tagLesbian SexWanda's Story Ch. 23

Wanda's Story Ch. 23


Wanda Catron had finally come home after spending the summer on a wonderful trip, only to find herself in tears. Her life had just fallen apart within minutes of walking in the front door. As she cried harder and harder, refusing all offers of help, her mind flashed back to her summer of love.

When Astrid and Wanda had pulled into Provo that late May day at the end of their junior year, they were two happy girls. Wanda, now 21, had improved her grade point average that year to a 3.5 and was close to completing her requirements for a teaching degree. Astrid, who had turned 21 in April, was the best player on the Boise State basketball team, and the coach had promised that the next season, they would get a quality center and become a top-caliber team.

Astrid was also happy for another reason. In two weeks, on June 2, she would be marrying Roger Catron, her boyfriend of more than two years and Wanda's brother. Wanda was the maid of honor, and Wanda's sister, Wendy, would celebrate her 18th birthday at the bachelorette party May 31, then be in the bridal party.

The only thing that bothered Wanda was the fact that her former lover, Amber Anderson, had been missing for the last three years from the home of Anne Franklin, Wanda's Mistress. Anne kept telling Wanda that Amber was ok and well, but whenever Wanda came home, Amber was mysteriously away from the house.

What Wanda didn't know was that Amber had a two-year-old daughter, named Lisa Franklin-Anderson. Whenever Wanda came home, Amber, who had become Anne's full-time slave, was sent away to keep Wanda in the dark regarding the baby, and Amber's relationship with Anne.

Another thing Wanda didn't know was that, for the past three years, Anne had been lying to her, and manipulating Wanda to have an unapproved affair, first with other students, then with a teacher, and this past fall, with a woman from "off the street" who solicited Wanda for a bout of lesbian sex. Wanda had proven stronger than Anne anticipated.

Anne had a motive for this duplicitous nature. Wanda had won a settlement three years before that garnered her $11 million, most of which was in a bank. By a written agreement, if Anne released Wanda from her service as slave for sexual tomfoolery, Anne gained half the money. If Wanda chose to leave on her own, Anne got nothing.

The time before Astrid's wedding flew quickly by. Wanda and Astrid worked together to put the final touches on Astrid's wedding. Wanda insisted on paying for most of the extravagant touches, knowing Astrid's parents, Fred and Helen Martin, were not rich people.


The night of May 31 was quite memorable. Wanda had rented out rooms at the Sundance Ski Resort, outside Provo. This had been the scene for the now-annual Wanda Birthday Orgy, and Wanda decided to hold Astrid's bachelor party there as well.

The party was a small, soon-to-be-intimate affair. Wanda and Anne came as a couple, as did Wanda's mother, Lorraine Catron, and her lover, lawyer Janet Louise "J.L." Spillington. Wendy Catron arrived shortly thereafter, with Helen Martin, flight attendant Jennifer Collins, and J.L.'s legal aide, Keren Fingers, coming in with Astrid shortly after Wendy arrived.

The drinks started flowing quickly. The group had a series of private rooms, and everyone, including the underage Wendy, was drinking heavily. They had a light supper, then adjourned to one of the many suites on their own private floor for the special show Wanda had planned.

First to come onstage were a couple of Wanda's old co-workers from the Strip-O-Rama, Bambi and June. They had worked an act at the strip club called "Bambi meets Godzilla". Although June had since retired from stripping and gotten married, Wanda's money brought her out of retirement for one final performance.

The lights dimmed on the stage and Bambi came out, dancing and prancing happily. She slowly peeled off her blouse and skirt, revealing her bright red bra and G-String. Still dancing from side to side, she removed the bra, showing off her 36d breasts. Then she took each breast in turn and teased the nipple, licking and biting it until it was hard.

Then June came out. A very pale woman to begin with, she was now almost white wearing a white blouse, white shirt and white underwear. She danced around Bambi, occasionally tossing articles of clothing onto her partner. Soon she was in a similar state of dress as Bambi, except while Bambi was in a red G-String, June was in white "granny panties."

The women in the audience started pairing up as well. Wanda and Anne were kissing happily, as were J.L., who preferred to be called Lou by her lesbian friends, and Lorraine. Keren went right to Astrid and was running her hands over the guest of honor's body. Jennifer and Wendy sat side-by-side, their hands in their own panties. Helen sat a little apart from the rest. She didn't have her hands in her panties because they were already off and the mother of Astrid was publicly masturbating.

