tagIncest/TabooWanda's Story Ch. 28

Wanda's Story Ch. 28


School started again, and Wanda-Rose Catron-Mettert was finally on her last semester. The 23-year-old had been through a lot in her five years at Boise State University, and it would soon be over.

She was doing student teaching this semester, and her mentor was a woman about the same age as her wife. Cindy Robinson was 32, with a nice figure and firm body. She was single, with no boyfriend. Wanda-Rose had already started wondering about Cindy's sexual orientation.

Meanwhile, she was making plans to go home to Utah for President's Day weekend. She would spend time with her family, including, surprisingly, her brother and sister-in-law. Astrid Martin-Catron was a professional basketball player in the WNBA, and she had called the week before with news that she had been traded from New York to Seattle. They would stop in Provo on their way to Seattle during their move.

The Thursday before the long weekend, Wanda was sitting with Cindy Robinson during lunch period, grading papers. Cindy looked up and said, "You've got to bring your husband by some time so I can meet him."

"I don't have a husband," Wanda-Rose said.

"Oh?" Cindy replied. "You're wearing a wedding ring, and you have a hyphenated last name. Those usually mean a woman is married."

"I'm married, but not to a man," Wanda said.

"You're ... another woman?" Cindy said, stammering.

"Yes," Wanda said simply.

"Then I've got to meet her. She's a very lucky woman."

"She lives in Arkansas. We'll be together permanently in May."

Cindy smiled. Then she said "Don't tell anyone else about your marital relationship, especially when you're interviewing for a job. Get seniority wherever you go, then let your orientation out of the bag. That way, you can't be fired."

"Thanks, Cindy," Wanda-Rose said earnestly.

They graded papers for a while longer, then Cindy said, "Some night, you've got to come over to my house and help me grade papers."

"I'd like that," Wanda-Rose replied. Cindy gave Wanda her address, and they made plans for a grading session next week.

Friday afternoon, Wanda-Rose hopped into her Mustang and motored out of Boise, taking Interstate 84 east and south until it hooked up with Interstate 15. From there she cruised south on I-15, arriving in Provo in the early evening, seven hours after leaving campus. She cruised the streets of Provo and got to her Mom's home about 8:30 pm.

She opened her front door and was almost bowled over. Her former roommate, Astrid Martin-Catron, dashed into her arms, kissing her deeply in welcome. Astrid, at 6-4 towered over the 5-6 Wanda-Rose, but she was used to bending to kiss Wanda. They had been lovers while room mates in college, although Astrid had not slept with Wanda since marrying Wanda's brother Roger.

"Welcome home, Wanda," Astrid enthused after releasing Wanda.

"Hello yourself, dear Astrid," Wanda said. "Tell me about this trade."

"I'm off to Seattle," Astrid replied. "I'll have a better chance to play, and I hope I can contribute. I like playing in the WNBA."

Wanda was then surrounded by her family. Roger, Astrid's husband, was two years younger than Wanda at 21. He was 6-3, very well built, and had a big smile on his face. Wendy, Wanda's younger sister, was now 19. She was a little taller than Wanda at 5-8, and had enormous breasts, 40DD. Her ass was also big, but that seemed to be a family trait, because Wanda's ass was large as well.

Finally, Wanda was greeted by her mother, Lorraine Catron. Lorraine was a widow, having buried her husband 12 years ago now. She was also still mourning the death of her lover, J.L. Spillington, the lawyer who had been killed by one of Wanda's former friends here in the Catron home. Lorraine was 44 now, though she kept herself in excellent shape. Her 34c breasts showed nary a hint of sagging, and she had a firm butt, showing the large family butts came from their father.


After dinner, the family dispersed to different rooms. Wanda pulled out her laptop computer, logged on, and found Donna online waiting for her. The married couple spoke together about Wanda's family, with Wanda wishing Donna could be there, and Donna wishing Wanda could be in Arkansas.

Soon Donna said she had put Becca and Katy to bed, and she was alone. The women then started talking about their sex lives, turning each other on with cyber-sex. Wanda, as was her habit when she cybered with Donna, soon had her clothes off and her hand between her legs, masturbating hard.

She was so intent on her masturbation that she didn't hear her door open. Lorraine stuck her head in the room to see if Wanda wanted some coffee and stayed in the doorway, watching her oldest daughter play with herself. Wanda's hands were between her legs, rubbing at her pussy. Occasionally the computer would beep, indicating that Donna had added some commentary. Wanda's eyes would open and read, then with an added smile she would rub herself harder.

