Wanda's Story, Enhanced Ch. 01


In the morning, the women woke together, arm in arm. After kissing passionately for several minutes, Anne reluctantly broke free and cooked breakfast. The two women chatted over fried eggs, bacon, fruity oatmeal, coffee and orange juice, all eaten in the nude.

After breakfast they returned to the bedroom and made love again, this time taking their time. Anne was a very co-operative lover, allowing Wanda to fully explore the older woman's body with her fingers, her tongue, and with her beautiful breasts.

For Wanda, this was her first-ever long-term sexual experience. Rendezvous with Betty had always been urgent affairs. Sex in a car. Sex at Betty's home, or at Wanda's home. Always there was the thrill of potential discovery, and the need to be done in time to get home, or get done before someone came home.

The night before was great, Wanda thought, but this morning is even better. The daylight streamed through the curtained windows. Anne's naked body lay bathed in the light, illuminated perfectly. Wanda could fully see the folds of Anne's pussy, the contours of the outer and inner labia as she pulled them apart and lick them. Wanda watched in awe as the pussy lips grabbed the eight-inch dildo Anne owned. It seemed like Anne was trying to keep the shaft in her body as Wanda stroked it out. Then, when she pulled the dildo out, Wanda saw and was amazed as the pussy canal remained open momentarily before trying to close again. But Wanda's tongue and fingers were already inside Anne's body, working to make the teacher cum as Anne had made Wanda cum the night before. Yes, even now, Wanda thought, I'm trying to follow my teacher's instructions.

Anne, for her part, was trying to hold back. She could cum again and again, but she wanted one HUGE orgasm instead. She also wanted Wanda to see what one giant orgasm looked like. This girl is good, Anne thought. She's hitting all the right spots, the tight ... "Right there, love," she said aloud. "Right there, but harder!!!"

Wanda wasn't sure which "Right there" Anne was talking about. Wanda had two fingers buried inside Anne's pussy. Her mouth was sucking on Anne's clit, the tongue flicking it like a light bag used by boxers. And Wanda's other hand was pulling on Anne's ringed nipples, stretching them a bit before releasing. So Wanda kept up all three places.

Anne fought to hang on a little longer, then felt the time was right. It had to be right. Anne couldn't hold on. With a mighty scream of "I'm cumming, Wanda!!" Anne Franklin came. Her body exploded in sexual release. Her orgasm stretched each nerve ending in her body, allowing Anne to feel the sensitive and sexual tingle of the silk sheets against her back; the slight variations in pressure Wanda used on her clit and nipples; the metal of her nipple rings pulling against the inside of her skin; the flood of cum juice flowing over her inner pussy walls, and splashing against Wanda's fingers; the excitement of her brain exploding in joyous relief, excitement and lust. Damn, this girl is GREAT!!

Anne collapsed a minute later, as Wanda stopped her ministrations on the teacher. The girl climbed atop Anne and deeply kissed the older woman. Anne returned the kiss with all the passion she could muster.

"Thank you, Ms. Franklin,"Wanda said. "I can't tell you how much I needed this."

"I could tell, and call me Anne," Anne said.

"Anne, that last orgasm you had was so intense, I came as well. I've never had that happen before."

"It can happen again, my dear," Anne replied.

Anne then asked if the teen could come back sometime, indicating Wanda would always be welcome. Wanda dressed, then drove home, her emotions mentioned above flooding her mind.

By the time she got home, she had made her decision. She picked up the phone and dialed.

"Anne?" she said. "This is Wanda. I'd love to come over again tonight for dinner. I don't think we quite finished what we were talking about, and I'd like the opportunity to continue our ... conversation."

As she hung up, a big smile was on Wanda's face. A bigger smile, though was on Anne's. The teacher's plan was working.

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