June grasped Bambi's hair, and forced the darker dancer onto her hands and knees. A savage pull tore the G-String, and June spread Bambi's legs to show the audience her pussy lips, already swollen with lust. June's mouth went right to Bambi's swollen labia, and licked and sucked them until they glistened with June's spit and Bambi's own leaking cum.

Then June rose and danced around to the front of Bambi. The girl pulled June's panties down, then mock-screamed in horror. Popping out of the panties was a long green strap-on dildo. The device was 10 inches long and two inches around. Most of the women had toys near that size and smiled as they remembered using such tools. Wendy had only seen such a device through the cracks in her mother's door, as she and Lou had played with each other, unaware Wendy had been watching. Astrid's mind flew to Roger's cock, which was a little longer at 11 inches, but a little less thick at 1 1/2 around.

Bambi tried to suck the Godzilla cock into her mouth, to lube it before it completed its destruction of poor Bambi. She could only get five inches in, though, hoping that would be enough to lube the dildo.

June got back behind Bambi now and rammed the cock into Bambi's pussy. The dancer screamed and came immediately. She had really missed this act, and was overly excited knowing she and June would play one last time publicly. June built a strong rhythm, stroking so hard that Bambi's breasts shook with each thrust. Bambi soon came a second time, then a third, before collapsing in exhaustion and satisfaction.

Then June spoke, taking the act where she couldn't while a stripper. "Godzilla is not satisfied," she growled. "Who among you dare to attempt to curb the insatiable Godzilla?"

Astrid naturally was thrust forward by Keren. The 21-year-old guest of honor had been close to cumming from watching the show and feeling Keren's kisses. Now she saw she could cum freely before her friends, as part of the act.

Astrid shed her clothes, watching in delight as most of the other guests shed theirs as well. Astrid rolled on to her back, and June drove Godzilla into Astrid, filling her deeply with the dildo. Astrid kissed the former dancer, and June kissed back, adding her tongue to Astrid's mouth. Astrid's tongue naturally started dueling with June's, and both women deepened the kiss.

June's breasts were 34b, with hardly any bounce in them. Still, June rubbed her breasts over Astrid's, as the tall basketball star closed in on orgasm. With a surprised cry she came, flooding the stage with her cum juices.

Godzilla emerged from Astrid's pussy, still as hard as it had been. Jennifer scrambled on stage and wiggled her ass at June. When June started putting the dildo in the flight attendant's pussy, she cried, "No, honey. Fuck my ass!"

June complied, fucking Godzilla into Jennifer's ass. Wendy watched, enraptured. She had never seen sex this close before. Jennifer came, squirting her pussy juices onto June's legs. Wendy started towards the stage, but Anne pushed Wanda up first, commanding her "Lick Godzilla clean, slave." Wanda did as she was ordered, fighting off a gagging sensation as she licked the dildo that seconds before had been in Jennifer's ass.

Wendy made it on stage as Wanda completed her task. She lay down, her enormous breasts flopping to each side. Wendy had gotten the largest breasts in the family, 40DD. In high school, boys had drooled publicly over Wendy's breasts. Now that she had just finished high school, she wanted to find out what sex was all about in person. She pushed her breasts together, indicating to June where she wanted the dildo.

June climbed on Wendy's abdomen and started sliding the wet dildo through her enormous breasts. Bambi, meanwhile, had recovered enough to return to the act. She attached her mouth to Wendy's virgin pussy, giving the teen her first non-masturbating orgasm. Wendy went over the top as June and Bambi worked on her together. Then June lifted up a bit, and Bambi licked June's pussy. The former dancer had been horny as hell fucking these beautiful women, and came quickly, then came again. Cum slopped from her pussy and Bambi's mouth to cover Wendy's abdomen.

Then Jennifer and Keren climbed onstage and licked Wendy clean. As Bambi and June removed the dildo and went into a 69 for themselves, Keren lowered her pussy onto Wendy's face, and Jennifer scooted her pussy tight against Wendy's. Wendy and Jennifer fucked hard against each other, while Wendy tried her best to lick Keren. The legal aide gave Wendy words of encouragement and advice on how to lick her properly. Soon, all three women came in a vocal expression of their dynamic orgasms.

They were not the only group changing partners. Anne had joined Bambi and June in a three-way lickathon. Helen and Lorraine were getting as carnally close as two in-laws could get, while Wanda, Lou and Astrid formed another torrid trio. Women were cumming all over the room, with no end in sight. When one stopped moaning, another seemed to pick up the slack. After almost an hour, the women all collapsed, temporarily fucked out.