Lorraine was fascinated. She had been living a loveless and sexless life since Lou had been shot and killed, and as she watched her daughter, she started getting turned on. The musky smell of a woman's precum filled the room, and Lorraine inhaled deeply, remembering the smell.

When she could take it no longer, Lorraine decided that she needed more than the vision of Wanda playing with herself. She had never thought of any of her children in a sexual way before now, but her needs overcame her morals. Lorraine slipped into Wanda's room and eased the door shut. She dropped her dress and underwear, making herself as naked as Wanda.

She dropped to her hands and knees and crawled to her daughter. Wanda's eyes were closed as she masturbated, thinking of Donna. She was imagining Donna's mouth on her pussy when she felt a mouth on her pussy in real life. She thought she was imagining her feeling, so she kept her eyes closed.

Lorraine licked her daughter's pussy for the first time in her life. The precum coating the pussy lips tasted a lot like Lorraine's own pussy juices tasted, she thought, remembering the taste on Lou's mouth or on her own fingers. She drove her tongue deeper into Wanda's pussy, loving the taste.

The computer beeped again, and Wanda reluctantly opened her eyes. Her imagination was very vivid, thinking about the tongue in her pussy, and she was close to cumming. She started to focus on the computer when she realized that someone was indeed licking her pussy. She looked down and saw her mother's head between her legs. Mom drove her fingers into Wanda, curling them to get wanda's G-Spot.

There was no time to protest, because the rubbing of her G-Spot made Wanda cum. Juices burst from her pussy, drenching Lorraine's face. Lorraine licked harder and faster, drawing the juices into her own mouth. Wanda shook as she came, amazed at the skill her mother had in making her cum.

After her orgasm faded, Wanda typed on her computer "My Mom is licking my pussy."

Donna wrote back "Give back what you're getting from her. I'll talk to you later." Then Donna logged off.

Wanda, having gotten permission from her wife, pulled Lorraine up. "Sit on the chair, Mommy,' Wanda said.

Lorraine complied, swinging one leg over the arm to open her pussy even farther. Wanda noticed the wetness already seeping out of her mother, and licked at it. Like her Mom, Wanda noticed the similarity in the taste of her Mother's juices to Wanda's own, and Wanda licked deeper.

She reached over to the computer table, and grabbed a 12-inch handled dildo. She positioned the dildo and pushed it into her mother's pussy. Lorraine screamed in joy. Wanda stroked in and out with the toy, driving it harder and deeper with every thrust. Lorraine's pussy grasped at the toy, fucking it with all her might.

Finally Wanda put her mouth on Lorraine's clit, and Mom came. She humped hard onto the toy and spurted around it, drenching the toy in her orgasmic pleasures.

After Lorraine's orgasm faded, she stood up and pulled Wanda to her. Both women were within two inches of the other, and they stood eye to eye as they kissed deeply. This was the first sexual kiss Lorraine and Wanda had ever shared. Lorraine mumbled "Bed," and Wanda nodded. Together, still arm in arm and lip to lip, they shuffled to the bed and fell on it.

Each woman's hand felt the other's wet pussy. Wanda noted the softness of her mother's pussy, while Lorraine marveled at the tightness of the younger pussy she was feeling. At an unspoken command, Lorraine turned around and lowered her pussy to Wanda's face. Meanwhile, Lorraine lowered her own face, licking her daughter's pussy deeply.

Wanda enjoyed the pussy on her face, driving out of her mind the thought that is was her mother. Right now, it was a woman who needed a loving touch, and this was a woman Wanda loved very much and would do anything for. Her fingers joined her tongue in Lorraine's pussy, bringing her mother closer and closer to orgasm. Both women were moaning and groaning in ecstasy.

Meanwhile, Wendy was padding down the hall towards the bathroom. She heard sounds and thought it was her sister, masturbating at the computer again. Wendy reached the bathroom and pissed into the toilet. As she walked past Wanda's room again, she heard her mother's voice, crying "Lick deeper, honey. I'm so close!"

Wendy peeked into the room. She saw her older sister and mother locked in a deep 69, licking each other with no knowledge of anything except mutual pleasure. Wendy stepped into the room and saw the pile of clothes on the floor. She looked around and saw a strap-on dildo in Wendy's bottom drawer, which was partially open.

Wendy shed her nightgown and put on the strap-on. She had played with a strap-on several times during her on-off relationship with attorney Keren Fingers. She slipped to the edge of the bed and saw that her mother was on top, and close to orgasm. She got on the bed, and got Wanda's attention. Wanda pulled her head away from Lorraine's pussy, and Wendy shoved the dildo in. Lorraine lifted her head off Wanda's pussy and screamed "I'm cumming!!"

