside. She howled in pain, and looked up at the teacher.

But Rhonda spoke first. "Slaves do not question. Slaves obey. Now you will obey me totally or be expelled. That is all you need to know. Now get out of here, but arrive 15 minutes early for class Friday. And do not tell anyone. I will deny this conversation, and have you expelled for harassing a teacher."

Wanda left the classroom, uncomprehendingly. Should she do what she had been told? Would Dr. Grates follow through? And should she tell anyone? In the end, Wanda decided to wait a day and see what would happen.

The next day, Wanda got to class at the regular time. When Dr. Grates called roll, she loudly said, "Wanda Catron, F for the day for failing to do your assignment." Others looked at her quizzically, but Wanda's face was a tale of rage and frustration. "See me after class, Ms. Catron."

After class that day, Rhonda said, "You will do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it, or I will flunk you. Then, when you reapply for this course, I will make sure you get me. You will continue flunking until you do what I tell you, when I tell you. Do you understand, little slave?"

Wanda nodded, not daring to say anything. Wanda knew that, if she spoke, the vilest things would burst from her mouth.

Rhonda went on. "Monday, come to class wearing no panties. Sit in the front row. When I call your name in roll, spread your legs so I can see you are pantiless. Now go, little girl." Rhonda scampered from the room.

Over the weekend, Wanda brought up Dr. Grates' behavior to her lover and roommate, Astrid. Astrid had a simple answer, but not necessarily the one Wanda wanted to hear.

"Go pantiless, honey," the 6-4 woman suggested. "She can't do anything in class, and in the front row, no one will see but her. show her what she can't get."

Wanda agreed, and went pantiless into World History on Monday. when her name was called, she said "Here" and spread her legs. Rhonda smiled and licked her lips, then continued with the class. But even in the simplest of moments, danger lurks.

Ms. Grates' lecture was on the feudal system of the early 10th century. She started bringing students up to the lectern to act as Lords, Ladies, townspeople, then down to serfs and finally, slaves. When she mentioned slaves, she called Wanda to the front. She had Wanda stand, facing the audience, at the lowest rung of the stairs leading up to the lectern. Her lecture continued, and Rhonda pointed to the different people and how high or low they were in the social order of the day.

When she got to Wanda, her pointer nabbed the hem of Wanda's skirt, and Rhonda lifted the skirt. The boys in the audience, as well as a few girls, gaped in awe at the shaved mons that Rhonda's movement had exposed. Wanda's hands pulled at her skirt, trying to lower it, but Rhonda seemed to have a hook on the end of her pointer, and the skirt stayed up. finally, Wanda covered herself with her hands. Only then did Rhonda look back and see she had "accidentally" exposed Wanda. She flipped the pointer, and it let go of Wanda's skirt. Wanda left the classroom, humiliated, as Rhonda marked another "F" for leaving the class early.

This went on for several weeks. Rhonda grabbed up one of Wanda's quizzes and gave her an F for cheating, as the teacher claimed Wanda was looking at another student's paper. Next quiz, Wanda sat in the front corner and took her test facing the wall, to avoid the same fate. Instead, Rhonda claimed Wanda had not turned the quiz in and failed her.

She received an "F" on the midterm and when she asked to see her test, it appeared that many of the answers had been changed. She demanded a new test, and also failed that one. This time, when she looked at the test, there were no erasure marks, as if someone had redone her test and put her name on it.

Wanda was getting more and more frustrated. Each week, Rhonda would tell the girl that all she had to do is submit to her, Rhonda, and she would get an "A". Wanda steadfastly refused.

One night, Rhonda was talking on her cell phone, sounding very frustrated. "I tell you, I'm running out of ideas," she said. "I keep failing her, she's bound to go to the dean, and my butt will be in a sling. I don't want to lose this job, you know." She listened to the person on the other end, then smiled. "Yes, I could do that. Not fail, but give low grades. Combined with the Fs already recorded, she won't get a high enough grade to pass. Especially if I put the final scores on a curve. Very nasty. I like it." She said her goodbyes and hung up, mentally planning the next phase in her assault on Wanda.