Bambi and June retreated to the dressing room, as Wanda pushed a buzzer. She said, "And this is what Astrid can look forward to from now on," as a young man emerged onstage. He was huskily built, and the bisexual women in the crowd started perking up as he started dancing and stripping.

But Wanda, the man-hating lesbian, had the last laugh. When the man was down to his underwear, he looked like he had a tremendous bulge in his pants. Lorraine, Lou and Wendy fought to pull the shorts down, with Lorraine winning. The shorts dropped, and the women, except for Wanda, gasped. The man's bulge was a pair of tightly-rolled socks, and his actual cock was no more than five inches erect.

Wanda started laughing then, joined by Anne, Jennifer, Keren, and soon the entire audience was laughing hysterically. The man slumped away dejectedly. Wanda had proven her point about a man not being as good as advertised, but Astrid didn't care. The women rolled around in orgasmic lust for the rest of the night, except for Astrid and Wendy. The 18-year-old spent most of the night quizzing the bride-to-be about sexual advice regarding men.

Two days later, the wedding proceeded without a hitch. Astrid became Astrid Martin-Catron, and the couple moved back to Boise. Roger had taken a one-year hiatus on his schooling to be with Astrid her senior year. Wanda had lost her college roommate.


The day after the wedding, with Wanda still feeling bad about losing Astrid, Anne told the girl that she would be excused from her duties for the remainder of the summer so she could travel the United States before graduating. Wanda happily agreed, and made plans to leave the next morning. Anne gave Wanda sexual freedom during the summer, telling the girl it would be her only freedom for the rest of her life. Since she was planning an early start, Anne allowed Wanda to sleep alone in the spare bedroom.

About 2 am, Wanda awoke to the feeling of a tongue lapping at her pussy. Wanda didn't care any longer about the trip, just the building climax within her. The lights were out, and the figure between her legs did not speak, only licked and sucked. Wanda finally whimpered, "Mistress, let me cum!!"

"Cum, my dear sister Wanda," came a voice from the past. As Wanda came, her orgasm was multiplied by the fact that it was Amber between her legs, licking her.

As soon as Wanda's orgasm faded, she flipped around and tackled her friend. She kissed her deeply, her hand sliding between Amber's legs. Wanda's fingers felt a larger pussy than she remembered, but gave it no mind as her fingers thrust into Amber, causing the former gymnast to almost arch totally backwards in joy. The arch helped Wanda's fingers find Amber's G-Spot, and the nails scraped Amber's inner sensitivity until the now-24-year-old woman came.

Then both women rolled to a side-by-side position and licked each other's pussies for an hour. Another hour passed as Amber and Wanda used a series of vibrators on each other. Amber showed her pussy's stretchiness by taking two vibs in between her labia at the same time. Each of Amber's orgasms were accompanied by squirting cum juices, which Wanda loved.

Finally, thoroughly sticky, she and Amber cuddled in each other's arms for a while. As Wanda fell asleep, she heard Amber say "Remember this. No matter what happens, I do love you, and I have never meant to hurt you." Wanda was puzzled, but too exhausted to speak.

When she woke in the morning, Amber was gone. the only traces that she had ever been there was the cum dried on Wanda's body. Wanda showered and slipped into Anne's bedroom, hoping to wake her Mistress like Amber had woken her. but Anne was already up and dressed, and encouraged Wanda to leave immediately. Confused but compliant, Wanda left the Franklin home.

Before leaving town, though, she stopped at her Mother's house. Her sister Wendy greeted her with a big hug, then led her into the dining room where Lorraine and Lou were finishing breakfast. Lorraine got some of the pancakes for wanda, and she ate while explaining that she was leaving for the summer. She gave Lorraine and Lou a copy of her planned itinerary, then she kissed her Mother goodbye and started off.

Wanda's trip took her several thousand miles. She went northwest to Seattle, then south to visit Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. In LA she looked up her former lover, Betty Grant. Betty had illegally taped Wanda and her having sex and put it on a porn video. That video and the subsequent lawsuit make Wanda a rich woman, and ended the porn career of Betty.

Wanda had obtained Betty's address from Lou, and drove to a one-story tract home in the LA suburb of Lakewood. She knocked on the door, then stepped back and gasped when Betty answered the knocking.

