Wanda's Story Ch. 28


Finally the five of them collapsed and slept, each holding someone else. They were tighter as a family than they had ever been before.


After Donna logged off with Wanda, she fed her girls, changed them, and put them to bed. Then Donna headed for bed herself. She tried to sleep, but visions of Wanda and her mother coupled sexually filled Donna's mind. Finally Donna's hands moved under her panties. She slowly massaged her aching clit, feeling her fingers giving herself a much-needed relief.

Her rubbing started speeding up, and Donna closed her eyes again, envisioning Wanda's nude body. Donna was completely in love with her wife, and often masturbated with Wanda's picture in her mind. Tonight was no different, except that she kept seeing Wanda with Lorraine, whom Donna had met at the wedding.

She grew closer to orgasm. Her pussy started flowing, preparing for its eruption. Donna thrust her fingers inside her pussy, fingering herself quickly. But just before Donna came, a sharp pounding erupted from her front door.

Frustrated beyond belief, Donna threw on a robe and hustled downstairs before the person rapped on the door again and woke the girls. She peeked through the eye hole in the door and saw her sister, Shelly Hendrickson. Donna threw open the door and brought Shelly inside. She saw that Shelly was wearing a robe, and had her six-year-old son Justin in her arms. Donna wondered why she had driven over to Donna's house wearing just a robe.

Donna let them in. Shelly took Justin upstairs to the spare bedroom, where he fell fast asleep. Then the sisters went into the dining room and Donna asked Shelly through sign language if she wanted some coffee. Shelly nodded,and Donna busied herself making a pot. She then got some of the dinner leftovers, and the two women ate while the coffee brewed.

Finally, a steaming cup of coffee in her hand, Shelly said what she had come to say.

"I need shelter, sis," Shelly said. "I've left Rance."

"Why did you decide at 2 in the morning to leave your husband?" Donna answered via sign language.

"I couldn't take the abuse any more," Shelly said, and she stood and removed her robe. Shelly was nude underneath, but her body sported many nasty bruises, some old, a couple new. "He beats me, sis. And I've finally had enough."

"How long has he beaten you?"

"Two years. At first, it was part of a BDSM relationship we had going. But now, he beats me if things don't go right for him, or if dinner's not on time, or if I don't satisfy him in bed, or just for no reason. I'm scared."

Donna stood and pulled her older sister into her arms. She held Shelly for nearly half an hour, as Shelly finally started crying, releasing the emotions she had kept bottled up.

As she cried, Shelly filled Donna in on the rest of her BDSM life with her husband. "We knew you were into the BDSM stuff," Shelly said between sobs. "So one night I suggested to him that it might be fun. He took the Master's role, and I was his sex slave.

"At first, it was fun. I enjoyed the pain while we made love. But he seemed to enjoy giving the pain too much. He kept coming up with harder and more painful tortures for me. Then, one night, he came home and I hadn't cooked his steak medium, like he wanted it. It was undercooked. He took me over his knee and spanked the shit out of me.

"After that, the beatings started in earnest. It seemed that nothing I could do made him happy. I thought it was a normal course in a BDSM life, until you told me about releasing Wanda. Then I met her, and I saw how happy you both were. I vowed to change.

"You know I've been away at seminars a lot recently. That's because I've been keeping my distance from Rance. But tonight, he pounded on me for being gone too much recently. I tried to escape, but he pulled all my clothes off and cut them up. When he came at me with the scissors he had used, though, I grabbed my robe and my purse and escaped from the house.

"I had nowhere to go, so I came to you."

Donna waited as Shelly told her story. When she was done, Donna boldly took Shelly's head in her hands and softly, lovingly, kissed her sister. It was a kiss meant to show that Shelly was safe and loved.

Shelly, though, returned the kiss with greater passion than Donna had shown. Shelly wrapped her arms around her sister and pulled her close, rubbing her body against Donna's. Shelly took one hand and started rubbing her sister's body. Donna, still turned on from her near-orgasm, spread her legs and let Shelly explore her body.

Shelly's fingers rubbed the pussy through the robe fabric. Then, finding the opening, she spread Donna's robe open and rubbed Donna's shaved pussy directly. Shelly felt the wetness lingering there, and assumed incorrectly that the wetness was caused by her. She plunged two fingers into Donna, and Donna, desperate for orgasm, humped the fingers.

Shelly had never been with another woman before, but followed a pattern she would use on herself during masturbation sessions. Her fingers moved from inside the pussy to the clit, then back inside the pussy. Donna humped hard on Shelly's hand.

Suddenly, Donna came, flooding Shelly's hand with her pussy's juices. Shelly noted that Donna's orgasm gave off more juices than when Shelly masturbated herself. When Donna had finished cumming, Shelly pulled her hand out of Donna's pussy and licked her fingers.

Donna reached to remove her robe when a hard pounding started at the door. Donna walked over and peeked in the eye hole and saw Shelly's husband, Rance Hendrickson, at her doorstep. Donna made sure the door was locked and bolted, then went back into the kitchen. She signed for Shelly to call the police, then meet her at the door.

While Shelly called 911, Donna went up the stairs and got her shotgun shells from her top dresser drawer. Then she hurried back downstairs and took the shotgun off the wall mounds over the fireplace. She calmly loaded the gun as the pounding on the door resumed.

Shelly entered the room a minute later, her robe back in place. Donna signed what she wanted Shelly to say for her, and Shelly, though scared, agreed. Then both women went to the door. Donna unlocked it, and Shelly pulled it open.