Wave after wave of pleasure shot through Lorraine as Wendy pumped the dildo in and out. Her legs were splayed around Wanda's head, and so the older sister thrust her tongue against the pussy lips of the younger sister. Wendy squeaked in pleasure, catching Lorraine's notice as her orgasm was ending. She looked back and saw it was Wendy fucking her, and she smiled. Lorraine then lowered her head and resumed licking Wanda's pussy.

Wanda came quickly, moaning her orgasm into Wendy's body. The 19-year-old used the moans to heighten her own orgasm, and she came, flooding Wanda with cum. Lorraine, the cock in her body pistoning steadily, also came. The three women cried out in mutual pleasure, then collapsed into each other's arms.

The girls took time kissing their mother, then kissing each other. Lorraine spoke softly, "I love you both. Wendy dear, I needed that cock you gave me."

"I thought you were a lesbian now, Mom," Wendy said.

Lorraine explained about the nights she and Lou had gone to the porno house for a group fuck, or the nights they found a strange man and brought him to Lou's house for a threesome. "I've missed Lou terribly," Lorraine stated, "but I've also missed being fucked by a hard cock."

Wanda's mind floated back to Christmas, when she had finally found a man's cock she could fuck. She wondered if her mother would like to meet Bob. Absent-mindedly, Wanda said, "A cock does feel good, once in a while."

"Then I've got just the cock for you," said a voice from the doorway. The three women looked over and saw Roger and Astrid, both naked, looking at the women. Roger, who had spoken, had his 11-inch cock in his hand. It was hard and leaking pre-cum. "I figure," Roger continued, "that if you could fuck your daughters, Mom, then you can fuck your son, too."

Lorraine smiled brightly. "Only if your wife allows it," she said.

Astrid laughed. "Who do you think brought Roger here?" she said. "You three made enough noise to wake the neighbors. So when I saw what was going on, I drug Roger in here, then sucked him hard to prepare him."

Wanda patted the bed. "Join us, then," she said. Roger and Astrid walked over, and the three women made room for the new arrivals. Roger laid back, and Lorraine and Wendy started sucking his cock, while Astrid and Wanda kissed deeply.

Astrid broke the kiss and whispered, "So you've finally had a cock?"

"Yes," Wanda said. "Donna brought a man into bed, and I felt how gentle and great a cock could be. I'll never leave Donna, but an occasional cock sounds great."

"I feel the same way, only backwards," Astrid admitted. "I love Roger so much, and the sex is great, but I really need a woman's touch on my body."

"Didn't you get enough touching from the players in the WNBA?" Wanda teased.

"Some, but not the right kind," Astrid admitted. "The lesbians in the league seem to hide their orientation to avoid a media backlash. There are more bisexuals, like me. Now, shut up and fuck me, roomie. I've missed you."

Wanda needed no further encouragement. She and Astrid rolled on to the floor to give more room on the bed to the others. Wanda and Astrid started grinding together, remembering the feel of the other's body. Though they had not slept together for almost two years, they remembered each other's sensitive spots and soon fell into a familiar rhythm with fingers, hands and mouths. They were in their own world, paying no attention to the moaning coming from the bed.

On the bed, Lorraine had taken the role of teacher, showing Wendy how to fuck a man. First she showed how to deep-throat a man's cock. She started slow, then slowly slid Roger's entire 11 inches deep into her mouth. Then she lifted off her son and allowed her daughter to try and suck her brother's cock.

Wendy had never been with a man before. She started gagging on Roger's cock almost immediately, so Lorraine told her to relax and not force the cock down her throat. Slowly Wendy got the hang of the sucking and took Roger's cock deeper and deeper with each suck.

Then Lorraine showed Wendy how to mount a cock. She eased her left leg over Roger's body, aiming her pussy and grabbing her son's cock. As Wendy and Roger looked on, Lorraine positioned the cockhead against her opening and slowly dropped onto the cock, filling her with her son's cock. Roger moaned deeply, as his cock impaled his mother. He started thrusting up into her, but with Lorraine on top, she showed Wendy how to control the motions for her best pleasure rather than let the man take control.

Up and down on Roger's cock Lorraine went. Wendy leaned over, and Roger sucked her breasts. Wendy's hand went to Lorraine's clit, rubbing it as she pistoned on her son. Soon Wendy needed more than breast sucking, so she tapped her mother and said "My turn."

Lorraine reluctantly got off Roger and Wendy slid onto his wet cock. She felt his cockhead enter her, then slowly stretch her open as she dropped lower and lower. Roger moaned deeply, not having fucked a pussy this tight before. Wendy was even tighter than Astrid was, and Roger's cock was being squeezed tight with every pump of Wendy's body.

