tagLesbian SexWanda's Story Ch. 26

Wanda's Story Ch. 26


It was the moment every little girl dreams of, but never in Wanda Catron's wildest dreams did she imagine the moment like this. She was stunned by the question, and her hands started shaking. She was afraid it wasn't real.

Wanda had been online, talking with her Mistress, Donna Mettert. But this conversation was not like any other conversation she had ever had before.

First Donna had released Wanda as her slave. Wanda's mind started reeling then. She thought she was being a good slave, but now she was being rejected.

That was followed by the next shocker. Donna called Wanda her equal. No longer Mistress-slave, they were even and equal together. Wanda liked that idea, and even started warming to the thought, for the next 20 seconds, anyway. Then Donna threw the biggest curve of Wanda's life.

In her dreams, Wanda had imagined this moment. She remembered her dreams now. A white stallion carrying a handsome Prince, coming to her side and carting her off to live in a castle forever. At the steps of the castle, the Prince would get down off the horse, in a field filled with roses. Once there, he would ask THE question, and all would be right with the world.

Instead, THE question was being asked by a "she", not a "he," It was a question that, since Wanda became a lesbian at the age of 15, she never expected to ever hear.

She looked at her screen. Yes, the question was still there, big as life. Wanda finally responded.

"Do you mean that, Donna?"

"Yes, my beloved Wanda," came the answer. "I mean it more than I've ever meant anything in my entire life.

"Wanda Catron, please do me the honor of being my wife. Please, marry me."

Wanda's hands shook as she typed. Slowly, the letters formed the words, and the words became the sentence she wanted.

"Donna, I am in love with you. I will do whatever you ask of me, now and forever. YES, I will marry you and be your wife, and you will be my wife."

Donna typed "YA-HOO!!!" Then, the moment over, both women started planning.

Donna was heavy with her second child, but didn't want that to hold them back. Wanda suggested the break around Thanksgiving as the perfect time to get married. She would fly to Arkansas, and together they would jet to Vermont, where gay marriages were legal. They would stay the required 72 hours in the state, and marry on December 1.

As the month of October melted into November, Wanda and Donna each shopped for their wedding. Wanda had long ago stopped worrying about money. She had won an $11 million settlement against a porn movie for illegally using her in the film.

Since that time, she had invested the money in several options, including an online lesbian porn site. 16 months after that initial investment, the agreement was now adding capital into Wanda's bank accounts, as the site was a success. Added to that were the investments made by her attorney, the late J.L. Spillington. According to her current attorney, the former legal aide Keren Fingers, who worked with J.L. before she had been killed, Wanda's current net worth was $15.2 million.

Wanda bought the most beautiful gown she could find. She added to it many frills and ruffles, finally being happy with the result. she also rented a private Lear Jet for the trip, because Donna was too pregnant for normal passenger airlines to accommodate her.

Wanda's jet landed in Bentonville, Ark. on Wednesday, Nov. 26. In the jet with Wanda were her mother, Lorraine Catron, and her sister, Wendy Catron. They picked up Donna and her daughter Katy, then flew to Montpelier, Vermont, the state capital. Donna sat in awe of the jet she was flying in, a small Lear Jet.

At Montpelier, they boarded a shuttle for the downtown Capital Plaza Hotel. After checking in, Wanda and Donna went to the county clerk's office and filed for a marriage license. They showed their blood records, filled out paperwork, and paid for the document. It would be ready the following Monday, Dec. 1.

That night, Wanda and Donna sat in their room, where Wanda finally explained to Donna about her millions. Donna's eyes grew large as Wanda told about how much was in the bank, and where it came from. Finally, Donna eased out of her chair and strode to Wanda's. She sat into Wanda's lap and held her. Her pen flew over the paper she held, and she showed the results to Wanda.

"Honey, I'll never ask for any money. It's yours to do whatever you wish with it. But I thank God that we'll never be hungry. I chose my wife well, don't you think?"

Wanda laughed, pulled Donna as close as she could, and kissed her. When the kiss broke, Wanda said, "No, I'm the one that chose well. I chose you, and I will never back out of that decision."

"No, honey, I chose you," Donna wrote in reply. "I decided, the first time I talked to you, that you would be mine. What has happened since has made all the rest worth while for us both."

Donna stood up and lifted her dress over her head. She slid her panties off her body, and showed Wanda her nude form, glowing faintly from the fireplace in their room. Donna had smallish breasts, even though they were swollen with milk currently. A natural blonde, Donna had started letting her pussy hairs grow because it was difficult to reach past her child. Her belly bulged, and she looked like she might topple over from imbalance.