Betty had two small children tugging at her dress, and a belly that hinted that a third was soon to arrive. She had become large, and not just from the pregnancy. Betty's hips were almost as wide as the door, and her hair was a tangly mess. She was now a stay-at-home housewife, and a fat one to boot.

Betty invited Wanda in, and the two talked generalities for a while. Betty admitted that she had married right after the settlement, choosing a church-going man who didn't know about her porn past. She had gotten pregnant within a month of the ceremony, and gotten pregnant again four months after her first child was born. "If there's one thing my man can do," Betty said, "It's get me pregnant."

Betty asked Wanda to stay for dinner and meet her husband, but Wanda declined. At the first opportunity, she fled the house. As she drove away, she thought, "There but for the grace of God go I." She also made an anonymous phone call to a certain business in Van Nuys, telling the man she asked for to look up certain porn videos. Wanda returned to her hotel, smiling inwardly.

Also while in LA, she played tourist and visited Disneyland. Her money got her a VIP Treatment tour, complete with her own tour guide. The guide's name was Shannon, and she was a cute middle-aged woman in her red coat, short dress and little hat. Shannon walked the park with Wanda, showing her the behind-the-scenes details that most people never see. Her voice, a deep alto tone, intrigued Wanda.

Above the Pirates of the Caribbean, Shannon led Wanda into a small room. The room had a desk and a one-way mirror. Shannon turned off the lights, and Wanda could see into the Pirates ride.

"Walt used to come here and watch the teenagers grope each other on the ride," Shannon explained. "He was a secretive pedophile, and after all of his kid movies, he used to invite the cast to his house, where they learned about sex from each other and "Uncle Walt."

"Did Walt ever have guests in this room?" Wanda asked.

"Yes, he did," Shannon answered. "In fact, I came up here once when I was 17 and just starting my career here at Disneyland, then again a month before Walt died."

"What did you do?" Wanda asked.

Shannon giggled. "Well, the first time, I sucked Walt's cock while he watched the riders go by. The second time, when Walt was too inform to do anything, he called another girl in, and watched us make love together. Then he invited Kurt Russell, who was in his early 20s and visiting the park, to join us in a wonderful threesome."

Wanda smiled and moved closer to Shannon. Her hand found the switch that turned off the lights in the room. The room was lit by the attraction on the other side of the mirror. Wanda turned to Shannon and said, "I'll bet that couch hasn't been used like you used it since Walt died."

Shannon's reply was very breathless and soft. "I agree. But it's also a great place to lick pussies from."

The two women turned and kissed, deeply, lustily. Wanda's hands undid the red blazer and white blouse, and full breasts tumbled out. Shannon's hands pulled Wanda's top off, and her tongue licked all around the blue bra Wanda had chosen to wear that day. Wanda moaned softly, then grunted as Shannon shoved Wanda onto the couch. The older woman pulled Wanda's blue jeans off, and buried her face between Wanda's legs, licking lustily.

Wanda lay back and let her lust build up. She moaned, and lifted her hips in rhythm with Shannon's licks, closing in on her orgasm. Suddenly, Shannon shifted. Her mouth left Wanda's pussy, only to be replaced by one of Shannon's breasts. the older guide shoved her breast as deep into Wanda's pussy as she could. Her head lowered, and as she tit-fucked Wanda's pussy, Shannon sucked Wanda's breasts.

Finally her senses overwhelmed her, and Wanda came, flooding the large breast of her guide in the process. Her screams filled the room, but no one on the ride heard the women.

Wanda pulled Shannon to her lips, and the two kissed happily. Wanda then turned Shannon over, and started sucking on the cum-covered breast, bringing moans from Shannon's mouth. Wanda's hands started to slide between Shannon's legs when the tour guide surprisingly slapped them away.

Wanda was confused, especially when a second attempt to slide her hands up Shannon's skirt met with the same slap. So Wanda. the resourceful slave she was, quickly made a plan. She wanted to lick Shannon's pussy to give her what she had given Wanda.

Wanda started kissing Shannon again, and met a deep soulful kiss in return. Wanda slid down Shannon's body and started sucking the nipples on the breasts. Shannon moaned louder, getting more and more excited. Suddenly, Wanda pulled her belt out of her pants loops and wrapped it around Shannon's hands, tying them over her head.

Finally, Wanda was free to pull off Shannon's skirt and panties. The 21-year-old ignored Shannon's cries of "No! Don't!" and pulled them both off quickly. What she saw made her stand up and nearly lose her lunch.

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