tagFirst TimeWanna Bet? Ch. 03

Wanna Bet? Ch. 03


Kerry laughed at the end of Jeopardy when her chosen person won, Derrick was smiling too. This time she'd bet him that if she won he'd have to eat her out. Sure, he wasn't going to get his own sexual satisfaction until later, but he'd been looking forward to getting his mouth onto a girl's pussy for the first time. Tell the truth, Kerry was actually more hesitant about it then he was; she'd never had a guy down there either. The only thing Derrick was worried about was that he'd be bad; but ever since they'd first made the bet where he'd risked eating her out, he'd been asking some of his friends and looking online for some tips and how-to's. He thought that he'd probably be ok.

Getting laid out on the bed, Derrick started to unbutton her shirt, Kerry laughed and tried to close it again, "Hey, that's not part of the deal!" she told him.

Grinning, "I have to get you in the mood though," and what a chance to get his hands and mouth all over her body! Smiling, seeing his point, she allowed him to finish unbuttoning her shirt and taking it and her bra off. Immediately he started massaging her breasts, getting his mouth onto her nipple for the first time.

"Oh!" said Kerry in surprise as he began to suck on the tender pink bud; she could feel it turning into a hard little nubbin in his mouth, responding to the pleasurable stimulation. It felt very very different from having it pinched with fingers; his tongue licked it as he sucked and he even nibbled very delicately. Moaning, she arched her hips, looking forward to the new sensations which she was now sure awaited her when he ate her out; if a mouth felt this different on her nipple, surely it would down there too!

Continuing to knead her breasts with his fingers, he transferred his affections to her other nipple, making her writhe a little on the bed. Damn but she looked sexy, all laid out like that and flushed with arousal. The nipple that he'd been sucking on was hard and glistening slightly in the cool air, he pinched it with his fingers as he began nibbling on the one in his mouth. Kerry was moving her hips against his body now, her pussy ready and wet with need. Keeping his hands on her breasts, he began to move his mouth down her stomach, licking little circles on her hot skin as he traveled.

When he got to her pants line, he finally took his hands from her tits to undress her, slowly. He pulled her pants and panties off at the same time, looking up the length of her legs to that smooth pink mound. Beginning at her ankles, he started kissing up both legs, teasing her with his tongue.

Almost whimpering, Kerry spread her legs to allow him easier access as his mouth went back and forth between her inner thighs; she could actually feel her pussy burning with anticipation. Arriving at that wondrous destination, Derrick kissed the top of her mound and then started licking around where her thighs and body met. Moving his mouth along her outer labia, he could smell the juices that were leaking down her asscrack, feel the way her pussy moved against him.

Kerry was whimpering now, the feeling of his mouth massaging her outer lips was as different from her fingers as night and day, she wanted to feel his mouth on the inner flesh part, feel his tongue parting the lips. Carefully he started licking horizontally, and she almost cried out with frustration as his tongue barely flicked over the inner lips. Pressing her hips upwards she moaned . As her hips went up, Derrick slid his hands under her buttocks and grabbed each cheek, holding her slightly off the bed; then he finally dove in.

Licking all the way long the inner slit, he tasted her sweet, musky juices. Kerry thought she was going to scream with pleasure as his soft tongue pressed against her slit, swirling around it in a completely foreign way. It felt so much better than she had ever imagined. Humping her pussy up and down on his face, Kerry could feel his tongue sliding into every crevice of her cunt, making tiny patterns on the flesh. When he actually stiffened his tongue and pushed it into her hole, she did cry out as it wriggled inside of her. Her hands found his head and clutched at his hair as he licked and sucked, feasting on her pussy flesh.

Taking a trick that was given to him by a friend, Derrick slid his arms under her thighs and pushed her up so that her pussy was upwards towards the ceiling and his hands were full of her breasts. Playing roughly with her nipples, he sucked the outer labia of her pussy lips into his mouth and nibbled gently. Kerry went wild, thrashing and tugging on his hair, crying out his name and that she was cumming.

Realizing that she was cumming even faster than he'd though, Derrick moved his mouth up to her clit and sucked the little bud into his mouth. Already in the throes of a passionate orgasm, Kerry screamed as her clit was stimulated, her pleasures heightening to peaks that she'd never thought possible. When he bit down gently on it, she screamed as the waves of ecstacy crashed over her, pounding her body until she finally fainted from the over stimulation.

Surprised, Derrick looked up at her... she seemed to be unconscious but she had a look of extreme pleasure on her face. Well... he could always bring her to a happy awakening as well. Allowing her clit to pop out of his mouth, he started licking around her pussy again, cleaning it of the juices that had flowed from her while she orgasmed. Taking one hand from her boob, he brought it down and pressed it into her pussy. He didn't find her hymen so he figured she must have broken it sometime before, probably riding her bike or something... he'd heard of that happening.

Marveling at the tight feel of her pussy around his fingers, he found a little ridged spot... according to his online reading, that was her g-spot. This was his first time with his fingers in any girl's pussy, but if there was one spot inside that felt different, and only one, then it was going to be hard to miss. He could feel his dick swelling even bigger as his fingers mimicked the sex act; he could only imagine how pleasurable sex must be... sticking his dick into a tight warm crevice like this.

Gently rubbing his fingertips against the g-spot, he continued to lick and suck at the pussy flesh around her hole. Kerry started to moan and move a little in response to his manipulations, still unconscious, but enjoying it all the same. As his lickings and pumpings became more frantic, she started to come around, realizing that there was something inside of her... and that it felt wonderful. When she saw that only one hand was playing with her tit, she realized that he must be fingering her... and although that wasn't really part of what she'd requested, she wasn't going to complain either. The spot that he'd found inside of her was making her writhe already, and the memory of that incredible orgasm was enough to make her want more. Her pussy was already recovering and starting to itch with the need again.

Derrick knew she was awake when her hands clutched at his hair again and her pussy moved more firmly against his mouth, tightening on his fingers. The first time her pussy closed down around his fingers he was shocked, he hadn't known she could do that! It seemed to feel good though, because she kept doing it as he rubbed her g-spot. Very quickly her movements got faster and faster, and this time he started sucking on her clit right away.

Between the stimulation to her clit and her g-spot, Kerry was going off the wall with pleasure. When she came it was the hardest she ever had, but this time she didn't faint. She was expecting it a little more and her body wasn't as shocked by the onslaught. This time she rode out the entire intense orgasm, screaming and thrashing as her body rippled with pleasure.

When it was finally over and Derrick finally withdrew from her pussy and came up beside her; she whimpered, "Don't touch me... I don't know if I can take it right now..."

He smiled, "That's ok, do you think I could use your bathroom?"

Kerry nodded, and he went off to relieve himself. She just lay on the bed, thinking that if he had touched her, she would have burst. Her body felt raw with pleasured stimulation, almost painful. Damn but that bet had been worth it. She'd been a little hesitant with the new places their relationship was going, but right now she was really enjoying it. And who else would she have been comfortable doing this with? No... this was good. And maybe next time it would be even further... she was starting to like the way they were pushing each other's boundaries.

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