Wanda stood, too, and took her pregnant lover in her arms. "I love you, Donna Mettert, and I will prove it to you every day of our lives."

Slowly Wanda guided Donna to the bed, then eased her down on her back. Wanda stood at the edge of the bed and slipped her own clothes off, showing her beautiful body to Donna. Wanda had 38c breasts, with a 26 inch waist and 36 around the hips. Her ass was full and firm, her legs toned. Wanda, who was one-quarter Puerto Rican, had inherited the dark hair and dark complexion from that quarter.

Wanda slipped out of the room, and came back with her razor, some cream and a basin of water. She spread Donna's legs, and gently shaved her lover's pussy clean. she knew Donna preferred a shaven pussy, as it had been that way when they first met a few months before.

The shave done, Wanda made sure of its slickness by licking Donna's mons. The pregnant 31-year-old moaned as Wanda's tongue glided over the shaved area. Then Wanda, showing a patience well beyond her 23 years, refrained from licking Donna's pussy, and instead started kissing the bulge around the baby Donna carried.

Donna moaned even more in delight as the kisses rounded her bulge, then climbed up and over, ending at her belly button. Donna had never had anyone show this much love to her during either pregnancy. Her then-husband had stopped sleeping with Donna shortly after she announced she was pregnant with Katy, now 4. The man had left Donna shortly after Katy was born.

Still showing patience, Wanda moved higher and licked slowly on Donna's breasts. Normally an A cup, the pregnancy had made Donna a nice B, and Wanda showed her approval with licks and sucks of the nipples. She was shocked when one long suck drew fluid from Donna's breast to Wanda's mouth. She started to pull away, but Donna grabbed her head, lifted her face momentarily, signed "Drink", then returned Wanda to her breast.

Wanda sucked hard again, getting more fluid. It was slightly bitter, but it came from Donna's body, so Wanda enjoyed it. As she sucked, she lowered her hand and finally started rubbing Donna's pussy lips. Wanda was rewarded with low moans from her lover, and her fingers rubbed harder.

Donna moaned louder. She had stopped playing with herself except for a few times online with Wanda, so she really needed the release Wanda was going to give her. She lay back and relaxed, letting her faith in Wanda carry her through the session.

Wanda's fingers finally slid inside Donna. They immediately twisted, and Wanda's nails scraped against Donna's G-Spot. The woman squeaked with delight, then relaxed, and, minutes later, came hard, flooding Wanda's hand with her juices.

But Wanda wasn't through, no, not yet. She released Donna's breast and, with her free hand, grabbed her drink glass. She picked up a slender piece of ice and slid it into her mouth. Then Wanda put her mouth against Donna's pussy lips and thrust the ice into Donna.

The woman shrieked as best she could with delight and came again, drowning the ice, Wanda's tongue, and Wanda's lips with cum. Donna loved the sensation of the cold ice in her hot pussy, and came again minutes later when a second piece was thrust into her.

Then something different happened. The baby woke up just as Donna was orgasming for the fourth time. This had never happened to Donna before. The joy of the orgasm mingled with the delight of feeling her baby moving inside her. It turned the orgasm into a squirt, shooting cum all over Wanda's face.

When her orgasm had finished, Wanda looked over Donna's protruding belly to see the love shining on her face. Donna, in turn, saw Wanda's cheeks, lips, neck and upper chest glistening with Donna's cum.

A broad smile played across Wanda's lips. "What brought that on," she asked. "That was the hardest orgasm you've ever had with me."

Donna's hands trembled with joy as she signed "Baby moved."

Wanda put her head on Donna's belly, and felt a small kick. She laughed, a joyous, happy laugh. The baby kicked again, and both women showed their love and happiness on their faces. Wanda spent the next 25 minutes talking to her new daughter or son, letting the child hear her voice. then, exhausted from the day's events, the women slept.

The next day, Wanda's brother and sister-in-law, Roger and Astrid Catron, drove up from New York City for Thanksgiving. Astrid martin-Catron was a professional basketball player, having been Wanda's college roommate before spending the last summer as a rookie member of the New York Liberty WNBA team. She had averaged 7 points a game her first season in the league, and hoped for better.

