tagLesbian SexWanda's Story Ch. 30

Wanda's Story Ch. 30


Wanda-Rose Catron-Mettert was the happiest she had ever been in her life. She had matched up her mother and sister the month before, and while they were with their new lovers, Wanda-Rose was flying to Arkansas for spend the first week of April, Boise State's Spring Break, with her wife, Donna Mettert. As she flew, she reviewed in her mind the events of the past couple of months.

She had matched her mother, Lorraine Catron, with a man that Donna knew, named Bob. They had fallen almost instantly in love. Bob was in the process of getting his job to transfer him to Provo, Utah. He had asked Lorraine to marry him, and the wedding was scheduled for July. Until then, the couple was spending every weekend they could together.

Wendy Catron, Wanda's sister, was also in love. She had met Wanda's teacher-mentor, Cindy Robinson. Wendy had already moved to Boise and was living with Cindy. Wanda had been accepted to Boise State, which was a foregone conclusion considering Wanda was footing the entire school bill.

Wanda's brother, Roger Catron, and his wife, Astrid Martin-Catron, were now in Seattle. Practice for Astrid's second season in the WNBA had started the week before, and it looked like Astrid might make the starting five for her new team, the Seattle Storm. Wanda had heard that Astrid had already made many friends on her team, a result of a massive orgy in late March.

As for Wanda, she was going to be spending her week getting to know Donna's sister, Shelly Hanson, formerly Shelly Hendrickson before her divorce started, in an intimate way. Shelly had moved away from her husband in February, and since that time had ben learning from Donna how to be a slave. Donna had taken Shelly as a slave, with Donna as Mistress. Now Shelly would show the lessons she had been taught to her other Mistress, Wanda-Rose.

The plane coasted to a landing at the Northwest Arkansas airport, and Wanda went to get her pre-rented Mustang for the one-hour drive to Donna's home. It seemed that everything in Wanda's life was finally clicking perfectly. While here in Arkansas, she was going to have two job interviews with school districts around Donna's house. Wanda-Rose was positive she would get hired, especially since money was no object for her.

Wanda was a multi-millionaire. She had been tricked into making a porn video when she was 18, and she won her lawsuit against the video company when a tape showed up with the porn producer and starlet admitted the trickery before meeting Wanda. she had won $11 million from the porn company. Shrewd investments had raised that total to almost $20 million, despite the fact that she had been nearly swindled by her ex-Mistress, Anne Franklin, and despite her vastly-improved recent lifestyle.

She drove automatically, having been to her wife's house many times in the past. But she had not been out to the house for almost two months as she worked hard to finish her senior year. Graduation was six weeks away now, and this was Wanda's last Spring Break as a college student.

She turned in the driveway and noted the new Ford Bronco parked there. It was a bit muddy, and Wanda knew that Donna had obviously been enjoying the birthday gift Wanda-Rose had bought for her.

She entered the home and was grabbed tightly by Donna's older daughter, five-year-old Katy. "Mommy Wanda! Mommy Wanda!! What did you bring me? What? What??"

Wanda laughed and reached into her trench coat's pocket. When the hand emerged, it held a new Barbie doll. Katy grabbed it and ran off, screaming "I got Barbie! I got Barbie!"

Next to reach her was little Becca, being carried by Wanda's wife, Donna Mettert. Wanda-Rose took the little 4-month-old girl off Donna's hip and hoisted her high. Then she smothered the baby with kisses. Wanda loved Katy, true, but deep inside, she loved Becca more. After all, Wanda-Rose had been present at Becca's birth, as the child was born the same weekend Wanda and Donna were married.

Then she felt a pair of hands wrap around her and Becca. Donna pulled her wife as close as Becca would allow, then kissed her wife deeply. Wanda's mouth opened, and Donna's tongue squirted in and played in Wanda's mouth. Wanda felt her knees getting week as the kiss continued. This, truly, was the woman she loved, and she knew Donna loved her.

When the kiss broke, both women smiled. "I love you, hon," Donna signed to her wife. Donna had been mute since childhood, but Wanda had taken lessons and was pretty good at reading ASL.

"I love you more, my alluring one," Wanda replied, using Donna's on-line name. "I've missed you so much."

"Not as much as I've missed you," Donna teased with her hands in ASL.

"Yeah, I know," Wanda said. "But you've had Shelly here to keep you happy, while I've been all alone at school."

"That will change, Mistress," said a different voice. Wanda looked past Donna to see Shelly enter, nude except for a half-apron covering her waist, and crawling on her knees.