Lorraine dropped down and played with Roger's balls. That was too much for the 21-year-old man, and he came, shooting his sperm deep into his sister's pussy. That caused Wendy to explode also, and brother and sister enjoyed a mutual orgasm.

As the three on the bed gathered their wits, they heard deep moaning and a vibrating sound from the floor. Looking over the side of the bed, they saw Wanda and Astrid coupled together. There was a double-headed dildo in their pussies that the girls were each humping. In each of their hands was a small vibrator, which they had on their partner's clit.

Each woman had had several orgasms, as was attested by the wetness on the carpet under each woman. Wendy and Lorraine dropped onto the floor, Lorraine attaching her mouth to Astrid's in a deep soul-searing kiss between mother and daughter-in-law, while Wendy sucked on Wanda's nipples, drawing the hard points deep down her throat. Roger grabbed his soft cock and stroked it, hoping for a chance to return to the sex activity soon.

Wanda and Astrid came together. Astrid squirted her orgasm past the double-headed dildo and flooded Wanda's pussy lips. Wanda, meanwhile, let her orgasm flow around the dildo. Lorraine left kissing Astrid to lick the cum dripping off the former roommates. The feeling of a tongue, added to the vibrator and dildo, drove each woman to cum again quickly, then slowly pull off the dildo.

Lorraine and Wendy then chose a woman and licked their pussy. Lorraine chose Astrid's, while Wendy attacked the pussy of her older sister. Roger grabbed up the discarded double-headed dildo and slowly pushed one end into Lorraine. As Lorraine licked, she felt the cock substitute enter her. Her mind flew to the nights with Lou at the porn movie house. She came again around the dildo as Roger pumped it in and out of his mother.

After Lorraine came, Roger took the other end and slid it into Wendy's pussy, pulling the two women until the double-header was buried inside their pussies, and their outer labia were touching the other. Now all four women were connected, as Wendy licked Wanda and fucked with Lorraine, who licked Astrid. Roger slid off the bed and fed his cock to his wife, who eagerly sucked his flaccid cock.

Wendy came, then came again. Her second orgasm forced an orgasm from Wanda, who came with her sister. Lorraine felt the spasms from Wendy's pussy through the double-headed cock and came also, while Astrid came when Roger's cock jerked back to life in her mouth, filling and gagging her.

Finally totally exhausted, Wendy and Lorraine collapsed to the side, keeping the double-header connecting them. Roger, meanwhile, had pulled his cock from Astrid's mouth and was about to fuck his wife when Wanda spoke.

"No, Roger. Fuck me instead."

Astrid's eyes opened wide. She knew Wanda had been fucked before, but she didn't know all about Wanda's meeting with Bob in late December/early January. Now Wanda wanted the cock that had stolen Astrid from her.

Roger smiled and turned around. He grabbed Wanda's ankles and pulled her legs wide apart. He watched as her pussy lips spread wide open, as if inviting his cock. Slowly Roger put his cock on those lips, teasing his sister. Then Astrid came behind Roger and shoved his ass hard, forcing his cock to impale Wanda.

Wanda screamed in pleasure. The double-headed dildo had opened her up, but now she could feel the difference between latex and flesh, as the cock buried itself into her, giving her the feeling and heat it gave her. Wanda's hips moved in a matching rhythm with Roger, letting her brother fuck her hard and fast.

Occasionally Astrid would shove at Roger's ass, pushing him even deeper into his sister. Wanda squealed in delight as that happened. This was the largest real cock she had ever fucked, and she fought to hold off the orgasm she knew would come soon.

Suddenly Roger's body went into spasms. Astrid had been sucking her middle finger, and she quickly shoved it into Roger's ass. The sudden invasion into his ass caused Roger's release. As he flooded Wanda's pussy with his white sperm, Wanda let go and came, adding her cum juices to Roger's. She held tight to her brother, furiously kissing him to keep from screaming.

Slowly Wanda felt Roger's cock shrivel inside her and slide out. Wanda dropped down and closed her eyes, enjoying the afterglow of a deep meaningful fuck. When she felt her pussy pulled open and a mouth suck the cum from her body, she kept her eyes closed. A pussy dropped to her mouth and she greedily drank from it as the woman squirmed on her face. Two mouths, one obviously Roger's, bit her nipples, pulling at them. Despite her tiredness, Wanda came again, and also drew an orgasm from Wendy, who was on her mouth as Wanda was able to tell by her cries during orgasm.

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