tagMind ControlWanna Bet? Ch. 04

Wanna Bet? Ch. 04


Whew! Trixie is in the bathroom redoing her makeup. She's got to look nice and cheap for the game tonight. She's my bimbo arm candy and she's dressed for it; red tube dress that barely covers her snatch, six inch heels with stockings, no panties, bangle jewelry and heavy makeup. When I play backroom illegal games, I never bring one of my ladies. Its way beneath them and I would never do such a low thing to them, so I keep some bimbos on call like good old Trixie here. She usually strips for a living, but she makes great arm candy. And I do so love showing her off to these guys considering who she used to be and what she used to do. They all enjoy seeing her giggle and twirl her hair like the vapid airhead she now it.

And so do I, but that is another story.

Getting back to my first year of college and my first woman: Jessica. What the hell is this guy talking about when he says his first woman? He has practically enslaved five hot women, what is this crap?

Well, blame it on Hollywood. I had figured out by this time that I was going to be a professional gambler for a living. I was already making decent money off of it, you know about my gifts in terms of math and statistics and memory. I was learning about the "other" bits of it and making contacts with the right people who could get me that info. I was getting really good at reading people (very much a plus in a lot of games), and was setting up my College Major to support it. I had already figured out some of the math classes would be very good, along with some bookkeeping, statistics of course, but I was also working up a minor in library science. Research, proper digging for information on the internet or the old fashioned way, was really useful when betting on sports and the track.

In my mind I already had the image of what a proper gambler should be and how he should act and look. I was going for the high end gambler, the James Bond in Monte Carlo in Casino Royale kind of look. I needed a support staff for that. I needed a bookkeeper, I needed some researchers and handicappers to assist, and I needed a proper woman on my arm. Elegant, sophisticated, high society, well dressed and a knockout beauty. I also wanted a woman with brains who could help watch my back and be more of a partner.

I had decided that Jessica was going to be that lady, and since she was already in my thrall I just needed to work on her to get her polished. Although you could argue that Amber was prettier, I have I thing for blondes, especially golden blondes. Jessica was a Golden Blonde naturally although you would swear that is impossible. She was just shy of six foot, she had thick hair going down to the middle of her back, and a perfect body. I mean 36-24-36 CC Cup perfect. Her mom was a supermodel from Sweden, her dad had been a surfing champion, they had a fling, and she was the result. Jessica has these liquid blue eyes you can drown in (Lord knows I can just stare into them for hours), and just a hint of accent. She moves like you envision a Princess would.

Now, what the hell is left to polish with that description? Her mind for one. She was a certified genius. I'm not kidding, she was a full on genius (I've met her dad and I know her mom REALLY well (again another story), and neither of them can order a cup of coffee without checking out a menu so damned if I know how THAT happened), and she had come to school from her exclusive prep school at age sixteen. She had a full ride and I heard that she had been at college for a couple of months before her mom even knew about it (Mommy is a jet setter, and true to form, believes kids are best raised by the help so parents can have some fun). Short version is she was in "the" sorority, she was Dean's list (as in the TOP of the list), and already looking at MIT for her Master's Degree (she was a Mechanical Engineering Major, go figure). All well and good, but I needed her to be my loyal woman. And I needed her to take an interest in my gambling and to get into it so she could put that sharp mind of hers to work for me (well, for us really, but she hadn't come around to thinking like that yet).

If I win a bet it will force anyone who bet me to fulfill that debt no matter what the cost. But it doesn't make them lose their complete free will, especially if it's a long term bet such as "You will be my woman forever". Those people can angle, try to trick you, make other bets, or try to buy you off. I got drunk once and lost two women because of it and I'm still pissed about it, so after that you know I was always looking out for that. And Jessica was smarter than me, so I really was on edge.

After our walk, I told her that I wanted to take her out that Saturday if she was free. She told me she had a date already and I told her that we would try next week on Tuesday (had a bit Frat meeting on Mondays so I never went out then). She was surprised that I didn't order her to break it and I said "Look, I'm not trying to be a dick to you. I will bring you around but I'm not going to tie you down and whip you until you break. I'm going to convince you and when we are all done, you are going to love his whole situation."

