tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWanking for Nikki and Ann

Wanking for Nikki and Ann


I was introduced to wanking for an audience by an ex girlfriend, Nikki. Nikki was my first girlfriend following the break-up of my first marriage and was a breath of fresh air to me. I was 33 whilst she was 23. I had had a pretty staid and faithful marriage but I had always hankered after a little more 'excitement'. Nikki was just the start of my 're-birth'.

Nikki was a good looking, petite 5'2', with a great slim body, nice ass and beautiful firm breasts. She got rid of quite a few hang-ups that I had about sex and was always up for anything that I suggested. I went out with her for three months before I realised that, although I was what she wanted, she was not what I wanted.

Shortly after we finished, I bumped into her and her friend Ann while I was out on a Friday night. She was living on the other side of Brighton and had come out to the pubs in Hove. As it got later we decided we were going to go clubbing but, as I was wearing jeans, we headed back home to my place for me to change.

On our way back to my house, the heavens opened and we all got thoroughly soaked. So, once indoors, our enthusiasm to go clubbing had been dampened (pardon the pun). The girls stripped out of their wet clothes in the bathroom and came downstairs wearing wrapped towels around themselves. I stripped down and put a dry t-shirt and some boxer shorts on.

We had a few drinks, listened to some music, to which the girls danced around. The music was fairly energetic, and the girls were a little wasted, as they were jumping around, the towels (especially Nikki's) kept slipping, giving me occasional and welcome glimpses of nipples and bush. The drink finally won and we went to bed, me and Nikki upstairs, Ann in a spare room downstairs. Nikki and I got to have another good fucking session, for 'old times' of course, before we both fell into a deep alcohol induced sleep.

In the morning I wandered downstairs to make some tea. As was normal for me I was naked, knowing that no-one else was likely to be up and planning to take the cups of tea back up to bed. As I was filling the kettle, a fully clothed Nikki came downstairs, popped her head into Ann's room and asked her if she would like a drink. Nikki then walked towards me and into the kitchen. Standing behind me she reached round and gently tugged on my cock whilst telling me to make three drinks, one for Ann.

'I'd better go and put some clothes on then!' I said, turning around.

'No!' she replied, 'I don't think Ann will mind.' Fair enough I think, and continue my task.

A couple of minutes later, Ann's door opened and she walked out into the corridor, and saw me naked in the kitchen. She gasped and darted back into her room. Nikki followed her in, then dragged her back out, saying

'Col doesn't mind, do you Col?'

'No, not at all, so long as it doesn't bother you Ann?' I replied.

'I don't know where to look though!' she said

'Look anywhere you want!', I replied, and with that her eyes drop down as she squints at my cock.

'Good job I haven't got my glasses on, everything's a bit blurred!'

Ann was dark haired and more petite again than Nikki, standing at 4'11'. She was very slim and didn't have much in the way of a butt or a bust. There was something very sexual about her though, which continued to leave my cock in a semi aroused state from when Nikki had been tugging it a few minutes earlier.

I continued to make the tea, glancing over occasionally to the sofa that they were sitting on, to see what they were whispering and giggling at. Me, of course.

'Is it my dick or my arse that's keeping you two amused?' smacking my buttock cheek as I asked.

Ignoring me, they continued to giggle and whisper.

I got the drinks and walked over to the sofa. The girls immediately parted and took seats on either side leaving me in no doubt as to where I was supposed to sit. We chatted for a while as we drank our tea, and I must admit to feeling a little weird sat buck naked between two clothed girls, but I also felt a little bit thrilled at the situation.

After a while the conversation turned to sex with Ann going into great detail on how she liked giving blow jobs and the unusual places that she'd done them in. With Nikki also throwing in a few stories, the inevitable happened and my dick begins do get more than the semi-hard it had been since I had got up.

'What's the matter Col? Are you feeling a little stiff?' Nikki said noticing it immediately, and then brushing my growing erection gently with her hand.

'What do you think of it Ann?' she asked, gesturing to my exposed and rapidly lengthening cock.

'Not bad!', Ann said, 'How big does it get Nikki?'

My heart started to pound as I continued getting harder whilst they were continuing teasing me.

'Touch it and see!', Nikki says

Which is exactly what Ann did. She put her hand around the top of my dick and slowly pulled my foreskin right back. She repeated this about four or five times until I was as hard as I have ever been and up to my full eight inches. She then released her grip.

'Yeh, not massive, definately not small, quite nice.' Ann observed cooly, as my dick kept twitching with excitement.

So there I was, naked between two fully clothed girls, my heart was racing and I had a fully aroused and throbbing hard-on.

'So, what do you want me to do now?' I said partly out of embarrassment as both girls silently stared at my dick.

'You could always wank off for us!' Nikki said laughing.

'Yeh, go on Col!' Ann said quickly and enthusiastically, 'I've never seen anyone wank before.'

'I can't do that!' I said feeling somewhat awkward.

'Yes you can.' Nikki said seductively as she took hold of my cock, started wanking me slowly and then stopped, saying, 'Show us how YOU do it Col.'

'Pleeease!' Ann said, joining in.

So, I thought to myself, 'Oh fuck it, why not?'

With that, I started to wank as they just stared at what I was doing. Feeling very self conscious, I said a couple of inane things, but they just ignored me and carried on watching.

After a couple of minutes of watching both girls completely mesmerised by what I was doing, I became a little more relaxed and I began to enjoy the situation. Pre-cum started to ooze out of my dick and, as my hand caught it, it began to make a slapping noise as I started to wank with a little more aggression.

'That's so sexy!' Ann said

'I'll say!' Nikki agreed

(Now, up until that morning I had never thought that women might like to watch men masturbate, and here I am stark naked wanking for these two, who are obviously liking what they're seeing, which turned me on even more.)

'Would you like me to cum?' I asked.

'YES!' they both said together.

'Tell us when you're about to do it!' Ann quickly added.

In the state of arousal I was in, it didn't take very long.

'I'm going to cum!' I grunted and as I wanked even harder, jets of cum spurted out of my dick, the first of which hit me square on the chin. The rest forming a pretty straight line up my belly and chest.

'Wow, that was great!' Ann said.

Nikki then said 'If there's any more where that came from, I think that we need to go upstairs.'

Which is exactly what we did.

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