On the other end of the line, Anne Franklin hung up the phone and called Amber Anderson to her side. The 4-8 gymnast, nude as usual, scampered to her Mistress' side. "Girl is here, Mistress," Amber said, speaking third person as usual when in slave mode.

"Little one, bring me our little girl," Anne said. Amber scurried off and brought the little mulatto child to Anne. The high school teacher cuddled little Lisa Anderson-Franklin lovingly. She had found that, when stressed, holding Lisa took most of the stress away. Most, but not all, not always. and this was one of those "always" times.

When Lisa started to squirm and wake from her nap, Anne gave the baby to Amber. She watched enviously as Amber moved Lisa to her breast. Lisa clamped on and started feeding. Anne wanted to be able to do that, but couldn't. That breastfeeding pleasure was Amber's alone. The best Anne could get was when, later, Amber recreated Lisa's strong sucks by sucking Anne's nipples. That got Anne off quickly.

But for now, Anne returned her mind to the problem at hand. Anne and Rhonda were scheming together to get Wanda to cheat on Anne with Rhonda. When she did, Anne would have the perfect right to release Wanda, and to grab, by prenuptial agreement, half of the $11 million Wanda had sitting in the bank in Provo. But Wanda was being stubborn, refusing to succumb to Rhonda's coercions, or threats, or even the constant Fs she was receiving.

She had given Rhonda new advice, and hoped it would make Wanda cave in. The plan called for a photographer to "catch" Wanda and Rhonda together. The only way the plan would fail would be if Wanda called Anne for advice, and that hadn't happened yet. Anne knew Wanda wouldn't ask Anne to let her make love to Rhonda. So to Anne's mind, Wanda was going to cheat. It was only a matter of when.

Later on, after Lisa went to sleep, Anne and Amber made love long into the night. Anne loved when Amber sucked her tits, but loved it even more when she used the dildo on Amber. Anne had started using bigger and wider dildos into Amber's ass, opening the rectum wider and wider. Tonight's dildo was 9 inches long and 1 3/4 inches circumference.

Anne slid it into Amber's pussy, getting it lubed up, while Anne dropped spit onto Amber's ass. the 4-8 gymnast cried her pleasures in third person, as well, now that she had practiced it. "Fuck this little slut girl, Mistress," Amber cried. Make her ass your personal organ. Give that big dildo to girl, Mistress. Fuck the shit out of your little slut!"

Anne smiled, then pulled the dildo out. Seconds later, it drove deep into Amber's ass. The little girl screamed in pleasure, then started moaning in joy. Deeper and deeper the dildo went, until 8 1/2 inches was rammed into Amber's ass. Then Amber rolled from hands and knees to her back. Her ass lowered a bit, and the dildo hit the bed, driving it deeper. Anne planted her face between's Amber's legs, licking her little sex slut deeply.

Minutes later, Anne spoke a single word to Amber. "Gusher." Like she had with Wanda, Anne had programmed Amber with a word that, when spoken, released Amber's orgasm. Amber had needed to hear that word for a minute now. When she came, she squirted. Cum shot from her pussy onto Anne's face. Most got into her mouth, but some splashed on her chin, chest and breasts.

But still Anne and Amber made love. Anne's tongue was quickly replaced by a second dildo, this on strapped to Anne's hips. The Mistress rammed a dildo nearly as big as the one in Amber's ass into Amber's pussy, and whispered "Geyser." This word allowed Amber to cum continuously, letting off orgasm after orgasm as Anne screwed her, and the dildo filled her ass. Anne lost count after Amber's fourth orgasm, but kept going until the little girl under her was flopping like a wet rag, she was so tired. Only then did Anne pull the strap-on out of Amber, although she left the ass dildo in.

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