Wanda remembered her own training as a slave, and imitated Anne now. "Did you have permission to speak, slut?" Wanda screamed.

Shelly blushed deeply. "No, Mistress. This unworthy one spoke without being addressed. This one deserves punishment."

Donna strode over and reached underneath Shelly's body. Donna now saw that Shelly's breasts, hanging down, were crowned by two clamps on the nipples. Donne grabbed the chain that connected the clamps and pulled hard. Shelly swayed, even on hands and knees, and a look of pain flashed on her face. Very unsteadily, Shelly said "Girl was unwise to break a rule. She apologizes deeply."

"Go greet your other Mistress properly, slave," Donna then signed.

Shelly crawled over to Wanda's feet and raised up a bit. Her hands went between her thighs and she pulled her pussy open. Wanda-Rose could see a tiny clamp on Shelly's clit. After showing her pussy, Shelly, hands still between her legs, lowered her upper body to the ground and kissed Wanda's feet.

"Slave girl greets thee, Mistress Wanda-Rose," Shelly said. "This one hopes thy stay is pleasurable, and that if thou hast any needs, that thou just speak of them and they will be fulfilled, no matter what, no matter where."

Wanda smiled. "Rise and kiss me, my slave," she said.

Shelly gracefully got to her feet. An inch taller than Wanda at 5-7, they came eye-to-eye, although Shelly kept her eyes averted as she leaned closer to Wanda. Their lips met, and Shelly proved to be a tremendous kisser, passion and love emoting from her lips as they kissed.

Wanda let her hand slide under the apron and slip into Shelly's pussy. The woman moaned slightly, but kept the kiss going. Wanda could feel the wetness in Shelly, and smiled. Then she felt another finger enter Shelly.

Donna had placed Becca in her playpen, sent Katy outside to play, then slipped behind Shelly. Her finger slid next to Wanda's, and Shelly's moan grew louder. The married couple twisted their fingers together and started pumping them in and out of Shelly.

The slave continued kissing Wanda, but her moans grew louder in Wanda's mouth. The wetness inside Shelly grew exponentially, and soon the two fingers were sliding easily and quickly inside Shelly.

Donna was nibbling Shelly's ear. Wanda said softly, "Cum, slut." Shelly moaned louder, then her pussy squeezed on both fingers. She grabbed Wanda and came, pussy juices flowing past the fingers and down Shelly's thighs. The woman finally broke her kiss with Wanda-Rose as the orgasm grew and grew. A loud cry emitted from Shelly's mouth.

Donna lowered Shelly to the floor, and both Mistresses licked one of Shelly's thighs clean. Wanda loved tasting a new woman's pussy juices, and this was no exception. Both Donna and Wanda cleaned Shelly's legs and then took turns licking Shelly's pussy. When Shelly was finally clean, Donna pulled Wanda off her sister, knowing that Katy would be entering the house again soon.

"More of that later tonight," Donna promised both Wanda and Shelly. "For now, though, go finish dinner, Shell."

Shelly turned and crawled into the kitchen. Donna and Wanda peeked into Becca's crib to see the girl sleeping. Then, arm-in-arm, they walked into the back yard and watched Katy playing with her dolls.

Shelly served an excellent dinner that evening. Wanda-Rose had never tasted leg of lamb until that night, and it became her favorite food after one bite. When she added a dollop of mint jelly to the lamb, she almost orgasmed at the table, the food was that good.

Another change from when Wanda-Rose was last there in Arkansas, in addition to Shelly as slave, was the relaxation of an in-home clothing rule. Since the house was full of nothing but women, and since Shelly the slave rarely wore clothing in the house, Donna had decreed that anyone that wanted to be naked could be naked. Katy thought is was all a grand game, and often ran around the house nude, Wanda-Rose learned. Donna had been a nudist earlier in life, and was returning to its teachings by being nude in the household.

The only time the nudist rule was taken away was when Shelly's six-year-old son, Justin, came to visit. Shelly's former husband, Rance Hendrickson, had won custody of the boy by showing that Shelly and Donna were living together, and Donna was married to Wanda-Rose. Wanda's lawyers were appealing the decision that they felt was made because of their lesbian lifestyle.

Despite the nudity, there was a strict no-sex rule when Katy was around. The women did their best to protect the little five-year-old. When an afternoon of sex play was planned, one of the women was assigned to babysit the children. Doors were automatically locked to prevent intrusion by the little child wandering the house.