Wanda took her family and lover to the swankest restaurant in Montpelier. There they dined on a traditional Thanksgiving feast, prepared by the finest chef in the state. The group ate turkey, mashed potatoes, candied yams, cranberry sauce, giblet gravy, green beans, ham, asparagus, stuffing, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie a la mode, and as many servings as they wanted. Wanda's moneys even allowed for leftovers to be carted back to their hotel rooms and put in the in-room refrigerators.

That night, Wanda and Donna sat up late, allowing Donna to get to know Wanda's family. She learned that, although Wanda was the first admitted lesbian in the family, all the women in the family, including Astrid, had spent time in lesbian relationships. Donna wrote on her paper "I see the possibilities of a family orgy here." Wanda blushed bright red. she had never thought of her mother or sister as a lover, although she had seen both with female partners before.

On Friday night, disaster struck. As Wanda was in the middle of licking Donna's pussy, her water broke. Wanda was flooded with strange fluids, and nearly gagged on the taste.

Donna, though, knew what had happened. She signed "Hospital. Now."

"Now?" Wanda said. "You're not due for another month."

"Water broke. Must go immediately."

Wanda went into a panic. She had never faced this situation before, and didn't know what to do. As she was dressing, she called her mother's room.

"Mom, Donna's water broke."

"Baby, I'll be right there. We'll go to the hospital."

Earlier that day, as a precaution, Donna and Wanda had found the closest hospital to the hotel room. Now Wanda was glad they had. Within minutes Donna, Wanda and Lorraine were driving up to the emergency entrance to Mountain View Physician's Hospital. Donna started having contractions during pre-admission, and started writing immediately.

"Get Shelly," the note said.

Wanda was confused. "Who is Shelly?"

"Sister. She's in Ann Arbor, Michigan at a conference. She's a nurse." Donna quickly added a phone number. Wanda nodded, and ran to the closest phone while Donna and Lorraine did paperwork.

Her first call wasn't to Shelly, though. It was to the pilots' hotel room near the airport. "Get that Lear Jet going to Ann Arbor, Michigan, within an hour," Wanda ordered.

"Ma'am, it's almost 10 pm. we can't set anything up that quickly.," the pilot responded.

"Listen to me," Wanda said, using a voice that she heard and learned from Anne Franklin. "If you aren't in the air by 11 pm, I'll fire your sorry asses so fast you won't know how to get home. There are plenty of pilots here in Montpelier that can fly that Lear, and I'll find them, too.

"Yes, Ma'am," the pilot said, cowed. "We'll call you on your cell when we're in the air."

Only then did Wanda call the number for Shelly Hendricksen. When she answered, Wanda used the same tone of voice she had used on the pilots.

"Shelly, listen and don't speak. All your questions will be answered. My name is Wanda Catron, and I'm with your sister Donna right now. We're in Montpelier, Vermont. Her water broke, and we're at the hospital. She wants you here, too.

"I'm sending my Lear jet to the Ann Arbor airport right now to pick you up. They should be on the ground in Ann Arbor in about two hours, and you can be here very early tomorrow morning. It's an emergency, and we want you here. Will you come?"

Shelly was flabbergasted. She had heard about Wanda from Donna, but never expected to meet her this way. Finally, the woman found her tongue.

"I'll start packing now. Call me with exact details on this phone. And call me with updates on my sister, as well."

"Don't worry, Shelly. I'll make sure she gets the best care until you arrive. Please hurry."

Hanging up, Wanda returned to Donna's side. The paperwork was almost finished as Wanda whispered to Donna "She'll be here in about 4 hours, love."

The admissions nurse was saying "And how will you be paying?"

Donna started signing about her insurance, but Wanda pulled out her Platinum Visa card instead. The nurse's eyes popped once, then she called to confirm Wanda's credit. Her eyes bugged even further when she was told the limit. Donna was quickly admitted.

As Donna was being checked by a nurse, Wanda's cell phone rang. Her pilot was in the air, and would land at the Ann Arbor local airport in one hour and 50 minutes. Wanda then called Shelly, who promised to be there. That meant Shelly would be here in four hours, if only Donna could hold on.

The nurse had good news on that front. "You haven't started dilating yet, and you're only 15 percent effaced," she reported. "You haven't started contractions, so expect to be here for a while."

Wanda quickly filled Donna in on Shelly's arrival time, and the pregnant woman nodded. The nurse then tried to shoo all the people from Donna's room, but Wanda stopped her quickly. "I'm Donna's coach," she lied confidently. "I'm here to tend to Donna's needs, and my Mom is here to tend to my needs during the night."

Reluctantly, the nurse let them stay.