She gave me a level look and I knew she didn't believe a word I said.

I picked her up on Tuesday night for drinks and some dancing at another high end club. I was driving my new Dodge GT which I had just purchased off the lot Monday. Payments were steep, but I had a couple of solid bets coming up that would get me enough money to pay off half the car. Jessica was in a black cocktail dress that hugged that fine figure of hers, and her hair was in a lovely braid. She smiled as I took her arm and helped her into the car. I asked about her date and she said the guy was nice, but a bit too touchy with her.

"Even if this hadn't happened, I wouldn't be seeing him again."

"You act like this is a terrible thing."

"You have a hold over me I can't explain. I don't want to be here with you, but I feel I must. No matter how I talk this through in my mind my mind says "You are his woman" and that is that."

I didn't say anything after that for a bit. I didn't want to slip up and let her in on what my power was or she would surely use it against me. We got there and I did the whole front of the line, table waiting, nice wine thing and she smiled and sipped her wine and seemed to enjoy it. We talked and she was surprised about my major and my background.

After a bit she said "How can you even afford this? I saw you tip the valet, doorman, and waiter each a $100, and this wine is $250 a bottle. You parents are just regular folks working regular jobs (My dad was supervisor at a factory and my mom was a chief clerk in a department store), even with a full ride scholarship you couldn't possibly be making enough money or have made enough in the summer to afford this, never mind what you have done with Amber."

I smiled. "I gamble. And I'm pretty good at it."

She gave me a look that was unreadable. I couldn't tell is she was disgusted, surprised, or just puzzled. Turns out it was a mix of all of them.

"You don't seem like someone who would be a big player. To be making this amount of money you would have to be serious about it. You are not old enough yet to be betting at the tracks, so that means you are using illegal bookies. You most certainly don't seem the type to be hobnobbing with gangsters and bookies. So you must be good at it."

Told you she was smart.

"I'm doing okay. I have gotten pretty good at the horses and dogs, enough to be able to clear several hundred a week. Sports gambling, mostly football so far, I'm learning and I'm getting better. I don't make book every week, but when I do it's a much bigger payoff. I'm getting ready for hockey and basketball in a bit."

She looked at me with some calculation. "Have you stayed clear of debt?"

"Yep, I've never bet something I couldn't cover if I lost."

She kept a poker face but I could see she was a bit let down by that. She had been hoping I was in debt and that might give her a way to get a lever on me.

I decided to try my luck. "I think the betting is really the fun part. There is an energy to it, it's exciting and a bit of a turn on for me. I actually think you would enjoy it if you tried."

She gave me level look but didn't say anything.

"Wanna bet?"

She tensed and her eyes flashed and after a moment she said "Very well, what are we betting?"

"I'll be that if you play a game of chance with me and lose you will find that it is very exciting and enjoyable, especially with me and you will want to try it more and more."

"And if I win, I want you to promise that you will never involve me in your gambling schemes again."

I kept a straight face at that, but inside I was a bit put off. She had a pretty good poker face but she had a tone in her voice that seemed to me to be indicating that she was testing a theory and felt she was on to something. Namely my betting magic.

"Deal." Not that I could have said anything else.

I was a bit put out when she pulled out a deck of plastic wrapped cards. She smiled sweetly at me as she opened it and shuffled it. She dealt me one up and one down. "Blackjack." She said and smiled more.

Blackjack is in my opinion a pretty lowball game. Anyone can play it, and even a moron can run the numbers reasonably well. For me it was not ever a real challenge, even with a four deck shoe. I was annoyed because a game this simple, anyone could count cards and work odds, and I was playing a certified genius. That leveled the tables considerably.

I don't like fair games if I can avoid them. Games stacked my favor are so much better.

I checked my hold card (ten), and looked at my up card which was a four. Jessica was showing a Queen of Spades. Odds were pretty good that she would have at least another face card in there, but her face was ice and damned if I could see anything that indicated anything (which part of me was pretty happy about, my woman needed to have a great poker face). I crunched the numbers and decided I had to be bold about it. The odds were not in my favor for drawing a card, but I judged the odds worse staying put, so I told her to hit me.