But not too many of these measures were needed this week. The day after Wanda-Rose arrived, Donna and Shelly's mother came over and took the girls for the week, allowing the adults to engage in spirited sexual escapades.


The fun actually started the night before, after Katy and Becca went to bed. Donna ordered Shelly to go prepare the bedroom for the night, and the 35-year-old Shelly jumped to obey her 31-year-old Mistress. When Donna and Wanda arrived at the room a few minutes later, Shelly had lit some candles, allowing them to be the only light in the room.

Shelly had also laid out an assortment of toys and instruments of torture/pleasure for her Mistresses to use. Though the selection was much smaller than Anne's had been, Wanda noted, it could grow bigger quickly if his wife wanted it to.

Wanda saw that Shelly had laid out a butt plug, two dildos, a couple of vibrators and a bullet for pleasure purposes, and a flogger, a ping-pong paddle, tweezers, clothespins and clamps for torture. The young Mistress had felt all of those on her own body over the years, and was looking forward to using the tools instead of feeling the tools.

First, though, Donna and Wanda made sure that Shelly could not get away. The bed was stripped down to the sheet, and then Shelly was lain on her back. Each hand and leg was attached to a corner post of the bed, forcing the woman to spread-eagle on the bed, opening her wide for her Mistresses. Her 36cc breasts hung flopping on each side of her body.

Securely tied, the married couple proceeded to tease Shelly. They stood off to the side of the bed and started kissing each other, rubbing their hands over the other's body. Shelly could only turn her head and watch as Donna and Wanda made out, finally separating when each one's nipples were throbbing points of desire.

Wanda threw one leg over Shelly's head, allowing the slave to see her pussy up close. But Wanda also kept it far enough from Shelly's mouth that the tied-up girl could only look, but not touch. Donna's hands spread Wanda open, allowing Shelly to see even more of Wanda's pussy. Then Donna placed her mouth on the split-open pussy and licked it quickly.

Wanda had needed her lover's pleasurable mouth all day, and quickly became very wet. Donna felt the torrent of cum nearing explosion and licked even faster, building Wanda to the point of pleasure. Then Donna jabbed a finger into Wanda's ass hole, and the 23-year-old started cumming.

As the cum started to flow, Donna removed her mouth from Wanda's pussy and clamped on to her clit. She sucked the hard little nub, prolonging Wanda's orgasm. But Donna kept her hands pulling Wanda's pussy apart. The result was the torrent of cum juices flowing out of Wanda and on to Shelly's face. The nurse licked what juices she could, but her face was drenched quickly.

Wanda reached on to the end table and grabbed the clamps. Shelly's breasts had been unclamped just before dinner, and had finally regained their feelings when Wanda placed the clamps back on the nipples. Shelly screamed in pain when Wanda then took a chain and pulled the nipples close together using the clamps. She screamed louder when Wanda added a couple of ice cubes from the drink she had brought into the bedroom under Shelly's clamps.

While Wanda was practicing nipple torture, Donna was finding the perfect dildo to shove into her sister. She chose the smallest one, knowing the size would increase as the night went on. She shoved it in hard, timing the movement with the placement of the ice cubes. Shelly felt joy and pain and pleasure all at once, and started humping at the dildo.

Donna kept the dildo moving in and out of Shelly while Wanda went on to her next torture instrument. She selected the flogger, and proved to Shelly how expert she was at it by inflicting several red welts on Shelly's abdomen. Then she took another ice cube and rubbed it over the welts.

Shelly didn't know what was happening. The emotions and feelings were overwhelming her. Shelly had never had two people ever make love to her at the same time. Rance, her former husband, was an old-fashioned man who believed he could please his wife all by himself. Shelly had never sought out a lover, so her only sexual experiences were Rance and Donna.

Although Rance had gotten into BDSM, he had been a cruel Master. Wanda's way of inflicting pain was immediately followed by relief on the pained areas, which made Shelly's desire grow. Meanwhile, Donna had chosen to replace the small dildo with a larger vibrator. When the vib was turned on, it was all Shelly needed.

"Girl needs to cum!" she cried out. Both Wanda and Donna nodded agreement, and Shelly came, squirting in her pleasure. The Mistresses smiled at what they had drawn out of Shelly, then they traded places. Donna sat on Shelly's face, allowing her sister to lick her pussy, while Wanda licked on Shelly's pussy.

Tongues flew, then fingers joined the action inside bodies. When Wanda grabbed the bullet vibrator and placed it on Donna's clit, the silent woman came, flooding Shelly with fluids. This in turn made Shelly cum, giving Wanda a full-faced taste of the sweet pussy juices she could put out.