Donna finally started having contractions about three in the morning. The first one scared Wanda, who had never seen a childbirth, but Lorraine talked Wanda through the coaching process, so when Donna had her next contraction five minutes later, Wanda was more of a help. She got better with each contraction, showing true devotion and love for Donna.

Shelly arrived about 4 am. As she went into the room, she grabbed the chart from the nurse's hand and started scanning it quickly.

"Now look here, lady," the nurse cried out.

"No, you look here," Shelly said forcefully. "My name is Shelly Hanson, and I am a nurse practitioner in Arkansas. Donna Mettert here is my sister and my patient. I am here to deliver this baby. Now you can help me, or you can go find someone else who will help me. Make your choice now, because there's not much time left, it looks like."

the nurse hemmed and hawed, but stayed in the room. she filled Shelly in on the particulars of the case as she knew them. As Donna had another contraction, Shelly watched her sister and Wanda work as a team, nodding approval as they got through the contraction. Then Shelly put on a rubber glove and did an internal exam on Donna.

"You're doing well, sis," Shelly reported. "you're at 6 on the dilation chart, and you feel about 80 percent effaced. You should transition soon. you'll be a new mom, I think, in about an hour."

Donna started to sign something to Shelly, but another contraction began. If Donna had been able to speak, she would have screamed. As it was, she squeezed so tight on Wanda's hand it temporarily cut the circulation off.

"Yep," Shelly commented. "You just transitioned. The contractions will get harder and faster, and the baby will arrive quickly. Wanda, can you take the pain of Donna's grip?"

"I had a Mistress that lived to give me pain," Wanda said. "Compared to those sessions, this is nothing." Wanda turned to Donna, rubbed her forehead with a cool towel, and said, "Squeeze as much as you want, love. I can take it."

The contractions quickened. Donna's nails bit into the flesh on Wanda's hand, but wanda just smiled and held on. The nurse broke the bed down a few minutes later, taking off the bottom third of the bed mattress, adding stirrups, and bringing in a fresh tray of surgical tools. A doctor also slipped quietly into the room, watching for any signs that he might be needed, but otherwise remaining silent.

"We're there," Shelly announced after setting Donna in the stirrups.

Donna smiled, then made a quick motion with her hands.

"Yes, honey, you may push next time a contraction comes," Shelly answered.

Indeed, Donna's faced contorted, and she started pushing. Shelly talked her through the contraction. "Good, Donna, good. I can feel the baby coming. It's head-first and in the proper position. There, it's crowning now. Ah, the contraction ended. Get ready, the next contraction will be a hard one. Now, PUSH!"

And Donna did. Wanda held tight. Shelly kept talking. "There's the forehead, eyes, nose, now, honey, hold a minute. I need suction." A sucking sound followed. "Now, push again. Shoulders, chest, good. Donna, you have a girl. And here she is!"

Shelly held up a small gook-covered baby girl. Immediately, the baby took its first breath and started crying. Shelly said, "She's pinking up." She laid the girl on Donna's abdomen, and Donna held her little one for the first time ever. Donna's eyes were full of tears, and so were Wanda's.

Shelly held out a pair of scissors. "Wanda, will you cut the cord?" Wanda hesitantly reached out. She saw Donna nod approval, so she became more confident. She snipped, and the little girl's umbilical cord was severed. Shelly let Donna hold her a minute more, then took her back. "We'll let the nurse do her thing with the baby, recording vital information. Time to deliver your placenta." She took the girl and gave it to the nurse. Lorraine followed the norse, seeing the baby close-up for the first time, as Wanda helped Donna through the afterbirth.

Later, the nurse asked Donna, "Do you have a name?" Donna started signing, and the nurse got quickly confused. Wanda and Shelly read Donna's hands together. "Becca Wanda Shelly Mettert." Both women smiled at each other, having donated names to the new girl.

Later, alone with Donna after Becca had fallen asleep, the three women talked. Donna explained through sign language why she was in Vermont. Shelly knew Donna loved Wanda, but was surprised to find they were going to be married. When she asked to be a part, Donna agreed. Wanda booked Shelly a room at the hotel, and Shelly joined the family group.

The hospital released Donna and Becca on Sunday. They returned to the hotel, and waited.

Monday morning, with Lorraine volunteering to stay behind as babysitter, Wanda ad Donna, with best women Astrid Catron and Shelly Hanson, and guests Roger Catron and Wendy Catron, went to the Montpelier city hall. The paperwork was all in order, and the County Clerk volunteered to perform the ceremony.

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