And holy freaken cow if she didn't deal me a seven for twenty one.

I said stay and kept my composure (barely). She turned her card over and it was a ten. She smiled and said "Dealer has twenty".

"Twenty one."

She blinked and then frowned. "You win. Interesting, I suddenly want to play some more cards with you. Just like that. Now why would that be?"

I shrugged. "I told you gambling was fun. Now for this hand, Wanna Bet?"

She smiled at me "Of course, what do you suggest?"

I made a play at thinking and then said "I think you and I got off on the wrong foot. I'll bet that if I win this hand you will find that I am a really nice guy, someone you can trust, someone you want to hang around with and someone you enjoy being with all the time. Anything you thought bad about me before will just be forgotten."

She smiled and said "I accept, if you accept that if I win you will explain to me how your power works on people."

I nodded because I didn't want to chance my voice cracking from nerves. She had figured out I had some ability and she was on the trail.

I won the next hand barely when I bet the odds on a sixteen and refused a hit. Jessica had a fifteen and took a hit and busted.

After that she gave me a warm smile. "I am finding that you are most agreeable companion, I guess I have misjudged you. This is a very fun evening."

"Well, that is good to hear. Shall we play another hand?"

She nodded but finished her wine with a sip. "Yes, lets. But first I need to use the ladies room. Care to walk me?"

I smiled, stood and offered my arm. She glided along by my side and I hit the men's room. While there a guy bumped into me and asked my name. I didn't recognize him so I told him I didn't know him, but he was sure he knew me from someplace. I spent about three minutes before he gave up and left.

I went out and glanced over to our table and Jessica was already there. I walked over and sat down and she smiled at me. She shuffled the deck once and said "I think this will be the last hand tonight."

"Okay. So, Wanna Bet?"

"Of course I do. If I win, all of your previous bets are cancelled, you will have no hold over me, or Amber. You can keep the three stooges. You will never, ever attempt to entrance or enslave or do whatever it is you do to another woman on campus. You will go back to your frat and leave me and Amber alone, never speaking to us again."

I gulped at that. "That is a bit extreme. I thought we were friends now."

"Oh we are. I feel nothing but nice feelings for you and fully enjoy sitting here with you and being your woman. But I know that this isn't natural, and you said nothing that prevents me from betting this way."

I stared at her. "Very well. And if I win, you will become exactly what I want you to be. You will be my loyal woman, happy to help me, eager to actually, attracted to me and my mind and my skills at gambling, emotionally and physically. I will be the ONLY man you will ever want or desire and you will do anything to remain my woman, even if you have to share. You will do everything to help me become a great gambler and you will enjoy life as a high roller's woman."

She smiled at me and said "I agree."

She dealt the cards and I checked mine, Ten up, nine in the hole.

Jessica looked at her hold card and smiled. "Blackjack." She said.

I gaped as she turned over her hole card. She had a Jack of Spades showing, and sure as hell she had Ace of Spades. I felt my breath rush out of my body and I looked at her.

I opened my mouth and then I heard her gasp loudly. Her eyes flashed and she whispered "No, oh no!"

Then she gave me a smile that could have cut an iceberg in two parts.

She leaned forward and gave me a long slow lingering kiss and then sat back with closed eyes. She smiled again and said "Oh that was lovely. I want more. And I want more now. Darling, let's go someplace private. Now."

I gaped and then stood. I helped her out of her chair and she took my arm and snuggled up closely while she smiled up at me. I led her to the door while wondering what the fuck was going on.

I had lost; there was no way she should be acting like this. So this was either a set up for me to get jumped and beaten or something else was going on. But what could it be? I was thinking about it while he valet got the car when the waiter came up and handed me the deck of cards with an apologetic smile.

"Sir, your lady forgot her cards." He said and backed up with a smile.

I nodded and then suddenly thought "The Cards? The cards she was shuffling when I got back..."

I turned to her with a look of suspicion and then my car arrived. I led her down to it and put her in it. I then got in and turned to her.

"Did you cheat at that last hand?"