Donna grabbed for a strap-on while Wanda inserted the biggest dildo into Shelly's pussy. This was a double-headed dildo, and Donna gleefully took the other end into her pussy. The strapped-on cock around Donna's waist was pointing into the air, so Wanda plunged her pussy onto it, and the three women fucked each other until, one at a time, they came. Wanda came first, and Wanda came twice, because she was so horny.

For the rest of the night, the three played together. The Mistresses released Shelly and made her lick their pussies while they lay with Donna atop Wanda. Then they made Shelly use a double-headed dildo bent over to fuck both women simultaneously. Later, each Mistress took a turn fucking herself using Shelly's breast, then they let Shelly fuck on Wanda's breast.

By the time they finally fell asleep, the three were covered in cum and totally in love with the other two. There was no turning back now. The family that Wanda had chosen had just grown by one. She loved Donna, but she also loved Shelly, their slave.


The removal of the children to visit Grandma allowed the orgy to move all around the house. It seemed that no matter what time it was, at least two of the women were locked in a lustful sexual exchange. They made love all over the house, and even played some sex games.

One of the first involved a whistling teapot. At the "Go" signal, Shelly would try and bring one of her Mistresses to orgasm before the pot whistled. If she succeeded, she was allowed free time for 15 minutes. If she failed, as often happened, she was spanked, then made to try again.

After several missed orgasm attempts, Shelly looked up in exhaustion. "Girl cannot do this, Mistresses. She has tried, with both of thee, and finds the task impossible."

"I disagree, slave," Wanda said. "In fact, I'll take the challenge. I'll bring you to orgasm before the pot whistles, or you may do anything you wish to me. But if I bring you to orgasm, you are to do anything we ask of you, even if it means breaking your pre-set limits. Agreed?"

"Girl agrees, Mistress," Shelly said.

Donna got the pot ready, while Wanda placed Shelly where she wanted, by leaning her over the table. "Ready," Wanda said. "Set. GO!" Donna turned on the heat, and Wanda turned on Shelly.

Wanda put her mouth on Shelly's clit, sucking it furiously. The first two fingers of her right hand went into Shelly's pussy, pumping in and out in time with her sucking. Shelly moaned as Wanda-Rose worked on her.

After a minute, Wanda changed hands inside Shelly. The right hand pulled out, and the two fingers from the left went inside Shelly. The wet right fingers slid up Shelly's upraised butt and thrust slowly into her asshole, the wetness from Shelly's pussy giving the needed lubrication. Shelly gasped, as her orgasm approached.

A minute more, and the fingers of the left hand eased out of Shelly's pussy. They went to the slave's clit, replacing Wanda's hand. Wanda-Rose rubbed hard on the clit, and her mouth went to the pussy, licking and sucking hard. She sucked hard, pulling one of Shelly's outer labia lips between her teeth. Then Wanda-Rose bit on it, pulling it hard.

Shelly could hold off no longer. With a scream, she came. As she flooded Wanda's face, the younger woman heard the tea kettle starting its whistle. Wanda-Rose had won the bet.

After Shelly's orgasm faded, she turned and dropped to her knees, kissing Wanda's feet. "Girl acknowledges that you are girl's Mistress," Shelly said softly. "Girl also acknowledges that, when it comes to sexual pleasure, you are girl's superior. Girl is ready to accept whatever Mistress asks, as per the agreement."

Wanda-Rose said, "Later, our slave. For now, rise and kiss both of us."

Shelly rose up, pulling both Wanda and Donna into her arms. Her lips moved from Wanda to Donna, kissing both women deeply. The two Mistresses closed against Shelly, until all three were kissing together.

"My time will be later with you, Shelly," Wanda-Rose whispered. "Your punishment will be to be tied to a chair while Donna and I make love together. You will watch and learn how two women make love together. It will turn you on, but you will not be able to relive yourself unless we relieve you. Understand?"

"Oh yes, Mistress, girl does," Shelly replied.

"For now, slave, go finish dinner," Wanda said.

As Shelly went to work, Wanda-Rose and Donna went into the living room. Speaking only in ASL, which Wanda was getting much better at, the women planned their evening together. They knew it would be a great time for them, and for Shelly as well.

That evening, Shelly brought a chair from the kitchen into the living room. She removed the little clothes she was wearing, and Wanda-Rose and Donna shackled her to the chair. They also pulled out a spreader bar to keep her legs wide apart. The spreader bar was attached just below Shelly's knees, making her pussy lips split apart slightly.

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