Rance started to bull his way into the house, but stopped short when Donna leveled the shotgun in his face. He took two steps back and threw up his hands.

"Rance," Shelly said, "Donna told me to say this, and I agree with what I'm about to say.

"Get out of my life now! Leave immediately or Donna will shoot you and claim you were attacking us, and your death will be called self-defense, especially after I show the police my bruises.

"The police are on their way. When they arrive, I will swear out a restraining order to keep you away. And if you ever come back, Donna will shoot first and not bother with the questions. Do you understand?"

Rance smiled slightly. "She wouldn't dare," he said.

Donna calmly swung the shotgun away from Rance and fired. The muzzle, in close proximity to Rance's ears, deafened him a minute. But when he looked behind him, he paled. Donna had shot his front windshield out of his car.

"That's your only warning," Shelly said. "Leave or die."

Rance backed up slowly. Sirens were heard wailing in the distance. Donna lowered the gun fractionally and fired again. The ground around Rance's feet sparkled with flying dirt as the shotgun shell expended into the ground inches from Rance. That was enough. Rance turned and ran to his car. He hopped into the car, mindless of the shattered glass on his seat. He started the car and drove quickly away.

Minutes later the police arrived. Shelly swore out a statement against her soon-to-be former husband, and the police promised they would get a restraining order against him. The two shots from Donna's gun were not mentioned.

When the police finally left, Shelly dropped to the ground and kissed Wanda's feet. "Thank you, my darling sister," she said. "Without your strength, I could not have done that."

"You will always have my strength," Wanda signed.

"Thank you, Mistress," Shelly said, then she covered her mouth.

"Mistress?" Donna signed.

"I'm sorry. You were so strong, I was thinking of the BDSM roles. You were Mistress, protecting your slave, me, from harm."

"Do you want that kind of relationship?"

"Yes, Mistress," Shelly replied.

"Wanda will also be your Mistress, as she is a part of me. Do you accept that as well?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Strip, slave, then stand perfectly still," Donna signed.

Shelly stood and removed her robe, revealing her body to her new Mistress. Shelly was an inch taller than Donna, but was blessed with the breasts Donna did not have. Donna was a petite 34a, but Shelly was a 36cc. Her breasts hung down, giving shape and definition to her body. Shelly was 35, but still in excellent condition because she worked out all the time.

Donna started slowly, kissing the bruises all over Shelly's body. Donna knew she would never give Shelly bruises like these, unless Shelly wanted them. She also knew these were unwanted bruises on her sister's body.

Shelly, meanwhile, was finding it hard to stand still. The kisses Donna was placing on her body were so erotic. Shelly felt herself getting wet just from the tender kisses her younger sister was giving her.

Donna stepped back and removed her robe, revealing her own body to Shelly. "Kiss me like I've just kissed you," she signed.

"Donna dropped to her knees and started kissing Donna's body. Donna still had a little flab in her stomach from the childbirth in late November, but otherwise her body was also in good shape. Shelly remembered that Donna had not kissed any of her normal "hot" spots, her breasts or her pussy, so she kept her kisses away from those areas.

Donna was feeling the heat the couple was making. When she could stand no more, she dropped onto the couch and spread her legs wide. Shelly hesitated, and Donna realized that her sister had never licked another woman's pussy before.

Sit like I'm sitting, and learn," Donna signed.

The women traded places, and Donna dropped to her knees before her older sister. Her first kisses were soft and gentle on Shelly's inner thighs, with soft nibbles on the tender flesh. Shelly felt her wetness growing as her anticipation rose. Donna's hands spread Shelly's pussy lips apart, and Donna's tongue invaded Shelly's body.

The feminine touch of Donna's mouth on Shelly was so much better than the times Rance had licked Shelly's pussy, the older woman thought in comparison. Rance, it seemed, would only lick Donna if he had to, sort of as a prelim to his own enjoyment. It seemed like Donna, on the other hand, wanted to give Shelly all her love through her mouth.

Shelly grew closer and closer to orgasm. Her moans grew in tempo and volume. Finally, Shelly cried out "I'm cumming!" and orgasmed with her sister for the first time. Donna kept up her licking, bringing Shelly quickly to a second orgasm before lifting her head away from the swollen labia of her sister.

Donna signed "Now you do the same," to Shelly, and the women changed places. Shelly was very tentative at first, more probing than licking. Donna knew her sister was a lesbian virgin, and gave her some time to grow accustomed to licking a pussy. After a while, though, Donna grabbed Shelly by the back of her head and pulled her face right against her pussy.

Forced into Donna's pussy, Shelly started licking in earnest. Her tongue could not go anywhere except into Donna, so into Donna it went. Shelly's teeth scraped on Donna's outer labia while her tongue massaged the inner labia. Over and over Shelly's tongue licked her sister. Then, suddenly, Shelly's mouth was flooded with sweet pussy juices as Donna silently came.

After her orgasm, Donna removed her grip on Shelly's head. The women picked up their robes and climbed the stairs to Donna's bedroom. There, Donna took Shelly in her arms and cuddled her to sleep, finally falling asleep herself. It was the first peaceful night's sleep in months for Shelly.


The next day, both Donna and Wanda had stories to tell each other. Donna's was the bigger surprise, though Wanda warmed up to the idea of being a Mistress and couldn't wait for her spring break visit. Wanda also got Bob's telephone number and made a surreptitious call, then waited anxiously for the results.

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