She smiled at me. "I did. I had a guy I knew from one of my classes delay you in the bathroom so I could stack the deck. But something happened. I know what I wished for but I felt a pulse of energy and suddenly I knew I had messed up. I guess your power only works when you play straight. Too bad for the old me. But..."she said as she eased over close and nuzzled my neck" it's great for the new me. I'm your woman, body, mind and soul now."

She leaned in and gave me what I rate as the best kiss I ever had then. I swear, if we had been driving I would have crashed the car and still died happy.

I pulled out my cell phone and called the Hyatt Downtown and booked their honeymoon suite for that night and headed over as fast as I safely could. I also called a buddy of mine at the frat and told him to take notes for me in class the next day as I would not be up anytime soon.

I've said before I'm not a believer in luck, but I've seen a couple times where I am to the point that I say I don't NOT believe in luck either. I had been tempted to cheat a couple of times but thanks to Jessica, my woman, I had been saved from finding out the hard way what happens to cheats. This was the first time Jessica came through for me, but not the last.

Not that any of you care about that, you want to know what I did to Jessica.

We never made the Hyatt.

The club I had taken to was on the beachside. I was heading back along the beach when Jessica whispered "Pull over, right over there on the turnoff."

I did and she told me to drive on this gravel road. I did (slowly, new car remember), and we came up on a small beach. Waves were crashing a bit, the beach was long and lots of sand further up was dry as a bone. Jessica opened her door and said "My love, come with me. If you have a blanket, bring it."

I popped the trunk and thanked my dad for the "Car Package" he always insisted I have. It had become habit to always put it in any car I was driving. It happened to have two of those thin blankets and I pulled them out and followed Jessica.

I found her standing naked on the beach with her feet in the water. Her dress and shoes were neatly piled on dry sand and I spread a blanket next to it. I then stripped down and walked up behind her. I put my hands around her waist and began to kiss her neck. She leaned back into me and rubbed my hair.

She moaned softly and took my hand and led me into the water. It was cold, but I sure as hell wasn't caring. We waded in and then she dove in when we got waist deep. I followed and wrapped my arms around her and we kissed passionately. She kissed down my neck and over my chest while I used my body to block the waves. She wrapped her legs around my waist and began to rub her pussy against my cock. I was not fully hard (water was pretty cold) but that got my attention and so I was full up hard pretty quick.

Jessica eased herself onto me with a giggle and then a contented sigh. I began to slowly work her and she matched me perfectly while kissing me. I used my hands to keep her in the right place and she picked up the pace and moaned. There was about a half moon and few clouds so I was simply gaping at this knockout woman, naked in my arms, as the sea splashed around us. I'm not a romantic, but damn this was right out of a fairy tale and just what I wanted.

I have had some nasty fun in my day. My first two wins were teachers who I had dress as maids and do pornos with each other as an example. But when I'm with one of my women, it's got to be like this. Classy, refined, romantic, it just seems right.

Jessica tensed and I came in her and she let out a loud "YESSSSS!!" that was mostly drown out by the waves. We kissed hard and then she said "Back to the beach lover!"

She raced me and I chased that lovely nude ass up the beach to the blanket. She was laughing as she sat down and then she leaned back. I jumped on top of her and eased right back into her and began to slowly ease in and out. She gasped and twitched and jerked as I sped up. The sand was flattening out and we kinda burrowed in a bit. After a short bit Jessica pulled me in close and bit down on my shoulder hard and screamed silently into it as I let out another yell and came in her again.

I lay down next to her and saw her sweaty gleaming skin shining in the moonlight and ran my finger down her chest. She sighed contently and snuggled close to me. "Oh my God Ted, that was so amazing! I've never felt like this before. My mind just keeps telling me "This is what you are, this is your life from now on" and I just feel so happy and warm and horny. Hmmmmmm, hold me close my lover. Keep your woman warm."

I pulled her in and nuzzled my chest. I reached over to the clothes pile and pulled on the extra blanket and just stared into Jessica's eyes for a while our hands roamed over each other's bodies. God her skin was so soft and she smelled so great with a mix of sweat, the ocean, and just a hint of her perfume. I swear we both came a couple times just from each other's touching. I know I did.

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